otp: you think she would ever love me

Pretty Spectacular

Shenko fic for Kaidan’s appreciation week. I used one of the prompts from this list; watching a meteor shower. (lucked out with my timing, since I think today is Love Interest muahaha) 

“So… where are we going?”

Kaidan laughed and gave her the same answer as the last five times she’d asked. “It’s a surprise, Em. By definition, telling you would ruin it. You’ll just have to trust me.”

Emily snorted and her grip tightened ever so slightly. “Kaidan. Babe. I’m letting you carry me piggyback with my eyes closed. After dark. Through an orchard.  If that’s not trust, I don’t know what is.”

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anonymous asked:

you know this means. Laurel won't ever see Wes again. she won't hear his voice, or be able to properly say to his face " i love you". it means we will never get a Waurel hug, or be able to gush over their height difference anymore. it means there will be no more arguments and making up. no more kisses, and smiles, Laurel always smiling with Wes. i can't take this i feel so embarrassed that i'm literally sobbing over Wes's death. Waurel was literally my OTP.

let me sob and cry with you :(

it’s depressing af to think about all the would have or could have been’s and never will be’s. like, it’s exactly what you said. we’re never going to get another wes and laurel interaction. we’re never going to be able to see where their story goes beyond this. we’ll never see how they would have dealt with their first fight. we’ll never see them make up afterwards. we’ll never see how they would have handled this huge monumental decision about the pregnancy. we’ll never see how much of a stronger couple they would have been. their story just gets cut short. and it’s not just sad for us or for wes, but imagine laurel. the one person she felt she trusted the most, the one who trusted her the most, the one consistent person in her life because her family situation is also so fucked up. for this to happen? unbelievable.

I’m just gonna leave this here:

VARIETY: I think most fans are guessing that Wes is the father to Laurel’s baby. What can you say about that?

ENOCH: I can say that it will become apparent in the first episode back. Beyond that, I wouldn’t want to ruin that for anyone. But his relationship with Laurel is very important — it’s developed over the course of the three seasons — she’s always been there for him when he had a problem and had to deal with it, she’s the one helping him through it and supporting it.

MALEO: My Thoughts and Feels

Okay, so I feel like trash. I NEVER wanted to be that Stydia shipper who shipped Maleo. I felt, and maybe it’s because of the CONSTANT Teen Wolf Ship Wars, that shipping Maleo would make people think I was only doing it because I wanted Malia out of the picture for Stydia.

So I resisted. In the trailers when my stomach got all shjsudhkwkwhe when Theo looks at her (you know the shot) and when she sees him in the gym (you KNOW Malia, me too girl) I didn’t do a damn thing about my feels. Even though my head was SCREAMING OTP.

Let’s start with the basics: I love Malia Tate. I think she’s a great character with amazing potential and she has some of best one liners this series has ever seen. Shelley Henning is a blessing to the show bringing an energy to it that it never had before her. But NO, I do not ship Stalia. In my opinion, I felt like all the scenes between her and Stiles marked her up as just Stiles’ love interest, which as a viewer pissed me off. I wanted badass Malia Tate to be more than just a love interest. Someone like Allison Argent (in the later seasons). More than just her boy.

And so when they introduced Theo and she was automatically all against his dumb face in the first few episodes I was like my babies. Look at them hating each other. BECAUSE I love relationships that aren’t easy, I love connections that are convoluted and I love that Malia is her own person this season without Stiles. (They haven’t had much screen time and Malia’s character hasn’t suffered because of it…she’s thrived…my badass baby).

I want the angst and the struggle of Maleo. I want Theo to be the worst piece of shit in the world and I want Malia to take all of that compassion she’s learned from her pack to bring him to the good guy’s side. I want it all. I want funny dynamics because she isn’t having any of Theo’s shit. I want him to think he’s charming and for her to be like “uh….says who?” I want Malia to make a man worthy of her instead of worshipping at Stiles feet.

I want Malia Tate to be with Theo. I ship Maleo. And no, I’m not sorry about it.

The worst part about all of this, though, is that I was AFRAID to ship something I adored. I didn’t want to be judged or get hate (even though I don’t have many follows) about liking something I like. The Teen Wolf fandom’s passion is ridiculous and amazing and sometime’s terrifying.

So I guess this is just my PSA saying I ship Maleo and will be fangirling over it. Not because of Stalia. Not because of Stydia. Nope. Because of Maleo.