otp: you saved me from myself

you don’t need me.
—  simon underestimating his importance to raphael for their entire relationship which causes their downfall
The Dance (Past) || Wriam


Liam had picked out an outfit with the help of Wren. It was black slacks with a button up white long sleeve shirt. He knew that it wouldn’t really fit the theme of the dance but Liam didn’t care. He was just excited to go to a dance with someone that he cared about. Someone he actually wanted to go with. And there he was, at Wren’s door, knocking to pick him up. Liam was nervous. Wren was going to go to the dance with him, yes, but his family would be there as well. He wanted the dance to go perfectly. It would be the first time they are going to publicly be out as boyfriends and Liam would do anything and everything to make sure they had fun. 

Writing Prompts #3 : Imagine Your OTP

Person A and Person B is currently fighting off some bad guys. Person A recieved a wound and thus, cornered by the enemy. In this situation, Person A decided to shout for help from Person B, which is rare in Person B’s opinion. Since Person A is the “not-trusting-anyone” type.

After the fight :

Person A : Hey, thanks for saving me out there.

Person B : No problem! I, u-uhh… actually, thank you for calling out to me back there. Y'know … for trusting me–

Person A : Huh? Obviously.

Person B : *blushes* (!!!)

Person A : I trust you more than I trust myself, so don’t you ever doubt me, ok?

Person B : *still blushing*

Person B : O-Ok …

Ships that are sailing their way onto my radar.

Recently I’ve been finding myself looking for different OTP ships, Now anyone who knows Bossy knows I was content watching Namjin, Yoonseok, Kaisoo and Gtop sail peacefully, But alas these ships here made me look

1. Sulay- Now I’ve always been one to point out how Yixing has the ability to go from lost pony to Daddy material in like 0.1 seconds flat. I have some pretty good moments of such events saved( for science….) And this moment here is now added to that list. Do you see his face?! He is like ‘Stop playing games and sit on this’….Ahem..lap. His face screams other wise but lets not go there 😏

2.JackJoon- I am a Markson shipper. They just “belong together” to me, So when i stumbled upon a poly markson fic i was like ‘ WTF is Seo Kang joon and why is he causing problems in this relationship?!( It was an angsty fic) So I went to look for stuff on JackJoon and instantly came across Kang Joon  practically humping Jackson while he was brushing his teeth (what even is happening here?)  and was like “Woah,really guys I just got here”once past that I seen some cute stuff, and i guess i could see it. Markson fo lyfe!😂

3.JooHyuk- I tried so hard to ignore this, I really did because my adorable hyukie is far to precious for such things(the lies. i know😂  ) but it’s really hard to ignore when they are just so cute together! Like Minhyuk is the perfect ‘wife’ for Jooheon. Tell me this isn’t the most ‘Morning after’ thing you’ve seen. I’ll wait….⌚ And just like another one of my fav ships (namjin) they can totally run off and get married unnoticed because ‘Lee Joohyuk’ yay for same last names! lol

So there we have it, more ships to ruin my life with. And maybe yours. Come sail with me 😎

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for Lunarry fics from within the last year?

RIGHT. First, just in case you haven’t seen, them, I did a fic rec list here a while ago and the very lovely potter-lovegood did another rec list here, but a lot of those are older fics.

So, newer ones! I check the AO3 Harry/Luna tag every now and then and there’s often a few new or updated fics, although a lot of them have Lunarry as a side pairing rather than a main one. But of the more recent ones my favourites are:

  • Loony by MiceAndIce - a few drabbles about Harry and Luna set after the war but pre epilogue. They kind of hover on the edge of platonic and romantic, but are very sweet.
  • And Pixie Dust by colazitron - Harry finds Luna after the battle. This is an adorable little snapshot that is complete fluff and spun sugar.
  • War Games by Emmeebee - Harry and Luna watch their sons playing in the back garden. Lovely little family drabble.
  • By the Light of the Night Rose by Alexannah - Harry and Luna have plans for Valentine’s day. Harry just doesn’t know it yet. I really love this fic; it’s a little bit cheesy but just so funny and quirky, and I think it does a really great job with Luna’s character.
  • Family Fireworks by Alisanne - Dudley and Harry run into each other on the street. Lunarry is a background thing is this, but it gives a glimpse of their family which is lovely. It’s also just a really well done and heartwarming fic.
  • Freedom by kalypsobean - Harry runs into Luna in the snow. Again kind of hovers on the line between romantic and platonic, but is very sweet.
  • Fortescue’s, or, What You Will by ms_worplesdon - a riff off Twelfth Night where Luna disguises herself as a boy and starts working for Harry. I’m not entirely convinced about the characterisation, it kind of flips between being brilliant and a bit off. But this is great fun and it did make me giggle. There is a non-explicit sex scene, fyi.
  • In Spite of Nargles by lightofdaye - Luna invites Harry to a Christmas party as friends. In case you’re looking for some smut ;) 

Additionally, if you browse the lunarry tag you will find a few nice drabbles and ficlets (not all written by me, I promise!). A couple of my favourites include:

Okay this is getting ridiculously long so I’ll stop there, and hope you enjoy some of these, Anon! Happy reading!!

Bittersweet Taste - a fanmix for Touken feels


1. More To Me by The Icarus Account

And you mean more to me than being with you.

2. Hospital by Lydia

And all I see scares me. And no one knows it, but she, she saved me.

3. Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab

I’ll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe. Don’t you know you’re everything I have.

4. Gravity by Sara Bareilles

No matter what I say or do I’ll still feel you here ‘til the moment I’m gone.

5. Distance by Christina Perri

And I will make sure to keep my distance. Say, “I love you,” when you’re not listening.

6. Lego House by Ed Sheeran

I’m out of touch; I’m out of love. I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down.

7. Everything by Lifehouse

You hold me in your hands. You won’t let me fall.

8.Sun by Daphne Loves Derby

I’m desperate to know how you are. I hope you’re deep asleep.

9. Treacherous by Taylor Swift

I can’t decide if it’s a choice getting swept away. I hear the sound of my own voice asking you to stay.

10. Falling Up by The Cab

What you found was a lost, lonely heart torn into pieces. With you I feel like myself.

11. When It Rains by Paramore

I need the ending, so why can’t you stay just long enough to explain.

12. Save My Heart by Jason Reeves

But don’t you dare forget that moment that we had. I know we both felt it.

13. Taken by Plumb

And I’ll always be with you in the distance that has taken you from me.

Carmilla's Pet Names For Laura: A Very Important and Necessary Documentation

You will probably think many of these don’t count as pet names but I put them here anyway. The nicknames have kind of become a thing in this fandom so it’s nice to have a record.

I will continually update this as episodes or bonus videos come out.

If I missed one, message me and I’ll add it!

Name + quote and episode, as of 0x12.

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save me from myself ⎜ carol + daryl
I’ve lost control
please save me from myself

I am still so pumped about last night’s episode, so this video had to happen sooner rather than later - that small moment was so important, and I have so many feelings.


140920 EXO The Lost Planet in Beijing KaiSoo