otp: you repel me

lucy-mccrimmon-deactivated20150  asked:

A propos wstążek - słyszałam, że chcą nosić wstążki w barwach osób aseksualnych, co mi się osobiście nie podoba bardzo. Po pierwsze - zabieranie im tego, po drugie - po co? Fandom ma już mnóstwo innych znaków rozpoznawczych.

Ja nic nie wiem, bardzo wypadłam z grupy ostatnimi czasy, ale faktycznie nasuwa mi się reakcja w stylu “Po grzyb?”. No nic, kto chce, niech bierze udział, ja mam wywalone. :’)

you-repel-me, wygląda na to, że taki zestaw:

Może spytaj na fejsie, skoro to tam się ludzie organizują?

Frozen - Hans wants to marry Anna. But Anna is Sherlock.

“Can I say something crazy?”

“Will you marry me?”
“Can I say something even crazier?”


“The game is on! Judging by the feel of these gloves; they’re not silk, they’re made of a special linen only available in the eastern seaboard, and judging from your accent you’re not from the Eastern Seaboard, which leads me to believe you’re from their only trading partner – the Southern Isles. Your coat is high-grade cloth but there are so many repairs I can’t tell when the coat ends and the repairs begin, either this is a priceless heirloom or a hand-me-down, and judging by the faded patch on your shoulder I’d say this was a hand-me-down. Louis. While faded the writing on the patch is distinctly that of Her dearly departed Majesty of the Demesne of the Southern Isles. The Louis in question then must be His Majesty Louis Westerguard first in line for the throne of the Southern Isles. Which must make you one of the Royal Family of the Southern Isles. Hans, you said your name was, which makes you Hans Westerguard, thirteenth in line for the throne, now why are you here, you have no entourage, no plan, nothing in your pocket, which suggests you dropped everything and came here. Scratch marks on your chin, oil in your hair, no-one prepares for a party this well, you’re not planning on coming back, are you? And your final words to me, Princess Anna of Arendelle, were ‘Will you marry me’, so you’ve dropped your whole hand on the table. I don’t see the fancy free kind of guy I want to spend my life with, I see a desperate fool looking for his next shot at playing king. And you can have your answer, Hans, three little words – You. Repel. Me.”