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                                                      Emma Swan


                                                      Killian Jones

uni prompts because why not

@not-just-any-fangirl and I were thinking…there are never enough uni prompts out there so we devised some of our own.  Go wild!

1)  “You found me crying in the computer lab because I just spent three hours writing up a lab and then it timed out and I lost everything please don’t judge me”

2)  “I stole your coffee cup and started writing on it and the coffee is spilling everywhere I know I look crazy but I just figured out how to solve the chem problem that’s been bugging me for days and I need to write it down before I forget I’ll buy you more later.”

3)  “Excuse you that is MY lab spot I don’t care that it’s unassigned or that you look like a college god I’ve been sitting there for four weeks now MOVE”

4)  “We’re in the same class and we have a research paper due and I see you eyeing the book I need look that is my book I will hit you so hard you’ll need reconstructive surgery to fix your pretty little face”

5)  “We were the only two in the study lounge and you were playing Paper Mario on the PlayStation the student union put up and you offered me the second control when you noticed I was about to throw my organic chem textbook out the window, thank and also I will kick your ass if you choose yoshi agaiN GOD DAMMIT”

6)  “You walked into the student lounge on our dorm floor and saw me cry-studying and walked out and now you’re back with coffee and a bag of chips and I’m seriously debating proposing to you with my ring pop.”

7)  "Were the two smartest people in the class and the teacher is cool and gives rewards for whoever answers the question correctly first, and we have different answers and you won’t admit I’m right wait how are you doing that no I’m not saying I’m wrong shut up”

8)  “I’m having a quiet freak out because the numbers on the lab sheet aren’t adding up and I see you trying to help me out by holding up your fingers but I don’t know if I add the fingers or you’re signaling two different numbers help.”

9)  “I ordered the wrong spice level in my wrap and now I’m crying as I eat it Bcus I’m not a punk ass bitch also do you know how expensive food is don’t you judge me”

10)  “I’m in line and I really really want this giant packet of cookies by the counter but I also feel judged next to your souvlaki dinner so I’m gonna try and stealthily grab-don’t you dare laugh at me.”

11)  “We live on the same floor and the dorm between ours always has REALLY loud sex so now we’re both in the main lounge at two am do you want this last bite of ice cream?”

12)  “I locked myself out of my dorm AGAIN and my roommate isn’t back until tomorrow and I don’t wanna call the RA to open the door because then I get charged can I please please ple a s e stay in your room until then.”

13)  “I kept getting harassed by some creepy person as I was trying to study and they’re picking up on my ‘fuck off vibes’ and I started to actually get scared and then you put a coffee in front of my face and called me babe and scared them away thank you please let me buy you a new on one oh you have a really cute smile when you’re shy”

14)  “I come to the library every day to 'study’ but really I’m just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day we’re supposed to be watching the season finale you’re not there and I??? Feel personally betrayed??”


Toby & Spencer Tribute (S1-7) | Give Me Love

This one is for you spoby family. Even though the finale wasn’t exactly what we hoped for, I want to bring some positivity back to this fandom. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they wished they had never shipped spoby because of the ending, but I hope this video makes you remember how epic this ship will always be. I don’t ever regret a second of shipping this iconic couple because I have met so many talented, amazing, close friends because of Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings.

That being said, there are some special people that I want to give a shout out to (and I’m probably going to forget some ugh). These blogs have always made some amazing contributions to the spoby fandom and I smile whenever I see them on my dash. I know this doesn’t make up for the finale, but I hope it will help you relive spoby’s most iconic moments and maybe put a smile on your face. :)

@allensbellisario @cavanuaghs @cavanaughstobias @spencerstobias @safeplacetoblog @houseofhastings @spoobes @surnmersbuffy @safe-place-to-land @spoby-20-1 @iwasalwaysaromantic @captainstydiaswanx @thousandtimesovers @sparklebubbleblonde @spobyficstalker @marstuart @thefaketeam @owcnhunt @bebrave-bekind @dreamsarefantasmic and of course @scrabble-necklace thank you for being such an amazing friend, Jess <3 


I’ve been having a rough day, just like, lacking confidence in my art today, but @seamarti really cheered me up despite having a lot going on herself; just wanted to say thank you! I also wanted to say thank you to all my lolirocker and talistos who are patient with me and encourage me through all the rocky moments! I hope I can put a smile on your face!

#1 imagine

I fixed my white dress and looked into the mirror, I looked amazing. Thanks to a make up artist. My boyfriend of almost two years asked me to go to the descendants premier with him and I happily agreed. Almost a month ago, we told his fans. They took it pretty good, only a few haters. I can stand them. 

The door on my left side suddenly opened and my beautiful boyfriend stood in the doorway. 

”You look so beautiful” He smiled and walked closer to me. 

”You doesn’t look bad yourself” I smirked to him and he leaned in. I slowly caressed his freckle filled cheek and kissed his lips. I still can’t find why he chose me over the other beautiful actresses and dancer that he always works with. I don’t have the biggest boobs or the flattest stomach, and you can’t call me curvy either. I’m a little bit special, I have a nostril piercing, a tongue piercing and a tattoo on my left arm. Somehow he finds me really beautiful. 

“C'mon Cameron and y/n” A security guy suddenly said. We followed him and jumped into a black van. Ten minutes later, the van stopped and the door opened. We was greeted with the other ones in the crew. 

y/n you look stunning” One of the girl said, I think her name was Dove. 

you look even more beautiful” I smiled to her and then I took a look at everybody and they looked flawless, soon my eyes locked with some other. Sarah’s, she was glaring at Cameron’s arm around me. I shoot her a death glare and looked at Cameron. Cameron was in a deep conversation with Boo Boo. Then I looked back at Sarah and she was still glaring at me. Sarah and I have never worked togheter, I stopped liking her after Victor posted the selfie with Cameron, himself and Sarah. It looked almost as she was hitting on Cameron. One day on set, I was put into a room alone with Sarah and we almost pulled each others hair out. Two guys from the crew took us away from eachother and no one told Cameron. 

I was pulled back from my thinking when Cameron’s lips collided with my cheek and I blushed slightly. 

Aaaw” Some of the girls squealed. “You two is my otp’‘ 

I blushed even more thanks to their comments. 

Ey, y/n where’s your nose ring?“ Someone of the guys said. 

Cameron’s stylist told me to take it out and put in something more fancy“ I answered him with a half smile.

The nose ring is so much cooler and you look like a punk with it“ He smirked and Cameron’s grip on my hip hardened.

No this one is more girly“  Sarah’s perky voice filled the voice and everybodys faces went pale except from mine, Cameron’s and Sarah’s. 

’'It’s probably our time now let’s go” Boo Boo said and started walking first. Cameron and I was last out and first we came to the part where they take pictures and people was shouting Cameron’s name and some other was screaming my name to. 

'CAN WE GET A KISS BEFORE YOU TWO GO ON“ A paparazzi said and I blushed. 

Cameron suddenly leaned in and I mimicked him. Our lips soon touching and the kiss lasted only a couple of seconds but I liked it. We continued walking to the interviewing part and I kissed his cheek before being pushed inside the theater. The security guard showed me my place with a nameplate that it stood ’y/n y/l/n’ Beside me was Maya, Victor and Libby’s names and on my other side was Cameron’s name. I let out a breath I didn’t knew I held. Soon Maya, Victor and Libby walked in with a couple of the other parents and siblings. 

Y/N“ Maya screamed and embraced me in a hug. 

Well hello there“ I smiled at her as we sat down on our places. Five minutes later Cameron and the other ones in the crew came in and I smiled at him. He was greeted by his family then he sat down beside me. 

Hello my beautiful princess“ He kissed me slightly and then the light went out and then someone stood in front of the big screen. I think it was the producer. 

Hello guys, I’m welcoming you to the premier of The Descendants, and now I present the movie“ The producer said and the movie started while he walked back to his place. 

-after the movie- 

Cameron you was amazing in that movie“ I said to him as we was sitting in on his couch at his home. 

Thank you“ He said and I kissed him. 


“That last pitch was good. They can’t hit your pitch past the fence if it’s that low. The important thing isn’t to prevent every hit. It’s what you do after they hit. You’re starting to pitch like an ace.

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whatever you do, don't think about han talking to leia's pregnant belly and ben kicking back when his dad says "i love you"

“He kicked back!” Han said surprised and happy, glee following his precence in the room.

Leia just smiled, one hand on Han’s hair and the other on her round belly. “Seems like he likes you.”

“Of course he likes me! Everyone likes me!” He answered to his wife, looking at her with that shit-eating smirk of his, then at her pregnant belly again. “Right, buddy? You like your old man, right?”

The baby kicked again, this time Leia laughed when she felt the strong smack inside. The feeling of her son moving around was always overwhelming but when the kid wanted to be noticed, he knew exactly how to do it. His kicks where never hurtful, but still strong, stronger when Han was near them and when he was leaving, Luke was pretty sure the kid knew his father was leaving and didn’t want he to go so far. That he will be strong in the force, that even Han knew; Leia could feel her bond with her son since the day his heart started beating inside her, and when she realized it was a boy on her belly, she couldn’t stop herself to wonder how much of Han, how much her, how much of Luke and the parents she didn’t knew was in him, what would be his and like who he will sleep.

“He moves like you.” Said Han, both hands now on her belly, a couple of weeks more and their son will be there with them. “Stubborn boy, I can already feel the kind of pain in the ass he will b- Ouch!” And he looked up, where Leia had smaked her hand on his head. “See? Already painful.”

“You will let your son sleep now, stop tormeting the poor thing existence already.”

“Aww, come on, your worship, I’m sure the little prince likes being aknowledge. Right?” And he kissed her belly, Leia smiled again. “Alright, buddy… Mommy is right, is time to sleep. Have a good night, Ben. I love you. I love you so much, beautiful boy.”

So the baby kicked, hard, even Leia jumped a little, eyes opening in surprise and her smile widening in an instant. “I think he say he loves you back.”

“He loves me too!” He announced, as if there was a big crow to talk to. Soon, Han put his face back over Leia’s belly and caressed the area were the kick had been felt. “He loves me too…” He murmured, like if he couldn’t believe it.


Day Thirty-One: 50's Femlock AU

Summary: Joan and Sherlock go to a drive in movie.

Rating: General Audiences

Length: x words

I really enjoy femlock and I like the women’s fashion from the 50’s so I’m doing femlock. It’s a win win. And also, everybody else is also going to be switched too. Might as well right?


“Sherlock, stop fidgeting around. You’re going to make the seats squeak,” Joan complained, hitting Sherlock on her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s not my fault these seats are so uncomfortable,” Sherlock replied bitterly.

“Whatever,” Joan said, rolling her eyes and popping a piece of popcorn into her mouth.

“And this window is all gross and dirty. I can barely see out of it,” Sherlock continued.

“Would you have preferred we go in your families new and expensive, fresh of the line, Cadillac then?” Joan smirked.

“No,” Sherlock huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting.

“Come on Sherls! It’s fun! And it’s a good movie! Try and relax will you?” Joan coaxed.

“Fine,” she mumbled.

“I’m going to get some more popcorn. Want anything?” Joan asked.

“Razzles,” she replied.

“Got it. Popcorn and Razzles,” Joan grinned, opening the car door and walking towards the concession stand.

Sherlock had been preparing for this for a long time. Joan had asked her to come see a movie with her and her other friends and she had agreed. But all of a sudden, they all had an excuse not to go. Joan still wanted to see the movie, so Sherlock had to go with her.

She had tried to pretend it wasn’t that big of a deal, but she did spend longer than necessary getting ready, so obviously she didn’t do a good job pretending. But she looked marvelous. Crisp white short sleeved button down tucked into her favorite dark red skirt. She had made sure her curls were perfect by putting them in rollers and then when she had made sure they looked good, she tied a red and white polka dot bandana in her hair. She had decided to even wear make up for once. Black eyeliner and a red lip to match. But of course, Sherlock was never one for heels, so she wore black converse instead.

But Joan, she looked even better. When Sherlock saw her she was sure her jaw had hit the floor and her heart had stopped breathing inside her chest. She was wearing black leather pants, a tight black short sleeved shirt, black leather jacket, and dirty white sneakers. She had on some mascara but no other makeup. Not that she needed any, because everybody knew she looks drop dead gorgeous either way. Sherlock wasn’t sure she was going to make it through the night.

“I’m back!” Joan said, opening the door but not getting in.

“What are you waiting for?” Sherlock asked her impatiently while trying to calm herself from the surprise of Joan’s reappearance.

“I was thinking we should sit on the roof of the car instead. That way you can see well and the seats aren’t bad,” Joan giggled, obviously poking fun at Sherlock.

“Yea ok, whatever,” she replied before opening her door and getting out.

They both climbed up to the top of the car and sat down next to each other. The view was definitely better from on top.

“Here’s your Razzles,” Joan said, handing them over to Sherlock.

She took them with a small thank you and then they lapsed into silence. It didn’t take long though, for Sherlock to get cold. Her outfit was not the warmest it could possibly be and she hadn’t brought a jacket because she didn’t think she would be sitting on top of Joan’s car.

“Are you cold?” Joan asked, her does furrowing a bit as she looked over her friend.

“A little bit,” Sherlock admitted.

“Did you bring a jacket?” she questioned.

“……no…….” was Sherlock’s hesitant reply.

“Here,” Joan said, taking off her jacket and putting it around Sherlock’s shoulders, “Use mine.”

Sherlock was glad it was dark out because other wise she was sure Joan would see the blush that was creeping onto her face and neck. She smiled tentatively and John smiled back. Sherlock was simply admiring her features, the short blonde hair, round face, and pearly white smile when she finally saw how close they were.

“Hey Sherls,” Joan whispered.

“What?” she whispered back.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Joan stated.

Sherlock barely had any time to prepare herself before Joan’s lips were melding with hers in a passionate kiss. Joan’s hand went into her hair and Sherlock put her left hand on Joan’s shoulder, purely for balance reasons of course, and melted into her.

This surely would be a night to remember.


That’s it’s for my 31 Day OTP challenge then guys! It was so much fun and I enjoyed every second of it! I will be going back and editing and revising them more throughly and I will also be writing the one shots that I missed. Hopefully you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them! I am currently taking requests so please, send them in if you have any! Love you guys!

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Prompt: Harry learns one of the hazards of dating a magizoologist when Luna teases him about his dislike of pigeons. (That's a real thing, by the way, in case you haven't read "Cursed Child".)

I have in fact seen Cursed Child! Thanks for the prompt - I hope this is what you were after. 

The pigeon was watching him.

It was pretending that it wasn’t, looking away and cooing innocently every time he looked up from The Daily Prophet. But it was. Harry knew it was.

He flicked back the page of the paper, eyes narrowed, to see if he could catch it; but sure enough, its head turned and it even stepped in a small half-circle on the garden table as if to demonstrate how utterly uninterested in Harry it was. Bastard.

“I’m on to you,” Harry said in a low voice.

The pigeon gave a soft coo.

“Oh, just bugger off, won’t you?”

“Harry? What are you doing?”

Harry glanced over his shoulder to see Luna coming out the door, a cup of tea in one hand. She crossed the patio to where he was sat and set it down on on the table for him. The movement made the pigeon take off and flutter away a few paces to land on the back of one of the other chairs and Harry scowled, having thought for a moment he was going to get rid of it entirely.

“Musing on the uselessness of pigeons,” he said in answer to Luna’s question.

Her eyebrows rose, and there was a twitch of amusement around the corners of her mouth. “The uselessness of pigeons?”

“They’re rats with wings.”

Luna made a humming noise in the back of her throat and turned to look thoughtfully at the bird that was harassing him. “In ancient times they were revered as companions.”

Harry looked up at her. “Why would anyone want a pigeon as a companion?”

“They have a very gentle demeanour. And they bond closely with their caretakers, and are quite low maintenance. They’re actually a very good choice of pet.”

“They’re full of diseases.” He sounded like Aunt Petunia but he was too outraged to care at this particular moment.

“No, they’re not, actually. At least, there are no documented cases of disease ever being passed from a pigeon to a human.”

“They’re still flying vermin.”

Laughter was dancing in Luna’s eyes now, and there was a distinctly teasing note to her voice as she said, “They’re quite intelligent actually. They’re very good at maths, and pattern recognition. And can be trained as messengers.”

“I’ll stick with owls.”

“Shame. I think this one’s taken a liking to you,” she said, glancing at the pigeon that was still there, watching them.


“We could get him a bird table, and a feeder. One of those bird houses that hang from the trees.”


“I could make him a collar.”

She was smiling widely, half laughing as she spoke, which made Harry’s own lips start to curl upwards. Reaching out, he grabbed her hand and pulled her down into his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist. One of her hands came up to his shoulder and the other curled slightly around the back of his neck, fingers tangling in the ends of his hair.

Harry leaned in, bumping his nose against hers. “No pigeons.”


“No. Dealbreaker, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, well. Alright then. I’d rather have you than a pigeon.”

Brushing a kiss against her lips, Harry smiled. “Even if I’m not as good at maths and pattern recognition?”

Luna shrugged. “I can teach you those things. I can’t teach a pigeon to be Harry.”

“That’s true.”

He kissed her again, more deeply, then she curled in and rested her head on his shoulder. Harry pulled her closer, pressing his face into her hair and breathing her in; they stayed like that for several moments, then he murmured, “Hey, Luna?”


“Nothing’s really a dealbreaker. I’d do anything for you. Even put up with pigeons.”

He heard the smile in her voice as she replied, “That’s nice to know. But I don’t really want a pigeon.”

His shoulders slumped in relief. “Thank Merlin.”

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I've seen the hate you received on your last story and I wanted to tell you something as a lurking reader: thank you. Every time I see a story of yours in the ao3 section it always puts a smile on my face. I'm new to the fandom, and my previous fandom were more... diverse? Sure, there was one/two big OTP, but also some variety? The shadowhunter fandom, instead, it's all malec malec malec - and worse than that, it's "either you ship malec or you're a piece of shit" (1/2)

You’re welcome. *smiles*

And I know exactly what you mean! My last fandom - well, now co-fandom with this - is Percy Jackson and just… you can come up with literally any weird pairing and there will be a crowd intrigued to see it play out.

Here? If it involves separating Magnus and Alec, get ready to dodge the pitchforks. What the hell.

I mean, I gotta admit, that’s often the case if there is a Canon Gay Pairing, because then there is a crowd of fans who get overly attached to that and the… option of either of those characters with literally anyone else are reduced to a total minimum solemnly based on “They are already gay together, why would I meddle with perfection?”. But I’ve… never seen that level of hatred.

When I first came into contact with this fandom four years ago, I was… baffled that like nearly all the fics are only the canon gay ship and there was just so little other things. So, I just… left again. I mean, it was just one movie, so let’s move on from that to a more open fandom. But then I watched the show and sold my soul to Dominic Sherwood and also the fandom has thankfully enough grown a lot in the past four years, so I said “Screw this, I’m here to stay *starts writing*”.

Love like a Crescendo (Part One)

BOOM! Like I promised @tahciram and I wrote another fanfiction together!! I’m so excited and I hope that this one will receive just as much love as ‘Kitty Jealousy!’ This one is an Adrienette fanfic! And yes, there will be quite a few songs mentioned in the fanfic itself, you don’t have to listen to them, but it does ad a lot more feeling to the story! Hope you guys enjoy it! If anyone has any good Adrienette songs that they think we could use, please send us your suggestions!

Link to Kitty Jealousy (Part One): https://vanilla107.tumblr.com/post/137833448390/kitty-jealously-one-shot

Here’s the link to the song that Marinette listens to in this chapter: https://youtu.be/Y3fgV-ZfS0c


Marinette sat down just as the bell rang, signaling the start of the class. Her eyelids felt heavy and she was sure that if she closed them for just a couple of seconds, the next thing she would know is her head ungracefully meeting her desk.

Alya looked amusedly at her friend, her disheveled twin tails rested on her shoulders. Marinette had the tendency to work late on designs or gifts, when the next morning at six she needed to be ready for school AND be there before the bell rang. So yes, Alya was just a little amused at the situation that repeated itself for the past weeks. “Geez, Mari. Oversleep again?” she asked, holding her head in her palm and gazing pitifully at her best friend with a small smile on her face.

“Yes.” Marinette mumbled as she got out her sketchbook to doodle her sleep away. They were in History now but since there was only three weeks till the end of the semester, there was no point of knowing France’s economy during World War I, since the students (as well as the teachers) didn’t feel like doing anything.

Meanwhile, in the row below, Nino hissed at his own best friend “Adrien… ADRIEN!” Repetitive nudges on the young model’s ribs apparently being his only success for snapping him out his dreamland.

“W-what?” Adrien replied, still half asleep, lifting his head from the desk. The blond looked as if he needed some serious professional make up to hide those shadows under his droppy green eyes.

“Dude, you fell asleep in class. Again,” Nino said as he fiddled with a piece paper. “Whatever modeling thing you have going on I hope it lessens since the holidays are coming up, because you look like a zombie,” his dark skinned friend said, throwing him a knowing look before going back to whatever he was writing.

Adrien wasn’t surprised when Nino just knew that it was a photoshoot aftermath. His sessions increased every week since summer was approaching, and with it Gabriel’s Summer Collection. Photoshoots, fittings, publicity events and his fencing, Chinese and piano lessons were draining him physically and mentally each passing day.

Adrien needed to shut down a moment, just a little moment that’s all. And he was just about to go to sleep again, he couldn’t care less about his surroundings right now; but of course luck appeared to, skillfully, dodge his will every time as Mme. Bustier took that moment to speak up. “Okay, class!” she clapped her hands in front of her and smiled to her zombie-like students. “As you all know, towards the end of the semester the school hosts an event were all the money raised goes to charity, this year’s event is directed to Jean Phillip’s Children Hospital. The event staff had a meeting and agreed that the students must be part of this year’s event, to vary things a little.”

There was a simultaneous groan throughout the class and Marinette could understand the frustration. After all, the last day of school is normally plagued with itch. Everyone bouncing in their seats, counting the seconds till the last bell rang to fly out the classroom, hugging the holidays and breathing in the fresh summer breeze… Not to be running here and there, planning an event directed mostly to high-profiled (old) people like the mayor.

“Officially, the event will be a ball, and since it’s a tuxedo ball the school yard doesn’t fit that much this year. For this reason, the principal decided to rent a place near La Seine; the decoration and entertainment of the event is your responsibility so be careful and be professional, kids. After all, this is for the ill children of Paris.” Mme. Bustier finished with another kind smile and this time the classroom was quiet.

Yeah, it’s true that work wasn’t something they were ecstatic for, but it was indeed for a good cause, so why not? Moments later everyone was chatting silently about their ideas… Everyone, except for two students, too tired to listen to whatever their teacher was talking about now.


Recess came quickly and Nino convinced Adrien to eat something with him, Alya and Marinette in the school yard. They were sitting by a table, munching on some pastries Marinette brought with her while Nino and Alya talked about the ball. “Dude, I want to make all that old people dance their asses off. Just imagine, my own DJ booth!”

“I listened to some of your new mixes and they are amazing so far! But personally, I really want a photobooth of some kind. I don’t have pictures of the four of us!” Alya grinned, her eyes glistening.

“You have pictures of us,” Nino looked at her with a lifted eyebrow.

“Yeah, yeah, but just the four of us!” the young journalist rolled her eyes and made a hand gesture, as if it was the most obvious thing.

“You have a phone right there, you know?” He was taunting her and he was having fun with it, Alya thought. That son of a… 

“JUST LET MY PHOTOBOOTH DREAM BE, NINO” Alya exasperatedly exclaimed, arms in the air; but after a silent couple of seconds they both were laughing and side hugging. “Okay, that was unnecessary. Marinette what do you think?” The girl asked, her laugh drifting away.

But Marinette didn’t reply and they looked at the other end of the table to find black and blonde lingering together. Yes, the two dorks fell asleep again…

On each other’s shoulder.

Putting aside the half eaten croissants in their hands, the scene was kind of cute.

“What are you doing?” Nino asked his companion, she looked as if her smile could rip her face in two.

Shh!” a slap on the head was all Nino needed to understand, on the harsh way, that he had to be quiet for some odd reason. “You told me to use my phone, I am doing it. My OTP is happening, Nino! Now be quiet while mamma takes a good picture.” Alya hissed, almost dropping her phone in glee while snapping some pictures in every angle she could think of.

After what looked like twenty pictures in a row, Marinette was the first one noticing the persistent and annoying sound; half lined eyes opening to find the blurry image of her best friend grinning like a mad woman, phone in hand. Her head felt heavier than usual… She raised a hand to touch her forehead, she could feel it in her finger tips but she didn’t felt them in her forehead. A moment later, a little scream of realization escaped her mouth and she jumped to the side, dropping Adrien’s head on the table. Obviously, the poor blond woke up immediately, rubbing his reddening forehead and looking around wide-eyed.

“Oh my god I am so sorry!” Marinette squeaked, looking at him with concerned eyes. He didn’t need much time to put the pieces together.

He must have fallen asleep on her.

Oh embarrassment, his old friend.

“No, no, no! It was my fault!” Adrien laughed awkwardly and tried unsuccessfully to calm his friend down. “I’m sorry, I-”

“And this, friends,” they snapped their heads towards Nino, who was holding an Éclair like a microphone and talking like a natural documentarian, “is how a model-designer mating goes. Side glances and awkwardness. Nerds not knowing what the fuck they are doing but still tr-” A cookie flew right to his nose and Marinette’s mouth fell open, looking at a flustered Adrien still holding the paper bag. “DUDE!” Nino’s angry voice was muffled while he rubbed his nose and looked at Alya for support. Obviously she was too busy laughing her lungs out.

“Shut up, you started it!” was the mature response Adrien Agreste gave as he looked back at his best friend with narrowed eyes and tinted ears. “I am sorry, Marinette. I guess I’m more tired than I thought.” Adrien said sheepishly with a hand on his neck.


A few hours later, and to Marinette and Adrien’s relief, it was the last period of the school day. Both of them had gradually been getting their energy back throughout the day and were mostly awake now.

“Alright, everyone! I know that we’re supposed to be doing English now but since it’s the last period, I’ve decided to let you, as a class, discuss your decoration and entertainment plans for the ball. The school already has the food covered but a few extra platters won’t go to waste. I need to fetch a few documents from the Principal and talk to the staff regarding the ball, so talk amongst each other until I get back.” Mme. Bustier then walked out of the room and the class collapsed immediately.

 “I think we should have fancy platters with seafood and caviar!” said Chloe with a smug smile plastered alll over her face and looking down at everyone from her seat on her desk.

“Um, Chloe, that may be a little out of the schools budget,” replied Max as he tapped away on his calculator. He was right. Did she really know how expensive those fish eggs were? 

“Well, what if we had mini pizzas and piggies in blankets with some raw vegetables on the side?” asked Rose with a smile. “I like the piggies in blankets, it’s like a fairytale but with food!” she giggled.

Ew! Why would anyone eat those?” Chloe said wrinkling his nose in disgust at the little blonde who looked down inmediately.

“Well, for you’re information Chloe, those platters are a lot more affordable and still taste good!” Alix glared at her as she sat relaxedly with her feet up on her desk.

“Wait, what if we got Marinette’s parents to bake some desserts? And Alya, your mom is the head chef at Le Grand Paris, can’t she make something?” Ivan asked. All the attention was drawn to the two girls in question. They looked at each other.

“Well, I’m sure my parents won’t mind since it’s going to a good cause,” Marinette shrugged, feeling quite proud knowing that her dad and mom were two of the best cooks she knew.

“And I think my mom might be able to whip something up.” Alya said, apparently messaging her mom right away.

“So the food is sorted, now what about the decorations?” asked Max now tapping away on his cellphone, probably listing everything there.

“I can get the decoration part! My mom knows someone who owns a huge warehouse of fancy décor!” squealed Rose her eyes bright with excitement.

“Okay! Lastly, entertainment" Max looked up to everyone, waiting for the suggestions.

“Well, Nino is technically a DJ, so why not him?” asked Alya. Nino blushed from the praise.

“Well, I have been working on some new mixes recently and I think th-“

“Excuse me? Who would want to hear that garbage at a fancy ball?” Chloe interrupted him with a roll of her eyes. Everyone glared at her in response.

“Don’t you forget, Chloe, that Nino was the one who got you that slow dance at Adrien’s party those few years ago.“ stated Ayla, balling her fists at her sides.

“And he also won that competition on TV which your dad had supervised,” growled Marinette at Alya’s side. She won’t let that brat get away that easily neither.

“And Nino’s music is really good, Chloe.” Adrien said gently. Marinette and Alya looked at him with lifted eyebrows. That’s it, Adrien? They sighed and looked ahead again.

“Okay, so what if we have Nino DJ-ing at the ball, then what? None of the mature guests is going to dance because that music is meant for a club!” Chloe said venomously. Nobody would admit it but she was a little right in that. “I say we get a live string quartet and they can play classical music for the guests to relax to. Remember we’re catering for upper class people not-” Chloe gave Marinette and Alya a once-over, “-people like you.”

Marinette felt her face flush with anger and quickly grabbed Ayla’s wrist to stop the brunette from pouncing on Chloe. She would’ve loved seeing that scene because it is obvious who would have won but this wasn’t the moment.

“Wait a second. Adrien, don’t you play the piano?” Nino asked, trying to change the subject. “Why don’t you play in the background while the guests dance and maybe have someone singing while you play? That way the guests will still be entertained and the students can listen to the good music.”

The blond smiled and shrugged his shoulders, he can do that. “Sure, I don’t mind.”

 Rose was the first one to hop onto the idea. “That sounds wonderful! Imagine everyone dancing and Adrien’s music in the air- Oh, it sounds marvelous!” She clapped her hands together gleefully and Juleka agreed with a nod.

“That’s a good idea as long as there isn’t too much classical music. It can put me to sleep,” yawned Kim and Alix rolled her eyes at his frienemy.

“Anything that isn’t competitive puts you too sleep, Kim,” the petite pink-haired girl teased.

“Uh, there’s still one more thing. Who’s going to sing with Adrien?” asked Sabrina her green eyes wide with curiosity.

“Me, of course,” answered Chloe with a flick of her hair and a big smug smile as if she was the most obvious choice.

“Um, how about no?” Alya said with such sass that Nino’s jaw dropped before he started laughing.

 “Can you sing, Alya? Have you had two years of singing lessons from one of the most prestigious singing teachers in the world? No? That’s what I thought.” growled Chloe at the two of them with clenched teeth.

“Marinette can sing like a pro. Remember Mari? You sang almost always and you did it beautifully!”

“B-but Alya! That was y-years ago!” answered the black-haired girl, slightly backing away.

Alya bent down and whispered furiously into Marinette’s ear. “Do you really want Chloe to sing with Adrien the whole night?” Marinette didn’t answer. She can already imagine Chloe clinging onto Adrien the whole night and how she would have to witness it all.


Alya smiled triumphantly as she faced Chloe and Marinette stood up to look at the blonde with determination in her cornflower blue eyes. “You can’t just assume that no one can sing, Chloe. Which is why I think having an audition for the part is exactly what needs to be done.”

Rose clapped her hands in excitement. “This is so exciting! Anyone else wanting to audition?” Mylene, Ivan and Sabrina put their hands up but Sabrina’s hand was quickly pulled down by one of Chloe’s glares.

“I think Adrien should judge since he’s the one playing the piano and he knows real talent when he sees it,” Chloe sneered at Marinette. None of them willing to drop the little glare war they were having. At that moment Mme. Bustier walked into the class.

“So, is all the planning going smoothly?” There was a chorus of ‘yeses’ and everyone sat down.

As the tense atmosphere slowly left the room, Max took that momento to adjust his glasses and coment his calculations. “According to the numbers, there’s still some money left over for the ball. Any suggestions on how we use it?” he asked.

“PHOTOBOOTH!” screeched Alya immediately. The whole class stared at her in shock at her sudden outburst. “C’mon! Why not?” Nino, Adrien and Marinette looked at each other and then laughed as the bell rang signaling the end of the school day.


Marinette was humming the song that came out from her speakers while doing her homework for tomorrow.

Thinking about the auditions make her foot bounce and her face twist but she knew that she wasn’t bad at singing. She was just a little rusty after two years of no lyrics, that’s all. 

The black haired girl put her pencil down and frowned while thinking about all that “no one can sing better than me” scene Chloe made, and knowing that Chloe would do anything to win the auditions. All of a sudden, a smile crossed her face when a new song started, it’s lyrics pounding on her ears like a promise and determination flooded her body. Suddenly feeling like she could win this thing, she started singing.

She looks at life like it’s a party and she’s on the list
She looks at me like I’m a trend and she’s so over it
I think her ever present frown is a little troubling
And, she thinks I’m psycho
‘Cause I like to rhyme her name with things, but
Sophistication isn’t what you wear, or who you know
Or pushing people down to get you where you wanna go
Oh they didn’t teach you that in prep school
So it’s up to me
But no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity,

 That annoying brat was going to learn a lesson.

  • Ahsha: ๐Ÿ˜ณ Where are all your lady friends? Did they get called into surgery? ๐Ÿ‘€
  • Derek: ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™‡
  • Ahsha: (๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ณ) Ok, so. I kinda don't know what to do here. Usually you hit on me, I spray you with a water bottle, and then I walk away... are you dying? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
  • Derek: (๐Ÿ˜) It's Terrence. He's riding me. ๐Ÿ˜”
  • Ahsha: You know... Jelena was riding me but we're cool now. It'll pass. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Derek: You think so? ๐Ÿ˜
  • Ahsha: Well if you'd stop acting like an ass. ๐Ÿธโ˜•๏ธ
  • Derek: (๐Ÿ˜‚) You know... Call this dude. He'll hook you up with a ticket. ๐Ÿ˜
  • Ahsha: A ticket? To opening game? You know this is for my boyfriend, right? ๐Ÿ˜ณ
  • Derek: (๐Ÿ˜‘) Look, don't tell anybody. I got an image to protect. (๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿ˜)
  • Ahsha: *blushes* ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Fluffy Mabill Christmas!

*Yay Christmas! One of my favorite holidays (for those who don’t know). So here’s a special story I’ve been planning for a long time. Enjoy!*

“Shooting Star what are you doing?” Bill asked as he watched his girlfriend string lights on the roof of the Mystery Shack.

“Getting ready for Christmas of course!” Mabel smiled. She stepped to her left and slipped a bit before regaining her footing. “I’m good!”

Bill flinched as Mabel slipped. “Please be careful Shooting Star.” He said following her on the ground.

“Careful is my middle name! Mabel Careful Pin-ahh!” Mabel screamed as she slipped off the roof.

Bill used his magic to catch her in mid air and slowly lower her down into his arms. “I told you to be careful.” He said.

“Yeah yeah. My hero and all that stuff.” Mabel giggled and kissed his cheek. She jumped out of his arms and into the snow below. Mabel fell on her back and laughed as she made a snow angel.

Bill rolled his eyes and smiled at her. “You really are a 5 year old in a 19 year olds body aren’t you?” He asked leaning over her.

“Oh come on. Join me!” Mabel said reaching up and grabbing Bills arm, pulling him down into the snow.

Bill shivered in his puffy yellow jacket. “Shooting Star it’s freezing!” He said. Mabel smiled and crawled over to him, sitting in his lap and cuddling him.

“Don’t worry about the cold. Just look at the lights.” Mabel whispered staring at the roof she covered in holiday lights. It was the afternoon, but already the sun was starting to set.

Bill smiled and wrapped his arms around Mabel’s waist. He rested his head on her shoulder. “They look lovely. You did a fabulous job my Shooting Star.”

Mabel giggled and held his arms so they stayed around her as they stood up. “Come on. It’s Christmas Eve. We still have plenty to do before Santa comes.” She said.

“I don’t understand what’s so entertaining about a fat man that invades your property and eats your food just to give you boxes.” Bill said. He held her hand as they walked inside.

“Oh hush. You’re taking the fun out of Santa Claus.” Mabel pouted as Bill hung up their coats, gloves, and hats. “Besides, you can’t fret over Santa now. It’s time for cookie baking!”

“Mabel, please try not to burn the house down.” Dipper called from the living room table.

“Yeah. That was not fun last year.” Pacifica said. She was helping Dipper make paper snowflakes to put up around the house.

Mabel rolled her eyes. “So I burnt one batch of cookies and possibly needed the fire departments help putting it out. That’s in the past!” She said as she skipped into the kitchen. “Come on Bill! I need your help!" 

Bill smiled and followed her into the kitchen. The couple spent the next few hours baking different kinds of cookies.

"Bill stop eating the sugar cookies. We’re not gonna have any left!” Mabel said to him.

“Oh. Sorry.” The blonde said through a mouth full of cookies.

Mabel giggled and glanced over at Dipper and Pacifica. What she saw made her fangirl. “Bill look!” She whispered.

Dipper smiled at Pacifica and handed her a small box. “Merry Christmas Paz.” He said.

Pacifica opened the box and gasped. “Oh Dipper they’re beautiful!” She said. Inside the box was a pair of red and green, bell shaped and diamond covered earrings. “How did you afford this?” Paz asked putting them on.

“That doesn’t matter.” Dipper said. He leaned across the table to kiss Pacifica to which she kissed back.

“Ack! Pine Tree! Watch the PDA!” Bill said covering his eyes.

“Bill! I said be quiet.” Mabel scolded. She turned to her now blushing brother. “Sorry Dip. You two can continue.” She said pushing Bill out of the room.

“So what now Shooting Star?” Bill asked.

“Now it’s time for the most important part of Christmas. Putting the star on the tree!” Mabel smiled. She grabbed her demons hand and pulled him into the living room.

Mabel rummaged around an old Christmas box until she found what she was looking for. “Here it is!” She pulled out a bedazzled metal star with a D and M on it. “Me and Dippin Dots made it when we were 6. It’s my favorite decoration.” She said. Mabel looked at Bill. “Lift me up so I can put it on!”

Bill smiled and grabbed her waist. He lifted her up and watched as she put the star on the tree. “There. It’s perfect.” She smiled as Bill put her down.

“It’s beautiful Shooting Star.” Bill said and kissed her cheek. “Just like you.”

Mabel blushed. “Such a charmer.” She giggled and looked at the clock. “Oh! Bill there’s some things I need to finish upstairs. I’ll be back down soon ok?” Mabel explained. She kissed his cheek and ran up the stairs. “Yell if you need me!”

Bill chuckled as he watched the brunette skip up the stairs.


“And finished!” Mabel said as she lifted up another sweater from her lap. “All 6 sweaters finished.” She said wiping her forehead.

Mabel gathered the sweaters in her arms and skipped down the stairs. Her first stop, her Grunkles. She gave Stan a green sweater with a picture of his fez on it and Ford got a red sweater with a UFO.

Next was Dipper and Paz. Pacifica was given a pink sweater with a blue heart and Dipper a blue sweater and pink heart. “Matching sweaters for my OTP.” Mabel said skipping away.

“Now where is that demon?” Mabel mumbled to herself.

“Looking for someone?” Bill said hanging from the ceiling. Mabel screamed and then laughed. “Sorry to scare you my Star.” Bill chuckled and jumped to the ground to face her.

“It’s ok. Here!” Mabel said throwing the sweater at him. “Merry Christmas!”

Bill looked at his sweater and smiled. It was a yellow sweater with a brick pattern on it and a black triangle in the middle. Bill didn’t hesitate to put it on and wrap his arms around Mabel. “It’s amazing my Star. It’s the best thing anyone’s ever given to me.”

Mabel blushed and smiled. “I’m glad you like it Bill.” She said hugging him.

“Oh, hey now that you’re here, I need your help.” Bill said.

“Oh? With what?”

“It’s over here.” Bill said. He walked with her to the doorway.

“I don’t see what’s wrong here.” Mabel said looking around.

“Look up my Shooting Star.”

Mabel did as she was told and blushed at what she saw. Above the couple was a mistletoe.

Bill smirked at Mabel. “I do believe we must follow the rules on this one.” He said.

Mabel giggled and played along. “Fine. If we have to.” She said. Mabel cupped Bills face in her hands and leaned forward to kiss him. That is, until Gompers got in the way. The goat began to chew Bills pant leg.

“Hey!” Bill said pulling back from Mabel and shaking the goat off of him. “Quit it you stupid goat!” He said. With one last shake, Gompers flew off Bill and into the living room.

“Bill!” Mabel said.

“What? He’s fine! Look, he’s happily eating the tree.”

“Wait what?!” Bill noticed Mabel’s worried face. “We worked so hard on that!”

“Don’t worry! I’ve got it!” Bill said trying to calm her down. He ran over to the goat and began to pull him off the tree. “Let go! Let go! Let go!”

Bill pulled with all his might and finally got Gompers to let go. But with that, came the tree, crashing down on top of the demon.

“Bill!” Mabel yelled and ran over to him. She pushed away some branches and helped him stand up. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine. You?” Bill asked. Though Mabel wasn’t paying attention to him.

She wasn’t paying attention to the broken ornaments or smashed presents. Not even the pine needles that now litters the floor.

No, she was looking at the remains of a metal star.

Mabel covered her mouth and felt tears begin to build up in her eyes as she walked over to it. She bent down and, with a shaking hand, picked up the bedazzled metal in an attempt to put it back together.

“Mabel! Are you ok?” Dipper asked rushing into the room. “I heard a big crash and-oh no.” He said when he caught sight of the broken star.

Mabel sniffed and let tears roll down her cheeks as Dipper placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Shooting Star I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” Bill said approaching the crying girl. “I was just trying to-”

“Stop Bill.” Mabel said, not daring to make eye contact with him. “Just stop.”

“But my Star I can fix it!”

“No Bill! Don’t you think you’ve done enough?!” Mabel yelled at him surprising the demon and her brother. “You’ve ruined Christmas! Just leave!” She said before turning to Dipper and crying into his chest, hugging the broken metal.

Dipper looked up at Bill and sighed. “Come on Mabs. Let’s see if we can glue it back together.” Dipper said walking with her to the kitchen.

Bill bowed his head and walked out of the shack, not bothering to put on his coat. He walked out to the old totem pole and leaned against it. There had to be a way to fix this.

Bills head shot up and he smiled as an idea popped into his head.


“Bill what are you doing?” Dipper asked annoyingly as he shivered in the light jacket he threw on before heading outside. He had woken up to the sound of footsteps on the roof at three in the morning and ran outside to see what supernatural being it was.

Turns out it was a humanized Dorito in a famous red and white Christmas suit. Complete with a Santa hat.

“I’m not Bill! I’m Santa Claus!” The demon yelled from the rooftop.

“You’re gonna kill yourself.” Dipper said crossing his arms.

“Shut it Pine Tree!”

Dipper groaned. “Mabel!” He yelled inside. “You’re boyfriends being stupid again!”

“Again? What’s that supposed to mean?” Bill asked.

Mabel ran outside at the sound of her name. She gasped as she looked at the roof. “Bill what do you think you’re doing? Get down from there before you hurt yourself!”

“Ah miss Mabel Pines!” Bill said walking across the roof. “Just the girl I wanted to see-ahh!” He yelled as he slipped off the roof into the thick layer of snow on the ground.

Mabel gasped. “Bill!” She said and ran to his aid.

“I tried to warn him.” Dipper said staying where he was.

Mabel helped Bill stand up and brought him inside the shack. Dipper followed and went to the kitchen to get a cookie before heading back to bed.

“Bill what the heck were you thinking?” Mabel asked as she sat him down in Stans recliner. She removed his coat and boots and put a warm blanket around him.

“I was…just…trying to make Christmas better for you.” He admitted. “I ruined it before by breaking the thing you loved most, so I tried to make it up to you. I guess it didn’t work.”

Mabel smiled at him. “Bill…I can’t believe you would do that for me.”

“Well of course. I’m not one to be all lovey dovey but I would do anything for you my Star.”

Mabel blushed and ran over to the doorway. She plucked the mistletoe off it and ran back over to Bill. She jumped into his lap and snuggled with him under the blanket. “Do you wanna finish where we left off?”

Bill smiled and put an arm around her, pulling the blanket closer to the both of them. “I would like that very much.” He whispered.

Mabel smiled and lifted the mistletoe above both their heads. She used her free hand to place on Bills cheeks and bring him close.

“Merry Christmas my Shooting Star.” Bill said. He then put a hand on the back of her head and smacked his lips against hers.

Mabel kissed back and soon let go of the Christmas plant to run her other hand through his blonde hair.

The two soon pulled away and cuddled with each other on the couch. “I love you Bill.” Mabel whispered before snuggling into his chest and falling asleep.

“I love you too.” Bill said holding her close as they slept there.

The sound of the calm, snowy wind outside helped the couple sleep through the night, as peaceful as the moon in the sky.

There’s that little bit of poetry at the end.

*So what did you guys think? I was on a major fluffy high as I was writing.

Anywho, Merry Christmas to you all!*