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Date Night - Gabriel

Summary: Gabriel x Reader. The reader goes around causing some mischief with her boyfriend, Gabriel.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 2019

Y/N = Your name  

This is the sixth story in a series of Date Night stories leading up to Valentines Day. Dates that are a bit different from your normal dinner and movie dates with some of the Supernatural characters. If you have an idea for a cool date idea or want a specific character please tell me!

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“So where to first darling?” Gabriel said, a mischievous smile already planted on his lips as he pulled you closer to him with a hand placed firmly on your hip.

Date nights were always different when your boyfriend was a trickster god/archangel/all around funny guy. And the two of you never really went out to watch movies or enjoy dinners like normal couples. Unless you were in the movie, and dinner was an all you can eat in Willy Wonka’s garden of sweets. But you didn’t mind. In fact, you found these dates to be much more enjoyable than the dull repetitive nights with your exes.

“How about we pay Uncle Bobby a visit first?” You said with a grin, deciding to leave your overprotective “brothers” Sam and Dean, for later on in the evening. You needed to work up some serious nerves before you tried to mess with the guys.

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Damon Salvatore: All Things Dark And Deadly

“A real hero is the one who doesn’t claim to be one.”

You want proof that TVD is the story of Damon Salvatore? That above and beyond everything it is a testament to him, his history, his development, his redemption, and his well deserved fulfillment? That the entire series is first and foremost his love story with Elena?

Then let’s look at how the writers are so beautifully setting the stage for his happy ending. 

How his every story line in this show revolves around his character development, which is the key to securing everything that has been denied him for 173 years.

How his series long story line — his love for Elena and her eventual reciprocation— has shaped him effectively and brilliantly into the most evolved protagonist of the show. 

How his most recent story line, his death and the circumstances that surround it, has ensured that he will not only get his happy ending, but that he will accept it humbly and understandingly when it comes to him.

Beginning with a small ode to the genius that is Damon Salvatore, the villain-turned-hero of Mystic Falls. 

Damon was unique in this series from its inception. Of the core cast, he is the only character that didn’t begin this show heroically.

He was painted as the villain immediately. His attitude, his behavior, even his wardrobe was the picture perfect example of the antagonist. He was the bad guy from the pilot, and you had no reason to believe he would ever be anything more. 

Unless you were paying attention and were willing to invest in what has become one of television’s most well-crafted redemption stories.

Damon is much more than just one half of a singularly iconic romance. His own individual story within this show is the stuff of legend. 

He’s been scripted ingeniously from day one. 

He started at the bottom, or near it. Emotionless, sadistic, immoral and then some. The furthest thing from human. A monster really.

It was all by design. He was meant to be portrayed in the darkest light imaginable. There were never meant to be illusions about Damon. Secrets definitely. He’s a man of undeniable mystery, to be sure. But not illusion. Not to the audience at least. 

In many ways, heroes are the illusion of everything good, moral and righteous. Even if they have a dark side, the crux of their story and their character is that they actively fight it rather than indulging it. They go out of their way to be as light as possible. 

Hero stories are interesting certainly. Compelling, so long as they are done right. 

But they don’t pack nearly the same punch as an anti-hero story. A saga of redemption and angst and twisted self-discovery. An evolution of genuine greatness spawned from the deepest sources of darkness and misery.

Stefan was the obvious hero of this show. Part of the original epic romance, the narrator from the pilot, the vampire who fought his very nature by feeding on animals and pursuing a human existence even when he wasn’t. Textbook fiction hero right down to his hair and his ever present morality. 

Damon, by contrast, took up the mantle of anti-hero as soon as he became a player in the love triangle. Not eleven episodes into this series his slow and steady evolution into the present day hero of Mystic Falls began. 

If you know the relevant details of Damon and Elena’s story you know what I’m referring to. 

The night he saved her from that car accident. The episode he took her on their first road trip. 

An especially seismic shift in both their relationship and the triangle, Georgia was the very first turning point in Damon and Elena’s story. It solidified the intimate friendship that would someday spawn an even more intimate romance. 

So what does that say about the impetus behind Damon’s redemption, the foundation upon which his earth-shattering evolution was built? 

Exactly halfway through the very first season of this show, Elena Gilbert is the one who showed us the closeted good that Damon harbors beneath his overwhelming capacity for evil. She drew out emotion and humanity and light when the man was mired in all kinds of darkness. 

If The Vampire Diaries is above all the story of Damon and his journey from villain to hero - a journey for which Elena was the catalyst - then without even examining any other detail of this show it is clear who, and what, the focus is.

Still not convinced? Then let’s talk about Damon’s death.

I hoped and prayed for this story line for months on end for a reason. I saw the signs from the start of season five and I’m eternally grateful the writers chose to take this risk and follow through with this ingenious plot device.

Because nothing in the world screams hero like voluntarily driving into a pre-planned explosion and blowing yourself up to save your hometown and bring your little brother back from the Other Side. 

But then again, that’s not the reason Damon is still dead is it? The writers chose to embrace the full potential of this twist and prove once and for all how heroic Damon Salvatore truly is. 

Damon didn’t make it to Bonnie in time because he stayed behind at the Grille and pulled some wreckage off of Liz. He didn’t even think twice about it either. As soon as he saw her buried beneath debris he moved to lift it from her. 

He saved her life. No hesitation, no hidden agendas, no bullshit. Just an honest gesture of heroism and selflessness to save someone he considers a friend. The first friendship he truly cultivated in Mystic Falls. 

And that is why Damon is gone. Because he put Liz first, on the heels of putting his brother and his oldest friend and his town first. 

It’s genuine heroic tragedy straight from an epic poem. He did everything right for once, embodied good and heroism in their purest forms and he still wound up suffering consequences. 

Consequences that took him away from the life he has, the life he’d only dreamed of having for over a century. 

Damon didn’t just die and (ostensibly) move on in the season finale. He left a life behind. Not one, but two close friends. His partners in life-saving for the last three years. His little brother. His girl.

In 173 years of life Damon has never once had what he now does in Mystic Falls. A girl who loves him as he loves her. A brother who loves him and wants him around. A friend from decades past he believed he’d lost to his own selfishness. Another friend from not so long ago that he was certain he’d never get to share a drink with again. 

Damon Salvatore has a life. A family. A home. 

And he’s dead. Missing from this carefully constructed and unprecedented dream existence he’s wished for all his life.

THAT is why this story is really his, above and beyond the rest. That is why the largest moments, the most damaging mistakes, the biggest fights, the most intense emotional confessions, the deepest friendships, were given to Damon. Regardless of how long it took him to become the most necessary piece of this Mystic Falls puzzle, he is. 

He is the key to all of this. He has been for some time.

Which is why he’ll be back. Because they need him. They love him.

And he’s waited far too long to finally have that. 

Why else would the writers use the demolition of the Other Side to bring back EVERY SINGLE PERSON that is important to Damon? Why did they bring back Enzo, Alaric, Stefan, Elena, the whole lot if they were not ensuring that he would someday be back to fill the vacancy he’s just created?

There would be no reason to craft the solid foundation for Damon’s happy ending with all of his friends, his last living family and his girl if this were not all centered around him. 

And rightfully so. He’s the glue that holds this mosaic of love and passion and dedication together. 

Without him, they are all falling apart. 

Because no matter how much endless shit he’s been given for five seasons, no matter how many times he’s been painted as the most irredeemable bad boy of all, no matter how often his feelings and intentions have been called into question, he has never wavered. He’s never abandoned any of them, even though he’s received nothing but grief for all the horrific things he’s done to save every one of their lives. 

He’s more than a hero. He goes far beyond such a mainstream character trope.

He’s every delicious facet of the anti-hero. He’s the most devastating kinds of darkness entwined with all the love and fire and devotion of a genuinely beautiful soul.

And his death is his final hurdle, the last vicious blow he has to suffer before he is granted the happiness he deserves, the fulfillment he’s waited for since 1864.

“You are by far the greatest thing to ever happen to me in my 173 years on this earth. The fact that I get to die knowing that I was loved. Not just by anyone. By you. Elena Gilbert. It’s the epitome of a fulfilled life.” (5x22)

“You know what you never knew? The whole time I was in that cell, every time I’d say something terrible about you or blame you for not coming to rescue me, Enzo would bring me back from the edge. Enzo reminded me that at least I got to grow up with a family, at least I had family still out there which is more than he could say for himself. He said he envied me for having a brother.” (5x19)

“Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not gonna make up for the fact that the only thing that you have left is a whole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock… With a birthday carved into it that I’m pretty sure is wrong. So thanks friend. Thanks for leaving me here to babysit. Because I should be long gone by now. I didn’t get the girl, remember? I’m just stuck here fighting with my brother and taking care of the kids. You owe me big.” (4x02)

You know what this is? This is closeted heroism. This is loyalty and love and life cast in a light only Damon could ever portray.

This is humanity. The entire point of The Vampire Diaries to begin with.

This is why he began the show as a (more or less) emotionless cad, heartless and self-serving with a side of arrogance and sarcasm. Only to be shown to have the most depth of character and emotion of them all. 

Because it’s his story. His crooked path of anti-heroism and redemption the likes of which I’ve never witnessed before, and marvel at daily.

The man is a legend. His love, his fire, his commitment, his darkness, his heartbreak, his cruelty. He is as unforgettable and unrepeatable as they come.

He’s everything terrible and destructive and wild tempered by the most unconquerable stronghold of love and consistency and power. 

That’s what makes his light, his unprecedented ability to do the right thing in his own way and his own time, as overwhelming and incredible as it is.

Because he wasn’t always like that. Because at one point - and even still in his lowest moments - he was every shade of wicked that exists. He was all things dark and deadly.

And that only makes his heroism, and the well-earned satisfaction it will ultimately lead to, all the more magnificent. 


this feeling begins; just like a spark | Rumpelstiltskin + Belle

So this was two days in the making and a lot of hours. I’ve been looking for a song to vid for these two since the season finale and I could not find anything, and then I stumbled upon this song on tumblr and it just hit me with so many feelings. I think this is the fastest video I’ve put together in ages.

I also think it’s the longest Rumbelle video I’ve ever managed and I am so very proud of it. This is a huge shout out to all the graduates in the fandom, as well as a ‘yay my otp is married’ video.

Most importantly though, this video is for Chip and Marchie who have the entire world ahead of them. :)


Latch // Rumpelstiltskin + Belle

So this is the Rumbelle video I have been working on for… well a day, maybe two. I started it and then stalled myself because I didn’t like it and then I did the majority of the work on this today/tonight and despite somethings, I really like it. This was mostly just a pick me up video because I needed one, and this song was so very catchy and I wanted to use it.