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AhH shit, please don’t be mean to Baby Simoun, I want to like you.

Please be “you are magnificent and precious and you just need the right partner and that partner is me” and nurture Baby Simoun and help her to grow and not die.

But also maybe don’t make out because I’m super uncomfortable with that. Otherwise, yes, take her under your glorious green curled wing and be protective and mean and awful to everyone else but not her, and then I can love you as you so clearly deserve.

fic: better when we’re together

Title: better when we’re together
Characters: Wally West/Artemis Crock
Word Count: 4,025
Rating: M / Teen And Up Audiences
Summary: Separation anxiety doesn’t need a cause, or a trigger, or a reason. When you miss someone, you miss someone, and it only gets better once you see them again with your own eyes, feel their skin with the fingertips of your own hands, and fill their lungs with the scent of your own, real love. AKA: Artemis returns from spending spring break in Vietnam. Established Wally/Artemis.
Disclaimer: [whitney voice] i have nothing, noTHING
Dedication: My hilariously late submission for the @yjficexchange Valentine’s Day Event. Surprise, surprise, my assignment is @jostenneil. Sorry for lying to your face multiple times to make sure you wouldn’t figure out it was me but I do hope you enjoy this.
Notes: I’d also like to dedicate this story to my wonderful friend @mrssmocz. Every time I was close to giving up on writing for the night she brought me back up and I cannot wait to see you again this summer. Also special mention/thanks to @sankontesu for checking it over for me when I wasn’t sure how to rate this baby lol. Special shoutout to @icanhearyouglaring for setting up this exchange! You’re a gift to us all. (Title is from Jack Johnson’s song Better Together.)
More Notes: Last thing! My babes are in sophomore year in this. I double – no, triple checked these dates. 2015 is their sophomore year in university and 2016 is their junior year, seriously, I went back multiple times to make sure but it only upset me because this also means that WALLY WEST HAD JUST ONE MORE YEAR BEFORE GETTING HIS BACHELOR’S IN PHYSICS! I’M WRECKED!


better when we’re together

Wally wakes up to the smell of burning waffles.

Actually, they could’ve been pancakes, but his nose is well-trained from twenty-odd years of being spoilt by his mother’s spectacular cooking so he can actually differentiate between the two breakfast meals. They were definitely waffles.

It makes him kind of sad.

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I am so mad

Half at myself, half at our cell company


Thing 1 and I had talked about me possibly picking him up after school today so I could drive him to the library because they have a thing he wants to do but it starts too soon after school for him to get there by himself and we all know I am all for more things at the library

But I didn’t confirm this morning or send a note to school to say don’t get on the bus so I figured he would take the bus home like usual

Only he didn’t

And I could have gone over there just to be on the safe side, but I didn’t.

when i didn’t show up on time he quite reasonably asked the office to call me … But. When the school called my phone it didn’t ring, and it told them my voice mail was full. (It was not full. Even if it weirdly decided less than a minute of non-deleted old voice mails were too much for it to handle, it never told ME the mail box was full.)


Like I know all the extra things smart phones do are wonderful and useful and all that.

But it is kinda important that THE FUCKING PHONE PART WORKS TOO


(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: The group has their suspicions about you and Jughead. Their theories are proven true when Archie and Veronica walk in on you two getting down to business. 

Word Count: 437 (sorry it’s so short, I wanted to stop it before getting carried away!)

Warnings: 1 swear word, kinda sexual content

A/N: So this is my first time ever posting my writing. Not gonna lie it’s a little nerve wracking lol. Please send feedback! I won’t get offended by constructive criticism. :)  

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I’m in Copenhagen and there was an aesthetic af sunrise