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I don't watch voltron (I plan to but haven't had the time yet), so could you please explain the sheith discourse? Idk anything about any of the characters specifically, but just based on appearances I've always liked that better than klance.

Oh my sweet summer child, I wish you well if you ever decide to brave through this fandom hell. Okay so I’ll sum this up because honestly I do not wish to talk about this discourse anymore.

Everything started shortly after the show aired on Netflix on June 10th. Due to Keith’s and Shiro’s close bond, familiarity with one another and always attempting to protect each other, they became a popular ship. So popular in fact that Josh Keaton, Shiro’s voice actor, acknowledged this on his blog and even coined the name for the ship: sheith.

It didn’t take long until he and Neil Kaplan, Zarkon’s voice actor, started mentioning sheith on their twitters as well. To top it off, Chris Palmer, who directs the show, also made this Shiro drawing with the description “Shiro loves you, baby” and tagged “he is looking at Keith.” Honestly with so many people involved with the show (even if the VAs aren’t directly involved, it was still nice) showing support for the ship, and considering Montgomery and dos Santos who previously worked on The Legend of Korra are producers in Voltron, a lot of people believe they could become canon like Korra and Asami.

Things blew up however when SDCC happened in July. Tim Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos who were at the event were asked by a fan about the ages of the characters, since the only clue we had was the DreamWorks’ site saying they’re teenagers. Pidge is 14, Shiro is 25 at most and everyone else is late teens.

However, many fans interpreted it as proof that Shiro is factually 25 and the other three are 17 and claim that Shiro/Paladin ships are pedophilia, wrong, incorrect and a bunch of other nasty things. They use the video as confirmation and refuse each and any other evidence to contrary, even when it comes from the same people that were in the video. Some even attack the voice actors over it, which is why Josh Keaton stopped talking about ships altogether on Twitter. The truth is, most people before and after the video saw and still see Hunk, Keith and Lance as being 18-19 and Shiro as 20-22 at most, not 25 since he doesn’t even look that old.

There is a whole lot more to this story, including but not limited to the fact that the official comic still mentions they’re five teenagers even after the SDCC event, Josh Keaton confirmed on twitter that ages were never brought up during recording and how Hedrick, Montgomery and dos Santos refuse to answer any all questions regarding the ages, and someone found a video prior to the age video where Montgomery talked about Shiro being a student, not an instructor as people against the ship kept mentioning. Recently Pidge’s voice actor also snapchatted about Shiro/Keith and Shiro/Keith/Lance. Last week it was revealed that the garrison where the paladins previously studied at is college like education and a military base as well, meaning they couldn’t be younger than 18.

Tbh the whole thing is a mess, the only thing we know for sure is that the creators themselves apparently never gave this too much thought in the first place because they wanted people to see the characters as being the age they believe them to be. And now they either refuse to talk about it anymore or contradict each other in what they have to say about it, but antis refuse to stop and continue harassing shippers and the ship tags daily with violent threats and name calling.

Incidentally, NYCC is coming up this week and the same three crew members will there. It is speculated that more fans will ask them about the ages and I’m already dreading the next wave of shitstorm coming this friday.

For more about Shiro/Paladin discussions, this post is a good post about it.

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Out of curiosity, was there ever a time where you did ship Pucca and Garu? I know I started off shipping them, but gradually I accepted other ships as well (otherwise why would I be here? c:) But I was just curious if you started off the same way as me!

Oh yeah of course! I shipped them when I first started watching the show~ They were my OTP back then!
I have a ton of GaruxPucca fanart in my gallery, which you can see slowly diminish during the production of the comic Pucca: What’s Yours is Mine hahaha

My feelings towards the ship started to change when I wrote/illustrated WYIM, as some people are aware of. 
There are a lot of events during its production that affected how I feel towards the GaruxPucca ship, all of which I don’t want to get into, as they’re all quite personal.
It’s not the same for me anymore, and I’ll leave it at that.

TobexPucca is my real OTP~

I hope that answers your question! And anyone out there that might have been wondering the same thing.

A Barisi Primer / Fic Rec

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all the new Barisi fans. Now that the 16th season of SVU is available on Netflix, I’ve been seeing a lot of new Carisi fans (obviously) but also a lot of people who see the potential in a Barba/Carisi pairing (somewhat less obviously).

So, in case you’re looking for fic (/understatement), let me rec some stories I’ve enjoyed.

A few notes:

- The list is in random order, and it’s by no means exhaustive (sorry if I’ve left someone out!), but it might still be useful to new shippers.

- I limited my recs to AO3 because I’m lazy and it’s easier for me to find links there, but the Barisi tumblr tag is a treasure trove of awesomeness and I suggest you get scrolling, if you haven’t already.

- I will, however, tag some tumblr users who have fabulous Barisi tags and tons of great stories (not to mention gifs and edits) on their blogs, to get you started:

notmyyacht, raptor–whispererchiltonsfluffyhair, frederick-chilton-ruined-my-life, law-and-order-sv-do-me, skittle479, anexcessoffeels, booyah-carisi, yunafire, and many many more you can find with a bit of scrolling. You won’t even have to scroll that far down, the tag moves kind of slowly (/gross understatement).

- Lastly, I’m only reccing 1 fic per author, but you should read all the Barisi these people have written because it’s legit. And also because, like, you’re gonna read all the Barisi that exists anyway, there’s not a lot of it.

The List:

In Vino Veritas by etothepii

Beautiful story. Extremely realistic, it includes a case that’s just perfectly integrated, great dialogue, and great interactions between Sonny and the rest of the squad, with some real world building. Also, a very interesting spin on Sonny and how he goes through life, as well as a warmly sympathetic yet in-character Barba.

baby let me be your second best by thatviciousvixen

This one hits me where I live. It really captures the pairing as I see it. Sweet, dear Sonny being all happy and bubbly and loveable, but not understanding that he is all those things. And Rafael not being quite the hardass workaholic many assume him to be. There’s great insight into Barba in this one, about how he balances his job and his personal life. It’s sweet, fluffy, a little angsty and just lovely.

Ready and Waiting to Fall by wordsinbetween

One of the first stories I ever read for the pairing, and one I really love. A post-December Solstice story (so new viewers might want to watch episode 16x16 first, since it gives poor Barba some backstory). This fic is such a warm fix-it, it’s moving in a realistic, almost matter-of-fact way, and it’s so beautifully descriptive. It really makes you feel what the characters feel.

Pratfall by headbuttingbears

Hilarious and sexy. The hilarity lies in the fact the set-up is totally over the top, and yet Sonny and Rafael’s reactions are totally in character. The sexiness lies, well, everywhere. Great dialogue, a lot of fun, and a great ‘starter’ fic for new shippers, I think. This author has written a lot for the pairing, so do check them out.

Plus One by cocoamooseketeer

The classic ‘Person A needs a date for a wedding’. Let’s face it, we all like to see the main tropes when it comes to our OTP. The classics are classics for a reason, and this wonderful little story proves it. Sonny is cutely clumsy and Barba is calm and collected, and they talk, and they dance, and they just fit. A feel-good story if there ever was one. For the exact opposite, a feel-terrible story, you might want to try ‘Visit’ by the same author. Or not.

Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails  by blithesea

Adorable beyond words. Rafael-centric, in which Rafael is called to babysit Noah. And he gets a little help which he may or may not need. Very in-character, with Sonny being super helpful and eager, and Barba being hilariously grumpy. Great set-up, realistic reactions, a bit of implied pining (which I do love) and an overall lovely story.

Arrest Me by Xavantina

Delicious, delicious smut. Which could describe all the stories by this author. This particular story is kinky with a side of feels, and it should fit your needs perfectly if you’re a new shipper of this rare pairing (i.e. you’re looking for all the precious smut you can find). For those who are so inclined, she’s also written some Amarisi (Amaro/Carisi, talk about rare pairings) which is just, yeah.

Peccable by wordhouse

Tiny yet great. A sexy lil’ ficlet that’s just perfectly them (them, as in cocky Sonny and scowly Barba, making a mess).

Untitled by greasycarisi

Adorable domestic fluff. Because we all need that too. That angst-free, cuddly, warm sweetness. Sonny and Rafael paint their bedroom, and it’s a lot cuter than you could ever imagine.

And, um, let me also rec my own work again, because why not:

I’ll be Home for Dinner by Kaye_21

The first fic I ever wrote. Because I love Sonny, and I wanted to write something longer from his perspective. The jumping-off point is the squad’s less than enthusiastic reactions to Sonny’s input, and the meat of the story details Barba’s subtle encouragement. The story is canon-compliant (if Barba wanting to get into Sonny’s pants can be considered canon-compliant. Which it totally can). It has 2 sequels (and a third one in the making, ahem).

Oh and I hope you all watch this video in HD, just because:

So, new viewer with good taste and a keen eye for awesome pairings, treat yo self to some Barisi. There isn’t a lot of it out there, but what is out there is pretty great. Enjoy and, hell, maybe contribute! That’s how I started, my thirst for more Barisi is what got me writing. Maybe the same will happen to you!

Beautiful AU

‘The very same night I was pumping myself up to tell you about how I feel about you, you come home with blood all over yourself, and okay, I might not confess tonight, but I think helping you clean up, destroy the evidences and hide the body is pretty much a confession it’s own, right? God, I hope so, because I really have no clue how to tell you about how far I’ve fallen for you’ au

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im starting to feel that sasusaku haters might make the new fans feel uncomfortable, people have opinions on shipping/pairing their OTPs but sasusaku haters just force their opinions to new fans that the pair is bad

…..I have no words. And I am kinda not in the mood to deal with this so…

All I’m gonna say is none of the Big 3 Naruto ships (SNS, NH and SS) have 100% innocent and nice fandoms. All of these fandoms can be aggressive, rude and just downright mean.

You say sasusaku haters force their opinions on people? Well sasusaku shippers have a nasty habit of doing the exact same thing to other fandoms. No ship’s fandom is innocent in the ship war going on in the Naruto fandom.

And that’s all I’m gonna say.

Laura Dreyfuss/Ben Platt-He’s alright, I guess


A/N: I am nervous about writing real life people but someone requested this and that is such a cute idea and I just????(Also, someone tell me if there’s a ship name for these two???)

Warning: might be ooc

Description: Ben and Laura had developed feelings for each other after working together for a while but keep hiding it.

Basically, Ben and Laura were like everybody’s otp. You knew it, I knew it, everyone knew it and they both kinda knew. So why the hell were they not together yet?

“Yeah, why?” Kristolyn asked with annoyance in her tone. Currently, she was in Laura’s dressing room with both Laura when the topic was brought up. “Because what if he doesn’t feel the same?” Laura exclaimed and changed back into a softer voice when she realised that the walls weren’t that thick, “I mean, we’re such close friends and I don’t want to mess things up. Not to mention that I’ll still have to fall in love with him on stage 8 times a week which would just be plain awkward.” Olivia rolled her eyes, “So you’re just gonna let it slip by?” “What else can I do?” “TELL HIM.”

Meanwhile, at Ben Platt’s dressing room. “NO! I’m not going to tell Laura that! Not before a show!”
“Then do it after the show!” Will said with a frown. He had been trying to convince Ben to at least asked Laura out ever since the he noticed how Ben was always looking at her but it never worked, “ You two could have been the next Anothony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones but yeah, keep hiding.” Ben rolled his eyes, “Look, I’ll make a move eventually but you guys have to stop pushing me.” “Yeah, right.”

This was driving everyone insane. they watch them fall in love every night, basically being lovey-dovey all the time but “What if he/she don’t feel the same?” never failed to be the excuse. While only a few of them knew about how they actually felt about each other, the rest of the cast were getting more and more eager to get them together but it seemed so impossible with both of them being so oblivious to the fact they obviously put each other in a special place in their hearts.

“They are so cute, it hurts.” Will groaned as the others nodded in agreement. With all of them stalking observing Laura and Ben from across the theatre. They soon split as the two finshed talking, both leaving with a wide grin on their faces. “So… How did that went?” Kristolyn asked as they caught Laura in front of her dressing room. “How did what went?” “You and Ben!” Kristolyn said as if that was themost obvious thing ever(which it was), “Just exactily what are you waiting for? It’s not like you’ll lost a limb or something!” “You know what?” Laura sighed as she made up her mind, “You’re right. It pains to keep pretending so I might as well take the risk.” “You go! Now go find him.” “No! Not now, I have to be more mentally prepared.” “You do you, but don’t you even think about backing out.”

After the first show of the day, the cast and crew went to rest and prepare for the next show. There stood a fidgetting Ben Platt and a obviously nervous Laura Dreyfuss in the backstage area with the rest of the staff gone. “You said you want to tell me something?” Ben asked and scretched the back of his head, “Was it about the show? Or maybe I did something…” “I really like you.” She blurted and immediatly went silent. Ben’s eyes widened as he was overwhelmed by the sudden information. “I mean, I think we really get along and I realised that I like you more than a friend and it is totally okay if you don’t feel the same and I hope that this will not make things awkward between us and…” “I really like you too.” Ben said with a smile, feeling like all the burden on him had been lifted. “You do?” Laura’eyes lit up.

Maybe the Will and Kristolyn’s constant nagging actually paid off as everybody’s otp was officially a thing. Let’s just say that the room bursted into cheers as the response to “How’s you and Ben?” went from “What about me and Ben?” to a grinning “He’s alright, I guess.”


 おかえり Okaeri

ただいま Tadaima

So today in my Japanese class I asked my sensei what is the meaning to someone leaving a country then coming back and specifically telling someone “Okaeri” and “Tadaima” when they’re not your family member and you’re not literary returning to your physical home. And she told me that it can be seen romantic like telling a lover “welcome back to me”, “I've come back/returned to you”.

So literary Sousuke is telling Rin, “welcome back to me”.. and Rin is telling Sousuke “I’m back to you..and I just.. this is so important.

You have no idea how hard I had to control my screams in class.     

Edit: because some people don’t seem to understand this: Please note I am talking about the CONTEXT NOT DEFINITION. This is viewing this with Sousuke and Rin in a romantic relationship. I am not saying Okaeri and Tadima are romantic words at all, this is not the point I’m trying to make here. It’s about context and how romantic these scene looked to me.


|If you want something done well, do it yourself|

Sebastian Moran has been kidnapped and injured by some associates of the consulting criminal in the poor attempt of getting more power. What they don’t know, however, is how truly changeable Jim is.

I thought you didn’t like getting your hands dirty’

‘Oh you know me, Seb. I don’t like it when people touch what’s mine. I’m the only one allowed to play with my things.’

[1 - 2]

A/N: The piece that Jim is whistling is a reference to M, by Fritz Lang (1931), where the murderer’s habit is to whistle the same melody when he feels the impulse of killing someone. I thought Jim might be the type who likes using these kind of references, especially if pissed off. 

Setups, Snowballs, and Secluded Hearts

A Captain Swan Holiday Story for my 2016 Gutter Flower Secret Santa Giftee @amagicalship … I have enjoyed getting to chit chat with you, I hope this holiday season brings you all you ask for, all you deserve, and more.  You gave me a couple tropes you enjoy, bed sharing, mutual pining, and said you love CS AU stories.  I tried to incorporate all your likes, and to exclude your dislikes. I truly enjoyed this project, it was a bit nerve wracking to write a story for someone else, but I was able to pull it together on time, at just over 18k words. I couldn’t help it, the muse took off and made this story much longer than any other one-shot I’ve written.  I hope you enjoy my GF SS gift to you. Happy Holidays, Carrie!

Rated M


Word Count 18k+

Thank you, as ALWAYS to my fantastically supportive beta, @laschatzi ~ Your positive feedback, and your con crit guide me through every time!

Killian Jones and Emma Swan are roommates, friends, and… well that’s the problem. They both want more, but with neither one taking that leap of faith, they are at an impasse. Can a holiday weekend away help two friends discover the mutual love they’ve been hiding?

~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~♥ ~♥~ “Please don’t do this to me, you wanker!” Killian groused into the phone. He ran his hand through his hair as his brain started working a mile a minute.

“It can’t be helped, little brother,” Liam answered.

“It’s younger brother, and why not?”

“Elsa’s younger sister, Anna, and her fiancé flew in unexpectedly. They want to spend the holiday here.”

“Oi! Anna gets to be younger sister, but I’m still little brother? I can’t believe you are bailing as we are getting ready to leave. I’ll just tell Emma we aren’t going,” he decided.

“Nonsense, quit being so dramatic. You two go and enjoy yourselves. Elsa insists. We were up just Sunday, we decorated, and she really did a beautiful job on the tree. We brought all the groceries for this weekend, so the refrigerator is stocked, the-”

“Alright, fine, we’ll go,” Killian acquiesced.

“Excellent! Besides, you two are roommates, so what would be the big deal about us not going?” Liam needled.

“I was rather fond of the idea of spending the holiday with family too,” Killian answered feebly, nervously scratching behind his ear, as he tended to do when unnerved.

“You’re so transparent, if you’d man up and do something about your situation, you’d be much happier,” Liam scolded.

“Shut up,” Killian retorted petulantly. He had nothing else he could say to that, because Liam was absolutely right.

“And Killian, she is family, you duffer. She has been for quite awhile.”

“Goodbye Liam,” Killian bid, effectively curtailing the conversation before it could get too deep.

“Happy Christmas to you and Emma,” Liam returned, “and Killian? This has opportunity written all over it, try not to muck it up.”

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Growing together, a defense of Jess Mariano and the Literati ship

I’ve seen a lot of different opinions about Jess Mariano and about his relationship with Rory. Some people think that Jess and Rory were meant to be, that Jess was a nice guy under all the attitude. Others think Jess was a complete jerk, hate him with Lorelei-levels of passion, and think that his relationship with Rory was borderline abusive.

Now, I definitely disagree with the abusive bit, but there are valid points to each argument. Personally I think that Jess and Rory could have been perfect together. Eventually. I say this because I loved them in early seasons and I loved Jess in his later seasons, but when they were actually together, they were kind of pretty terrible at it. And that’s the key word there: “they”. They were both pretty terrible at it; they couldn’t balance out their issues enough to make the relationship work. Fair enough. They were only 17-18.

Let me be clear, I’m a Jess fan, but I try not to be a Jess apologist. I don’t agree with a lot of Jess’s behaviour; he acted badly. I do understand his behaviour, however. Grow up with a flighty mother who does drugs and is apparently no good at the whole breadwinning thing, who brings home guy after guy who may or may not steal all of your furniture when he leaves in the middle of the night, and I think a lot of people would be mistrusting and unreliable too.

Jess’s family life was a mess. I’m not saying this to blame his behaviour on his mother - he still behaved badly in his own right - but come on. He was a child raised in an environment that taught him exactly how precarious a situation being a child is. And he was not old enough to fix it for himself. Human beings don’t just do that - they don’t just raise themselves and come out mature, functioning adults. Not without work. Not without time. Especially not at that age. And even ones who do function reasonably well, often do it half off an imitation that can lead to one hell of a case of Imposture-Syndrome. There is truth in fiction when those characters who “grew up too fast” grew to be simultaneously competent and immature adults. (This is known as “adultification”, including “parentification”, “peerification”, and “spousification”, which is a kind abuse in which an abuser makes children take on roles they are physically incapable of undertaking because their brains have not developed enough to do so.) That kind of abuse can have a tremendous impact on a person’s development. And make no mistake: it was an abusive environment. The way he acted, the fact that he had such very low levels of trust in anyone, makes me think that he rarely felt safe. I mean, just consider how he got to Stars Hollow in the first place: he was shipped off against his will. He had no control over the situation. He was a powerless teenager and he knew it. But that doesn’t mean he stayed that way. The reason I liked Jess’s character so much is because he showed so many signs of some very real, very serious abuse. And then he grew out of it. Jess is an amazing character because he took control of his life.

So it’s very true when Jess detractors say that Jess needed to grow up, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the note of derision implied in that sentiment. Yes, Jess needed to grow up more to take control of his life, but when a fan says “he needs to grow up”, the implication is not that he literally needs more time, space, and independence in order to take control of himself, but that he should have already, and that he has failed in failing to do so. This, I believe, is supremely unfair. Jess never had the stable environment needed to learn responsibility gradually, or to safely make mistakes, or to explore his identity, or to learn to trust anyone, so he kind of started behind the ball. And as a teenager, he was old enough to know it, and to know that it was unfair. Personally, I think he had a right to feel a little bit cheated. So yeah, he made a few mistakes as an angry teenager, but most of those boil down to unreliability, being insensitive, or his lack of long term planning. These are not character-killing flaws. He also didn’t stay that way. He turned himself around and got himself on track and stabilized himself and seemed to let a lot of that crap go. And he did, in the end, do it himself.

And let us not forget that Jess was a teenager sent against his will to live with an uncle who had no idea how to deal with another human being, much less how to take care of one. I mean, let’s face it, Luke ended up swinging wildly between being over controlling and judgmental, and being so ignorantly laissez-faire that he never noticed when something had gone wrong. He was also always suspicious of Jess, didn’t listen to Jess’s side of the story - ever - and if he found out that Jess hadn’t done anything wrong he laughed at him! So either Jess was probably doing something illegal or was hilarious; even if Jess had been hurt in the process. Luke never told Jess when he did something right, or checked to see how his school work was going (unless he’d been pulled in by the principle or it was too late), or told him he was proud of him, or asked if he was okay, or talked to him about his mom (especially if the conversation was going to be at all on Jess’s side), or told him he was worried. And every time we saw a rare moment of bonding or a frequent failure of discipline there seemed to be an undercurrent to absolve Luke: Jess was being difficult/irreverent/disrespectful/obstinate/short-sighted/what have you. Basically, Jess was a difficult kid, so no wonder he wasn’t being raised like any of the other teenagers, he was a delinquent who obviously would never listen to anyone no matter what anyone tried. Which to me, fairly reeks of Victim Blaming.

Luke was also, quite obviously, not around much when Jess was a kid. I mean we know he knew something about what went on, because he was always exasperated at Liz, and we know he sent her money, but he never, never looked at it from the perspective of a child. Consider, for example, when Liz showed up with TJ, and Luke expected Jess to help him manage her love-life. In that situation Luke saw Liz as a child and it somehow then made sense to him to ask her child to look after her. As if it was not supposed to be the other way around. As if that was never supposed to be Jess’s job. (Also totally not sexist infantilization, no siree.) And then consider the wedding and how Luke acted like Jess was a huge, ungrateful, spoiled, jerk for not wanting to go. As if he wasn’t allowed to look at someone and say “you are too poisonous to be in my life. I’m not going to be in contact with you anymore”. As if that wasn’t his right (yes even if it’s family. I mean, Lorelai did it). I’ll be honest - the “ungrateful” thing is kind of a trigger for me. I was raised by a parent who told me often how ungrateful I was for all the things done for me. I was told I was mean and selfish all the time. So let me make this clear: Jess did not have to go to his mother’s wedding. He did not owe her respect simply for being the being that birthed him. Telling him that he was a bad person for not wanting to go is not okay. And yes, I know that Jess’s ultimate reasons for not wanting to go were not about his mom. But that doesn’t matter. Because Luke didn’t know that. And turning it all around on Jess like it was some terrible flaw in Jess’s character or a failing on his part that he might hate his mother? No. Just no. Fuck you Luke.

Also, think about this for a moment: Jess was a seventeen/eighteen year old working two jobs in season 3, and he never even thought to tell anyone. When do you think that kid started working? And no one asked why he might need to work two jobs? I mean sure, they started asking questions when they learned how many hours he was working (full-time plus the diner plus Rory plus school sometimes), but did no one think it was odd that a supposedly full-time high school student with a girlfriend might be working two part-time jobs? Is that just me? I mean I admit that I’m working off the assumption of the impression that I got that Luke, being the thrifty sort, was not financially pressed enough to require Jess to be working that much. So maybe that is my privilege showing, but I would think that Luke would have thought about it, would have discussed it with Jess. Did Luke never wonder when he found the time? Did he ever talk to Jess about making sure his school work or social life wasn’t going to be hindered by the fact that he was working two jobs? Did he never even check with him to organize his work schedule? I mean come on.

So I believe that Rory and Jess could have been good together, but that he was just too messed up to be a good boyfriend at the time. He didn’t trust other people. He didn’t know how to be reliable. He didn’t want to be reliable - he didn’t want the expectation. He believed everyone when they said he was no good, when they said he would never amount to anything, so he stopped trying. Rory’s expectations were new and unexpected and he believed he’d never be able to live up to them, so he ended up being distant and unreliable and the kind of jerk that would rarely do anything he didn’t want to do, even if it was for Rory. And the one time he tried? With the prom tickets? He failed. And that ended up being a confirmation and breaking point for him. He couldn’t deal so he didn’t deal.

Contrast to Dean who was so unassuming as to do whatever Rory wanted whenever she wanted. You know, as long as it was with him (“what do you mean we can’t hang out because you have plans or school work or don’t feel like it?!?! I want to hang out now!!”) or wasn’t around other men or in the company of other men or anywhere where another man might look at Rory and OH MY GOD RORY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BEING IN THE SAME 10 MILE RADIUS OF A MALE WHO MIGHT CONCEIVABLY FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE?!?!?!!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!?!!? I MUST BEAT THIS MAN WHO LOOKED AT YOU! GOD RORY, HOW COULD YOU LOOK SO ATTRACTIVE AS TO HAVE OTHER MEN THINK YOU’RE ATTRACTIVE?!?!?!!? I DEMAND THAT YOU STOP DOING THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

(If any boyfriend was abusive it was Dean. She even used the language - “I don’t want you to be mad. Please don’t be mad.” - and body language, including hunched shoulders and crossed arms. She even flinched away from him a few times when he got angry and started really looming or kicked something!)

This leads us to my other point, which is that Rory was not inculpable in the fact that they just weren’t good together when they were together. Firstly, she never trusted him. Now, as I said above, Jess was unreliable, so it’s not like she didn’t have reason, but she always thought he was getting into trouble or picking fights or whatever, even after being proven wrong several times. She never stopped being suspicious, and she kind of stopped asking about the whys behind his behaviour. She also never stopped comparing him to Dean and Dean’s unassuming ways (completely forgetting Dean’s anger and his kind of triggery, borderline-abusive behaviour).

Of course, it could be argued that a lot of these problems actually stemmed from Rory’s issues and the insecurity fostered in the unhealthy aspects of her relationship with Dean, which lead her to take Jess’s every bad mood as a personal failing, as if his every mood were her fault. I think this was part of a larger problem for Rory in that she stopped standing up for herself as soon as they got together officially. She stopped setting boundaries, she stopped challenging him, and she stopped holding her ground when he did something that upset her. Part of what made their interactions so fascinating before they got together was that Rory was the only one who balanced calling out his bullshit with actually listening to what Jess had to say. She was the only one who said, “listen, I respect your opinions, but this particular behaviour is bullshit, so why did you do it?”. I think she may have even been the only one to ever explicitly ask “why?” But independent-Rory outside of relationships was not the same as relationship-Rory, and apart from Dean, I’m pretty sure we can all guess where that came from.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Lorelai Gilmore was a very strong woman. She was self-possessed and resourceful and confident, and she taught Rory to be just as opinionated and confident as her… Except where it came to dating. Rory’s father was a flake, let’s all just acknowledge that now. He was rarely there, and when he was it was sporadic and unreliable. She never learned to claim her space or demand Christopher’s time because it was never up to her. She never had any power in that relationship, and was probably very resentful. She may have been angry and felt that she wasn’t worth the effort that Christopher could have made to be around more often. Christopher let her down and that kind of early disappointment can have a lasting impact on a person. Jess’s own behaviour had to have hit far too close to a very sore spot. (Especially given the timing, Rory and Jess got together just shortly after Christopher’s girlfriend Sherry’s baby-shower. You know, the one that found out she was pregnant just after Chris promised Rory and Lorelai that it “would work out this time”. And the disastrous Grandmother dinner meeting? Episode after Sherry gives birth.)

What this means, however, is that Rory also had “some growing up” to do. This is not to say that being unreliable is ever okay in a relationship you actually want to make work, but having your mood and self-worth hang on someone else’s behaviour is never a good sign. Would the fact that Jess didn’t call her all the time have been such a big deal if Rory had been more stable in her own self-worth? Maybe, maybe not. But the point is that Rory had no idea how to hold on to her confidence in the face of a man she cared about, and he ended up walking all over her.

Now this obviously sounds horrible. Like, he was distant and she couldn’t stick up for herself, how could they possibly be good together? But here’s the thing. Both show the potential to not only overcome these things in themselves, but also in each other. Jess may have been unreliable, but he always tried to encourage her independence. While he was not one for scheduling, he repeatedly encouraged her to keep doing her own things and was never upset if she did end up doing things independent of him. He told her to go to the Stars Hollow town-things, for example, if that was what she wanted. And yes, perhaps a better boyfriend would have gone with her simply because she wanted him there, but Jess was in no way restricting her ability to go, and rather than offering an ultimatum, offered a compromise instead. And in the episode “Face-Off” (3x15) where he shows up at her house after not calling her for a few days, Lorelai might have been angry that Jess would assume that Rory would home on a Saturday night without prior planning, but Jess himself did not seem upset that Rory wasn’t home. He wasn’t angry that she wasn’t available when he had time free, he wasn’t even surprised that she was out, he was only confused that Lorelai was making such a big deal out of it. So yes, Jess didn’t make plans, but he always offered alternatives and he tried to bolster Rory’s confidence. In turn, she made him participate a little more and attempted to inspire him to try - an endeavor which eventually succeeded; she planted that seed. She was one of the few people to tell him he was worth it. She was the first one he believed.

One of the most telling things is that Jess was one of the rare few people to call Rory out on her own lack of communication. During the course of their relationship, for example, Rory practiced many of the habits she developed through her relationship with Dean - namely hiding things that she thought Jess might not like. Instead of getting angry and making the situation worse, Jess usually confronted these issues right away by attempting to open the lines of communication. Jess asked Rory about Dean directly and listened when she told him. And yes, he did brush some stuff off, but he told her when something made him uncomfortable (like Rory and Dean being friends) and accepted her decisions, even while making it clear that a big part of the problem was the fact that she had hidden it. Now, this issue didn’t go away over the course of their relationship, and a lack of active communication often contributed to Rory feeling that Jess’s every mood was her fault, but that stemmed as much from Rory as it did Jess.

The biggest obstacle to their relationship, however, was Jess’s inability to communicate with regards to himself. Most of the change in this instance happened after their relationship because the issues involved had nothing to do with Rory or their relationship, and everything to do with Jess’s psychological state, his crippling mistrust, and his outlook on the world. The changes there had to come from Jess achieving a healthier mental state. But even still, he talked to her more than almost anyone else. Think about what little Jess ever said about his mom, his background, or his feelings, and then think about how much of that was with Rory. She touched something in him that woke him up. He couldn’t turn himself around at 18 - unfortunately he had to hit bottom for that - but she made him believe he could. Comparably, he understood her in a way that meant that he was the only one who could reach her when she quit Yale. As teenagers they were horrible at communication but it was obvious, even then, that they were on a similar wavelength.

Jess and Rory liked a lot of the same things. They had differing values because of their vastly different upbringings, but they liked similar books and similar music. Now, many people stop there, with Literati shippers expounding on their shared love of books, and non-shippers rightly affirming that you can’t base a romantic (or even platonic) relationship solely on that, but it’s not just that they both loved to read, or even that they both loved to read similar books, it’s that they found similar things stimulating. Not only did they love to read, but they also both loved to talk about the stuff they read and they valued each other’s opinions. They challenged each other mentally and stimulated a lot of intellectual excitement and could talk for hours on end. They got each other’s sense of humour (for the most part), and they liked to tease one another. There are even hints in there of them being very “married couple-eque”. (Take, for example, the movie planning conversation in “Happy Birthday, Baby” (3x18).) And the most important part? The ways in which they were similar as teenagers, the ways they fit together, were exactly the directions they grew in as adults. They grew up moving towards more books, more literature, and more discursive lifestyles. They grew up striving for similar principles of art and they taught each other values along they way: Rory taught Jess to dream, to try, to work hard, and to prove others wrong, and Jess taught Rory that you can come back from behind, that life isn’t going to hand you things, so sometimes you have to fight for it. And then they reaffirmed these lessons within themselves and to each other, and reminded each other as they grew.

So maybe Jess and Rory were not any good for each other as damaged, stupid teenagers, and maybe they wouldn’t have worked during the series at all, but there was a spark there that could have been great, and, more importantly, they grew in ways that made them more compatible, not less. So yeah, they weren’t really a good couple when they were on screen, but Literati is still my ship because they helped each other grow, because they reached one another when no one else could, because they shared passions and goals and because in the end, I think they could have been amazing together.

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Hiii, how are you? I wanted to request a top ten destiel moments until 11×3, please!! Sorry, it is too much to ask, but i'd love to know your opinion about Destiel! Thank you for your time! Your blog is amazing, btw ❤


Oh gosh, this is such a hard question. But hey, I’m always willing to talk about Destiel, so I’ll give it a go…


This is something that I will always cherish. 

The fact that Dean-no-chick-flick-moments-Winchester wants to talk emotions with Cas… Really, Dean initiating this talk was so important and such a fresh breath of air at the same time. 


The ‘watching another person sleep’ trope will always be somewhat romantic to me. What stands out to me about this moment, is that Cas just patiently waits for Dean to wake up, and is curious as to what Dean is feeling. 

“What were you dreaming about?”

A scene like this was rather intimate for two characters that have only just met, thus one of those Destiel scenes that got me thinking in the early seasons. 



That wasn’t just Dean’s buddy that died. This meant a lot more, and that trench coat that he kept and even returned to Cas in S7… Yeah, all of that was oddly romantic. 

“Part of me always believed you’d come back”. That line might not have made it into the original episode, but it was written, and even shot as actual footage proves. Let us never forget.


We can all agree that all of purgatory was a huge win for Destiel, but this…

To me it felt like this was the first time where we truly saw that Dean picked Cas first. He could’ve gone home, to Sam, to safety. For getting out of Purgatory, Cas was a liability, not an asset. Yet Dean stayed, and ran around chopping of demon heads, desperate to find his angel. He didn’t need Cas for his powers, or to get out. He needed Cas for Cas. 


This, oh god. this. 

“I did it, all of it, for you.”

I pick this moment because it was one of the early moments where I went; ‘WHOA, this can’t possibly be platonic. He’s a celestial being who killed his own siblings, turned his back on his entire existence for this ordinary human he just met.’

It made me doubt their entire ‘platonic’ relationship, so kudos to that.


This scene… It’s so simple but means so much, because in hindsight, it points out exactly why Cas did what he did; working with Crowley, opening purgatory. Metatron confirmed it seasons later, but even then we could see exactly why he did what he did; it wasn’t for Heaven, or for humanity. He wanted to fix the problem but at the same time ensure that Dean Winchester had a happy human life.

“I was there, where were you?”

Cas was there, he made a wrong decision, but it was for you.


This one is important to me, because even though I saw their potential and chemistry before, this is the point where I actually suspected that Dean/Cas was in fact meant to be a romantic thing on the show.

In ‘the Man Who Would Be King’, we are practically witnessing a breakup, five seasons later confirmed by a heterosexual pairing on the very same show (David/Violet) for which the same dialogue is used in the exact same situation. 

“I was there, where were you?”


Without a doubt: when they first met in 4x01.

What really puts this in the top three for me; Ships usually have to grow on me. It’s not often that two characters meet and I’m like ‘HOLY SHIT, OTP RIGHT THERE!’ But this scene did that for me, whether it was the actors or the characters; the chemistry was hard to deny. When Cas said “you don’t think you deserve to be saved”, I knew that Castiel might become the one person on this show to understand Dean’s feelings, accept them, and get through to him despite it all. 


I think the entire Endverse episode was one huge pile of Destiel, but this will always stick with me:

“Don’t ever change.” 

That line is something that I will forever hold dear, and combined with the way they look at each other here… It’s like you can literally see them falling in love, one of my all time favorites.


“We need you, I need you.”

And then Cas drops the blade. 

I think what really gets me about this scene is that we never got an explanation afterwards. It was even confirmed by the actors that an ‘I love you’ was planned, but what did it for me was that in canon we got this ‘What broke the connection’, and even though all of us simultaneously screamed the word “YOU!” the show never elaborated. The show never proved us wrong, and I will forever take this as canon. The power of their love for each other breaking through the mind control. 

So that’s my top 10 choice, not sure if fellow shippers agree but it was fun to do. :p 

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OTP prompt list with Frank!??


1: Who spends almost all their money on the other?
– Frank wants to give you so many things. He literally doesn’t want you to ever know want, it’s that serious. He’s so willing to buy you anything and everything that you could ever want or desire, and sometimes you have to tell him that it’s fine if he doesn’t get you everything you want. Seriously. It’s not even his money. He should spend the corrupt money more responsibly.

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?
– You dooo! Sometimes you might just be watching tv and you’ll curl up on his lap and just take a nap. He doesn’t seem to ever mind.

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?
– neither of you! You don’t walk around half naked, and neither does Frank, but let’s be real here, if you did, he would not be yelling at you to put on some clothes.

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?
– You literally can’t help but stay awake all the time. You don’t even know what you do. First you’re on your phone, about to go to bed, and then you check the clock and three hours has gone by. How it happened, you have no clue. Frank always tells you to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, but do you ever listen? No.

5: Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?
– Frank isn’t the best cook. Let’s just face it, he isn’t. He’s crap at it. He’s so bad, in fact, that he once burned the bottom of a pot because all of the milk evaporated. (In his defense, he forgot that it was even still sizzling.) You’re the one that has to help with the cooking, and while you’re not an amazing chef, at least you’re better than him.

6: Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?
– You would soooo say that that remind you of the two of you. Frank would just kind of be like, “What? The hell does that even mean?”

7: Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?
– Frank’s clothes are super comfy, 10/10 would recommend. You’re almost always wearing his old tshirts or his sweats or whatever. Plus, since they practically drape over your entire body, it keeps you that much warmer.

8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”
– neither of you! You usually remember to do all of your errands, and on the rare occasions that Frank does some of the errands, he basically memorized the stuff down to a science. It’s actually very remarkable.

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?
– Both of you! Either you drive, or he drives, it doesn’t really matter to either of you.

10: Which one does the posing while the other one draws?
–neither of you! You both are terrible at drawing, I’m sorry to say, and you don’t care much for that form of art. You both love pictures, though, wanting to remember each and every minute that the two of you have together.

11: If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?
– You would be the one doing backflips through lasers bc come on – you can totally get caught??? This is a serious mission??? And Frank is just over here, chillin’, eatin some chips like it’s no big deal. You would totally be panicking, thinking that this is going to go so wrong all because Frank can’t control his eating habits; when, in reality, he snatches the artifact from the exhibit so calmly yet surreptitiously that you don’t even realize he’d done so until he pointed at it in his hand.

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?
– I can imagine Frank having these bouts of drinking alcohol whenever he’s sad and doesn’t want to talk about it. As time goes on, he keeps on drinking, and I feel like he’d just become a full on alcoholic. You have to kind of get past his walls and that armor he has on and get him to talk to you, to open up to you and stop the damage he’s putting his body through. Since it’s you, he complied willingly, getting help asap.

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?
– You do! You feel like Frank doesn’t have enough reasons to smile throughout the day, so you just place little knickknacks and trinkets in places where he’ll find them easily. It always brings a smile to his face.

14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?
– Y O U. Maybe you’re getting ahead of yourself, but Y/N Castle just sounds so damn nice.

15: Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?
– You scream about the spider so FRICKING LOUD THAT YOU PRACTICALLY WAKE UP THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD. Frank just exasperatedly picks it up by a leg and tosses it out the window, not caring about where it lands. Of course, after that, you make him wash his hands ten thousand times.

16: Which one gives the other their jacket?
– Frank gave you his jacket on your first date after you had stupidly decided to forgo bringing one, telling yourself that a jacket would ruin the look of your overall outfit. When the weather had turned chilly at the end of the night, Frank just kind of silently put the jacket over your shoulders and from then on, he continued to give you his jackets whenever he so much as thought that you needed it.

17: Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?
– can I say this is the Pebbles universe character? Where Matt’s your big bro? Yeah, I’m doin that. So MATT YELLS AT FRANK AAAALLL THE TIME BC HE KEEPS THINKING THAT FRANK’S GONNA DIE AND BREAK YOUR HEART AS A RESULT. It’s super sweet and you know that he means well by it, but, “Honestly, Matty, you don’t gotta get so worked up about it.”

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?
– Probably you, let’s be real. Frank had loved his wife – loved with all his heart. She died, and he thought that his heart had died along with her. But then along comes you, turning his world upside down. He had started to feel things that he hadn’t felt, that he thought that he shouldn’t be feeling anymore, and that scared him. He didn’t want to lose someone else. He didn’t want to hurt anyone else. When it was clear to you that he wasn’t going to say anything, you took it upon yourself to say it first. He was shocked, hesitant, and nervous, but, before you knew it, he had been kissing you, wordlessly letting you know that he felt the same.

19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?
– Frank is an amazing dad and I will fight literally anyone who tries to dispute this???? Like??? You might not be as great as him, at least in your mind, but I have very high hopes that your kids would be raised by amazing, bombass parents.

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?
– neither of you! Frank doesn’t do much texting – who’s he going to text, anyway, other than you? You text with semi-literacy, with mainly correct grammar and spelling while still using the occasional acronyms.

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?
– if you were to ever be attacked by anyone, ever, let’s just say that that would not fly by Frank. They should probably fear for their life. He’ll most likely kill them.

22: Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?
– You make the stupid ass puns and Frank, being the absolute sweetheart that he is, smiles at you as though you’re the most adorable person ever. An example of one of your awful puns: “Hey, Frank, did you hear about the guy who got his left side chopped off?” “Sweetheart, don’t say it–” “He’s all right now.”

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?
– does this one need saying? Hello? Frank Castle and his fighter dogs, anyone?

24: Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?
– Frank would give you a piggyback ride no matter the time, not only when you’re tired. He’d do it when you’re bored, or when you’re laughing, or when you’re lonely, sick, hungry, sleepy – whenever, wherever, for whatever reason.

25: Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering?
– if Frank were to ever compete in any activity, it’s safe to assume that you’d be screaming SO LOUD that you’d probably ruin someone’s hearing. Just saying.

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?
– You do! Seeing Frank in a vulnerable state like when he’s sleeping is always so nice. It just shows that he’s that much more comfortable with you.

27: Which one would give the other a makeover if they asked?
– neither of you! You both are absolutely in love with the way the other looks, even if you don’t believe it from time to time.

28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?
– neither of you! You don’t have any animals, and Frank only has his dog, and he’s the sweetest little thing in the whole wide world!

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?
– Frank does! He loves to watch over you and help you whenever he can, and if he can do that by holding the umbrella for you, he’ll do it.

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

– maybe the Caribbean’s? Maybe Aruba or some other tropical place (idk but I just imagine somewhere tropical). Y'all would just be sippin’ on some fruity alcoholic beverages by the sand, chilling without a care in the world. You would take the endless amount of pictures at basically 90 pictures per minute.


it feels to me as though supercorp and sanvers are sort-of like the step-parents of this fandom, in terms of shipping and shippers, like supercat and general danvers have been separated, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still love each other and it doesn’t mean that they don’t still love you, and they’ll still always be there for you and it’s okay to love and miss them and want them back, and sure, these new ships aren’t your otp, and you feel like this new ship is trying to replace them and you’re feeling bitter about that, and it feels like your step-siblings are trying to muscle in on your territory. 

and honestly, these new ships could never replace your otp, and you don’t have to ship them if you don’t want to, but maybe if you gave them a shot, you might come to appreciate them, and get along with the people that do ship them.

and for all the new step-siblings in this blended fandom: please be gentle. you’re not discovering the new world - be kind to, and considerate of the shippers who are already here because we’re all still adjusting.

this fandom might not be the same as it was before the S2 shake-up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a great place for everyone to belong.

- with love, @wishful-thinkment

Fanfiction AUs? Fanfiction AUs!
  • I’ve been getting coffee in this coffee shop every day for the past two weeks and it’s almost always during your shift and I wouldn’t have noticed, but my friend pointed out that you’d been staring at me, and I’d been staring back ever since because you are gorgeous, and now you’re coming up to talk to me and suddenly I feel like I’m in a coffee shop AU wait did I say that out loud?
  • I overheard you talking to your friend about my OTP headcanons but my friends dragged me away before I could hear all of it and now I really wanna ask you about it also I have a headcanon that will most likely make you cry do you wanna hear it?
  • We work at the same office and I’ve been secretly crushing on you for almost a year, and I might have written an entire fic based on this ridiculous situation with you and me as the main characters, and now you are talking to me and you have just used the exact line your character used in my fic what do I do now?!?
  • You are my new neighbor and I think you’re really cute, but I don’t do socializing so every time I see you in the hallway I just smile and nod, and today I was waiting for the elevator when you came up to me and asked me out, and I smiled and nodded like an idiot I am and now we have a date on Friday and I’m really looking forward to it, but I’ve just found out that you are my favourite fanfiction writer because I saw your post about our elevator encounter and now I’m in a lowkey panic mode because how do I tell you I’ve been crushing on you for months without even knowing what you look like and how do I even talk to you it was hard as it is and now I’m horrified and torn between moving to Africa immediately and spending the entire weekend in my closet
  • My favourite fanfiction writer has just posted an original story and the more I read it the more I realize that the main character is me, down to the tiniest details, so I must know the writer irl but I have so many friends who could they possibly be? Oh wait the main character’s love interest might be a clue but it’s a rather vague description, I have to ask my best friend to help me investigate this very second but why are they acting so weird?
The signs and Luke Hemmings AUs

ARIES: You meet him on a night out in a club and you just really want to get drunk to get rid of your stress and spend the whole night dancing together. When you wake up in his huge flat, the last thing you remember is slow dancing in his living room in your underwear. You start to panic because you don’t remember a thing, until you see a sleeping back beside the bed on the floor and Luke standing in the doorframe. “Do you want orange juice or coffee?”

TAURUS: Luke Hemmings is your hot new neighbor and he’s only been there for two weeks, but you already hate him. You watch him throwing parties and coming home with girls and boys equally. He looks like the ultimate fuckboy. One day your parents invite him and his parents over to dinner and you have to realize that he’s actually super lovely and that you judged him too hard. You catch yourself blush when he compliments you on your smile. From then on he spends most of his time in your house and you cannot complain at all.

GEMINI: You and Luke meet in school when you both have to take extra lessons in maths. You bond through your shared despair and you kill time by giggling and writing little notes to each other. One day Lukes friend Ashton calls you and begs you to ask Luke out finally, because he’s been annoying his friends with stories about you the whole time. 

CANCER:  Luke just can’t take his eyes off of you but he thinks you’re out of his limit and is way too shy to confess his feelings to you. Your friends always point out when he looks at you and you enjoy his attention alot. You like making him blush and you think you’re in control….you barely realize that you’re slowly developing feelings for him. And soon you’re blushing just as often as he is…

LEO: You’re working in a cute little music store, where you see customers come and go all day long, but you notice that for the last two weeks one of them had been there nearly every day, but never really bought something. One day you ask him if he searches for something specific and he turns completely red and tells you: “I’m actually just here to see you and to listen to the stuff you put on.” He introduces himself as Luke and you think he’s so cute, so you start spending nearly every day together and listening to music and talking about your favourite bands. 

VIRGO: You and Luke meet in an art course and you never really talk to each other, but you always wished you could get to know him better. One day you get assigned to draw each other, so you have to meet up in your spare time and you spend the day sitting in the park, talking and laughing,  trying to draw each other and as you do, you realize how beautiful he looks and when he shows you his picture you can’t help but blush a little bit, because it’s not perfect at all and it doesn’t even look like you that much, but it’s okay, because he tried so hard and he drew flowers all around you and it’s the cutest thing in the world. 

LIBRA: You go to Luke whenever you have relationship problems and Luke tries his best to help you out because he just wants to see you happy, even though he wishes to be with you instead…You don’t notice at all, until he moves on and tells you about his new crush…You finally get how much he means to you when you have to watch him with another girl. It’s the classic drama and it takes ages until you both get over your pride and confess your feelings. After you tell him about your jealousy he can’t stop smiling and says: “Sorry, it’s just… I waited for this moment for years…" 

SCORPIO: You are at a house party and you don’t really know anyone. Also the music is super lame and you just decide to leave, when you hear someone say."Where are you going? Can I come with you? This is the worst party I’ve ever been to.” So you and the stranger, who introduces himself as Luke, wander through the streets. You end up at a fast food restaurant, talking about politics and the wonder of the universe… When you say goodbye he says: “This turned out quite nice. Let’s go to another shitty party soon!" 

SAGITTARIUS: Luke is your new guitar teacher (who’s just a little older than you) and you can’t believe how lucky you are to have such a hot guy visiting once a week. But you really, really want to learn how to play the guitar and it’s quite impossible to concentrate when he reaches around you from behind to show you some chords. You feel like he knows exactly what he’s doing and one day you just go for it and kiss him and you end up spending the whole lesson making out. When it’s time for him to leave he says with a grin: "Do you still pay me for today?” and you give him a little slap. 

CAPRICORN: You always go to the same little cafe where this really cute waiter named Luke works and he already knows your order by heart and you spend your time writing stories on your laptop. You watch as he struggles to get the dishes from one place to another without smashing them and you can’t help but smile at the sight.
Sometimes it gets really late and one evening he comes to your table and says, while blushing: “Would you maybe like to drink something… I mean… not here… but with me?”

AQUARIUS: Luke is the hot new guy in your class, who is super detached and cool and you’re falling for him even though you feel like he’s kinda arrogant. You don’t speak to him the whole year, because everyone has a crush on him and you feel like he’s out of your limit. He takes you by complete surprise when he asks you out for prom and turns out to be super dorky, but only when you get to know him. You’re dancing together and laughing at his silly jokes and you think about how this side of him makes him even more attractive.

PISCES: You and Luke have been best friends since kindergarten and you were low-key in love with each other forever, but you always were too scared to ruin your friendship, so you both had different relationships and you spent many nights awake thinking of him and being jealous of whoever he was with.
Someday you risk it and tell him how you feel and you both decide that you might as well be lovers and best friends at the same time. 

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Lady... I am so unhappy with Teen Wolf that may I humbly request a small, tiny, ficlet? Something to make me feel like I am not investing in a losing relationship. My otp is painful enough (DESTIEL 4LIFE) I didn't think Teen Wolf aka sterek would lead me down such a troublesome path. Why can't they just all be happy and in love? (with babies of course)

I’ve watched 0% of Teen Wolf season 5. So. Uh. Here’s Sterek anyway. (And…if you want it, you might get a sequel/more.)

Before Derek disappears, he pays Stiles a visit. It isn’t the first time, but it is, too.

It’s the first time things go from talking, from just being in the same room, breathing the same air, to something wordless–but not soundless, no. The muffled sound of skin on skin, of breath catching, the slick back and forth slide of–

But then Derek is gone.

Stiles showers, scrubs his skin red and raw. He washes his sheets over and over again and hopes that none of the others will know.

He doesn’t tell them about the nightmares, but his dad knows. And that’s enough to keep them from asking too many questions about why he’s so meticulously clean, why he won’t let anyone touch him.

Stiles tries not to be obvious.

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So yeah I kinda agree that Jim likes stars and shit but I would really like to see more of his love for science, because archeo astronomy is scientifically not that interesting. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Give me theoretical astronomer Jim. ≖‿≖

Give me astrophysicus Jim. ( ´∀`)☆

Give me rants about trojan asteroid belts and rooms full with whiteboards with calculations on them that continue on the wallpaper because there was no more room and fuck you sebastian he’s not going to wipe out any of that shit. (✿ ♥‿♥)

I want to have him have stacks of notebooks full with solved astrophysical problems that would earn him millions while he’s deliberately waiting for the reward to get raised because he sure as hell is not give the solution to cosmic inflation or anything for a meager sum because he’s a little shit. (✿◠‿◠)

I want his fellow astronomers be terrified of him because have you heard what he has done to Stent better not go in the same field of research as Moriarty is because he might as well ruin your career when he feels like it. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Sebastian all purring seductively “what’s on your mind baby” when Jim’s thinking and Jim’s answer being “is a non-spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable Universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe?” and Sebastian all  w h a t. (◕‿◕✿)

Just. Professor Jim. ʘ‿ʘ


give it to me