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Kiss Kiss: A Prompt Collection

So, many of us know that kisses are a nightmare to write. I get a lot of requests for them - have some prompts for hopefully your inspiration and writing delight.

1) Her heart raced as he pressed her against the wall, wrists pinned above her head in an instant. They grinned at each other. “Still not swooning,” she dared. “But by all means if you want to concede that you’re just not that-” 

The kiss came feather-light. A brush of lips. Entirely not the crushing, heated, frantic thing she’d expected. And, maybe, just maybe, her knees turned to jelly a bit.

2) “Don’t you know,” the siren said. “It’s dangerous to kiss someone like me. A siren’s kiss can steal a girl’s heart,”
“We should be fine then,” the girl replied. She leaned in, kissed eager and claiming as if she was the one renowned for dragging lovers into the deep. “Because I think you stole mine already a long time ago.”

3) You didn’t kiss my mouth first. You kissed my fingertips, each one separately, and then the palm of my hand, my wrist, my shoulder and throat. The top of my head, my jaw, my cheek. Finally, you paused right in front of me, and my breath quickened, warm and sugar-spun against your lips.
“May I?” you asked.
“I think I might throttle you if you don’t,” I whispered back.
Unlike the other, fluttering, kisses this one was all heat. 

4) I kissed you because I didn’t love you. Everyone always says that a first kiss should be about love, should be special, but it always felt like something I had to check off the list. Why would you want to give your first, clumsy kisses to someone you loved? No, you should learn how to do it before you meet the one you want to give a perfect kiss to.

Somewhere between the first kiss and the thousandth, I fell in love with you.
You kissed me because you didn’t love me.

5) He kissed him in darkness, where the world pared down to the heat of contact, the slide of a hand along his ribs, the words murmured just for the two of them. He memorized every inch of him blind, scared that in the light the force of want and adoration would simply be too strong. In darkness, it would only ever be them and that was more than enough. 

6) He kissed him in sunshine, in moonlight, in the flicker of candles where he could drink up the sight of him. Mouth kiss red, pupils blown, hair mussed by his fingers until he could have been Michelangelo’s David, sculptured lovingly with lips and careful touch. Then he kissed him again - just because he was beautiful.

7) “Can I kiss you?”
They hovered by the edge of the garden, away from the spill of light from the porch. It felt just like the movies, like the moment when these things always happened. Except, it wasn’t her first kiss. Wasn’t even her second, or her hundredth. Might have been the first time someone asked though, all nervous and eager, rather than leaning in because this was just like the movies so why bother asking when the script had already been written?
But he asked. She managed a breathless nod and felt something in her chest ease.

8) “My god, you’re so tense,” she said.You desperately need to get laid.” 
“Are you offering?” the girl replied.
She blinked, startled, laughed. 
The first kiss came like honey, trickling warm through her bones until she melted on the sofa in hazy bliss.

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HELP! So I've been an avid sterek shipper for the past 2 years and they are definitely my self-proclaimed OTP, but recently, I have begun to lose interest in it, and I'm sadly becoming numb to it... is there anything I can do to respark that love for them???

//Anon, I am sorry to hear that :( Sometimes, that happens. We move on, even from things we love. But if you want to respark your love, I will try to help. 

The main thing I do to keep my love alive is to separate the pairing from the fandom and the show. That helps me the most. I love Stiles and Derek. Sure, I love TW and the other characters, but the reason I’m obsessed with anything is Sterek. I love Derek’s stupid face and his grumpy eyebrows and his tough exterior and his soft yet resilient interior. I love Stiles’ stupid face and his beautiful eyes and his ramblings and his idgaf attitude unless he loves you, and you better watch out if he loves you bc he will burn down the WHOLE WORLD to protect you.

Maybe you need a good fic. When I get on a string of blah fics, I lose interest. But a good fic, that period where you are pulled in and you can’t stop reading about these two idiots falling in love for the 239802394th time…it’s magical. I can rec you fics if you want, fics that make me love the pairing. Or you can go trope hunting, which is what I do a lot. I want…historical! I want sports! I want coffeeshops! I want college! I want kids! I want deputies, prostitutes, slaves, amnesia, magic!stiles, human!derek, high school…there are so many possibilities. Find fics instead of relying on rec lists. Read outside of your comfort zone. I think sometimes ppl get stuck reading only what they like and don’t branch out and find new fics that can be exciting bc it’s different. I read two fics recently that are not usually my thing. One had a lot of pot smoking, the other was hate sex/enemies to lovers. Neither are my tropes and I usually avoid them. But they were recced to me highly, so I gave them a try. And I LOVED both of them. They were different than what I usually read, but it helped me get excited and think about the pairing in a different way. Read a long fic, esp if you avoid them. I avoid long fics a lot of times bc I’m a slow reader and have limited time. But some of the best fics I’ve read are over 100k. Read short fics. I don’t read much under 10k, but there are some great short fics that can give you a quick fix.

I guess where I find the most feels for Sterek is when I think about them together in ways I want to see. I write fic, so I do this a lot, but I have friends who don’t write fic who come up with ideas all the time. I just love thinking about Derek and Stiles’ lives, in so many different ways. 

Like, I like to think about them being domestic, coming home from long days at work and bickering over who didn’t do the dishes the night before and what to watch after dinner. Taking baths together and washing each other’s backs and pressing each other against slippery bathroom walls and dropping to their knees to blow each other right in the shower. Derek helping Stiles keep from getting too obsessed with anything and practice moderation, and Stiles helping Derek learn to open up and accept that he deserves good things, like a partner and a house and a Pack and a family. Waking up together and snuggling together, maybe lazy morning handjobs while they’re kissing and don’t even care about morning breath. Derek being there with Stiles in the hospital when his dad goes in for something, and Stiles going to Derek’s family’s plots to put flowers on their graves. Derek sitting in the car while Stiles goes to his mother’s grave and refusing to listen as Stiles talks to her. Stiles and Cora ganging up on Derek when they play board games, watch television, choose a restaurant, or do anything really, but Derek doesn’t mind bc he loves that Cora loves Stiles and just stares in awe as Stiles interacts with her like he’s known her his whole life. He thinks about how his mother and father would have loved Stiles, and how he wishes his family could have known him. He thinks about Stiles laughing with Laura and running through the woods with his human siblings, imagines his mom watching them with tears in her eyes bc she’s so happy for them. Stiles sometimes hovers in the doorway when Derek and his father are standing in the kitchen cooking together, or sitting on the back porch drinking beers, or sitting in the living room watching baseball games. Stiles knows that Derek can sense him, but Derek never lets on, just keeps talking to the sheriff. And Stiles can see the love and pride that the sheriff has in his eyes when he looks at Derek, and there was a time he thought he’d be jealous, but he’s not jealous, oh no. He’s so fucking happy because he loves Derek so much and Derek deserves someone to be a father figure, even though he knows it’ll never replace his own father. But he sees the way Derek almost craves the sheriff’s touch on his shoulder, his approval, the way Derek’s chest almost puffs up when the sheriff calls him “son” and the way Derek just lights up when the sheriff hugs him. He never thought his dad would accept Derek, but he’s adopted him like a second son. And they grow old together, get gray and get wrinkles, and they’re still sneaking off to blow each other in public bathrooms and pulling over on the side of the road for a quick handjob at 50 bc if anything, they’re more in love at 50 than at 25, and they’re both in such good places, with adopted kids and a strong Pack and it’s good, and Derek’s accepted it.

Or maybe Derek shows up in DC after Stiles moves there for school. He’s there bc he’s been making his way across the united states and now he’s stopping in DC, and he catches Stiles’ scent on the street and thinks, no, this can’t be Stiles. But he follows it one day, and sure enough, sitting at a table on the quad of a college campus, surrounded by stacks of books and clicking away on a laptop is Stiles. And Derek watches him like a creeper and feels something he can’t put into words- is maybe too scared to put into words - and then he leaves bc he doesn’t want to disrupt Stiles’ life. But Stiles, of course, befriends the wolves on campus and ends up at a full moon pack party and guess who is there? Derek fucking Hale, all long limbs and Henleys and scruff and Stiles is just fucking angry, but happy to actually see him, so he acts cool and sarcastic, and the other wolves are confused about what’s going on, which is to say NOTHING about the confusion Derek and Stiles feel, and they aggressively snipe at each other for weeks when they HAPPEN to cross paths (bc Derek just happens to go to the coffee shop and public library near campus, and Stiles just happens to pester his wolf friends to invite him to things) and after weeks of being sarcastic shits and angry at each other, Derek ends up pressed against the brick wall in a side street bc Stiles pushed him against it and just kisses him stupid and they’re pretty sure they would have rubbed off on each other right there against the brick wall if someone hadn’t said something as they walked by. But they end up kicking out Stiles’ roommate and fucking each other into the mattress and Stiles doesn’t even care when his roommate comes back and gets an eyefull of Derek’s glorious ass bc he just tapped that ass all night long.

But maybe you want to think about them in AUs, like Derek as a baseball player and Stiles the batting coach, and they spend hours together training and have sweaty sex in the locker room. Or maybe they’re both turn of the century lords in fancy houses who need to get married bc it’s their duties, but they’re in love with one another so they’re sneaking around at London balls just to have a moment to kiss each other or to hold hands. Or maybe Derek is a mermaid and Stiles is a marine biologist who saves him from a net he’s been caught in, and Derek is terrified of him, but Stiles is like “dude, I just want to observe you for science!” and they fall in love as Stiles learns about merpeople but he never betrays Derek’s confidence, even when Derek introduces him to all his merfamily and Stiles could change science forever.

You may be ready to move on. You may pick up a new fandom or love, but you can still love Sterek. My first otp was Harry/Ron from harry potter, and I still love them though I’m not as active in the fandom.I still read fic sometimes. I’ve currently been obsessed with Downton Abbey and took a sterek reading/writing break, but I plan on writing again soon. Sometimes we need a breather just to renew our love.

Most of all, just remember that you love that grumpy werewolf and that rambling human, and despite all their bickering, they love each other and care about each other and will protect each other.

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Hi i love your blog and i was wondering if you have any aus about unknown fantasy creatures. Vampires and shapeshifters get all the love!

Ah, Thankyou and I agree theres a lot of creatures that don’t get enough love, please excuse the fact most of these are british I have tried to spruce things up the first ones are british. I added a quick description for individuals that don’t know anything about them.

Black dog (Ghost) of death. (or Black Shuck) This mythological creature originates in british folklore and has been reported in mainland europe and is in american (north and south) folklore. It is thought to be a hellhound it is usually described as being a large black or white dog with glowing eyes and red ears, Once you set eyes on this dog you are cursed and will likely die then or in the next 24 hours-year or someone they know will, it usually hunts pub goers cos’ why not.

-You are a blind individual who stumbled across me, thinking I was a stray dog and have looked after me and I don’t want to cause you suffering by killing anyone you know so I shall leave now- what do you mean I don’t have to and you can find a way to stop the killing curse?

Selkies (ilovetheseshittymermaidsokay??) originate in Scottish and Irish folklore. They are people who have a ‘seal skin’ this skin allows them to become a seal or a bad mermaid seal thing. They usually dance on beaches at night and are either ‘meek and docile’ or good at seducting people (STEREOTYPES). They can be vengeful and there are many tales of them murdering men due to past ‘issues’.

-Person A is a rogue pirate who travels from ship-ship trying to find a place to stay what happens when Person B finds their skin?

-Person A works as a seal rescuer/rehabilitator, and this seal just talked to them.

-Person A is a Selkie! Lifeguard and uses their skin and ability to hold their breathe underwater for a long time to help people.

Kelpies. Yet another scottish/british mythological creature. The Loch Ness Monster is thought to be one of these. These are usually depicted as black demon horses with kelp/serpants for a mane who live in water ways they can usually turn into humans and may have tentacles. These hoes are bloodthirsty, vengeful and strong. They will usually get humans to ride on their back their back and then drown them or seduce them by becoming human. But kelpies are stoppable, it could be captured using a halter stamped with the sign of a cross, and its strength could then be harnessed in tasks such as the transportation of heavy mill stones, but if they escape they will seek revenge in cruel ways.

-Friendly Kelpie who honestly just wants hugs and friends as they are lonely.

-What do you mean my horse is gonna try kill me???

-Person A releases a kelpie from a halter due to a flood in the barn and the kelpie wouldn’t of survived if they didn’t and the kelpie has to make the descision if they save person A who has been kind the entire time they have been kept locked up here.

Naga/Nagagi (YOU PROUD??? ITS NOT BRITISH-). These slippery beans are found in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Nagas are depicted as having a mixture of human and serpent-like traits the most common on tumblr is the bottom half of a snake and top half of a human. Some veiw them as deities and some veiw them as wise. Naga can also be depicted as being bloodthirsty.

-Freezing cold naga decides the best thing is to cuddle up to this human who fell asleep in their garden-

-Naga who have favourite trees scaring away children and generally being grumpy.

-Person A and C are naga, B a student and they have homework to do on nagas and instead of visiting a ‘zoo’ they tracked down the poor beans.

-Naga pile= Naga attempting to stay warm by cuddling close together.

-Naga stretching while wounding around a human and accidently breaking an arm.

Centaurs. Found in Greek mythology they are half human half horse (top half is a human bottom a horse), they are generally seen as being good archers and healers and having a knack for astology, they are generally portrayed as solitairy.

-Centaur breaking free from captivity and taking their favourite ‘carer’ with them.

-Person A (centaur) finding an injured B in the forest and looking after them for a bit.

-Centaurs and barbed wire don’t mix.

-Very tall dales centaurs and mini shetland centaurs-

Sirins / Harpies: Both are fairly similar. Both have the head of a human and body of a bird (although you could edit this to better suit your needs). Harpies are from greek mythology, they steal food from their victims while they are eating and carry evildoers (especially those who have killed their family) to the Erinyes.  Now the Sirin is a literal mixture of siren and harpy, and is from Russian mythology, they sing of great things to come but can make ‘mortals’ forget everything and follow them and then the mortal dies. It is thought only happy people can hear sirins.

-Sirin trying to reverse their song after a mortal heard and is now following them.

-”Everyone thinks we are cannibals when we are really not.”

-Harpy/human relationships being forbidden.

-Instead of killing this person I shall keep them safe and pretend they are dead they seem a little too kind for being killed.

OKay but hear me out, Ittan Momen are rolls of fabric that float through the night and murder people. But imagine it as a ‘side-kick’ for a character and it pretends to be a scarf and is generally a protective bean.

Or maybe a mini naga that fits around A’s arm and has exstensive knoledge or maybe its bite can cure poisons and joins A on adventures.

Types of ships

The OTP This is the big one. The number one ship. The One True Pairing. This can change over time and people-ironically-often have a bunch of otps, especially in fandoms with a lot of characters. Everything about this ship will be reblogged and reviewed and kudos will be left. Usually not a rare pair. If this is canon, you are very lucky, and probably have a lot of fellow shippers. 

The I-Ship-it You like this ship. It’s on your shipping page. You reblog cute photos of them if you like the picture. You read and leave kudos on work, but rarely a comment. You like them, but not that much This is rare pair territory.  

The I-See-It You are okay with this ship. No strong feelings either way, but if you find a picture with them in it, and it’s really well done, you might reblog it, or just like it. It’s all right as a side pairing in a fanfic, but bigger ones, you will probably pass over, unless it’s a very good one. 

The Meh You really don’t care. If canon, it never garnered your attention enough to make you interested or not interested. Don’t really see it or care for it, but don’t actively dislike it, either.  

The I-Don’t-See-It You aren’t really a fan of this ship. You don’t see what’s to like, and, frankly, it makes you roll your eyes when you see others gushing over it. You probably won’t ever read a fanfiction with this as a main pair, but if it’s a side pair, you guess you might let it slide. 

(I-See-It, Meh, and I-Don’t-See-It can often slide and are more or less fluid, sometimes dependent upon canon and your own mood. All three can be considered ‘Rare Pair territory’)

The I-Don’t-Ship-It We’re getting into ‘ew’ territory. You tag your impressions of this ship with ‘ship hate’’ just in case. You don’t really like talking about it, and you’ll scroll right past any pictures of them. This could be the make or break part of a fanfiction, and it makes your day worse to hear or think about them. 

The NOTP You hate this ship. Anything you have to say on this will be ship hate and if you don’t tag, you’ll end up with angry anons in your box. This will be on your blacklist, and any fanficion with it will be passed right by, thank you very much. You’re not in the mood for throwing up your dinner. If this is canon, you are truly in hell. 

Others (Note: These may or may not fit into a category above, or into multiple categories. Some will overlap.)

The Will-Everyone-Please-Stop-Talking-About-this You didn’t really care for this ship. Or maybe you even grudgingly liked it and had to admit that it was good. But the fandom is so obsessed with talking about it that it’s become the thorn in your side. You hate this ship with a vengeance and you are so don’t with hearing about it from literally everyone you know. 

The I-Only-Ship-This-Because-It’s-Canon You don’t really like this ship on it’s own, and you probably wouldn’t ship it, except it’s canon, and they get along really good together in canon, if they actually wouldn’t anywhere else. You put it on your ship list because it’s Canon.

The Canon-But-Still-NOTP You are in hell and probably hate yourself and the entire fandom. You get your own slot because I pity you.

The I-Am-The-Only-Person-To-Ship-This You’re the only person to ship this. What else is there to say? Everything is barren and you and the “Canon Notps” sit and grumble together. 

The Rare-Pair All in all, this might not actually be capable of being called a rare pair, but not a lot of people ship it and you praise god when you find yourself in the company of someone else who ships it. You can count yourself luckier then the “I-Am-The-Only-Person-To-Ship-This” because. Well. You are. At least you’ve got one or two, they don’t even have that. 

The I-Can-Respect-This You don’t ship it yourself, but you respect it, and even find it cute sometimes. You could find this slipping into otp category if you liked the personal characters more. 

The I-Find-This-Morally-Wrong Whatever you might find morally wrong, this ship has it! Especially if it’s canon. People who still ship it really tick you off, and it’s probably on your blacklist. Or, you might be very outspoken and make this a public campaign! Weather or not people acknowledge that the ship is bad, they still shouldn’t ship it. Look, I can respect this, but please tag your ship hate. It’s getting really annoying. 

The I-Love-Them-As-Enemies. Look, let’s face it. These two will never work out as a couple. But you love the dynamics and whenever they fight or you read something where they’re enemies, something inside you gets fluttery. 

The I-Love-To-Hate-This You hate this ship, but you love to hate it. It’s..not really something you can explain. You love to make ship hate posts and debate about it all day. You probably have other ships for the characters involved. 

The I-Hate-To-Love-This Maybe something about them you find gross, or morally wrong, or they’re canonly awful, but, you still ship them. You ship them as you cry and apologize to everyone. You mutter about how you shouldn’t hate them and occasionally make posts that you find yourself needing to tag ship hate. You’re the first in line to tell everyone how awful it is, and you’re probably hypocritical. 

The How-Did-This-Get-Here No. Seriously. You probably don’t even like the characters. But. Still. The ship is there, on your shipping page. You don’t even remember putting it there. 

The You’re-So-Pretty-Together Aesthetically pleasing, you love to see them kiss, but you probably don’t read fanfiction about them because you realize that they’re not actually going to work out. They really do look good together, though. 

The That-Character-Isn’t-Attracted-To-Them You guess it might work, but canon/headcanon decrees that it won’t, because person A (at least) Isn’t attracted to person B. This won’t end up on your shipping page. 

The Why You do not understand this ship. It confuses and concerns you. Why do people ship it? Why do so many people ship it? You’re scared and losing faith in your fandom. 

The Why-Do-We-All-Ship-This You have yet to meet someone in the fandom who does not ship it. You’re not sure why everyone ships it. You find yourself shipping it. Is this even canon? Does anyone care? It’s creeping up on the Rare Pair lover. It’s going to get us all, someday. You’ve already succumbed. 

The One-Ship-Everyone-Agrees-On All right, this isn’t a given for every fandom, and it might not even be for two persons. It might be two items, or a person and a food.  But there it’s ‘canon’ and everyone agrees on it.  

The My-Friend-Made-Me-Ship-It Honestly, you still aren’t even sure if you really ship it. But, it’s constantly on your dash because of one or more of your friends, and their constant love of and talk of the ship has slowly but surely won your (Possibly begrudging or resentful) acceptance. 

And, finally. 

The I’ll-Ship-This-Until-The-Day-I-Die Look. You might not care about the characters. You might not even care for the ship. Or you might adore both the characters and the ship, or one or the other. But nothing, canon or otherwise, will make you not ship this. You get personally offeneded when people don’t ship this. Even when you leave the fandom, you’re still going to ship it. You won’t ever escape. 

The I’ll-Never-Ship-This-Even-If-That-Means-Death You might love both the characters, or neither, or just one, but one thing is clear. This ship will never work. You might not care enough to even put this on your notp list. But you won’t ever ship it. Nothing can make you ship it. You might not even care if others ship it, or you might cringe every time you hear about someone else shipping it. But no matter what, you won’t ever ship this in any way, shape, or form. 


Dating Damian Wayne (Robin) May Include…

Arabic is his first language, although he’s fluent in multiple other languages

–He usually speaks Arabic whenever he’s frustrated
–And when he compliments you
––Especially before the two of you started dating
––He didn’t want you to know he fancied you. Cute.
–He also likes to speak it because man you make the most adorable confused faces
–Sometimes he’ll say something in Arabic and then translate it for you
–He likes to listen to you try to copy him
–Even though you suck at it
––Unless you already know Arabic rip
–You’ve managed to keep it a secret, but you’ve actually been learning it on your own
–It takes everything in you to not give it away when he says something and you know what he said
–It’s adorable

Legacies, man. Legacies.

–Talia and Ra’s are actually pretty delighted that Damian found a S/O who can put up with him
––This is mostly because they still hope that Damian betrays Bruce and takes the place of Ra’s one day
––And with a strong lover by his side, there’s no way the League will perish
––Not to mention children
––Damian and you will start a family which will drag on the Al Ghul legacy
–Bruce is surprised Damian didn’t scare you off
––He knows his son isn’t that great when it comes to talking to people
––So when he came home with you, he was super surprised
––I mean, yeah Damian has Colin, but you were different
––Everyone saw it
––Alfred would always joke about your wedding
––Teasing the two of you
––Damian would get super flustered
––“That’s enough, Pennyworth. We have everything we need. You may go.”
––You would be all giggly and tease Damian more about it once Alfred was gone
–––He kissed you to shut you up after the one-hundredth time
––Bruce hopes that the two of you do stick together
––He knows how much you mean to Damian and if he were to lose you
––He doesn’t want to think of what would happen
––He hopes that you help Damian become the person he wants to be
––Basically, you and Dami are his OTP

Family is like everything

––The all adore you
––Everyone, mostly Tim, is surprised that Damian was able to “convince” you into being his S/O
––Tim is like 67% sure he paid you
–––There is no way you would willingly go out with him
–––Despite this, he’s actually really happy for the two of you
––Dick is always teasing you two
–––He’s just so happy for his lil’ bro
–––Damian always goes to him for help when it comes to your relationship
–––He’s new to all of this and he trusts Dick more than anyone
–––The two of them will meet up while on patrol and just talk
–––Damian really cares for you and he doesn’t want to screw it up
––Jason has a shirt made that says “Y/N + DAMIAN = OTP”
–––It started off as a joke after hearing you say the same thing
–––But now the whole fam has one
–––Alfred has a mug
––Stephanie and you are pretty close
–––She wanted to make sure you weren’t going to hurt Damian
–––She’s the president of he PROTECT DAMIAN AL GHUL WAYNE club
––Barbara doesn’t know you well enough
–––But if you make Damian happy then you’re pretty lit
–––If I’m not mistaken, she hasn’t met Damian in the comics?
–––You guys are sparring partners
–––If Damian breaks your heart she’ll break more than just his face
–––She’s with you
–––The two of you are partners. Much like Robin is Batman’s.
–––She’ll destroy him if he hurts you
–––She was the one who helped Jason make the merchandise tbh
­­––You know who everyone is
–––You’re the Robin to Kat’s Batwoman, okay?
–––You knew who everyone was before they knew who you were

Damian and you spend more time training than talking

–It’s pretty much couples counseling for the two of you
––Before the two of you yell and get into a huge fight
––You take your anger out with fighting
––Once that’s over with, the two of you just talk
––It’s the perfect way to be calm while discussing something that could’ve ended in a yelling match
–He likes to teach you new moves
––He doesn’t mind getting up close and personal
––He loves it when you use what he teaches you against him
––It’s pretty hot
–There are no winners
––Something that Damian is still trying to learn is that not all fights have a winner
––There’s ties and compromises
––So, whenever the two of you fight, you always end in a tie
––Damian is usually the one who ends the fight, though


–He’s not really protective over you
––He knows you can handle yourself
––But he does keep an eye on you whenever given the chance
––Just in case
–He loves to hold you
–PDA isn’t something you do
––Maybe holding hands, but other than that the two of you aren’t affectionate in public
––HIS: Elbi [My Heart].
––YOURS: Boo, Mini Bruce, Bae, Love.

That’s what dating Damian would be like :D

DATE: AUG. 27 2016
NOTES: I got pretty carried away here

SasuSaku Month - Day 2: Something More || [Fanfic] Prospective Partners II (Sakura)

Title: Prospective Partners II (Sakura)

Rating: K/G

Notes: I apologise for the extreme lateness of this story. I finished writing it last night and did some revision this morning. However the day has been a nightmare and to top it all, I ended up being away from home many more hours than I expected. I’ll start working on the 3rd prompt as soon as I publish this one. Despite its delay, I hope you enjoy it :)

Also, Inner Sakura will make her debut, and her words will be in italics and between ‘…’

Words: 2271


She would not be treated like an object.

Sakura punctuated each word in her thoughts with a punch on the bag that hung from the ceiling of the room, imagining the face of some uptight middle-aged pervert in a suit.

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Why do "fans" have the need to push their politics onto idols when it makes them uncomfortable? You can be LGBT and love them but please don't try and project that onto them. Like Jeongyeon was for a long time really uncomfortable about being called oppa by "fans" and has a noticeable trauma about how she isn't perceived as womanly enough. She wants to be her own self but knows if she deviates to far from her image she will alienate those "fans" It's a reason she wont grow out her hair.

First off, calling females “oppa” isn’t LGBT related. It’s actually heteronormativity, where people have to make everything straight. It’s like when girls say “I’m definitely straight, but I’m so gay for __” and other similar statements. It’s not queer, but the opposite. If people can accept that girls can be strong and have a chic and charismatic image without having to be a guy, and if people can accept that you can be a girl and still love and respect a girl (platonic or not), then they wouldn’t be saying “oppa” in the first place.

It’s not even politics if you can just accept people for whoever they may be. To put air quotes around “fans” and say that they’re pushing their politics on idols is a bit of an overstatement, I think. Not everyone is 10000% absolutely certain that idols are LGBTQA+, and the majority of us certainly do not “push our politics”. Most of the time, it’s just wishful thinking from afar because we’re so oppressed, as are idols that may also happen to be in the closet, or who at least support the cause but can’t voice it. 

More importantly, if we can’t “project” our queerness, then why is it okay to project straightness with all the countless straight ships and crackships out there for people who have never even met? Is it better to automatically assume straight than queer? (Isn’t that in of itself a form of heteronormativity and internalized homophobia?) Isn’t it more burdening to be assumed straight than to have people give you the space to be who you could potentially be, even if there’s only a slim chance that you may be something else? 

If it’s done right, we’re not pushing anything (at least not anything more than straight otp shippers are pushing). We’re just more open to possibilities, and it actually hurts us more because we’re more likely to never have a clear answer. But at least we are there for that percentage, whatever it maybe, with the fullest love and support unlike fans who leave and/or hate when their idols are associated with anything even remotely LGBTQ related in real life (trust me, it happens all the time). I like to think that we are all about love and accepting/understanding, and hope and opportunities. And that is what’s really important.

(A/N: I hope this was somewhat insightful. I think a lot of people don’t realize most of this, but instantly bash LGBTQA+ fans instead. As they usually do with most of the community, and that’s what’s most uncomfortable. It often feels like they are the ones not allowing people to live as themselves, whatever they may be…)

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could you do a retropective of kaisoo relationship with the proves that they are really together? i really love that couple and i want to believe that is real <3 thank you!!!!

Hello Yo !

omg this is so hard to answer , really ! cause all the jealousy moments and all the radio shows they talked if and all the moments are so much to say I can’t really talk about all of them here and I think tumblr well kick me out LOL ..

but I really don’t know what you really wanna see ! is it a moments cause their moments are in everywhere or you wanna talk about how they act together !

well I will try my best so you can guide me later if my answer went wrong to what you really wanna see … lets start , and Babe this is going to be LONG ..

1/ KAISOO “ when they were only jong in and Kyungsoo as simple as this ..

okey , I didn’t heard “ so many talk and rumors “ about any one of the exo members like what I found about Jong in and Kyungsoo , why just those too ! okey if you found the answer like me I will tell ya , if you were on a collage or workplace , anyplace where it’s full or people , you will know that so many rumors don’t just wake up by it’s self , there is always something true about some rumors , so here we go : Jong in and Kyungsoo didn’t get along for a while but when they did , well , we all know how it’s goes like , they are like love birds I mean honestly as much as it’s funny it’s true … I am not going to say all what the rumors about but let me give ya some of them :

A- kyungsoo was ignoring Kai and Kai only among all the boys “ well this is not a rumor the members them self talk about it “ So , why he act this way against Kai only they smiling lovable kid who is younger than him .. ! maybe because he was crushing on him ! and for the record ( Kyungsoo said so many times that Kai is the most handsome one among all the boys and he said his dance is so good that he if was a girl will fall for him immediately ) if you were a girl only Kyungsooshiiii !!!

B- Beakhyun friend said about him as a Trainee “ he was trying to be a friend with Kyungsoo and he was amazed by his voice but he couldn’t get any close cause Kyungsoo was stuck to Kai “ Jong in “ !!! ummm yeah , so to that stage where he can’t even get colse to him cause of Jong in with him all the time !

C- They used to go together to drink coffee cause Kyungsoo love to drink it but jongin that kids don’t like it but still they go out , and could we say it was their own dates !! who knows !!!

and one of my friend she is old fan for Kaisoo said there was so many photos for them before before the debut but it’s just got disappeared from the net , not to mentions also the old many rumors too .. like if someone cleaning the sites ..and one of them is that pic , where Kyungsoo lie above Jongin !! I mean okey they can lie above each other but why taking a picture on that position ?!! and Jongin was smiling while Kyungsoo looked that sexy look .. it was hella of hot picture really .. 

2/ overloaded intimacy of Kaisoo ..

first of all one of the things that make me fall for those two was “ OFF THE CAMERA ONLY BY FANCAM “yess my dear , there moments all are taking by fan-cam only , there is NO FAN-SERVICE  here , I wish if there was at least I will see some hehehe , really Kaisoo are very private yet their intimacy is so hot ! and let me talk about Kai here :

A: KAI ..

first of all , Kai have those loving eyes no one can deny it but , it’s shine differently when it comes to Kyungsoo .. if you are a fan for Exo you can see that Kai always stare at Kyungsoo ( whether he is talking or just listen or just do nothing at all ) with a grin on his face , sometime it’s like he drifting away like if he swimming in the love if Kyungsoo , really why would I imagne it , it’s not it’s clear and obvious , I know kaisoo fans who are not following exo or k-pop at all , they just get to know Kaisoo and believed in them .. when I let some girls who are much older and they are moms look at some of the videos of Kai and Kyungsoo they all was so attractive by the look of Kai face , they even asked me “ are they a couple “ ! cause I didn’t told them I just show them , it’s not me and all kaisoo fans , even the people who are not into stars and media can see that Kai really have something ringing in his heart by this look , he also always follow Kyungsoo and he let him spoil him by taking care of him like he was his job to take care of this sexy dancer ! and not to mention the jealousy look and they happy times all happens to him when Kyungsoo is involved , we all know how Kai is so obvious he is this kind of his face show what in his heart and head .. we are blessed for that ..

B: D.O KS ..

Kyungsoo is “ for me “ much obvious than Kai , he give an extra special treat to Kai , he laugh first when Kai said something to the audience , he clap for him when he dance and watch him like it’s his first time , he change for him his clothes when he is needy , he sweep his sweat ! give him water first and then drink it , always smile when he look at him , put on your mind that Kyungsoo really don’t like the others to push him or touch him alot and he always just run from the fan service and laugh at who try to make scene with him ..  but NO when it’s comes to Kai , he just do whatever Kai told  him , he listen to him while ignore the others , he always give him more attention than the others and that undeniable , he look always proud of Kai , even if Kai younger than him he let him lead him in the walk or just play with him and laugh at Kai while he will beat the others ! he always really care much for Kai , or should I say his boyfriend maybe !!  so after talking about the gravity between those two should it be EXTRA interesting to tell ya that they share the same room and bed !!! oh !!

3/ lets call this line “ Jagi , the gay rumor and KXK “ !

this one going to need a long breathe cause I talk about so many times and it’s break my heart to go through it , on 2015 Kai spotted on stage whispering to his kyungsoo “ Jagi “ calling him and the other boy answered like “ yeah baby “ and (Jagi in korean means honey or Love or baby) so that was so suspicious to so many and for us Kaisoo fans was like a christmas day ^ _ ^ yeah , so in time not so far a chines fan claimed that she took a picture for kai and Kyungsoo kissing behind the stage and well , there is no proof that she was honest but after a while like month or two the Gay-Rumor rise up and it was talking about two famous A & B  in the same band was dating and in a long term relationship it said ( five years ) and they got avoidance about their relationship ..I mean isn’t strange just after the fan claimed she got a photo for them kissing a sudden rumor show up like “ they got the photos / well that so much james bond thing but what if !! “ and they said this scandal will rock the whole K-pop industry !!!! so this most be a really famous band and yes Kaisoo known each other since six years and they are so matching the rumors but not me or anyone could say a thing .. cause this is really big deal and we don’t know for real .. it’s a mystery .. so after almost 6 or 7 months the rumors show up again , and when it’s get really serious and it’s spread everywhere in many language too , Kai suddenly dating Kry-stal ! and yeah it was planned for , when D let the photo out S-M said yeah it’s true and clap happily .. I just don’t wanna talk about how fake and planned and funny the things that all about kxk , I just wanna talk about how Kai was breaking from the inside and how Kyungsoo was gulping his tears trying not to cry !! it was just one day after Kai dating confirmed ! he should be happy ! but why he was just looking at Kyungsoo who was clearly ignoring him , and Kai was so sad that I just feel like my chest hurt just remembering that night…. why ! why just looking at Kyungsoo and why Kyungsoo ignoring him all the night and when he looked at him Kai scared and took his gaze out from Kyungsoo like he can’t dare look at him !! I think it’s because Kai had to go through the kxk thing and Kyungsoo just couldn’t bare the idea of it even if it was fake and just for the media …. and in another hand let talk about how Suho our beloved leader was many times not happy about them being loveydovy and how after april 2016 Kai and Kyungsoo was blocked and didn’t interact ,Kai was not his usuall he was sad and not active like his self he just start to go back his normal self now since october and guess what !!! that the same time when Kaisoo momemt flowed  back , really strange thing right !! like “ Happy Kai means a lot of Kaisoo moments “ !! ^_^ … well , it’s clear enough right ! ooohh gosh I Really my emotions just ,, stooooop …. 

so , this is all what i can say , I hope I make you feel better !!! and I hope this is the answer you meant ! this is just my opinion , and thoughts …  I may be wrong or right but this is what inside my head ^ _ ^ take care of your self anon ♥

Dear Pretty Little Liars

I’m going to post this now, a week before the final episode (UK viewing time, I mean lol) 

So enjoy my mushyness

Oh man. Where do I begin? Do I say thank you or thank heavens you’re finished? Well normal, cynical me would go with the latter. But I’m going to go with the former first. Because I do have so many reasons to be grateful to this mad series. But I’m just going to tell you the most important 3 to me.

My safe haven. PLL was always a safe place for me. It helped me get through one of the worst periods of my life. I was miserable, my family was falling apart and I was breaking with each minute. PLL helped me through that. Sure, my life isn’t 100% better since then, it’s coming rather close to being the same again to be completely honest, but that isn’t important.  I found you when I needed you most, the most welcome distraction ever. I started watching this series just as season 3 started to air, maybe 3 or 4 episodes in to s3? All that time, like many fans, you’ve kept me glued to my screen. No matter the ridiculous plotline, the cringeworthy one-liners “It’s Andrew, Babe”  And all the Dilaurincest (Can I copyright that?). You kept me going and I thank you for that. Thank you for saving me.

Ezria. Oh man, be still my beating heart. Ezria is what initially brought me to this show. I’d seen the couple referenced a number of times in various fanfics and I just looked them up. I was hooked on them. I loved watching my OTP progress throughout the show (Apart from 4b. Rule #1 of being an ezrian, we don’t talk about 4b).  And my sweet cinnamon roll Ian Harding. And my smol bean Lucy Hale. You two have chemistry that was so powerful and strong, I was in awe. I still am. I hope to see you two work together again - TV land has lost a powerful pairing. But Lucian will live forever. As will Ezria. I have loved watching you grow from making out in a college bar to being husband and wife (and hopefully both still alive).

Tumblr. You fuckin weirdo’s, I love you all so much. Legit, I do. So many amazing people I’ve met on this site thanks to PLL! Luce (@ezriaisbaepll), Em (@xhalseyx), Eim (@whodafuqisa), Mackenzie (@redcoatblackveil) , Alivia (@prettylittleliarsbiga) , Ally (@addictedtoprettylittleliars), Jenny (@dominicsherwod), Ronnie (@stanakvtic) , Elaine (@vandergomery-left-me-in-tears) plus so so so many more of you who I love so damn much! (Hint: they’ve all been tagged so you can follow them if you don’t already, but of course you do cause they’re all bloody awesome people who are amazing friends and amazing humans in general)I can’t say that enough. Thank you for the laughs, the love, the friendship, and more importantly - the memes. I know many of you may leave tumblr or may disappear once changing fandoms/URL’s, but I hope none of you become strangers, cause idk what I’ll do without you lot.

So yes, thank you Pretty Little Liars. I don’t know what I would have done without you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. Cause as much as I never want the show to end, it’s ending at the right time. I hope that one day I can force my children to sit and watch my old PLL dvd’s with me, just like my family does with Dallas and Blackadder. It’s been one heck of a ride, and I hope many others choose to follow the same track

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“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" 

(Spencer Hastings/Winnie the Pooh)

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Ello! Could I please request katsuki, todoroki, and tenya who have a s/o who's quirk is hypnosis and can jump into dreams but the only downside is that if they get hurt in the dream the injury becomes real.

HI! So we’re talking quirkception…. I LOVE IT 

I’m going to take this as a scenario with the s/o coming out of someone’s dream, I hope that this works for you!


Bakugou Katsuki

He watched and waited for them to wake up. His s/o said it should only take a moment and he’s been here twiddling his god damn thumbs for half an hour. He swears that if their just taking a nap, he will fucking kill them. He feels so stupid that he can’t do any-

“Ow..”, he turned around and saw you sitting up and rubbing your shoulder, muttering something about now using a jump to get out like that again.

“Took you long enough, what happened?” he spit, he knows that he should be more compassionate, he’s just… frustrated. With the world. He kneels down and puts his hand on your arm and examines you, as if he’s looking for blood. 

“It’s just a bruise,” you say to make him stop looking at you like you’re about to explode, “I’m fine, really! I just tried to jump to get back out, and i hit the ground”

He’s just staring at you know. You were laying down, what do you mean you jumped? His eyebrow starts to twitch.

“I usually use the sensation of falling to get back out of the dream, but this time I actually hit the ground and the pain brought me back,” you explain, hoping that he can see where you’re coming from. His grip on your arm got a little tighter. Maybe you should tell him that you’re sore-

“I didn’t know that you can get hurt while you jump from brain to brain like the fucking sandman!” He hugs you probably too tightly, “But I need to know.”

He looks at you with all scary seriousness.

“Yes, I got the keycode for the teachers lounge and if we strike now, we can still get him”

You hope that President Mic doesn’t take it personally that he was the entertainment today, or that he may or may not wake up without his mustache.

“I fucking love you” Katsuki says while giving you a devious smile. 

Todoroki Shouto

 Todoroki Shouto is known to keep his thoughts to himself. Especially when it comes to you. You have this amazing quirk, but it can get so risky. He doesn’t want to seem like he’s worrying when you wake up, so he’s just pretending to study. Aimlessly flipping the pages in a calculus textbook and listening to your breathing. Telling himself that you’re okay, and that there isn’t anything he can do besides stand guard and wait for you to wake up. 

“Hnnn… ow.” you grumble while sitting up and rubbing the back of your head. You were trying to get Yaoyorozu to make some gag gifts and she wasn’t being very cooperative. So you may or may not have hypnotized her and jumped into her dream and left subliminal messages that should make her reconsider your request. There is no proof. 

Well except your boyfriend who is trying to not look worried but reading your calculus book. Finally he looks over and you give him a thumbs up. You were in this together. 

“I heard you say ow, what happened?” he asks you as he helps you stand up. 

“Dream Yaoyorozus might have chased me out of her dream,” you say while tilting your head, “and might have thrown hand zappers and whoopie cushions at me while they chased me.”

You hear him stifle a laugh. He can only imagine what that must have looked like. And what your reaction must’ve been. 

“I’m glad you’re okay,” he says with a smirk. 

“Yeah me to now let’s move before she wakes up” you say grabbing his hand and running down the hall, laughing your asses off. 

Iida Tenya

You giggled to yourself as you gave this dream one last look. Who knew that you could be a part of someone’s dream, especially like this. Your perfume seemed to be in the air, the stores all had your favorite food and clothing, there were billboards with the jokes you made on them. and in every nook of this adorable little dreamland you could find him.

Your Tenya. It was as if his dream were him trying to prepare for what to do in a situation like this. Which ice cream to buy you, or which earing you would wear to a family dinner, etc. It was charming but you had to make it just a little bit better, so you took action. 

Hypnotising him was easy, now you just had to make the one little tweak. There. Done. 

Now to get out of here without hurting yourself. Last time you dream hopped you ended up breaking your arm and having Mr. Class President lecture you on personal safety and not worrying him because he can’t handle not being able to help you in there. Huh, that was also when you two became the class otp. 

Well at least Tsuyu-chan said that. She’s pretty candid. 

You took a deep breath and let yourself fall.

You wake up first, still laughing to yourself about what you’d done. Then you hear his breathing change a bit, he turns his head and opens his eyes. 

“____  I NEED TO KNOW” He jumps up immediately, hands directing airplanes all the way from Taiwan, “WHY HAVEN’T WE FARTED?”

“TRUE COUPLES CAN FART IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER, I THINK WE ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE THIS RESPONSIBILITY” He’s fully committed, you had no idea that he felt this way about flatulence. All you did was give him the fart walks in one piece of his dream because you thought it was funny sound effects. Every step, *fart noise*. 

“I had no idea you felt so strongly about this, Tenya” you say walking over to him. “but really, you want me to fart?”


That’s it! I hope it was to your liking! Let me know if this is what you meant when you described the quirk! Thank you for making a request! ♥♥ 

Let me know what you think

Digimon OTP Week Day 1: Coffeeshop AU

Pairing: Taito/Taiyama/Taichi x Yamato

Word Count: 922

Summary: Earning some money to buy the perfect present for his little sister’s birthday is a perfectly good reason for Taichi to get that job at the local coffeeshop. The chance to finally charm the handsome regular with the blond hair and the blue eyes into going on a date with him is just a nice little bonus…

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Jackson Storm

Give me a character and I’ll answer!

  • Do I like them: To be honest, I initially HATED Storm! Not only did he have no character arc, he was also a HUGE JERK! Like, who are you to tell McQueen to retire? Who are you to push my baby Cruz into the wall like that? But, I am warming up to him now. After reading a few fanfics and getting to write him in my own story, I feel like there is more depth to Storm than we all care to think about. I believe that I hated him because Pixar wanted me to hate him. Now that I’m looking at his character a little more, I can’t help but say that Jackson has a lot going on under the surface. I can’t wait to discover more about this poor misunderstood boy! 
  • 5 good qualities: 1) Although he doesn’t have the positive attitude of a champion, he sure wins like one. He may pose a threat to Lightning, but man, this dude can really drive! He is extremely talented in this area and I have to give Storm credit for his incredible racing success! 2) His taste in music! When he backed into his trailer and that dub step blasted through the speakers, I couldn’t help but smile. He really be JAMMIN’! 3) His voice! Armie Hammer really brought Jackson to life and you can tell that he had so much fun with the role. Plus he sounds even cooler with that deep voice of his lol! 4) His clap backs!! Jackson’s sass is so spicy! He really knows how to get under people’s skin and he does it with such sarcasm and sass. 5) He is FREAKIN AWESOME LOOKING!! My gosh! When I first saw him in one of the trailers, I instantly wanted to drive a car like that. Jackson is one sexy looking car! Lightning has to step up his game!  
  • 3 bad qualities: 1) He is such (as Armie put it) a gashole!!! He was way too much of a jerk in my opinion, and he is really vindictive when he doesn’t get his way. He longs to win and he will do ANYTHING to crush the spirits of his opponents (and I thought Chick was bad!). 2) He is super cocky! His pride really gets on my nerves cause he’s so full of himself. Him and McQueen may be tied for being extremely cocky. 3) He rarely smiles. I know that everyone is different, but Jackson literally never smiles unless other people are feeling bad. Which is way too bad because he has a great smile and a hilarious laugh!! 
  • Favourite episode/etc: I actually have 2 favorite Jackson moments: 1) The scene where he first met Lightning. This scene was too funny to me. He just came for McQueen’s life (especially with that stare before he said,”I think you heard me!”) and all Lightning wanted to do was congratulate him on his win!! He even tried to cover up his rudeness by playing nice in front of the cameras.That boy is something else! 2) The scene where he was training on the simulator and passed Lightning. His crew chief, Ray, told Jackson that he wanted to give him some competition. This was followed by some awkward silence and a burst of laughter. Storm’s laugh had me in tears! I wish I could hear it more often! 
  • Otp: Alright, I may be the odd man out, but I do ship Jackson with Cruz. This is an unpopular opinion, but I think they could work as a couple. I envision Jackson flirting with Cruz just to make fun of her or distract her from her racing career. At first he wants nothing to do with her, but once he gets to know her, he falls in love with her. I believe that Cruz’s personality is so strong that her optimism and goodness will be able to change Storm and show him that he could be a better person. They may be polar opposites in personality and enemies on the track, but never say never! It could work out! Lightning better prepare his shotgun lol! 
  • Brotp: Aside from his crew chief, I think Jackson has a great relationship with Gale! I think that she acts as a mother figure to him and she might be the only one he ever gets vulnerable with. I think they have nice, long, and emotional talks with each other on long drives. Jackson knows that he can talk to her about anything! 
  • Ot3: Maybe a love triangle between him, Cruz, and Natalie. After all, Natalie was ALL OVER his stats and was even rooting for him in the Florida 500. This might not prove much, but I’m seeing some sparks there. 
  • Notp: I do not ship Jackson with Lightning. I don’t know why this is a thing, but I don’t think they would work in a romantic setting. Both of their personalities are so strong that I can see them having lots of arguments. Plus, Lightning is old enough to be Jackson’s father! There’s no way these two can manage as a couple. 
  • Best quote: “I think I touched a nerve!”- Cars 3
  • Head canon: It’s a shame that Jackson was so one dimensional in Cars 3. He was just an obstacle for Lightning and Cruz to beat. He even DISAPPEARED when he lost the Florida 500! I believe that he and Lightning should’ve had a moment after that race. I could see Lightning going over to Storm’s tent (or trailer) and really giving him some words of wisdom and encouragement. At first, Jackson tells him to back off, but Lightning explains that he understands the pressures of being a champion and putting on a front for the media. McQueen lets him know that if he ever needs to talk or ask for advice, he will always be there for him. Although they had their differences, at least Jackson knows that someone in the racing world has his back. I wanted a scene like this in the movie, but sadly, it never happened.  
The 15 Day TFP Challenge!

Welcome Transformers: Prime fans, one and all!

Alright, so I think it’s high time for a good, old-fashioned Transformers challenge event to kick off the new year! Oh, and to keep the tag. So, for the month of January, we shall celebrate the 7th year of Transformers: Prime by activating a 15 Day Transformers Challenge!

They say we got until the 15th to change the tag? Nah, we’re going to show everyone and ourselves that there’s enough of us here to keep the tag going strong. We were given a challenge, told that the only way to preserve TFP is by using a different tag. Well, if Transformers itself is anything to go by, we’re not going down without a fight.

For the first two weeks of January, we’re gonna show our love for this series. With all its faults and flaws, we’re gonna band together and fragging do this! We learned from TFA, we’re not getting this one taken away too.

The challenge will last from January 1st to January 15th! If the demand grows, I’ll created another 16 days of challenges!

These challenges can be responded to by any means you see fit! Make a video, write a post, make a song, draw a comic, do an interpretive dance, anything goes! Get creative!

REMEMBER!! Even if you’re not participating in the challenge, please signal boost this as much as you can! Get it circling around! We need as many fans involved as possible. There’s more of us than we think.

We may not have Sherlock numbers, but we do indeed have numbers. Significant ones. We made the TF5 trailer trend for a day, we can do it again! Don’t lose momentum and don’t give up! 

We can do this!

Now, for the Transformers: Prime 15 Day Challenge:

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personal eremin fic rec list

((so I was supposed to post this months ago, but I kept forgetting and here it is now. I’ve updated it a bit (added and removed a few fics)))

hellu eremin tag. I’m someone who checks the tag frequently and is mostly a lurker (i’ve made maybe?? 2 posts in the tags so far), but I read a lot of fanfic. Like, a lot. I check the Ao3 and tumblr eremin tags pretty much daily. I feel like I need to do something, so under the cut below I will have a list of my personal favorite eremin fics (with reasons why I like them so much) + recommended authors.

before I start with my personal favorites, I’m gonna go ahead and link you to my Eremin Ficrecs Page which is very long and extensive and up-to-date. also congrats to the authors who made it on my personal favorite list and to those who are also on the fic recs page!!

Now for the favorites:

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The Importance of SessRin and Why Kikyo is Integral to InuKag

As a fan re-entering into the Inuyasha fandom, and a new member of the SessRin fandom, I feel it’s necessary to explain just why exactly SessRin is so important for Sesshomaru’s character development, and why Kikyo is vitally important to InuKag’s story, not to mention, creates a poetic aesthetic to the pairing. 

First thing’s first, I want to start with SessRin. This, while being a popular ship, is also a controversial one, with one half of the pairing being a child during the canon timeline. I want to begin my explanation with: during the canon timeline, they are not romantic love interests. 

Do not be confused; I ship these two together romantically. However, while Rin is a child in Sesshomaru’s care, they are comrades with a strong bond. They have a spiritual bond that is evident, but romance has nothing to do with it in the early stages of their relationship. I believe it is safe to say that Sesshomaru does not understand what love is (any form of it). He’s never experienced selflessness or kindness. As a demon, he was lead to believe strength and nobility is one’s only true worth. He held fast to this belief, and he grew into a hateful, stuck-up man who was severely lacking in compassion, especially towards mortals. 

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the stucky edition part III

Part I and Part II

Who indulges the other the most in the 40s and 21st century version ;)

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So Bucky’s Bubbie (on his Ma’s side) tells him, “The secret to a good marriage is respect.  You respect each other, bubbeleh - you never take each other for granted, you cherish each other and I guarantee you, that love will never fade, you hear?”

Also, Bucky’s Grampy (on his Pa’s side) nodded at Bubbie’s wisdom and added, “You mind her, Iacov.  I may have lived a few centuries but she’s wiser than I ever will be.”

All right, so maybe Grampy and Bubbie didn’t quite imagine that Bucky would end up falling ass over boots for one tiny Irish Catholic goy (Oy vey) but the principle was the same.

He never wanted Steve to feel less than what he was, that just because he was sickly that he was weak and useless and a burdenThat was the worst.  And Bucky knew he was only human and even he screwed that up sometimes. 

But he did his best - doted and indulged and petted and loved Steven Grant Rogers with all his heart and soul.  Did he best to make him see himself as Bucky saw him - strong and unwavering and precious. 

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In the 21st century, the conversation goes this way:


“Whaddya know, Buck…. uh…. Avengers Assemble!”

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anonymous asked:

I can't resist, but top 5 Mordeson moments???? ;D

♥♥♥Omg! Another hard one~! *ahahahaha

Like, I had to sit down, look @ a list of episodes and really think about what I wanted to include for my top 5 OTP moments~! And with that being said, I decided to leave out OT3 moments and only focus on interaction that happens between Benson and Mordecai exclusively~! Oh yeah, and I also decided to leave out stuff that borders on Head Canon territory and conjectures (e.g. how Mordecai knew Benson had a clock in his room during “Saving Time” *lmao) 

So, now that that’s out of the way- let’s get down to business~! Starting with #5 and counting down to #1~! ♥♥♥

5) The Temple Scene from “Sandwich of Death”

Like, even though this might be considered an OT3 moment, throughout the entire temple scene Mordecai takes on quite a protective role when it comes to Benson~! Case in point:

Maybe it’s b/c he knows that Rigby isn’t strong or tall enough to be a proper bodyguard for Benson, but still- they spent most of this episode practically glued to each other and as a Mordeson fangirl, I can’t help but admit that I was more than a little pleased *lmao

I’m glad that things ended well and Benson got better by the end of the episode, but still- so much OTP interaction and physical contact~! Ah! So awesome~! *lmao ♥♥♥

[The rest is under a Read-more to spare everyone’s dash]

[Also- like the last top 5 post I made- this one is pretty gif and image heavy so be warned]

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anonymous asked:

Wait has anyone done a Richonne timeline like how they were getting to know each other S3, became an open door in 'Clear" became friends, bestfriend, in like with each other, a family, and finally a relationship?? Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.. also I would love for someone to ask Andy about it so we can know when Rick felt like yeah we are good friends etc...

My friend, let me see if I can help you out. Here and here are good sources for a very by-the-books analysis of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, starting from the end of 3x06 (when they first met and when a lot of us first started shipping them). It’s a very cut and dry explanation of what happened, being as the links are literally 1) a plot synopsis of each episode showing their progression and 2) a concise but effective summation of their entire relationship, which perfectly displays their evolution from strangers, to friends, to best friends, to parents, to two people in love. (Which, after reading ur ask, is something I think you would be highly interested in, and the video is honestly flawless/one of my favorites, so I highly, highly recommend it.) and also it existed!!! before they were canon!!! their love has always been so obvious!!! yay them!!! yay us!!! validation!!!

I also know there was an actual movie-type video that I saw floating around on Tumblr a while ago which put together literally every scene between Rick and Michonne (and maybe Michonne and Carl?) to show the progression of their relationship, although I don’t know if it’s still around or not. I sadly wasn’t able to find it.

However, if you’re looking for, say, another Richonne blog’s take/in-depth explanation of Rick and Michonne’s character and relationship development in chronological order via important episodes and lines of dialogue and thangs, I know I’ve seen (and liked and reblogged) other people’s posts like that, although I unfortunately haven’t found anything that goes too in-depth (probably because it would take up half a lifetime to complete). Although, now that I think about it, it might be fun to go back and rewatch their seasons together and write about the importance of what’s happening an episode at a time… Hmm… I mean, I’m pretty sure others have done it already. (For example, I know for a fact that Clear has been written extensively about [cuz duh – can u say “copious amounts of sexual tension” or “mother-son bonding time”???], and that I for one received an A+ on a project I did in regards to interracial relationships on TWD. I was going to get into Gleggie at some point, but ran out of time and obvi had enough material with just Richonne. Yeah….that’s literally my life. And, you know, not to brag or anything, but may I just say, I went off.)

AND NOW, IN REGARDS TO ANYONE READING THIS (YES, YOU!!! YOU READING THIS!): if you have any links to anyone’s Richonne posts or videos or vlogs or anything that’s along the lines of what’s been mentioned above, please reblog and add them!!! Make sure to include ur own lovely creations that u worked so hard on!!! I feel like we could all use a masterpost of the evolution of Richonne!! I know anon and I rlly want to read them!!! They’re seriously the best things!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Also, about Andy’s thoughts on what Rick thinks about Richonne: fret not, little one, for I believe the longer Richonne is around, and the more Rick and Michonne open up to each other about their thoughts and pasts and hopes and heartbreaks, the more likely it is that either on the show or in an interview they’ll start to discuss when these feelings first emerged, and elaborate on when and how that happened, as well as go a little more in depth on what they both meant when they said things like what appeared in this snippet of an International Business Times article:

“In a behind-the-scenes interview for the upcoming “Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season,” Gurira says she thinks her character, Michonne, has been “in love” with Lincoln’s character, Rick, for some time. Lincoln agrees, saying that he thinks it was “natural” for the characters to explore a more intimate connection. “I kept thinking, ‘Of course, it’s been right in front of me all the time.’ […] ‘It felt like a grown-up relationship that was always meant to be.’”

Also, I’d like to quickly address something just while we’re on the subject. After making my post about why I think Rick is a good (more like perfect) fit for Michonne, lots of people came up to me asking me for Andy Lincoln’s thoughts on the whole thing, even though 1) google exists, and I suggest you take full advantage of that and 2) the post itself was clearly not the right place for Andy to be getting involved. It was all about their relationship from Michonne’s perspective, and thus warranted only Danai’s thoughts on their character arcs/progression, not Andrew’s. She is a real, valid character, who is very underappreciated in fandom (if you ask me and a lot of others), and for many people their favorite character on the show - and rightfully so. She is strong, she is smart, she is soft, she is complex, she is a viable love interest. Please try not to make everything about ur fav, because it tends to push away someone else’s. Rick is not the only one involved in their relationship (obviously). Please stop making everything about him. There are already hundreds of thousands of posts/interviews out there just like that if you wanted to read up on them: about how Michonne is good for Rick, what she brings out of him, etc. Trust me, they’re there if you really want to look, but that wasn’t the question I was being asked to answer so it never came up.

That being said, there is a reason why Andy (and his mom) are the best captains a ship could ever ask for. Like honestly, before Richonne became canon (ugh, remember what an angsty, desperate, hellish place the world was back then?), he was the one who got me through it because I knew that beautiful man was never going to let it go. Andrew has repeatedly gone out of his way to bring up Rick and Michonne’s relationship (despite no one even remotely asking him about it), and often through the thinly-veiled excuse of his mom’s shipping of them, before finally getting fed up with everyone’s years of brushing him aside which led to him flat-out stating, just TO BE CLEAR FOR THE THOUSANDTH MILLIONTH TIME, “That’s what I want it to be. I want Michonne and Rick to get together.” Ahhhhhh. God bless him. He wasn’t going to give it up until it went canon. Danai could keep her cool, but Andy…

Just look at him light up every time someone so much as mentions them getting together, or the way he defends the idea at every possible chance he is given, or the way he interjects Danai CONSTANTLY just to talk about her and Rick’s relationship. Guys, he’s so obviously smitten with Richonne.

I mean, when one half of ur otp and THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE MOST-WATCHED SHOW ON PLANET EARTH wants something to happen, it has a lot of sway over what’s going to happen. And if he saw that it made sense to him, and he thought it was the right place for his character to be, who’s going to tell him otherwise? Guys. He IS Rick. He knows that “he trusts her with his life, and with his children’s lives” and that “[they both have] a deep respect and a deep love for one another.” (ugh, just watch the video, it’ll help you sleep better at night).

SO IN SUMMARY: Andy never shut his mouth up about Richonne, using his privilege and his power to will it into being (cuz rlly, what could they do? fire him???? he had the upper hand and used it to his/all of our advantage), and now look where we are. In canon bliss.

P.S. “Like I would love for someone to do that because you all are the best ever in life with the breakdowns and analysis of Richonne.” I agree, there are so many great tumblrs out there that are always coming through with their interpretations of Richonne scenes and their beautiful second-by-second depictions of Richonne kisses that make me squeal <3 And the fact that I am a part of this “you all” is just… like….. the best thing to ever happen to me??? thank you??? I think I love you???? but it’s whatever