otp: you make a pretty good pair

So you’re trying to tell me that

they don’t have history?

...their eyes don’t light up when they see each other?

they have no chemistry?

they don’t find comfort in one another?

they don’t lowkey like each other?

…they aren’t highkey meant to be?

they don’t make each other happy?

they never loved each other?

they don’t attract despite being opposites?

they, despite all odds, do not make a pretty good pair?

Oh. Well, I guess you just don’t see what I see.

Garashir Rec List for @kjay9558


tinsnip - My favorite DS9 author. Your Love Is My Drug and Mint Car are my personal favorite fics by her, but all of them are amazing. 

prairiecow - Amazing fics.  

LadyDrace - Bachelor’s Wife is my favorite, but she has written a lot of really awesome fanfic. 

Vyc - I particularly like the cheesy tropes series. 


The Garak/Bashir Mysteries by Lademonessa - This one is a classic. I thought the first two in the series were only okay, but the rest if the series is pure gold. It’s very long and plotty and slow burn but it’s so worth it. 

Letters From The Northern Continent by thehoyden - This is a post-canon Cardassia fic and it’s amazing. The author wrote three other garashir fics all of which are great and worth reading. 

Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation by Hannah - An Au where Julian is autistic. It’s very good. 

Comparative Anatomy by airandangels - This is porn. It is scorching hot, and also very cute and funny. 

The Policy Of Truth by Prevailing - This is also porn. It has pretty heavy BDSM and is so hot. Sadly, it’s unfinished but it’s very good. 

turn a little faster; the world will follow after by katiemariie - This is also long and plotty. It also had Dax/Kahn as a major pairing. 

From Shadows To Sunlight by Jade_Winters - This fic made me cry, but it does have a happy ending. The prose is beautiful. 

Altering Course by AuroraNova - This is my feel good fic. It’s very cute and sweet and always makes me feel better. 

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Huge fan of your Megamind fics, I've been reading Megamind fics since the movie came out like 7 years ago and yours are by far the best I've ever come across. Wondering if you've read the fic Metro Cover on ff. net, I think you'd like it! I'm a huge fan of yours but don't have a tumblr but wanted to let you know it's really amazing. I also wanted to ask/suggest a fic where Roxanne is able to make Megamind cum involuntarily?/She is determined to prove he's not just coming to make her feel good.

Ah, thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my stories so much!

(what are the pairings in Metro Cover? I OTP Megamind/Roxanne pretty hard, and so I don’t really read stories that pair one of them with other people)

OOoohh I like that fic idea A LOT; definitely adding it to the inspiration list! :DD

Okay, so random thoughts: in Tenipuri, we have so many pairs and some of them even have multiple names. Some of them are hilarious (I saw Rose Bath Pair for AtobexMizuki once-thanks ShinTenipuri), but some of the pairs have pretty boring nomenclature: Platinum, Alpha, Golden, Silver… and I fnd it unfair so. Let’s change this a bit? 

Reblog and put your OTP (or any pair you want to apply this to) in your tag with their usual name (if you think it’s unknown/rarely used, go for good old AxB), and then… in second tag, use ‘AKA’ and make up weird/funny/ridiculous name that at first make you laugh, and then thing “Wow, that’s really them!”

(Also known as: I suck at coming up with names so I’m putting this on you, lol)

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Idk if you're still doing requests but Remember Me + Sterek after a witch curse hit one of them.

“Don’t be such a sourowlf?” Stiles tries. “No? That’s not gonna work either.” He sighs, hanging his head over his chest. The whole pack has been at this for two hours now. And Derek still doesn’t remember who he is let alone who Stiles is.

“Sourwolf?” Derek asks, his eyebrows looking thoroughly unimpressed. “Really?”

“Shut up,” Stiles defends, huffing indignantly. That was comedy gold and no one can tell him otherwise.

“Maybe you should try to kiss him,” Kira offers. “Like true love’s kiss?”

“I’m in love with him?” Derek points at Stiles, eyebrows raised in doubt.

Stiles, however, is offended. “First of all, rude. Second of all,” he holds up his left hand to show their wedding ring and then reaches over and grabs Derek’s left hand to show the matching ring on his forefinger. “Third of all, you’re so sleeping on the couch tonight. And finally, don’t act like you haven’t been checking out my ass for the last two hours. I know you’re turned on face better than the back of my hand.”

Derek snorts and rolls his eyes but shrugs. “Fine. Kiss me, my one true love.”

Stiles glares at him. “You’re gonna do so much groveling when you remember.” He forcefully grabs his face and gives him a hard peck to his lips then pulls back and wiping at his own lips. “Did it work?”

It’s quiet for a few seconds before Derek smiles softly at him and pulls him in by the hips. “Don’t make me sleep on the couch tonight,” he whispers against his lips.

He doesn’t sleep on the couch that night.

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What do you think about cap and Sam as a couple??

Stony is my otp but I have ALOT of Marvel ships.and Steve and Sam is such a cute pairing <3, I’m also liking these newer ships like T’challa/Bucky ,T’challa/Tony and Sam/Tony. Just ship what makes you happy anon. :)

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hey I saw that j&m rant about over-glorified "bad" fics and I was just wondering if you could point out a few bc I've been a part of this fandom for years and now I'm wondering if I've been doing this and not realizing it. (I get that by naming some of them it brings more attention to them, but I'm super curious and concerned about these fics.)

i am not going to call any fics out by name, because i think that is both irresponsible and overtly mean on my part (and entirely based on my opinion), given the number of people who follow me and are influenced by things i might say. it would be entirely inconsiderate to point the finger at individuals in the fandom who might feel horrifically attacked or might not understand what they did wrong in the first place.

that being said, i can clarify generally what the issue is. 

this fandom is horrendously good at brushing issues under the rug without addressing them as incidentally problematic. given, i am aware that snk (and hence jeanmarco) is a gateway fandom, so we do have a lot of young people in this fandom, as well as inexperienced-in-terms-of-internet-socialism people. a lot of people likely do not understand what is problematic to include in fics, and what isn’t, and the most important thing from this is to explain to them gently what might be wrong with what they’re writing, on a one-to-one basis.

anyway. the principal issue i have is the inclusion of sexual assault in fics as a plot device. it’s incredibly irresponsible and insensitive to not deal with sexual assault in a mature way in literature, and i have seen a lot of recommended fics using assault as a device to induce a) emotional vulnerability that can be magically fixed by another character (even worse when they’re “fixed” through sexual activity with said person), b) drama for drama’s sake when the emotional fall out of the assault is not addressed AT ALL, c) when sexual assault occurs between the OTP of the fic, and then the OTP continues in a relationship with one another that is played off as being healthy and non-problematic. (the issue with this occurrence is that no relationship born out of the sexual assault of one individual by the other can ever be healthy, and can never have a balanced dynamic. there’s always going to be an unhealthy lean in their dynamic, and it should NEVER be romanticised as i have seen in this fandom).

other things that i have seen in aforementioned fics include: 

  • death for shock value. i know a lot of people use this device when they’re just starting out, and it is a learning process and a developmental process that everyone goes through to get out of this stage, but it’s still pretty shoddy a thing. a sudden death as a plot point only is insensitive, both to characters and to readers. it’s important that one deals with the emotional response to something like that, and not just kill someone off for man pain. can you achieve the same, visceral emotion response from a character and your audience by doing something other than a shock death? then do that instead. (being said, killing characters absolutely has value  … as long as it’s treated respectfully and the aftermath addressed appropriately. death is gonna affect a character intrinsically. not just man pain.)
  • slagging off of another OTP through fic. this usually manifests in character A being in a relationship with character B, and then character B uncharacteristically abusing or sexually assaulting or being generally mean to character A, thus leading character A into the arms of character C, the end game OTP of the author. this is so /not cool/ because it’s throwing shade at the hard-grafted characterisation of character B, and also lowkey using things like assault as a plot device yet again. it shows for pretty bad grasp on what makes a good narrative if you feel like you have to run another pairing through the dirt for plot value, and even worse if its just to throw shade at the fandom of that pairing of A+B
  • lowkey transphobia or transphobic language. this one’s real tricky, because i am a cis person, and so it’s not really my place to call out things i am not familiar with, but i think i am definitely able to identify problematic language across the fandom. this general arises in the fandom when people fetishise the trans!headcanon of an individual character. i’ve seen a lot of this where a character is written as trans and then used as a sexual device for making a fic “different” or “quirky”. (also, but not seen often, people who have zero knowledge with trans issues/are not trans or nonbinary themselves try to write trans fics, and subsequently end up misgendering A LOT and using inherently bad language to refer to their trans characters in their fics. again, a trans individual is NOT a plot device to carry a story.) that being said, there are some really /great/ trans fics in this community, and they are often the ones recommended. 

tbf the key issue across the board is the use of heavy and intense social issues as plot devices used to bring about a shock response from the reader, or when addressed insensitively with no regard for a realistic and /responsible/ fall out. 

the fandom likes to dust things under the rug under the guise of “it’s a kink”, or “it would have been realistic in the time period”. yeah, no. really no. “realistic in the time period” does not mean people are void of being able to respond emotionally to a horrific development, and nor does it stop an author from being responsible. this just reminds me of game of thrones, with sansa’s (entirely unnecessary and disgusting) rape scene in season 5, which was literally used as a plot device by D&D to shock the audience (remember how they changed dany’s sex scenes with drogo into a rape, and jaime and cersei’s crypt sex scene into a rape … they believe sexual assault against a woman is apparently a grand ol’ plot device). a lot of people tried to defend sansa’s rape by saying “oh, it was commonplace in the time period! women got raped all the time!”. all i can say is: and dragons were commonplace in that time period too, huh? it’s fiction. the author is the responsible one. not the setting, not the character. the author. 

we need to hold author’s responsible for what they write. but importantly, we need to explain to authors what is problematic, so that they understand where they might not, and prevent them from letting bad things slide again in the future. i don’t believe much in fic critique in the fanfic community, but when something like this is an issue, critique is necessary. 

tl;dr if you see a fic that’s both glorified and romanticised, with a problematic issue at its heart that’s not addressed respectfully or responsibly, you should take that author aside and raise your concerns to them. help them understand how to fix the problem. educate them.

EDIT: considering something poppy raised for me, i want to add: the issue is not the writing of the content. as long as something is tagged properly and dealt with properly, i have little issue with what someone might want to write. there are tags on ao3 for heavy issues for a reason. this post is not supporting censorship in fics. i want people to understand that what is important is that you understand the realistic, emotional fall out to what you write for both characters AND readers. if you go into a story understanding that the issue you want to write about is not JUST a plot device, fine. carry on my friend. just avoid being blasé about social issues. 

also, this post is not addressing the issue that happened with iris’ fic rec list and people being concerned about what was included on that list. that’s not something i want to be involved in, so i take no part in saying who was wrong or right in that situation. 

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37 and sterek, please? :)

37. “Wanna dance?”

Derek looks around the room in wonder. He never expected to be here with these people and being in pack again. 

With a smile on his face, he watches Scott and Allison have their first dance. Their faces are splitting with smiles, and Scott’s eyes are obviously watering. The happiness is palpable and even contagious. 

After a minute, Scott gestures for Erica and Boyd to join them, Cora and Isaac following suit shortly after. The pack is all coupled up except him. Without thinking about it, his eyes flick over to where Stiles is leaning against the bar. Surprisingly, Stiles is already looking back at him. Once their eyes meet, Stiles pushes himself off the bar and starts walking towards the table Derek is sitting at. 

“Wanna dance?” Stiles asks, holding his hand out to Derek. 

Looking up at him, Derek can tell it means much more than a dance. Stiles is nervous and is trying not show but his hand is shaking slightly, and there’s a hint of doubt in his eyes.

“Yes,” Derek answers, taking Stiles’ hand and allowing the young man to pull him up and drag him to the dance floor.

“Finally!” Erica calls, a smile on her face.

Stiles wraps his arms around Derek’s waist, ducking his head to hide his smile as the rest of the pack adds their commentary.

“You owe me $20, Isaac,” Scott adds. 

Derek rolls his eyes. Of course there was a bet. Stiles’ response is to hide his face in Derek’s neck, but Derek isn’t having that. He pulls back enough that he can grab Stiles’ chin to make him look up.

Stiles looks at him, eyes shining, and Derek leans in, softly pressing his lips to Stiles’. 

“Finally,” Stiles whispers against his lips.

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Unbind me with Sterek

“Don’t ask,” Derek grumbles.

Stiles can’t stop laughing, though. He looks like such an angry little puppy and it’s taking all of his willpower not to make any dog jokes.

“It’s your fault,” Derek argues. “So you have to uncuff them. Stop laughing, Stiles.”

At this point, he’s wiping tears from his eyes. Derek is handcuffed to the chair at Stiles’ kitchen table, looking absolutely miserable.

“My dad found out we’re dating, didn’t he?” Stiles asks.

“I told you to uncuff me and to not ask,” Derek growls, his eyes burning a bright blue.

Stiles finally does as he asks, but he doesn’t fail to make fun of Derek for years. It doesn’t help that the sheriff brings it up as often as he can.

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