otp: you just hit the jackpot

okay but like what if aunt anna worked in animal rescue and fostered kittens so petermj’s first meeting was her knocking on the door and him answering it and her saying “face it tiger…you just hit the jackpot” and peter is like “…” and then mary jane holds up an orange tiger kitten and says “this is jackpot, the kitten your aunt wanted to adopt” and peter goes “well knowing parker luck, this might be the only jackpot i get in my life” and then they fall in love and live happily ever after


I can bench press a car. I can climb up the side of a wall. Fight twenty guys to a standstill. Swing across chasms thirty stories deep. Feel a bullet coming my way and move fast enough to get clear.

But something in her makes me gentle. Makes me shy. Makes me strong. Make me happy to be alive. And maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s what it really comes down to. She makes me. Makes me whole. She completes me.

So here’s the thing, God… I know I complain a lot, and I know that you and me, we’ve got issues, but right now, just for tonight… Thank you for her. Thank you.

hayley566  asked:

Mary Jane.

I just looked at this post after I finished writing it, and… you have no idea what you have wrought.

  • Why I like them: She doesn’t take shit, she’s mature about her relationship with Peter, to the point that she wants to make damn sure that they’re in love for the right reasons, and for all the crap she had to deal with growing up, she’s able to pull through on her own. I’ve said this before with Peter, but the reason I like his stories is because he’s all about being handed a crappy situation, and being able to overcome it. Mary Jane is the same way, solidifying that Peter’s success isn’t an aspect of Spider-Man, but rather Peter. 
  • Why I don’t: Nope. Nothing is going to make me say I don’t like her for various reasons. Call me biased, call me blinded by my favoritism, but… well, I’ll explain later.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Mary Jane has beaten up the Chameleon.
  • Favorite season/movie: I’ll need to get into some more 616 runs, but for now, I’ll say it’s a toss-up between the Ultimate Spider-Man comic and the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.
  • Favorite line: ”Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot” is her most famous line for a reason.
  • Favorite outfit: I may not have any interest in watching the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, but I won’t deny that her design in that show is pretty great. 
  • OTP: Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker is, without a doubt, one of the first “ships” I completely fell in love with. There is no way I’m going to abandon it.
  • Brotp: MJ and Gwen. Sadly, the Spider-Man fanbase has effectively been reduced to either liking Mary Jane, being desperate for a substitute for her, or molding a “blank slate” like Gwen into their ideal love interest. That ship war is definitely not helped by one of the various reasons for Gwen’s death being that Conway simply preferred MJ over Gwen.
  • Head Canon: Any hero who knows that Peter is Spider-Man, but doesn’t respect him, will soon learn to do so after Mary Jane gives them an awesome verbal smackdown.
  • Unpopular opinion:                 

    Since One More Day, fans have parroted Quesada and Slott’s stances on many aspects of the franchise, particularly Mary Jane. The biggest example with her, by far, is that apparently Mary Jane’s career as a model made her too “incompatible” for Peter. Because of the obsession to make it so that Spider-Man is more like Peter Pan than Peter Parker, Mary Jane is reduced to a sort of “threshold” for Peter. In other words, Mary Jane’s success became a “measure” for Peter’s potential love interests, and if they cross that threshold, then they are not a good fit for Peter. The thing is, though, that kind of logic only applies to Mary Jane. No other love interest is singled out like Mary Jane is. Mary Jane has been treated as though she was just a problem that needed to be fixed, both by fans, as well as writers, and because previous writers thought that, everyone thinks they have an excuse for furthering their own fantasies of who Peter should be with, all by positioning Mary Jane as the “bad” love interest, so this other love interest is presented as ideal purely on the basis that they lack Mary Jane’s “flaws”. In the end, though, it’s just misogyny, because all it comes down to is “I don’t think Peter’s wife should be allowed to be more successful than him.” It’s just that a bunch of MRAs in denial who can’t handle the idea that a girl could be more successful than the guy they’re dating. They’ll try to pass it off as Mary Jane “solving” all of Peter’s problems, even though, from what I understand, that never lasted for long. Not only did Peter continue to be challenged, but even Mary Jane’s own success was little more than a fabrication at the hands of some guy who wanted to do the whole “Nice Guy” approach. People look solely at the moments when Mary Jane was successful, rather than looking at her own ups and downs there, which, if anything, makes it seem like they don’t even care if Mary Jane succeeds, because even daring to so much as have aspirations of a successful career is bad. I’m sorry (Actually, I’m not, because the people who use that argument are all just assholes trying to pass off their entitlement as “logic”), but if you’re going to hold a female character solely to the standards someone else has told you should be the standard for the titular male character, and your only motivation for agreeing with it is to “look cool”, then just accept the horrible truth you already knew about yourself. Mary Jane can be a supermodel, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to reconsider how they treat their (“potential”) significant others. Also, you should seriously stop trying to settle for the bare minimum with other love interests, because if all you care about is them not being Mary Jane, then you don’t actually care about who they are, you just care about who they are not. To make a long story short:

  • A wish: Undoing One More Day and letting MJ be a popular actress are technically two wishes, so I’ll settle for “I wish all the hopes and insistences of Mary Jane’s critics comes back to bite them in the ass.”
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: If Mary Jane ever truly reunites with Peter, I hope Slott doesn’t see an inkling of praise for it.
  • 5 words to best describe them: Intelligent, Praiseworthy, Important, Underappreciated, Best 
  • My nickname for them: MJ