otp: you have to win

Cocky!Jace okay listen.

Jace smirking that little shit, “Is it really a competition if I always win?”

Simon was bubbling with annoyance “You didn’t win anything.”

Jace still with his stupid look “i won you so yeah i always win”

Simon looks back at Clary who just looks at the sky ignoring this, “You didn’t win me ASSHOLE!”

  • Magnus: Alexander?
  • Alec: Yes?
  • Magnus: Do you like her?
  • Alec: *no no no don't do that* who?
  • Magnus: Her. *i won't say her name ew*
  • Alec: *no i don't like her at all* she's fine.
  • Magnus: Fine?
  • Alec: Yes. She's.. cool.
  • Magnus: Do you find her pretty?
  • Alec: wh..what? *STOP*
  • Magnus: Do you find her pretty? * ewww *
  • Alec: elegant. *elegant? seriously Alec?*
  • Magnus: elegant? That's not an answer.*elegant? seriously Alec?*
  • Alec: Okay.She's OK. She's from a good family and she'll help me. I need to save the institute, i don't have a choice. I have to do that magnus.
  • Magnus: I see.
  • Alec: No you don't. I have to protect my family, it's my duty. I can't give up on them.
  • Magnus: No, no i get it..
  • Alec: You told me to follow my heart.
  • Magnus: And you did.
  • Alec: No. I followed my brain. My heart wants..
  • Magnus: tickets for the Knicks? *smirks*
  • Alec: What? *knicks? wtf magnus*
  • Magnus: nevermind..
  • Magnus: anyway
  • Magnus: I have to go.
  • Magnus:
  • Magnus: Goodbye alex-
  • Alec: You.
  • Magnus: what..?
  • Alec: I answered your question.
  • Alec: I want y o u.

So tell me, wise and mighty tumblr, has somebody written a 10 Things I Hate About You stucky au where Phil Coulson tricks Loki Odinson into paying Bucky Barnes to date that weird, uptight, goody-two-shoes Steve Rogers so that Phil will have a chance with Steve’s hot younger brother Clint?

Or is that something I’m gonna have to write my own damn self?

Wanna bet?

“No you can’t,” Liam says flatly, arms folded across his chest as he calmly stares Louis down.

Louis’ eyes narrow and his lips curve upwards into a smirk that has Liam shifting his stance a little, almost like he’s bracing himself. “Wanna bet?” Louis asks.

Liam’s lips twitch and he knows Louis’ got him. “This is so dumb,” he mutters, but they both know he’s in. “Terms?”

“If I get the word ‘dicks’ into every song tonight, I win,” Louis says. “And you have to be my servant for the rest of the night.”

Liam rolls his eyes. “Like I don’t do everything you say anyway,” he says frankly. Ignoring Louis’ sharp grin, he nods in tacit agreement. “Alright. And if you don’t?”

Louis thinks for a minute before he winces. “You can post anything you like on my Instagram all night,” he offers.

“Deal!” Liam says immediately and thrusts out his hand.

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