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hearts left bleeding, by Coalitiongirl

Love Like Ours Won't Never Grow Old

50’s!era Florst/Tattoo shop Bog/Marianne AU

Chapter 3/??? (chapter 1)(chapter 2) [ao3]

[fyi this chapter is long as fuckkkkk enjoy]

“Dawn, let meclue you in on something; ‘he’ll make dad flip’ is not a good basis for a relationship.”

Marianne’s sister was putting together another stupid bouquet or corsage or whatever it was this time, humming something boppy under her breath. She cut the song off and turned to glare at her. “That is not why I like him.”

“You just said so!” Marianne said.

“Nooo,” Dawn countered. “I said it was one reason – not the only one!”

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Redemption, heroism, and lightness; The contributing factors.

Strange Magic FanFic - “A Forgotten First”

Once upon a time, a little Fairy Princess tumbled into the Forest…

I swear to God, this fanfic hit me with all the subtlety of a wreaking ball while I was showering this morning. It refused to be ignored until I wrote it down, even with all the messages I need to respond to and the fact that I was only going to work on the next fanfic in my timeline. I can make no excuses for the sheer fluff here, my muse takes what it wants. Hope you enjoy!

She hadn’t meant to stumble into the Forest, hadn’t meant to tumble down between the primroses, leaves and brambles catching in her hair, but Marianne wasn’t going to let that stop her from looking around the unfamiliar landscape, her large eyes getting even wider at how alien everything was. Everything was so dark…

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10 Best Bamon Moments in 2014, as voted by my followers

↳ #8 Bonnie comes back to save Damon + Bamon team work against Kai.