otp: you had one job

Well, I WAS looking forward to watching this show. Now I’m sickened.

Turns out, The Good Doctor lead actor, Freddie Highmore, is fully supporting Autism $peaks, an organization notorious for demonizing autism, asperger’s, and the people who have them.

Here’s a summary of what they do:

1. Researching for a “cure”, even though autism is a disorder passed on genetically.

2. Are full supporters of the anti-vax movement, even though it’s been thoroughly debunked countless times.

3. Supports controversial “therapies” including Early Intervention, and Applied Behavioral Analysis, which have their origins in torturing autistic people.

4. They continue to speak over autistic accomplishments, silence autistic critics, and stealing the works of autistic writers. Contrary to the name, they do not let autistic people speak.

If Highmore is a smart man, which I wish to believe he is, he will find the above as truth, and he will withdraw his sponsorship. As will ABC network.

I don’t wanna sound ungrateful but???? No sciles?????? No scene between stiles and his dad????? No mention of kira or isaac????? No indication what’s gonna happen with theo and his no home situation????? Not a clue if derek is still with braeden???? No indication of what the literal spawn of the devil kate argent is up to now???? I just??????