otp: you had me at lesbian


I think Elise wrote & sang this song (Came along) for Natasha. I’LL STOP THINKING ABOUT NEGOVANMAN ONLY WHEN THEY STOP THINKING ABOUT IT TOO!! Look at the looks, the body language, the hand holding!!😍😍❤ #negovanmanforlife
LYRICS: Don’t have to be alone 
Don’t have to be alone 
And now you feel like home 
Got to, got to let you know

That boy you make me moan 
I’m happy, and I’ve grown 
Since you came along 

Before you came on through 
I had a plan I was sticking to 
You got me changing my point of view 

And I got to let you know 
That you make me feel like nobody else 
You let me truly just be myself..
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For the otp questions, number 9 for berena? :)

What is their way of flirting with one another?

Well, their flirting pre-relationship is well documented (*see most of s18*)

Once they’re together, in some ways it becomes more overt.  Serena is the queen of innuendo, making coy references and suggestive comments.  She’s particularly flirty in public because she likes to see Bernie flustered and all bets are off after a few glasses of wine.

In public Bernie’s flirting is much the same as before, with the addition of the fact that she is the smuggest lesbian ever. She loves teasing Serena. (”It runs in the family - irresistibility.”) At home, or when they’re alone, Bernie is the queen of terrible pick up lines.  She’ll sidle up to Serena in the living room and say things like “if I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?”  Just epicly terrible.  Serena rolls her eyes and tells Bernie she’s awful, but it always makes her smile, so Bernie keeps it up.

[otp questions]


You don’t get someone to fall in love with you. They fall in love with you because of who you are. 

Story time.

Okay so my mum has this best friend and she came round with her girlfriend and they were telling me how they met and basically she was really ill when they first met with tonsillitis and had to keep going the the pharmacist for ages to keep getting her medication.
Her girlfriend was the pharmacist and she was so embarrassed bc she couldn’t really talk and she felt really rude and thought the pharmacist was really cute.
She had to go back to the pharmacist a lot to top up her medication and every time she opened her bag she found little notes in there telling her to get well soon and it was all really cute and it was getting closer to the end of her prescription so she went back and saw that the cute pharmacist wasn’t there and it was a guy instead and she felt really disappointed bc of this. The pharmacist handed her the bag of medication and she left again.
When she opened the bag she saw that there was another note just like the other times which meant she had pre-made the prescription for her.
Her girlfriend had written her number and said she should call her.
She rang her up and asked her cute pharmacist out.
They’ve been dating for five years now and my mums friend kept all the notes she’d been given.
Including the one she recently got in a small paper bag that her girlfriend had given when she visited the pharmacy during lunch.
She opened it an inside was a note and a medicine box and when she opened the box a ring fell out and the note read ‘will you marry me?’ and I honestly thought it was the cutest thing.

  • SO apparently this conversation happened in the persona 3 drama cd moonlight
  • Mitsuru: However, for those people who we wish to protect from ruin, we need only look at their faces to ease our burden, and strength will be granted to us.
  • Yukari: Ehe.. Like me, maybe?
  • Mitsuru: That's right.
  • Yukari: --Guh...!
  • Mitsuru: Hm...? Heh... Why are you so red?
  • Yukari: No, normally if you say something like that... that is, wouldn't you feel embarrassed?
  • Mitsuru: Is that how it is?
  • Yukari: Mu...! ...Well, I did say I'd stay by you, and... I guess I feel the same too...?
  • Mitsuru: ...Yukari, you really are red...! Are you alright...!?
  • Yukari: ... Ah, seriously, this woman can't read the mood at all...
  • Mitsuru: Do you have a fever?
  • Yukari: That's not it- Hii! You don't have to feel my forehead or anything!!
  • CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME HOW THEY ARE NOT IN LESBIAN WITH EACH OTHER???? and lol the other sees member made her consider about becoming kirijo maid yes. do. it. yukari.

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1-10 of the salty ask meme

1 and 2 already answered

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

uh yeah I unfollow antis every time I notice one on my dash and it’s a shame because some of them make good art and edits

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*

Shay/Allura/Nyma or any combination of them. It’s fairly popular but easy enough to avoid. This ship drives me up the wall because it’s fandom’s way of making ~wlw representation~ by pairing Allura, a developed main character, with side characters who appeared once or twice and whom she had minimal interaction with. And you can’t have lesbian Allura paired with Pidge either, because she’s too young. If I’m going to ship an f/f ship with Allura, gimme a female Blade of Marmora who gets a name and an arc and doesn’t die, please. (Might have to do that one myself.)

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?*

This fandom has made me a little embarrassed to ship Klance. I still do, but I’ve toned it down a bit. 

6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?*

I’m warming up to Sheith a little bit. I still prefer them as (not blood-related) bros, but occasionally I see Sheith art that gives me feelings. Part of that is probably because the Sheith side of the fandom overlaps with the Galra side, and they’re so kind and accepting and united in being hated by half the fandom

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*

Lance stans

8. Have you received anon hate? What about?*

Nope, I’m not that popular

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

I really dislike Ny//ma. Why did fandom latch on to her when all she did was toy with Lance and then betray him? Apparently she’s coming back in season 4, so maybe she’s redeemed now. 

10. Most disliked arc? Why?

The worst choice this show has ever made was giving us three amazing Blade of Marmora characters only to kill them off and then never address it again. Give them back. 

Ice Capades

Bechloe fanfic… Fluffy one shot. Please review and let me know what you think!! :)

There are many things that Beca would say she is good at. For example, she can make a mean bowl of cereal, she can finish a half gallon of ice cream if she is feeling particularly emotional about something (not that she ever does of course because she is above such human weakness as feelings), and she is particularly good at sass. Like if sarcasm were an olympic sport then she was certain she would be bringing home a metal of some sort. But real sports? Not her forte.

Which is why she has never had the urge to attempt ice skating. She has enough trouble with gravity and coordination, she doesn’t feel the need to temp fate by getting onto a slippery, and freezing, surface while standing in boots with razor blades glued to the bottom of them. That just sounds like a terribly bad idea.

Unfortunately, Chloe and the rest of the Bellas were of a different opinion. And that is why after much screeching and incredulous exclamations from the ginger she, archenemy of gravity and all things athletic, found herself sitting on a bench at the local skating rink while Chloe tied her razor-boots on.

“This…This really doesn’t have to happen,” she tried one more feeble attempt at getting out of this little death-defying excursion. “Like I am totally fine just sitting right here while you guys risk your lives. It’s fine. I prefer to be the silently judging bystander anyways. I’m actually quite good at it.”

Chloe looked up at her, arching her eyebrow, “Aca-scuse me, but I am not letting you go another day without experiencing this, Becs. What kind of friend would I be?”

“A really good one, actually.” But Chloe just shook her head and finished lacing up Beca’s skates before working on her own.

She looked out at the rink to find Stacie doing double axils, or whatever the hell it was called. Honestly, is there anything that woman can’t do gracefully? Fat Amy was making her way to the entrance with Cynthia Rose while tell her something about winning second place at some Australian Amputee Skaters Competition, and how she lost to some guy in a wheelchair. Looking around it seemed as though they had lost Lily, but that wasn’t a new thing. For all they knew she was probably dangling from the ceiling somewhere. The rest of the Bellas seemed to be playing a tag game of some sort. All seemingly happy and blissfully unaware of the dangers of this whole ice skating thing.

She felt a hand squeeze her thigh and she turned to see Chloe looking expectantly at her, “You ready?”

“Would it matter if I said no?” she tried.

And with a wink and a pull she was standing. Chloe held her hand as they walked, or rather she wobbled, to the entrance of the ice. “I promise you will love it, trust me. Just hang on to my arm and you will be fine.”

At that Beca looped her arm in Chloe’s, gripping tightly to her with both hands, leaning forward, eyes wide as saucers glued to the ice as they stepped out onto the rink. Frozen in terror, she made no attempt to move from the entrance.

“I feel like this is a really bad idea Chlo. I have a hard enough time getting down the front steps without dying! This…this is… Oh shit! Oh my god!” She cries out as her feet seem to take on a mind of their own, wanting to go in completely separate directions beneath her. But she feels a strong arm wrap around her waste and pull her close, steadying her. “See! I almost died just then! I am not equipped for this kind of thing. I’m going to die. I can feel it. We should turn back.”

“Here, come this way,” Chloe giggles and skates them out a little bit away and to the side up against the railing so people can get on the ice behind them. She instructs Beca to hold onto the rail behind her, which she does, with a death grip she fears may leave tiny finger indentations. Chloe slowly skates backwards a few feet away from her, “Look! See? Super easy. You barely even have to move your feet,” she explains to show how easy it is to move safely on the skates.

“Chloe Beale you get back here right now!” she hears herself shriek in a slight panic. “Don’t you dare leave me!”

Chloe smiles sympathetically and skates back towards her, reaching out for the railing on either side of Beca’s hips. “Don’t worry, I would never leave you, Becs.”

The statement, seemingly so simple, was laced with a deeper promise. Beca looks into Chloe’s eyes and feels a calm wash over her. Because of course Chloe would never leave her. Ever. And for a moment they just stare into each other’s eyes and let the world move in silence around them. A little nervous under the intensity of the moment Beca licks her bottom lip, pulling it between her teeth, drawing Chloe’s gaze at the movement and she feels heat start to flow throughout her body.

Just then someone behind Chloe stumbles causing her to lunge forward into Beca, bringing their bodies flush together. Beca quickly reaches around Chloe, gripping the back of her shoulders to keep from falling as Chloe brings one arm around her waist and the other still grasping the railing behind her to steady them.

“Oh! I am so sorry!” they call out.

“It’s…it’s fine. We’re fine,” Beca assures them with a slight wave as they glide away. But neither she nor Chloe move away from each other, Chloe’s arm is still tightly gripped around her waist and her own hands still cling to her shoulders. Slowly she feels Chloe slide back just enough to bring her head around to look at her, keeping the arm around her held tight.

“You ok?” Chloe smiles and looks over Beca for signs of injury.

“Spectacular. I wasn’t aware ice skating was such a contact sport,” she answers dryly with a an eye roll.

Chloe leans forward almost bringing their foreheads together and drops her voice to what Beca could only describe as a sultry purr, “Oh, buts it’s the best kind of contact Becs,” finishing with a wink, glancing down at their close proximity.

Her pulse quickens and yet everything feels like it is moving in slow motion for Beca as Chloe’s eyes start to search her face. What is she searching for, she wonders. Signs of resistance? Permission maybe? Does she want to give permission? And permission for what, exactly? But she knows. She knows she knows. And just like that it is like a veil was lifted from her eyes and she realizes she is in love with her best friend. She guesses she has always known, in the back of her mind. If she were a betting man, which she isn’t, then she would say that by the look on Chloe’s face the feelings are definitely reciprocated.

Well this is only mildly terrifying. Now what?

“So…” she says, trying to break the tension, tapping out a nervous rhythm on the back of Chloe’s shoulders.

“So…” and she can feel the word as it leaves Chloe’s lips and brushes across her cheek.

“Well I must say, Beale, if this is some elaborate scheme to get me in your arms…” she lets the comment hang in the air like an offering of sorts. See she has never been good at flirting and flirting with your best friend whom you just realized you were in love with, well that is definitely new and uncharted territory.

But she knows that flirting is one of Chloe’s many talents. And she is not disappointed when Chloe’s eyes brighten and her smile turns mischievous. “And what if it is Miss. Mitchell?” pulling Beca a little tighter to her.

“I would say that you should have started with hot chocolate. And extra marshmallows. I am easy, Beale, but I’m not cheap,” she answered while dropping her hands to Chloe’s lower back but still not removing them. If it’s one thing that she knows Chloe loves from her it’s physical contact. Especially if Beca is the one to initiate it. Okay, maybe she can do this flirting thing.

“I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not going to work,” Chloe said in a somewhat stern voice.
Beca’s heart dropped. Maybe she was wrong. “I…I mean I was just—“ she began, looking down and starting to remove her arms from around Chloe.

“You are trying to get out of skating by distracting me with your womanly wiles,” Chloe interrupts, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow.

Beca lets out a long breath, more of relief than anything, and rolls her eyes and stopping the retreat of her hands, rests them on Chloe’s hips. “Oh yes. My womanly wiles. You caught me. The man bumping into you was all just an intricate ploy to woo you so that you would take me off the ice and we could live happily ever after on solid ground,” she finishes with a dramatic sigh and a feigned look of shame.

Chloe’s smile resembles that of a chestier cat with a noticeable sparkle of mischief in her eyes. “Oh Becs,” she slides forward slowly, pushing Beca up against the railing with her body and lowers her face to within inches of hers, “you don’t have to come up with intricate ploys to woo me.”

She finds herself feeling like she is going to slide right to floor and she knows it has nothing to do with the ice beneath her feet and everything to do with the weakness in her knees from the way Chloe is looking at her. Gripping Chloe’s jacket beneath her hands like a lifeline, she scans her face and finds herself suddenly mesmerized with the lips parted so close to her own. “Oh really?” Smooth, Beca. Regular Don Juan. She clears her throat and tries again, “So what would it take then?”

They stand there for a moment just lost in each other. To Beca it feels like an eternity but Chloe finally answers with a rye smile, “You had me at Titanium.”

Beca’s brow furrows as she tries to make sense of what Chloe just said. Titanium? What in the world does—? And then it hits her and she can’t help the smile that spreads across her face.

“You’re so weird,” was all she said as she pulled Chloe into a kiss that made them both forget all about ice skating.

28 Days of OTP

Day 7: Christa x Ymir

I had to draw these cute little fuckers damn. I also wanted to draw a flustered Ymir because you know deep down this piece of shit is a dork. (a cute piece of shit….is a piece of shit even cute?)

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002: Manon

002 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: I love her more than I love myself. She’s one of my top 5 favorite female characters. She’s so brutal and badass and amazing and I love her omg.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Elide, Asterin, lowkey Ansel like it’s a crack ship but omg can you imagine?
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Aelin/Manon. Brotp of the century, kicking ass and taking names all over the continent.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: That she should absolutely NOT end up with Dorian. No. I do not want this hardcore dragon of a witch near my tiny soft baby Dorian. He’s amazing and SHE’S amazing but only ever as friends. They’re not okay as a couple. Do not pass go. Do not collect $100.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: That she was a lesbian. Just give it to me @ SJM, stop playing! I want my canon lesbian witch bitch now.
  • my OTP: Manon/Elide. I’ll ship them in hell. Pry this ship from my cold dead hands.
  • my cross over ship: No crossover ships for this asshole.
  • a headcanon fact: She’s a huge cuddler at night. Like she’s the little spoon. No one knows because she hasn’t ever been in an actual relationship but they WILL oh god they will when Elide gets a hold of her.

Laura: I’ve been thinking about what you said.

Carmilla: This isn’t something we have to talk about.

Laura: I think maybe it is. 'Cause, do I think what you did was brave and amazing? Of course I do. But is it my reason for liking you? Whatever you were before, you were changing before you even met me. Not helping your Mother. Tying to save Ell. Not killing us when we had you tied up for like a week.

Carmilla: Nine days.

Laura: And you’re here. Researching. Making jokes in the face of the ominous, “something’s coming” threats…

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I think shipping is fine it's just that the overwatch fandom gets mad when you make a straight ship with factional characters that there sexualities are never said. Well besides widow and Ana we at lest know they like men at lest.

I completely agree. I hate it when I see people hating on ships. I may disagree with your ship but I’ll never, ever insult you for it or talk down about it. I may with close friends if it truly bothers me, but I think it’s petty to hate people for a fictional ship. I once saw a post where somebody calling some one lesbophobic for not shipping Widowmaker with Tracer. Widowmaker had a husband… she’s obviously attracted to men (Lemme just say AmeliexGerard otp) and while it’s 10000000% fine to say she’s bi/pan/poly, you can’t firmly say she’s a lesbian, cause we dunno. I hope Blizzard never announces whos officially gay/whatever. I like it being up to personal headcanons. It leaves room for much more imagination and I love it!