otp: you deserve to stay


So, tell me. Think a girl would fall for that? 

Just as long as it’s the one standing in front of you. 

Unrequited III

You have been so kind to my original Unrequited piece and Unrequited II

I know I said this would be three parts buuuuut I got caught up in my feelings and thought both my OTPs deserved their moments so stay tuned darlings.

Also thank you so much for the continued love.


  • He watched Remus’ face turn to him
  • Those amber eyes a dull, tired gold
  • ‘M’sorry’
  • He could feel Remus’ muscles tense, his eyes narrowing at Sirius
  • A look that reads as confused
  • A look that shows Sirius he’s taking this a completely different direction than Remus anticipated
  • ‘You know … for being so distant, for all the late nights. I-I haven’t been a good mate and I know that.’
  • Remus’ voice cracks as he speaks
  • It’s raspy like his throat is thick with sand
  • Like he’s been laying in his bed for hours letting his mouth parch and his body become sore and his thoughts wrestle
  • Just swarmed by whatever he isn’t telling him
  • ‘Sirius …’
  • But Sirius doesn’t want to hear it
  • He knows Remus
  • He knows whatever is coming is what Remus thinks he should say
  • And not what he really wants to say

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miyuki kazuya and sawamura eijun for jenni | happy belated birthday, sweetheart! ♥