otp: you come around and the armor falls

fic: you come around and the armor falls (kane/toews)

1. 4800 words, tagged hurt/comfort, animal transformation (though not in the same ‘verse as my hedgehog kaner)

2. honestly if i am feeling any shame over giving into my schmoopy ridic intense otp tswift feelings and naming a fic that, it is only because i need to displace my nauseating dread and fury over what happened to jonny last night.

3. this ficlet is not dealing with jonny and concussions (though the–northface did that beautifully here). i wrote it awhile ago and have been waffling about expanding it into a longer fic. but i reread it this morning for comfort and decided it might serve that purpose for others who are reeling from anxiety about jonny. warning, though, that if reading anything about hockey concussion right now is too disturbing, this starts with kaner taking a bad hit in a game.


It was ironic that it happened like it did, because Patrick had just gotten over being mad at Jonny for letting Hartnell get under his skin and dropping the gloves.

“How many concussions have you had?” he’d yelled in the training room, pushing Jonny hard as he was trying to tape up his knuckles while completely discounting Patrick’s concern. “And are you so brain damaged you forgot that it’s cumulative? How the fuck is motherfucking Hartnell worth that risk?”

He’d stormed out and told Jonny to fuck off the three times he’d tried to talk to him, so that’s how they were in the middle of a three-game homestand, hosting the Ducks and barely speaking to each other when it happened.

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