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times have changed

Imagine your OTP

I’m at a store holding a funko pop, looking at shirts. A girl and a guy are the the register having a deep debate ok whether Chaotic Good or Lawful Neutral is the better character. As I walk past them the guy stops talking and tells me the funko pops are half off. As he turns back to the girl she says

“Oh no! You aren’t finally doing your job just so you can change the topic!”

And I just



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So Small
          Naughty List (M)
Just Friends

          Candy Cane


          Daddy’s Girl
          Walk in the Park

          Family First

          The Life and Times of Tigger
          Wait for Me

Block B

          Ho Ho Hopefully
          Tough Cookie
          Lost in Translation

          Study Date

          A Few Years Later


          Nightmare (M)
Bad Day

          Not All Bad

          Pillow Talk
          The Last


     Rap Monster:
          God of Destruction

          Love Yourself

          It’s Hard


          As Long As You Love Me (Wolf!AU)

          Chasing Cars

          Can’t Help It (M)

          Work of Art


          Wake Me Up (M)



          Earned It (M)
Heart of Gold
          When I Wake Up (M)
Up a Tree

           You Got It
           Move (M)
 Kiss Me
           Good Enough (M)
 Romance Killed the Variety Star
           Say You’ll Haunt Me

          Move (M)
Good Morning (M)
          When I’m At Home (M)

It’s Gonna Be Me


          Choke (M)
          Traffic (M)
Firsts (M)
Walk Away
          Treat You Better (Part two of Walk Away)
          Only You (part three of Walk Away)
          Do It Again (M)
          Out of the Woods

          Just Watch (M)
          Signs (M)


          Occupied (M)

          Happy (M)
I Must Be Dreaming
         Night Changes
         Scared Half to Death

          Highway to Hell (M)


          Blackout (M)


Live and Learn


          Hot Chocolate


          I Love It
          Adore You

          Can’t Wait

          Pretty Boy
          View (M)
Closer (M)

          Everything I Didn’t Say

          Shower (M)

Ride (M)
Night Changes
          Experience (M)
Closer (M)

          Have A Ball



          Show Me


          Something to Talk About (M)

          Traditions (M)
Bed Peace
          Cheater, Cheater
          Let It Go
          First Date
          Something New (M)
A Better Reality 
          Pretty Enough
          Up All Night

          Short Fuse
          Frustrated (M)

          Just Roommates (M)

          Sing (M)
Not Over Yet
          All Yours

     Jay Park:
          Right Idea
          Those Meddling Rappers! And That Meddling Gray, Too! (M)
One and Only? (M)
Sounds Good, Feels Good (M)
I Need You (M)
          Haven’t Been Caught Yet (M)
More Than Song Joong Ki?
          Often (M)
I Know (M)
Argument (M)
What You Came For (M)
          Can’t Win ‘Em All

           Good Night
           For You
           Greater Good
           Talking Body
           Thin Walls (M)

     Mad Clown:
            Mad About You

         One Ring
         Sundays (M)
Love Song
         I’m Not Him (M)
Missing You

          Daddy (M)
Want You to Want Me
          Take Me Home
          Are We?

     Simon D:
          Fake It
          Done (M)
          Under the Table (M)
          Good Girls (M)
          Nice Guys Finish Last
          Talk Dirty to Me (M)
          Oral Fixation (M)
Small Things
          Camping (M)
I Don’t Dance
          This is Halloween

     Ugly Duck:
          Never Judge a Duck By Its Feathers
          When I Wake Up

      Zion. T:
           Mad as Rabbits


     One and Only? (Jay Park + Simon D | RATED M) *Finished
           1. Those Meddling Rappers! And That Meddling Gray, Too! (M)
One and Only? (M)
Just Breathe
           4. I Need You (M)
           6. Press Your Number
           7. Say You’ll Mean It
           8. Dark Blue (Epilogue)

     House of Cards (Suga | RATED M) *HIATUS
          1. Prologue
          2. Chapter One

brotp tags masterlist

👽 hear ye hear ye!! look at me being productive for a change. alright, i see a lot of otp tags masterlists around and although they’re all awesome, brotps deserve some attention too. since i always find myself stuck on tags for them i decided to do one myself and so this was created!! so, under the cut you’ll find tag ideas for brotps (that fit otps too if you wanna) to which i will add as i think of more. i hope this helps you guys in some way and please reblog if you find useful!! 

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  • Tyler: Admit it! You like my girlfriend.
  • Stefan: Oh, come on. I mean, am I attracted to Caroline? Sure. Do my days feel better when I'm around her? Yeah. Does she get me in ways no woman ever has? Indubitably. Do I fantasize about her? Yes, but only in two positions. Look, am I the kind of guy who would try to steal someone else's girlfriend? Sure, of course, but do I like her? The answer's no.
Reasons to Ship Riarkle

Hi okay so some anon asked me to do this through my ask but I’m not exactly sure where it went?? Anyways enjoy! Hopefully this’ll change your view on things!

1. They make each other a better person: “I’m going to have to raise my level too.I was always a good student. You were always the smartest student in the class. That’s not good enough.” “Didn’t you ask us to help you figure out love? Then go figure it out.”

2. They’re both adorable dorks. and often parallel each other: *Both to Zay*: “GET OUT.” “YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY”

3. They’re always there for each other, no matter what: “I’m always here for you.” 

4. They love each other for who they are: “You’re Farkle and it’s a state of being. There’s only one, and everyone who cares about you knows that.” “I’m glad you’re back to normal. I love you [both] any way you are.”

5. They both have faith in each other: “I’m here because I believe in Riley.” “I hope that my friends will be right with me, Farkle.”

6. They care so much about each other: “I’m doing it for you Riley, I care so much about you I want you to know the truth is always the best thing.” “And everybody who cares about you knows that.”

7. They’ve said I love you to each other: “I love you, Farkle.” “And I love you.”

8. Farkle wants nothing more than for Riley to be happy: “What’s your cost Riley? Your own happiness?” “I want you happy.”

9. They both want to go to Mars: “You. Me. Mars. Let’s do this thing.” “Nobody wants to be the first girl on Mars?” 

10. Farkle’s favorite sound in the world is Riley’s giggle: “That giggle is my favorite sound in the whole world.” 

11. Riley never wants to settle for less than Farkle: “For the rest of our lives, let’s never settle for anyone less than Farkle.”

12. Farkle only wants the best for Riley: “I do. There is no situation where I wouldn’t want that for you.” 

13. Their adorable banter: “Good. Good. Fineh! Fineh!” “I’m gonna be Pippin.” “They’re not putting on Pippin.” “I’m gonna be Pippin in whatever they’re putting on.” “HAAAAAAAA!” 

14. When Farkle cries in GMGLONY, Riley is the one to comfort him.

15. They were both the first to figure out that the other was getting bullied: “Farkle. This isn’t you. This isn’t the Farkle that I know and I want to know why and I want to know now.” “Of course Riley is weird goofy and unique, that’s what we all love about her!” “Then what’s the problem?” “Somebody doesn’t.”

16. In addition to that, Farkle was the only one who realized that Riley was hiding the fact that she still liked Lucas: “You’re a liar. You’re lying to yourself.”

17. Farkle felt bad for not having more faith in Riley to do their Science project: “Our failure’s not your fault Riley, our failure’s on me. I should’ve had more faith in you.”

18. They’ve had more important conversations with each other than any other pairing (besides Rilaya) on the show: “All I know is that we don’t lie to each other. We don’t lie to each other Riley.”

19. Farkle put his favorite orange turtleneck into the time capsule, which was the same turtleneck that Riley wore to stand up for him: “Your favorite orange turtleneck.” 

20. They’ve both referenced to having kids with each other: “A good Earth for our children.” “You mean take care of the babies, Farkle?”

21. They’ve known each other since they were little.

22. Lucaya Parallels: “I could never hurt you.” “Because he’s great.” “Okay.”

23. Farkle always believes in Riley: “I’m here because I believe in Riley.” “I think we should have some faith in our Riley.”

24. Farkle immediately regretted leaving Riley when she believed in him: “Riley has such faith in people. I mean, yeah, she had faith in the seniors” (“But she had even more faith in us.”)

25. They call each other out immediately, if the other is doing something wrong: “By relegating me to a second class marble dropper you are stopping me from realizing my full potential.” “We don’t lie to each other, Riley.”

26. How Farkle stared at the back of Riley’s head and admired her.

27. How Riley finally started looking back at him.

28. How whenever they work together, they get results: (See Girl Meets STEM & Girl Meets Belief)

29. How they were the only two with a clear beaker: “Nice job partner.” “Partner.”

EDIT: I never got to finish this, but I don’t think I will anytime soon. So enjoy this unfinished post. 

Svt's Reaction to their S/O who's secretly an otaku

Requested by anon

Seungcheol- Is it just me or would Seungcheol be super confused at first? “Babe, a package came in the mail? It’s a bunch of manga and anime stuff? When did you buy all this?” He’d find it super cute though when he finds out. A lot of teasing… “Damn sweetheart, you don’t even obsess about Seventeen as much as some of this…” He’d probably be super curious what it was all about. Finds out your next shipment of stuffs is coming at 5:00pm and ends up staying up until 4:00am reading/watching anime. He’s hooked. Now he obsessively nerds out with you about all your favs and y'all get into fights over who’s merch was who’s.

“Stop stealing my manga to read on the toilet, y/n!!!”

Originally posted by scoupstv

Jeonghan- Probably doesn’t understand it whatsoever, but he loves you so he’s not going to complain about it. Unless you’re not paying enough attention to him, then he’ll jokingly take your stuff and hide it somewhere high up or under his shirt. “Yah! Are you in love with this or me, huh?” Always falls asleep on the couch with his head on your shoulder while you’re catching up on the latest and unapologetically fake snores or tickles you to get your attention. Surprisingly takes extreme care to never damage any of your prized possessions until maybe one day when something goes missing and he claims it wasn’t him although you found it under his pillow.

“I swear, I was just using it for scientific research, don’t kill me, y/n.” 

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Joshua- This dork is freaking the fluff out, he’s always been super into this kind of stuff and can’t believe you never told him so he could have someone to fanboy/girl over it with him. “Have you seen/watched/read this?” “You have to check this one out, y/n!” You both probably have every evening dedicated to geeking out together and making theories, a lot of discussions and arguments over plot, favorite characters, best ships. He’d probably be more happy about the whole thing than you are because now he doesn’t have to hide it either.

“Y/n, this just means we're a better match for each other, more than we thought!”

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Jun- Oh my god this boi will tease you forever I swear. But not in the mean way, just enough to make you react in a way he thinks is freaking adorable. And because he wants to make you think he’s jealous. “Wouldn’t you rather be staring at me all day?” You of course tease him back and say no, which he lowkey get’s offended. You always explain the plot to him over and over because he forgets a lot. He wants to understand what he’s watching or reading but also just wants to hear you talk about something so passionately. Eventually he’ll want your attention on him again. 

“Babe I’m so much better. Better looking, I’m a real person, which means I can touch you…”

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Hoshi- Turns into a little fluffy hamster because even if he doesn’t like it as much as dance, he can appreciate you and your loves. In his mind it’s like, me = dance, y/n = anime. Thinks your reaction is the fluffiest ever so constantly buys you manga or anime plushies. Definitely will watch your shows with you. Cries when someone dies. “Y/n why? did? that? why?” “Soonyoungie, that didn’t kill them, they have powers.” “Oh.” Gets inspired by the manga or anime and creates seventeen’s choreography with it. So next time you guys watch or read together,

“OOO! Remember that choreo I showed you, it was from this.”

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Wonwoo- You know this boy already loves to read. So when he finds out you like anime and manga, he’s reluctant. Not because he’s judging you but because he wants to like it too but what if manga isn’t his thing. Ends up really liking some of them because he really likes the plot, character, etc. Becomes comfortable with all the pictures with words. And secretly loves it just as much as you. “Y/n~ look what I got.” “HOW. THAT JUST RELEASED!” “Hehe, when me and the guys were in Japan…” You guys read them together. Always. But.

“BABE, did you read the first chapter without me?? I can see the book creases!”

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Woozi- He’s the one pretending to not understand why you’re obsessing over this when he knows perfectly well why. Endless teasing, “Babe, why is there a small plastic person staring at me when we sleep?” Secretly thinks it’s adorable but would never admit it to you. He also loves anime but every time you bring this up he’s like, “what? who”. Denies any kind of fanboying he’s ever done. “nope you got the wrong person.” One day out of nowhere, he makes you listen to this track. “I got inspired while you were listening to that ost, and your love and passion for it made me realize all over again how beautiful you are and I put this together to remind you of that.”

“I can sometimes pay attention, you know y/n, and what I saw, I won’t forget, passion and beauty, something I admire a lot.”

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Dk- Practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. Will ask you to explain everything too him with a bright smile. Get into multiple anime and manga but forgets it all. Always wants to watch it to see what’s it about but asks questions. “I DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD DO THAT” Still fanboys with you, hypes everything up, buys you gifts when he remembers. You think he’s the most adorable ever because he’ll fanboy about something not knowing it at all. “Do you remember this character at all?” “Nope”

“Which one is that, y/n? Should I style my hair like that? Would it make you laugh?”

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MIngyu- Protests about it at first, but will end up doing everything with you. Only protests because he wanted you to fangirl about him. He tries really hard to get into stuff with you, but he doesn’t really ever understand what happens. He’s too distracted by their hair colors and outfit choices to pay attention to the plot. He’s willing to bake themed cakes and make other themed foods for you whenever though, keeps dinners interesting. And good luck if you fangirl/boy over just one character too much. That’s going to make Mingyu playfully jealous, a lot of tickling and teasing and chasing around the sofa if you keep going on and on about your fav.

I mean I admit he’s handsome and cool, but I’m a much better visual to stare at.”

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The8- He’d probably act the most indifferent on the outside, ”I’m not stupid, y/n, there’s a life-size cardboard cutout in the closet, did you think I didn’t notice?“ "Everyone has their own likes and preferences, doesn’t change the fact that I love you. So why even hide it in the first place?” Secretly looks at your stuff so one day when you’re talking about your fav otp, out of nowhere he says, “ ______ makes a better couple though.” You both would probably playfully bicker over the best couples all the time. He still pretends he’s not just as obsessive as you are though.

“I love you, quirks and all. Plus if you can still love me after trying to flip water bottles for a good hour or so, it all works out in the end.”

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 Seungkwan- Is like what is this? at first. But honestly just pretending because he already kinda knew because of Joshua. Just wanted to see you slightly offended because you look cute. He’s going to be EXTRA af though. Goes around screaming character catchphrases and singing the OST’s at the top of his lungs. Cosplays as characters he barely knows and jumps off of chairs and from behind doors to scare you. “Guess who I am babe?” Acts out scenes repeatedly and runs around yelling and overacting as usual. Is fascinated by the costuming choices,

“Gosh for seventeen next concept, we’ll dress up as anime characters.”

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Vernon- Finds it hella hilarious because he fanboys over stuff all the time and now he knows you do too. Y'all now both have your own fandoms that you always obsess over and neither of you want to get into the other’s. “A new episode comes out tonight!” “I already called dibs on the tv though!” A lot of tickle fights to see who gets the tv. He thinks it’s great that you have obsessions like he does and although you both aren’t really interested in each other’s fandoms, y'all fangirl/boy together. Also steals your fav character body pillow to snuggle with.

“I don’t know who this is, but if you want it back y/n, you’re going to have to take its place.”

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Dino- This cutie is a confused marshmallow. He’s really respectful of your interests though, and never refuses you when you ask him to watch something with you. He can’t help it, you’re too cute to refuse. He, like Minghao, wouldn’t understand why you had to hide it though. He’ll drag you out to stores he researched and ask you to pick out all your favs, and then just listens to you rant about certain issues or episodes or characters. He loves listening to you go on and on about it and out of curiosity ask you to point out stuff in shops and explain the whole plot to him.

“SO you’re telling me, that there are like 60 characters you have to keep track of? How?”

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anonymous asked:

!! OH MY GOD IT'S A LITTLE SMALL DETAIL BUT I GOTTA GUSH OVER IT: YOU. DRAW. LEAF. WITH. RED. EYES- OR AT LEAST CLOSE TO THEM AND THAT IS A+. DON'T GET ME WRONG THE WHOLE "GREEN EYE, LEAF WITH HER LAST NAME BEING GREEN" STUFF IS OKAY BUT HELLO?? I LOVE?? RED-EYED LEAF??? IT SUITS HER SO MUCH MORE?? IT'S UGH- okay my gushing about her eye color aside your art literally makes me so happy this is my otp and seeing your art is like, bringing my feels to the max thank you,,

OH MY GOD THANK YOU YES???????? I LOVE LEAF WITH REd eyes and theres a reason cuz i used to like her with brown eyes but i thought it would be nice to start new and fresh but my hc GREEN ALREADY HAD GREEN EYES Even though i changed it later and leaf with blue eyes is…no…..because surprisingly i love leaf but i hate…pokespe!blue… AND  i also liked green as a name for the rival better than blue so i made leafs last name redwood


I see leaf as this nice girl but also a badass so HER RED EYES MAKE FOR REALLY COOL SCENES LIKE THIS,,,,FYI ITS MY ULTIMATE OTP TOO LIKE….every otp i have stems off the base of conflicting yall dont even know…..why yall think i like hanbaki so much…

LGBTQ+ Representation in Volume 4: What we could have gotten

So lately I’ve seen a lot of people talk about LGBTQ+ representation in RWBY and I wanted to share my many MANY thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind that this post is going to be very long and will contain an extensive list of all the things the writers could have done in volume 4 that they didn’t.

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Season 2

This show started out as a guilty pleasure. The first episodes of Season 1 were some of the most cringeworthy things on tv but over the course of season 1 and now especially season 2 it has become great. Everything has improved, the story-telling, the acting (Katherine and Dominic made me ship Jace) and the special effects. 

This show is one of a few were changes from the books did not make it worse.
It is also extremely diverse.

The best thing about this show is Simon. He’s funny, goofy, sometimes completely oblivious but a great friend and deserves better.

One thing that bugged me was the lack of a Clary and Isabelle friendship. They need more scenes together where they don’t talk about Jace.

Malec is the OTP to end them all but I don’t like what was going on in the last few episodes. Not story wise but in the was of you don’t want this to happen just because.

Will tudor was the highlight this season. A great actor who portrayed Sebastian/Jonathan incredibly. He managed to put on the bad guy act hiding behind the good guy act so subtly that it really was shocking to see him do the things he did. Can’t wait for more of him in season 3

  • otp: we have history together
  • otp: you won't be sad forever
  • otp: it was epic
  • otp: we're a work in progress
  • otp: i can't lose the way i feel about you
  • otp: it's real
  • otp: i completely forget what i am
  • otp: when it's real you can't walk away
  • otp: don't walk away
  • otp: don't hide from me
  • otp: you are the woman that i love
  • otp: you bought me flowers
  • otp: i trust you
  • otp: you were saving my life and i was saving yours
  • otp: i just want to spend as much time with you as possible
  • otp: it's your choice
  • otp: you have nothing to worry about
  • otp: i came back to this town to start a life with you
  • otp: it's just so nice to see you laugh
  • otp: come with me
  • otp: but i love you
  • otp: it's you and me stefan always
  • otp: always
  • otp: you're staring; i'm gazing
  • otp: because i love you so much
  • otp: with stefan she was home
  • otp: i can't think of a better reason to die
  • otp: because you and i fell in love
  • otp: i don't want us to ever be apart anymore
  • otp: this is a future memory
  • otp: i just want you to fight for it
  • otp: i will always protect elena
  • otp: it matters
  • otp: i'd want to be with you forever
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm not gonna let elena lose anybody else
  • otp: i just want to know that he's alive
  • otp: hold onto that
  • otp: never let that go
  • otp: he'd never give up on me
  • otp: i'm not gonna give up on him
  • otp: come home
  • otp: where else would i be?
  • otp: you love her
  • otp: you'd do anything for her and you have
  • otp: you owe me that
  • otp: i owe you everything
  • otp: you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up
  • otp: nothing is stronger than your love for this one girl
  • otp: i know who you really are better than anyone else
  • otp: i'm not giving up
  • otp: i knew you'd catch me
  • otp: i still have hope
  • otp: you have to get your hope back
  • otp: you had me
  • otp: that kind of love never dies
  • otp: you're the one who saved me
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: i don't believe that you feel nothing
  • otp: i never stopped loving you
  • otp: i will always love you
  • otp: some guy i used to date
  • otp: some girl i used to date
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: she's a pretty special girl
  • otp: you're her better option
  • otp: you should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive
  • otp: being with stefan somehow i figured it out
  • otp: just in case there is no later
  • otp: i love him
  • otp: i never unfell for him
  • otp: i was coming back for you
  • otp: i'm smiling; me too
  • otp: the best choice i ever made
  • otp: i'll be with you forever
  • otp: one day at a time
  • otp: your hands on my body
  • otp: you're so cheery
  • otp: you're the one getting me through this
  • otp: you just have to hold on
  • otp: i just need you to trust me
  • otp: stefan is your epic love
  • otp: now that's love
  • otp: he fought so hard he actually managed to resist
  • otp: i envy the love that you and elena share
  • otp: all i see is stefan and elena
  • otp: you know how badly i wanted a human life with you
  • otp: she didn't give up on me
  • otp: i won't give up on her
  • otp: i never thought i'd feel that way again until elena
  • otp: i just can't seem to shake her
  • otp: you just have to find that one thing inside of you that makes you want to live
  • otp: welcome back
  • otp: she's the love of my life
  • otp: i'd go back to her in a heartbeat
  • otp: you never gave up on me
  • otp: i owed you one
  • otp: don't give up
  • otp: these are the moments that keep me from falling apart
  • otp: stefan has elena
  • otp: this is where we collided
  • otp: you're smart you're pretty you're funny
  • otp: how do i not remember you?
  • otp: you were the perfect boyfriend
  • otp: you respected my choices
  • otp: i told you not to hide
  • otp: you may not remember but i do
  • otp: i got you
  • otp: i won't let her hurt you i promise
  • otp: your instincts were always to protect me
  • otp: you know me better than anybody else
  • otp: i do know you
  • otp: i wanted it to be you
  • otp: that kind of love can change your whole life
  • otp: every atom in my body told me that it was the right thing
  • otp: we were the perfect fit
  • otp: she wasn't you
  • otp: the life we had was amazing
  • otp: it was real
  • otp: we fell in love on our own
  • otp: i'll always love you

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OH boy! These have made my rather rough morning sooo much better, beloved wordsmith! Would you perchance favor me with a Breathtaking or Unbreakable Tomione (Nobility done gone and freaking CHANGED MY LITERARY RELIGION - and my otp) or Hermione/Pansy? (Good gravy, I do love your Pansy.)

(ugh normally I would jump at the chance for Tomione but I have had this random scenario stuck in my head for a bit so …)

“I wouldn’t kiss you if you were the last person on earth,” Hermione shouted, hurling the statement at Pansy as she struggled to get warm before the magically conjured fire.

“Well, look around, Granger,” Pansy snapped. “I am the last person on earth, so you should probably reconsider your stance on the matter before I drop dead of clitoral boredom.”

“Excuse me?” Hermione demanded. “What makes you think I care if-”

She stopped talking well before Pansy’s lips met hers, and well before she tasted coffee and something vaguely chocolate-flavored on her tongue; she stopped resisting the moment Pansy had taken two long strides, bringing them even. She’d stopped breathing the moment Pansy’s dark eyes had widened, stopped thinking long before she’d felt their pulses quicken in unison as they stared.

“What on earth,” Hermione whispered, swallowing, “is clitoral boredom?”

Pansy blinked. “Something I’m pretty sure I won’t have to worry about anymore,” she said, and then she closed the distance.

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I know how leaving you here is going to destroy me. I don’t regret a single moment, and you shouldn’t either. You have done so much, you have saved so many people’s lives. And you have changed so many for the better, including mine. Knowing you has changed my life. You’ve opened up my heart in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. I love you.

You told me once that life is precious, and that you wanted more from it than I could offer you. Don’t give up on that. The only way that I’m gonna survive this is if I know that you’re out there living your life - happy.

Connections Tags: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom // Halsey

Okay, okay, okay. Since a couple songs on this album gave me an incredible amount of muse, I thought I’d sit down and make another list of tags! Under the cut, you’ll find #166 tags for mostly nOTPs, but a little bit of every type of ship if you’re creative enough from Halsey’s sophomore album. They’re organized in sections by each song, since I personally think looking at long lists fucking sucks. Like/Reblog if this helps you out; thanks!

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