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“H-hey Snow. So…We’ve been together about a year now and..I know that isn’t very long, but I uh…really love you yo. You make me feel things I can’t explain, well I guess they’d have names, but i’m not good at emotions ya know… Anyway what I want to say is…”

*Remix gets down on one knee and takes her hand*

“I love you so much and it’s both scary and wonderful how much you make me feel. You’re so beautiful and caring and so all up amazing and…I want you to all up be mine…Snowflake? 

“Would You Marry Me?” 

slanted doodles.(reasons I explained earlier in blog) 

if I can’t have my ship can I at least have an intense brotp where friggin stoic sasuke actually showed his relief to see his friend survived her A-rank mission with only a broken wrist and leg? 


adenubis  asked:

From now: you're one of my inspiring people. Your drawings and your fan-arts of Devil May Cry give me a lot of sensations, especially butterflies in my belly! :3 Can I ask you to do a little tutorial (made of sketch, if you want) where do you explain how to draw the man body? ç3ç Because you do it really really well! Love ya and the couple Dante/Vergil too (my OTP)!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m glad to can give you inspiration. :)

it is Simple drawing tutorial. Other tutorial will posting soon.


anonymous asked:

I'm the top 10 moments anon from mindy lahirisms blog and I'm posing the same questions to you. YOUR TOP 20 (YES, 20) MINDY/BJ MOMENTS GO GO GO

OKAY I’M FINALLY DOING THIS. this is off the top of my head and in no particular order (despite the numeration):

  1. the time mindy requested a homemade birthday card from “keo” AND KEO ACTUALLY DELIVERS ON THE REQUEST A MONTH LATER. heart stickers and all.
  2. the fact that #1 happened literally hours after MINDY AND BJ LITERALLY BECAME HARRY AND SALLY
  4. mindy gets her own line in the acknowledgements of bj’s book, one more thing, right after he acknowledged his entire family. 
  5. in the least chill move of the century, bj casts mindy as “the girl of his dreams” in the book trailer for one more thing. COOL.
  6. mindy reads the part of every (non-robotic) love interest in the one more thing audiobook, including an entire love story that is a direct counterpart to a story that bj reads. ONE MORE THING HAS GIVEN US SO MUCH.
  8. bj novak cries during sex, pass it on
  9. actual visual proof that mindy and bj text + tweet while standing directly in each other’s personal space (s/o to cathy from the office)
  10. THE HOWARD STERN INTERVIEW HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD. mindy admits bj was the love of her life, would’ve married him if he’d asked. moment of silence in commemoration of this interview.
  11. moment of silence over. bj’s mom calls him up after the stern interview to tell him to GET HIS FUCKING LIFE TOGETHER. another moment of silence, pls.
  12. i once had a fever dream where mindy and bj reunited after bj was touring around europe for like a million years and they went on a date where they gazed at the supermoon on a malibu beach. CRAZY DREAM, AMIRITE???
  13. i’m starting to stretch the definition of ‘moments’ here but that whole thing where mindy wrote a two-episode arc for bj on her show about two best friends who don’t realize that they’ve been in love all along! can’t even make this stuff up!!! 
  14. july 24 - the day mindy psyched us all up because there was a SPECIAL GUEST coming to work that day!!! is it rhea perlman, the upcoming guest star??? NO, IT’S BJ NOVAK, THAT ONE GUY THAT SHE SEES LITERALLY EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE.
  15. suddenly, out of the blue: “you are the girl of my memes.” what??? why???? how???????
  16. that ongoing thing where mindy explains that she can’t write a chapter on bj in her books ever, because their story isn’t over yet and maybe she should write a song about him instead
  17. hey mindy kaling! what’s your favourite place in the world? let me guess - the empire state building, right? SORRY, WHAT, IT’S BJ NOVAK’S DECK?????
  18. bj KEEPS PROPOSING….. the idea that he and mindy should write a book together, much like abelard and heloise, two french philosophers known for their tragic love story.
  19. look out mindy, ‘cause bj’s fictional little sister is gonna be the WICKEST AUNT TO YOUR KIDS
  20. happy birthday, rude boy. can you get it up?
We’ve all been through ‘I love you more than I did when you were mine.’ You know who the person is, you exaggerate them in your head. You know them well enough to know what you don’t have.
—  B.J. Novak on why Prince’s “When You Were Mine” is the most romantic song of all time [x]

so remember how mindy was super awesome supporting google’s made with code and made a bunch of customized bracelets at their event?

an anon kindly pointed out to me that in other pictures she’s wearing another bracelet, a yellow one, which she didn’t include in this ig photo

and here we see a super gorgeous photo of mindy with a lovely instagram user, featuring the elusive yellow bracelet

hmmmmm i wonder what this one says–


oh oKAY.

They Kept Driving Faster and Outran the Rain
BJ Novak & Mindy Kaling
They Kept Driving Faster and Outran the Rain

“Wait, what’s fauna?”
“Plants, flowers, right?”
“Right, but ‘flora 
and fauna.’ Isn’t flora flowers?”
“Then what’s fauna?”
“Don’t know. Let’s look it up later.”