otp: you can

You said you could not possibly go on, that this would be the end of you, but still you picked yourself up and went on. You went on and on and got yourself through it all. So tell me, what else can you not do? What else is there that can stop you?
—  Lukas W. // You can do it


Y’all this is important. I am 43 and I am going to tell you something most adults won’t.

If you want to draw for a living, if you want to write for a living do it. If you just want to do it for fun, do it, if you want to play video games as your hobby DO IT. All my life, even now, I have people telling me “when are you going to get a real job instead of trying to make a living at that 3d thing you do” and “oh are you STILL playing video games”

You know what I’ve learned over the last few years? There are people with PhD’s playing video games and writing fanfics, there are people with art degrees drawing for commissions and just for fun of other people’s OCs. No one tells you those things. 

My Dad who is like the biggest douche on the planet and is all about appearances hides in his office at home on the weekends to play PC games but will tell everyone around him that gaming is for kids no self-respecting adult plays games. 

I am calling BULLSHIT! If you want to write, draw, dance, play video games, LARP, play board games, raise goats, whatever you want to do…DO IT! People will LIE to you to make themselves feel better about the things they gave up, or to hide the fact that they do those things too.

The thing about life is, we only get one (unless reincarnation is real) so do what makes you happy. Yes, you may have to work a separate job to afford to do the things you want to do, but you don’t have to give them up, not at 16 not at 60 and not at 160 (except death might stop you) don’t ever let anyone tell you that you CAN’T because you damn sure CAN!

Non-vegans trying to lecture vegans on nutrition is hilarious because funnily enough most of the time vegans are very aware of the nutritional requirements of a vegan diet, moreso than most people on a non-vegan diet who have probably not particularly considered their nutritional requirements before.
Wild how that happens, right? It’s almost like… Vegans… Generally know more about vegan diets…. Than non-vegans…. Wow

You can do it. Just begin.

Bernini started with this

Van Gogh started with this

Walt Disney started with this

JK Rowling started with this

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”–Plato 

Even when you think you can’t, you CAN. Just begin.