otp: you came back for me


January 14th, 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me.


“The night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.”


Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. 

Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and be with me for evermore.

in all seriousness

i think fleur and hermione would spend several years in france

and they wouldn’t move to england until they have kids, and when they do, fleur teaches them perfect french and they’re little wee bilingual children

so whenever the kids want to tell fleur something “secretive” they tell it to her in french

and it isn’t until they’re 10 when hermione just breaks into laughter because they’re whispering french back and forth and she’s just like

“your mother and I spent four years in france, i can understand every word you’re saying”

cue mortified looks from chilren

“she’s the brightest witch of her age” fleur says, sipping her cup of tea

“yeah, sure muman”

and its not until the kids both go to Hogwarts do they hear all the stories about their moms because before they thought their moms were just witches and both were very modest about their past

so the first year they come back for winter break they’re like “mum you get attached by a trOLL?!?!”

and the second year “unCLE HARRY FOUGHT A SNAKE?? YOU WERE PETRIFIED??" 

and by the forth year the teachers are like "oh and fleur delacour came from beauxbaton” and the kids are like “we know, we know, mums told us the story of how they met a million times”

until they come back from winter break and is like “Maman yOU FOUGHT A DRAGON???”

Yes, we have heard this so many times before ;P

But wait, Vegeta discovers that Bulma is dead in the future ;-;

“The very first time I traveled to the past and met you…after I came back, she would often ask me about how you were and how you looked.”

Despite his pride, the news of Bulma’s death gives Vegeta a change of heart to do fusion with Goku ;-;


the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)



anonymous asked:

Did you start shipping sheith back in s1 and if so why? Not an anti! Just curious.

Oh, I have no problem believing you’re just curious. Back in s1 days I had not one but four of my friends ask me why I shipped it.

So yes, I did start shipping it back in season 1 but it’s not like they were an OTP or anything. In fact, I only started to actively ship it at the s1 finale. Here’s how it went for me. 

There I am, watching the pilot episode, having a grand time and feeling nostalgic and really enjoying myself. When this happens. 

This scene set off all kinds of alarms inside my head. Now, it’s not like I started shipping it here but this interaction caught my interest because it indicated that these two clearly knew each other. This was further confirmed after Shiro is awake and they have their little shoulder touch “Good to have you back”/”Good to be back”. So I was eagerly awaiting some backstory, that I have yet to get >_>

The series moved forward though and I was enjoying the ride. Shiro quickly became my favourite, so I always paid particular attention to him when he was on screen, even if he was in the background. So that meant I noticed that Keith was just there a lot too. That led me to realize that it wasn’t simply that Shiro and Keith knew each other, but that they were really close, and had been as such before the series started. Even just in the first episode I kept noticing things.

Also Keith is always looking out for Shiro and is very protective and worried for him.

Meanwhile Shiro really respects Keith’s abilities and trusts him 100%. 

There’s just a lot of subtle moments between them that build up to the finale. And oh boy, the finale!

That’s when it really hit me because Keith is desperate and brutal in his attempts to save Shiro and the Black Lion. Keith also has no personal reasons to be as invested in taking down Zarkon as he is in the finale, to the point of shutting off Coran, so I have to assume that it relates to what the Galra did to Shiro. I mean, rewatch that fight. It feels so personal and I was sitting there watching it thinking damn Keith, what did the Galra ever do to you? Well, they took Shiro away and tortured him for an entire year. 

And Shiro saves Keith back which was really great.

So yeah I already shipped it in season 1 because these two were clearly close, had a lot of mutual respect and trust in each other and were just very tender and intimate with each other. And that’s my shipping aesthetic. 

I cannot BELIEVE Belle is just like “wow he’s amazing. he’s not only letting me go, but he’s the one pushing for me to do it. okay so I’m leaving the castle to save my father and then I’m going to go back, perhaps take my father with me, and stay with Adam yeah that’s gonna be great I just need to save my father first”

and then we have Adam being like “i’ll never see her again, the love of my life. i’m gonna give her my magic mirror to look back on me if she wants (wow slow down adam you’re such a fucking dork, like she’d want to remember you) and then i’ll never see her again”

and Belle’s like “oh okay he gave me his mirror. hold up what does he mean with it being a way to look back on him?? lol i’ll see him in a couple of hours or so” and then she runs away like “brb, adam! just gotta save my dad first!”

and Adam is literally giving up on his life, singing about how his life will be empty without her, how he’ll keep waiting for her to return one day even though he knows he’s only fooling himself, she can’t love him

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Do you have any library aus? Especially ones with romance in?

  • Character A doesn’t like staying in their house, so they spend most of their days in the library. Character B is a library volunteer, and they know that whenever they need help – they can’t find where a book goes, the extra ink pads have vanished again, a guest needs a book recommendation – that Character A can answer any question for Character B.
  • “As cute as you are, you have an overdue book that’s been lost for months and I just cannot think of going out on a date with you until you return that book.” AU
  • While studying for a major test, Character A decides to take a small nap in the campus library, but when they open their eyes, it’s completely dark and everybody is gone. Wandering around, Character A finds Character B, the librarian, and Character B offers to make Character A a cup of tea because it’s 3am and no way is Character A walking across campus alone at this hour.
  • Character A loves working at the library because of how calm and quiet is, and they’ve been noticing Character B coming in and looking at the same books over and over again. Soon, Character A realizes that Character B is especially interested in the libraries selection of cooking/arts and craft/self-help/etc. books, and begins to leave books out for Character B when they come into the library.
  • “I’ve been keeping an eye on the materials that you check out, and I think you would really like this new book that came in. Make sure to bring it back and tell me how you liked it.” AU
  • While doing laps around the library, Character A notices that one of the library patrons, Character B, is illegally watching a movie on the library computers. Sheepish at being caught, Character B is ready to be thrown out of the library, but instead Character A pulls up a chair and tells Character B to turn the movie back on.
Wishful thinking...

Thea: So Oliver, how did Felicity trick you into coming to the loft after work for your surprise party? 

*Felicity wrings her hands awkwardly* 

Oliver (smiles): She didn’t have to trick me. 

Curtis: Oh my God, she didn’t have to because you just came home after work because you totally live here. You are back together!  My OTP has risen! I didn’t even have to spring for wine and Chinese food this time.