otp: you broke my heart

If you’re saying that you love me, then I’d like to watch how you hold me in your arms when I turn into a flooding ocean.
Give me your love by making me coffee when I’m tired, by painting my room’s walls in my favorite colours, by driving me to lonely spots and asking me about the stars. Give me your love by bringing in tissues when I cry, by making food for me at night, by doing my laundry when my head hurts, by writing poetry for me. Give me your love in small doses and give me your love in an honest fashion. I don’t want you to bring me a fancy car, I don’t want you to buy me a huge house. I just want your love in a subtle, fulfilling manner.

Heart break isn’t beautiful.

Screaming at the top of your lungs, driving around at 3:00 am wishing someone would crash into you just to stop the inhuman sounds coming out of your mouth, that’s not beautiful.

Stumbling out of your car and throwing up in the grass, when you’ve had nothing to drink except his words “I don’t love you” that’s not beautiful.

Throwing your arms around your horse, clinging to her just to have the comfort of something alive up against you. Anything to help the god awful ache of emptiness, the overwhelming feeling of being alone. That’s not beautiful.

Sitting on your floor with your hands over your mouth trying to muffle your screams of agony so your parents don’t hear their baby girl completely and utterly falling apart, that’s not beautiful.

Washing the smeared makeup and snot off your face revealing hollow blood shot eyes. Looking into the mirror and seeing the reflection of someone you don’t recognize someone completely empty. That’s not beautiful.

Laying in darkness begging for sleep to take you and finally grant you peace but it never coming. Having to put yourself back together once daylight breaks the sky. Painting on a smile and practicing a laugh that doesn’t turn to crying, that isn’t beautiful.

Heartbreak isn’t beautiful

- أتعلم، يُراوِدُني ذَلك السُّؤال الذّي لَطالمّا أرّق نَومي مِراراً و تَكراراً ! 💔
- و مَا هُو ذَاك ؟
- لِماذا حِين يَنكسِر قَلب، لا تَتوقف المَدينّة لِثانيّة مِنْ الزّمن، احتِراماً لِكارثيّة الأمَرْ ؟ ⛔