otp: you believe in us


Imagine Person A is spooning Person B but Person A’s arm falls asleep so they have to awkwardly move it so that they get circulation back. Person B compensates by cuddling in closer.


“I’ll be the only one to stay by Maa~kun’s side. That’s why, be thankful… Stay with me until I die. Spoil me and take care of me. It’s a “promise.” Please don’t forget it.”

That awkward moment when you have to photoshop pictures of a ‘real’ couple together

oh my god the other day i was on the tube and in front of me sat a boy and a girl doing romantic stuff and instead of feeling awkward i just stared at them picturing my otp doing the things they were doing

we need help

Sooo on a scale of 1-10, how pissed ya think Regina will be to find out Henry used the iPod she gave him to get a girl?