otp: you are worth everything in life

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i love your blog so much!! sick keith was so adorable, can you do a sick lance too?

thanks so much for the request & i’m so glad you like the blog!! 💜💜 

(i’m all about sick!klance but also keith learning spanish so he can constantly shower lance with affection & make him blush?? so here you go pls take this)

to the best of my knowledge, this is how keith’s texts translate: 

mi cielito =  “my little sky” or “my heaven”

and the long text = “your love is worth more than a million stars, beautiful. i’m happy to share each moment of my life by your side. you are my everything.”

(if i messed up any translations, please let me know)

Sometimes I think about Hollstein and how they didn’t want to fall in love but they did.

I love that when the story started, Laura had a crush on Danny because Danny was everything she should look for in a match. But, the more she learnt about Danny and the closer they got, the more Laura’s feelings for Danny changed and she realised Danny wasn’t right for her romantically. It wasn’t really the relationship she wanted.

Meanwhile, she met Carmilla and instantly disliked her. Carmilla was what she didn’t want. But, as she learnt more about her suddenly her attraction grew and she began to really fall for her. As she says in s2, she was falling for her even when she was plotting ways to kidnap her. She was falling for Carmilla even when she still wanted to be falling for Danny. Carmilla ended up being the only person Laura wanted to be with. She became the thing that made Laura see that it’s important to let gray into your world. Carmilla became the one thing Laura couldn’t bear to lose.

On the flip side you have Carmilla who after what happened with Elle, did not want to fall for the girl trying to take on her mother. The girl who had all the power to make her life so much harder than it had been in decades. But, even as Laura showed stubbornness in her pursual of the truth that could ruin Carmilla, Carmilla fell for Laura. And in falling for Laura, Carmilla found a reason to fight her mother and she found something worth saving.

I just think it’s so true to life, that often the thing you think you least want can end up being exactly what you’ll end up needing. And it’s so beautiful to see these two fall for each other inspite of everything in them saying they shouldn’t. And to see that love make them do remarkable things. I just feel a lot about Hollstein late at night


『Shinachiku’s Family シナチク』 Part I ( *´艸`* ) ❤ *:・゚✧

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you
right. Forget about those who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.” ― Harvey MacKay 

(୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞p/s; Reasonably. I used to feel disappointed about ‘’Naruto Gaiden′’ . Although it makes me weak… but No, that’s the reason why I still essences to choose Narusaku. Yes, I ship Narusaku even they never be happen. And this is my Narusaku April 3rd. Well, I would like to say thank you very much for everything! take time to smile & enjoy loved ones.

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Okay so can I just thank you for that H50 pilot post? Because it is EVERYTHING I have thought of in the past and the reason I love Season 1 more than any other season? Because this is the beginning. This is the beginning of not only Steve's new life with Five-0, but a turn in Steve's own personal growth. Just in season 1 alone, Steve makes strides to become a better, more open version of himself because of Danny. I have so many feelings on this otp and this show

You are welcome. I have so many feelings about everything H50 related and of course McDanno. But I think it’s also worth noting that while Steve learns to ease himself out of that closed off shell that has been battered in place by the Navy, season 1 is very much about Danny’s progression as well. Because until Steve dropping in and later Chin and Kono, he was very much adamant to keep going in term of lifestyle as it was before moving to O’ahu. In a way, both characters are emotional train wrecks although presented differently and despite the tragic circumstances that brought them in each other’s path, they slowly begin to heal as time (episodes) go by. 

Madi and Silver Thoughts

First and foremost, way to start my OTP. I like this. It felt authentic and necessary to show that closeness they built up last season immediately payoff. Some can say Joadi was rushed but I think its a natural progression. Some people know each other for years and one day “see each other” and its epic and grand but that’s just ONE instance of a love story. Sometimes you meet someone who makes you feel everything missing in your life and believes in you and your worth above all else. This from a woman who is also kind, strong, and puts her people before all else. Someone who syncs with you. Thats Silver and Madi’s tale.

I don’t devalue Flint and Silver’s friendship at all…but I think Flint and Silver ultimately have the same goal for different reasons. I feel Silver and Madi are for their people whereas Flint has always wanted vegence for what was done to HIM and that can make him shortsighted when it comes to the risks and who he would need to sacrifice to achieve his aim.

Silver is expendable to him in that way. When it comes to his fight with England. Madi and Silver want Nassau to be free, for it to be a home.

Thats much more important now since Im going to throw this out there and predict he and Madi are already married. Hence her playing with a ring that looks hella mannish. Her men also referred to John as “ sir” which, as a free man, a sign of deference. It shows John’s place among the Maroon people.

Which is why on the beach ( man that scene was great. Madi’s face was just so tragic. It conveyed the depth of her and Silvers relationship) with Flint saying what he said didnt relate to Flint admitting to any romantic feeling because I just dont think he KNOWS. The way he says, “you formed a friendship, even,” indicates to me that he is out of the loop.

It’s further proof later when he sorta forgets Madi is in the room or that after Silver she’s the second most powerful force in their alliance.

John and Madi in every sense of the word are the King and Queen ( in her own right) of this new group of people. Did Flint really think he would get 200 slaves to join him without her? AND she knows the treasure location?

Sidenote: Was it not amazing how she LET Flint and Billy show their colors and hands swinging their dicks at each other and only when she saw the victor of the pissing contest that she decided to speak up?

Other sidenote: Madi looks at Flint like he’s that drug addict best friend of your husband. You know they tight and been through some shit so you respect it but you know deep down they trouble and will only hurt your boo. Love her protectiveness of John. And John.fucking. loves. it. No one has been in his corner and only his corner without a hidden agenda ever.

Ok, this is officially a ramble so other things I loved was Silver holding Madi’s hand. She has two bodyguards and he has a whole hella lot of men to be looking after but he chooses to get her off the boat himself. Awww.

The way he looked at her when the BE started to attack. Awww

His struggle…damn! I almost lost my shit. I know out of everyone he survives but this shit is certainly about to change him. And his Queen is holding down the fort.

Ive only watched it twice but I am so ready to watch it again and here everyone else’s thoughts.

Lastly, the minute he’s back on deck he rushes to Madi’s side. And that “hmmm” was def wife speak for “ whatever you say baby, Im listening but I got my eye out”



this scene gets me every. fucking. time.

because Simon knows what he’s just done. he looks around, and the living and undead alike are all staring. there’s no denying what just happened. his life as Twelfth Disciple is over. he gave it all up when he jumped in front of that bullet.

but look at his smile when he looks at Kieren. all that is worth it! for Kieren Walker, he sacrificed everything, and he didn’t regret it a single bit.

and he’s so wrapped up in his victory that he’s still grinning when Kieren asks “did i hurt anyone?” because of course that was the first thing on his mind. and Simon is able to say “no! you didn’t! you beat it!” the pure joy on his face is just beautiful.

Simon Monroe entirely fucked up his life, all because Kieren Walker saw another way.

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When ever I get depressed or I'm going through something difficult I always go to your blog to cheer me up. I love your writing and you, you deserve more followers and notes. If you get anon-hate don't trust 'em. Also, I hope you reseive many pupper love, kind smiles, otp to cannon, and just good all around. ^^

This is entirely too sweet! I’m glad my blog can do that for you, it really does make everything I do worth the time I take from my life. I love it and you!

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Felicity doesn't sound like she's waiting for Oliver to change. She's done with him. She wants to move on. I understand that feeling and I understand her but I wish this would actually be the end. It's frustrating when Olicity seems done and it seems like the only thing to do is for them to move on, when you know they'll bring them back together. They're leaving nothing for them to rebuild because Felicity is done.

False, anon. This is simply false.

People, Felicity is hurting. She is in pain. She’s gone through hell and she has not come out unscathed, and that hell started way before she met Oliver. The way she’s reacting now is a direct correlation to her own issues, yeah?

Think of it this way:

Both Oliver and Felicity are people who love with every ounce of their being. When they find someone they love, they love them, so much. So. Much.

So what happens when shit hits the fan? Well, Oliver clings until it’s literally falling apart in his hands (look at what happened with Laurel, he put her on a pedestal and he kept her there), and Felicity shuts down and runs away. They are both just as fucked up as the other, and I’m getting annoyed that people have Felicity on this weird pedestal while keeping Oliver in the shitty dumps.

The reason why Olicity works is because these characters are so incredibly human. They are flawed, and sometimes those goddamn flaws get in the way.

And they’re leaving nothing for them to rebuild on? They’re leaving everything for them to rebuild on! Everything! They love each other, check. They want to be together, check. They share the same goals and views on life, check.

If you can’t handle the shitty times, you don’t deserve Olicity when they’re happy.

An OTP isn’t supposed to be perfect, it has the highest highs and the lowest lows and right now we’re swimming in those lows. You know what makes for really boring storytelling? Everything being perfect. Holy god, that’s boring as hell. It’s also why despite our ‘no, we don’t want pain, we want happiness,’ we keep watching, we come back for more, because it makes it worth it. You want to earn the love you have for your OTP. It was a slow-burn and then it was denial and now it’s heartbreaking betrayal. 

And also, the fun thing about television is that you get to fast-forward through the weeks and months that are relationship issues. You know those periods in real life where you break up but get back together, or you stay with someone when you are so upset and hurt you can’t see straight, or you simply stop talking to someone because you can’t handle it? TV can’t do that. So they’re doing this, and considering, they’re handling it pretty well.

That being said, the other fun thing about television is you can throw these characters at each other as much as you want. In real life, if Felicity left like that, Oliver would respect her wishes and it’s very likely nothing would happen. But this is television! Which is why crazy bee lady attacks Felicity at Palmer Tech and it brings Team Arrow a-runnin’.

They will find their way back to each other. End of story. How that happens remains to be seen, but that’s also part of the fun of looking forward to new episodes.

I am keeping my faith in Olicity because I love this couple. I’m here if they fall apart just as much as I’m here if (nay, when) they find their way back to each other. And I’m getting just as annoyed as i was after 4x08 with people being willing to jump ship the second things get hairy.

Honestly, friends, keep the Olicity faith.

“I know how much bucky means to you.”

*steve wasn’t dating or dancing in the first avenger despite bucky’s attempts to get him to & tricking him into going to the expo where dates he’d set up were. he wanted bucky and to ship out by his side but that wasn’t possible yet. (he did fall in love with peggy later & thought he could keep both of them)

*steve wasn’t dating in winter soldier despite nat’s attempts to get him to & encouraging him to get close to his neighbor/shield agent. steve turned nat’s attempts down because he still wasn’t over bucky & then bucky returns from the dead & suddenly everything is him.

gee it sure seems like bucky is (one of his) his right partner(s) with shared life experience. the common denominator in both situations.