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Imagine your otp
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> Is a hot head who pretends to be badass all the time"I'll do what I want and no one can stop me."<p/><b>Person B:</b> An actual ball of sunshine "You have a spider on your jacket."<p/><b>Person A:</b> Starts screaming and begs Person B to get it off.<p/></p>
OTP Idea #853

Before A and B knew each other, they saw each other around but never talked. Person A wants to talk to B but doesn’t know what to say. Person A always just assumed B was right-handed, so when they finally notice B is left-handed they decide that’s a perfect ice breaker and say, “Wait, since when were you left-handed?!” and B just kinda gives them this sideways glance and responds with, “Since I could hold a pencil?”

Bonus point if B still teases A for that.
(“Hey B? Where’s the remote?
“Wait, since when did we have a remote?!”
“I hate you so much, you know that right?”
“Love you too babe!”)

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I don't want to come off as rude or nosey or like I'm trying to tell you what to do but I've noticed you interacting with people who clearly do not ship Johnlock. Why? Is that still your OTP?

First of all, yes. Johnlock is my OTP. No doubt. It’s never going to change.

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Most of my friends on here are fellow Johnlockers. However, I also have a deep love for Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Therefore, I am also friends with many other people who also appreciate the talented, wonderful, sweet, funny, handsome man that is Ben. Some of those friends happen to ship something else or nothing at all. That is more than alright with me because we all have our own opinions and preferences, etc. I enjoy funny posts here and there and maybe I’ll post silly things but if it becomes too heavy, I try not to get involved in any public discourse when it comes to these differences. Give respect to get respect. We also have the option of blocking certain content if we don’t want to see it on our feed.

Having said that, if you, too, love Benedict Cumberbatch and/or Martin Freeman but we just don’t agree on OTP, hello there 😊

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Are you up for aaa subtle aged up terumob smuff (smut + fluff)? Really subtle ;3; I hope that I'm not being nasty or anything

daawww don’t worry I don’t think you are nasty or anything like that, you know what?… subtle/fluffy nsfw content is MY thing <33, 

I love it, though I believe some people will find it problematic yeah, thinking I’m aging them up just to sexualize them… I can see that coming here hehe!.

Well, just as many people, I usually make content projeting myself through the characters I love, and me as a Demi girl… porn just for the sake of porn has no meaning to me… sex is the biggest expression of love, I can’t lie…I really want my otp to reach that level of trust some day ashgsash It would be like giving it all for love, completely, body and soul…

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I'm wondering and sorry if I'm being too curious but how did you know your bf was the one?because I'm 23 and living that hoe life lol and I can't see myself with some guy right now but sometimes I think too like what if I let the one go?

lol honestly you’re young, keep living that hoe life. don’t stress it too much.

let me get real. i’m not a romantic (other than the fact that all i want to read is romance lol). i mean, sure, the fictional IDEA of soulmates or “the one” makes me melt when it comes to a ship/OTP, but i guess i don’t necessarily ascribe to this stuff in real life. i don’t believe in “the one” so much as i do that you make a choice to stick with one person. i had to write the script for our officiant/our vows, so i’m about to parrot back what i’ve been thinking about lately, and it’s a philosophy i’ve read about and learned in therapy while doing couple’s counseling too–so no one else really has to take this to heart–but being in love is different from love. so you could fall in love, find someone you really really like, tomorrow or years from now. on average that feeling lasts about 2 years, then it fades (though i think it will come and go in waves, actually) and either what’s left is a bone-deep sort of love for that person that’s tedious and sometimes ugly but it’s also full of faith and trust and, to me, a deeply abiding kind of comfort and contentment. and for personal reasons that’s what matters to me, what i look for in a long-term relationship; that’s what makes me want to spend the rest of my life with a person.

sometimes that stuff isn’t there after the honeymoon phase of a relationship fades, even if the first year or so you thought you’d die without that person. shit is tricky, ultimately, but when i say love is a choice, it’s one you make every day. so sometimes when that day is hard, you make that choice to keep loving that person and not bail. other days it’s the easiest thing. if you want to bail every day, well that person is probably not the one you want to marry or spend forever with.

i feel like i’m rambling, and i don’t know if that made any sense or helped at all. other people probably feel differently about love, but you just have to decide what you are looking for in a relationship. no one can really tell you what it is you’re looking for, and unfortunately you might not even know when you’ve “found” it. but if you realize you really like someone in the beginning stages, give it a shot. don’t close yourself off, or even throw yourself into it, just because you’re worried somehow you’ll miss that elusive “the one” as if the universe has only given you one chance at a great love.

I’ve Reached 3,000+ Followers Here on @that70sshowgoldencouple !!!

I can’t believe I’ve reached this milestone but it makes me so very happy. Mostly because it’s so great to see that there are more Red and Kitty fans out there than I thought!

Thank you so much to all of you wonderful followers whether you started following me from the very start or just started following today. You are awesome and part of what makes running the blog so much fun :D

Don’t know how I wanna celebrate the landmark so I’m open to suggestions. Want a gifset? A FanFic? Photo Edit? OTP Questions? Headcanons or something else? Let me know!

Thanks again for everything *big hugs*


#alright Alec #you’re here on Clave business #you’re here to see the High Warlock of Brooklyn #not to see your gorgeous boyfriend #act professional #act fucking professional #…… #wow #…… #okay…. why am I here again? #right #right #to kiss my boyfriend #because he looks hot af #right #I got this

person A: *has a black eye*
person A: i-i’m sorry!
person B:
person A: *is super sad*
person B:
person A:
person B: *clears throat* did you win?
person A: *perks up* fuck yeah!


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

Random prompt starters

- “Alright who pressed the self destruct button? ”
- “I can soundly assure you he’s 90% dead.”
- “Does anyone have a spare blowtorch.”
- “If we’re about to die right now I want you the know…”
- “So I may have used poison instead of sugar.”
- “What if I kissed you right now?”
- “You know what I changed my mind I’m not having kids.”
- “I probably should have though about the consequences of selling my soul first.”
- “There’s a perfectly good reason for all of these kittens.”
- “Don’t act like you’ve never seen a dead person talking before.”
- “Put your hands somewhere useful.”
- “So I’m either in hell or the heaters been left on for too long.”
- “I told you this would be a bad idea.”

Another set of sentence prompts!

“No, you don’t deserve ice cream!” 

“Please stop calling it your lair.” 

“I want a lion.”

“I’ll be the guard dog.” 

“Do you HATE happiness?!“ 

"Okay, I got a pla- oh." 

"What are your thoughts on giraffes in turtlenecks?”


"’We’re not going to die’? We’re not going to die?! Well it bloody feels like we’re about to die!”

“At least breathe in between bites!”

“You’re strangely nonchalant for someone who almost died a minute ago.”

“Who are these people?!”

“That was definitely my finest hour.”

“You are not going to have a good day.”

“Use the little scanny thing.”

“Ow, you shot me in the face!”

“Behind you!”

“Listen, it’s for science.”

“I didn’t even have to do anything.”

“Dude, this is romantic as fuck.”

“I’m in your mind…” “Great, just what I needed, more useless crap in there.”

“Anyone want to sing along?”

“I can save you.” “No, you can’t.”

“I don’t want to be rude, but you’re here to do an actual job.”

“Are you humming?” “It’s my theme song, I need it for confidence!”

“Let’s talk dirty to each other.” “Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.”

“That looks infected.” “It’s fine.” “You’re dying.” “Well… that’s fine too.”

“Crickety crack, that’s really wack.”

say what you want about klance but the reason i started watching voltron was because i saw the “we did it. we are a good team.” scene posted by a mutual and i was like, “oh sweet, there’s a canon gay couple.”