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video game challenge: [1/5] heartwarming scenesa romanced morrigan talking about her warden


C: I like to see Alfonso d'Este, who has waited so long to be your husband, wait a little longer.

cosmosarelife  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could do a headcanon about how Hyde would react when he finds out Jackie is pregnant?

Honestly, this would be such a fun scenario because no matter how many years he and Jackie have been together, how sure he is of becoming a father with her, it stills will make him freak out a bit to find out they are expecting.

I firmly believe they would have planned kids, so they may had been searching for the pregnancy for a few months and when none of them expects it, she’ll find out she’s pregnant. And she knows the news will freak him out for five second, then make him happy, so she decides to make the best of it.

Jackie is super Extra™. She would probably make a romantic dinner and all so beautiful, when he gets home he is in part trying to remember if there is something he doesn’t remember they are supposed to celebrate and the other part is super tired, had a horrible day at work and he can’t stop talking about it.

She is waiting for him to get out all that has been eating him all day long, but she is also desperate to tell him about it, and he notices how nervous and desperate she is. And while they are talking, she finally yells at him that she’s pregnant and he kind of– stares at her, not sure if he hear that well or what.

Before he can’t do anything else, she starts babbling about it, about how she has suspected it and how her period hasn’t come and how many people she had to give money to for her studies to come out faster because she just needed to know right now, and he is still freezed at the other side of the table, spoon mid air and mouth a little bit opened.


“Uhm, I… need to, I need to get some paint.”


“For the nursery.”

“Oh, God. Steven!”

It’s Time

This angsty Watson family plot bunny wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to write it. It’s happy in some ways though. (And there’s also a mention of sherlolly) Hope you enjoy the range of feels! ❤️ 

John sighed, running hands over his tired eyes before looking over at Mary again.

“I can’t help feeling like I’d rather it was up to you,” he said with a little shrug. “Doesn’t feel like it should be my decision.”

Mary smiled kindly. “I know…I know. But, John, I do trust you to decide. If you think now is a good time, then I’m sure it is.”

“It’s been sort of hard for me to say,” he went on, trailing fingers through his short hair. “I suppose I don’t even know exactly what I’m presenting her with, though I can guess what some of it may be. I didn’t want to do it when she was really young. Thought it might be too painful and confusing. But she is sixteen now, so…”

“I’m sure you’ve picked the right time,” Mary told him, her tone reassuring. “She’s your daughter too, and you know her.”

“Right, I know,” he agreed, nodding. “It’s just- it’s still hard sometimes…making these decisions and figuring things out. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is.”

Mary gave him a watery smile.

“I know it is. But that’s ok,” she whispered. “It’s ok to miss me sometimes.”

The door unlocked and opened and John’s head shot up, prompting him to sniff away a bit of moisture that had begun clouding his vision.

“Hey, Dad,” Rosie said with a smile as she shut the door behind her and set down her school bag. “Thought you weren’t going to be home till later.”

“Yeah well…” John hoisted himself up from the couch. “I wanted to do something sort of…important and special today. It’s a kind of gift- a message for you. I saved it for a long time, but I think you’re old enough now.”

Rosie kicked her shoes off and approached her father, her blue eyes curious as she tucked some light curls behind her ears. “What kind of message?”

John rocked on his heels for a second, taking a breath of courage first.

“It’s um, it’s all set up on the laptop in your bedroom. It’s for you so I’ll let you watch on your own. We can talk after of course- about whatever you’d like but um, I think this should be between just you and her first.”

From the look in Rosie’s eyes, she seemed to already have a guess despite her hesitant question.


John gave his beautiful daughter a small smile and answered as audibly as he could manage without his voice breaking.

“Your mother.”

Rosie came back down the hall about twenty minutes later, just as John had put the kettle on. She came over to him in the kitchen, sniffling and a bit red in the face. John immediately wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight and stroking her hair as she let out a few more tears.

“Shh, it’s ok, it’s ok,” he whispered, feeling like the worst father in the world now. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry if that was hard to see.”

But when Rosie pulled back and looked up at him, she was smiling.

“No, it’s ok, Dad,” she said, shaking her head and wiping her eyes. “It’s more than ok. That was…that was amazing. She was talking to me. Mum was talking to me!”

John smiled, his shoulders sagging in relief. “I’m so glad you liked seeing it. That one was left especially for you, so I knew one day it would have to be time.”

Rosie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Thank you for showing me. She was…she was so beautiful.”

“She certainly was,” John agreed wholeheartedly. “And you look just like her.”

He planted a kiss on her forehead and then smiled again. “So how bout some tea? And if there’s anything you want to talk about or ask me, I’m here and I’m happy to tell you whatever you want to know. Though, that message was from your mother to you, so if you’d rather keep it to yourself, I completely-”

“No, Dad, of course I want to tell you about it,” Rosie assured him while grabbing a couple mugs from the shelf. “It’s nothing secret.”

“Well then I’m happy to hear all about it,” he assured her.

“Y’know,” Rosie went on with a little laugh, “there was one thing that she mentioned and kind of seemed to know that really surprised me.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Because I thought that Uncle Sherlock and Aunt Molly didn’t start dating till I was close to two.”

John frowned. “Right, yeah about then.”

“Wow.” Rosie chuckled again. “So how did Mum already know that they were in love?”

A smile spread on John’s face as he slowly shook his head and laughed. “Of course she knew,” he muttered to himself, and then looked at his daughter to offer the very simple explanation.

“Just one of the many ways that she was better.”


Zenmasters Week 2017: Day 5 – Creator’s Week/Free Day
I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS  ❥ For all the shit he’s lived, Hyde never saw Jackie dying before him, and at such young age, coming. Or that’s what he thought until he is called one night to be told his younger daughter, Alison (Natalia Dyer), was taken out the water in a failed attempt at killing herself. Not sure of what to do, Hyde takes her and her brother Dave (Milo Ventimiglia) back to Point Place where Alison befriends a girl her age named Julia (Sarah Hyland). Hyde soon starts noticing too many similarities between her and his late wife. When he meets Julia’s mother, Paige (Natalie Portman), who even shares Jackie’s birthday and a too similar background, he’s sure something beyond this world is happening as he confirms Alison may not see the world the same way most people, included himself, do.

Alison always thought herself a mermaid since she had memory.

No one around her saw it her way and that was fine. Her hair was wet as well as the rest of her body, slowly dropping into Jonathan’s kitchen while the adults yelled at each other in his livingroom. 

He was looking at her, though. His soft mapple colored eyes were full of sorrow, like wondering what had gone wrong with her, did he had something to do with her frustrated suicide attempt?

Someone desperately knocked at the front door and she recognized the steps that followed the silence after Jon’s mom opened. Soon, passing the kitchen’s door was her dad. He had stopped being daddy that summer, when Alison realized she was sixteen years old, soon to be seventeen, and he didn’t even noticed.

“Mr. Hyde,” Jonathan started, but her dad got a hand up, silencing him immediatelly before Jon’s mom entered the room. “I’m sorry.”

Alison’s dad was clean shaved like every year on this day. He constantly said her mom had liked him better when she could see his face and Alison understood that as she studied her dad’s features. He was so handsome. And still young. Why was him alone?

“What have you done, Alie?”

Her eyes moved around his face, then looked at Jon and his mother took him away from her once more. Mrs. Drapper always did that, she didn’t like her at all and always talked shit of her dad, like if he was the same seventeen years old stoner she always talked about, and no this man pale as dead.

“I went swimming.”

I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, Chapter I: Submarine.

juliansreed  asked:

Everyone is talking about pregnancy and who wants or not kids in your blog xD, how do you think Jackie would be while pregnant?

OMG, true. Now, pregnant Jackie would be a Thing™.

Well, I think she will be standing in a better place in her life once she gets pregnant. I don’t think she will go crazy with the fact that her body will change as the pregnancy gets going. So once her mind is aware of that…

  • Her cravings wouldn’t be as weird as she was expecting, but she will find herself wanting to eat things otherwise she wouldn’t, like big ass burgers and lots of pizza, and basically anything with meat and oh God, this pregnancy thing is going to be even more expensive that he thought, Hyde thinks.
  • She would enjoy buying mathernity clothes because NEW CLOTHEEEEES and Hyde would walk behind her, fearing for their walets.
  • All baby shopping is her favorite thing to do, every time someone mentions something they don’t have, she wants to go out and buy RIGHT NOW.
  • Jackie wouldn’t stop going to work and doing her normal activities for the first months, but she wouldn’t be a fan of everyone telling her she should be careful with what she does, how much she walks, eats and moves. 
  • At first, Hyde would be behind her all the time because a part of him is scared shit they are going to be parents. His mind will play him tricks arguing that she’s too small, how is she going to carry a big belly just like that? But after the first months, he would calm down and just do as Mrs. Forman told him to: “spoil her, I don’t care if you don’t like it, SPOIL HER”. He knows better than to not listen to the woman.
  • Brooke would handle her some of her pregnancy books and that’s all Jackie would do once the pregnancy has gone furter. Her feet would kill her, so she spends some time resting and enjoying being spoiled. She considers herself baby expert after so many books (she isn’t, of course, but at least she do knows what to do most times).
  • Overall, I think she would enjoy being pregnant. Like, this is vacations from her every day. She eats, she sleeps, she gets spoiled and gets to buy stuff… best time ever.
  • Don’t mention birth, she gets anxious with the idea of pain.
  • She would follow Hyde around to get their nursey ready and he would be like, “yOU ARE TWO MONTHS, WHEN IS CLOSER WE’LL DO IT”. When it’s time, she gets baned from nursey prep because she doesn’t let Hyde, Kelso and Red work in peace.
  • Once her mathernity leave starts, aside from reading and eating Mrs. Forman’s cookies, she watches cartoons to “get used to them”.
  • On mathernity leave, once she gets kinda bored, she goes to ‘Grooves’ with Hyde and enjoys everyone saying that she looks “so cute”. Hyde thinks that’s the only reason she likes going out the house.
  • If she’s not at Grooves, then she’s at the Formans with Kitty, and she is always cooking everything and anything Jackie may want (or not).
  • During Betsy’s birthday, she fall down on her ass over an air bed. Everyone stopped moving and talking, waiting for the worst but she started laughing. Betsy was holding her hand when it happened and helped her up, even when Jackie was saying she was okay, Hyde was freaking out and felt really embarrassed when the doctor confirmed she was right, she was fine.
  • She talks to her unborn child all the time. Like, ALL the time. “We are going to eat this….”, “Oh, you like this cartoon?”, “Look, here comes daddy!”, always. She also sings to the baby, saying that way she/he will get used to her voice. She also encoragues Hyde to talk to the baby. He doesn’t at the beginning, but with the growing months, he has to.
  • In the last months, she was uncofortable sleeping, so Hye offered to sleep in the couch. She couldn’t sleep at all, so now they just move around until she finds a way to fit and be comofrtable. 
  • She enjoyed the babyshower way too much.