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J/H = ■ & ♦

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon 

Jackie likes filling their living room with pictures that she’s changing all the time. She says that they need to have pictures of their friends, family and friends on display. The pictures of them are always changing.

He knows the ones she takes away will end up in her albums and scrapbooks, so he has stopped asking where are they or what happened to the pictures.

The only picture he has told her not to move is their prom picture. 

He doesn’t like how he looks in it and Jackie is kind of embarrassed of her teenage self once they are older, but none of them want it anywhere else.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Before having kids, even before going to live together, they started doing short road trips to smalls town between cities. They would search a dinner that serves disgusting burgers and eat them.

Jackie marks on a map the places were the food isn’t as bad, and the ones were the food is the best. At some point, they have all Wisconsin marked with places to eat burgers she would never admit to put in her body to anyone else.

Once they had their first kid, they thought about stopping doing these trips but Hyde suggested they shouldn’t, just add a small person to it. They kept doing it, even when their kids were older and about to leave the house, and even before they did.

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★ and ☆ + steven hyde

★ - sad headcanon

Things weren’t that bad with his parents when he was little, before Edna catched Bud cheating on her. 

They weren’t the best parents either. He was still pretty much absent and Edna got distracted easily or didn’t put that much of disposition on stuff regarding motherhood. But it wasn’t that bad.

But once Bud’s shit was discovered, Edna started to change for him.

Hyde had to live the horror of having your beloved mother transform into a monster that slowly tears you apart. And he didn’t understood that until her was older.

☆ - happy headcanon

When he became a dad, he was scared as hell of fucking up and screwing his kid like his parents did to him. 

The normality of his days as a father comes as a surprise. It helps his nervouness and paranoid about swering up a lot the fact that he can sit down and watch Jackie carrying their kid around the kitchen, signaling things and calling them by its name because Mrs. Forman told them that will help the kid to develop his capacities faster.

He can see her came out with a song for his bath, a song for his meal, another to change the diaper, one more for sleeping and napping time. 

She takes their baby in arms and lays beside him on their couch, cuddling into his chest and sighs. He rounds her with one arm, resting his hand on her belly and looks at his baby making small noises and looking around, smiling to his mother and starting to laugh.

“Are you happy?” he asks out of nowhere one day.

“Of course!” she answers immediately, and he knows his kids are never going to get through that nightmare of his childhood.

OTP Prompts- Family Edition

“You’re my landlord, and sometimes you come into my house and do repairs without warning me. Today, I came home to find you at my kitchen table, talking with my mother, who I totally didn’t realize was in town. Lovely, now she thinks we’re dating.” Au.

“My father has talked about a co-worker quite a bit, but I thought you were around his age, not… My age. And attractive. But I was very wrong.” Au

“I’m at a family reunion, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen you before, but I have a big family, so I’m not too worried about it. Only, now you’re flirting with me, and THAT concerns me a little. Oh, you’re just my cousin’s best friend? By all means, continue.” Au

“You’re my neighbor, and I have a huge crush on you. I’ve managed to keep it hidden, but you came over while I was babysitting my little sister, and she told you I loved you. Well, this is awkward.” Au

“This is really cliché, but you’re my brother’s best friend, and I’m always hanging out with him just to spend time with you. I’m pretty sure he’s told you how I feel, but you’re still nice to me, and that really isn’t helping my crush.” Au

“My aunt keeps setting me up on blind dates, and you’re apparently going to be my latest disaster.” Au
Alt. “My aunt keeps setting me up on blind dates. Will you pretend to be my S/O? I don’t think I can handle another disaster.” Au

“My parents and yours have been best friends forever, and they’ve always assumed we would get married. We made a pact when we were kids that we never would, just to spite them, but now… I think I really like you. A lot. Please don’t hate me.” Au

Hyde and Jackie as parents headcanons, part 2 of 2.

PS: I did these a while ago but somehow got lost in my other blog (poetdameron), so I re-write them here.

  • Kitty calls every day, even when they see each other. She calls to ask how the baby is doing and when the kid grows, she calls to talk to her/him. Baby Zen (1) loves to talk to Kitty, especially once she is older and she can gossip about school and the stories her mom told her, while Baby Boy Zen is more shy but likes to talk to grandma too, Baby Zen (2) doesn’t like phones because like dad, she thinks the goverment may be into something with the phone lines and Jackie wants to kill Hyde. 
  • They also enjoys spending time with Red. When Baby Zen (1) was a newborn, she cried when passed to someone’s arms that weren’t her parent’s, but she never cried even once when given to Red. He won’t accept it, but the sight of it warmed his entire self and he pretended to be bothered by having to carry the baby when Hyde or Jackie were needed in the kitchen or somewhere else, but Kitty knows better. Eventually, the kid got used to everyone else and the crying stopped.
  • Jackie’s bedtime stories are always about her, and her favorites to tell are the ones that involve Steven. Once their little girls are older, they will ask for these stories about their parents and then go to their dad and ask about it. The first two or three times, Hyde told them the truth: “I went to jail for her because she was too young, had a future, I just couldn’t let her that way”, “Uhm, well… I wanted your mom to caught uncle Kelso because he and Laurie were annoying…”, but then he would listen to what Jackie is telling their daughters and would discover that maybe his chick isn’t making anything up, maybe all that time he did have feelings for her that then leaned to romantic feelings too. Now, every time their daughters tell him what Jackie said, he smiles and “that’s how it was, kiddo, all of it” “you punched a nasty guy because you liked her even before you were together?” “yup, all those years without she even knowing it. Actually, i did it twice, there was this moron who was bothering her and he was dressed as this ass of a dog…”
  • And of course Hyde is scared shit of not being a good father, so he low key talks all the time with Red about it. Once Eric becomes a dad too, he starts feeling better about himself when he can give his friend advice and finally notices he isn’t a bad father at all. In fact, he does it pretty good, is almost natural to him. Jackie says is because he has too much of a good heart, and he is sweet, it was obvious he was the perfect man to become a father.
  • Baby Zen (1) also adores her da, she is totally a daddy’s girl. And is so obvious Hyde spoils her, everyone teases him about it, and Jackie is proud of it because “she make Steven J. Hyde a good daddy”. Hyde kind of agrees secretely. Their boy is a big mama’s boy in a cool way, he will do whatever Jackie wants and have a more open relationship with her, always listening to her advice and so, but he wont’ be on her tit all the time. He is truly a very zen person, but can get bitchy very easily and over protective with both his sisters. Baby Zen (2) is… a mess. She is okay with both her parents, but prefers uncle Eric’s advices, she’s kind of a nerd and a rebel at the same time. Kitty says she is just searching for her identity, Hyde says she will conquer space one day since she wants to be an astronaut and first person to pee on Mars.
  • He always talks to their sons in third person: “Okay, now please don’t make a fuzz while your pa makes breakfast”, “Your ma is going to work today, so you will go with pa to Grooves”, he only does it when nobody is around. Jackie has catched him a couple of times and doesn’t understand why he gets blushed for it, she thinks is adorable.
  • She loves dressing their kids, she takes them for shopping every time she can and tries to pass her knowledge on fashion and so to them. There is no way her daughters will ever been seen dressed like poor girls, they are always looking freaking cute and nice, while there isn’t most adorable and then handsome boy than hers (as a matter of fact, Baby Boy Zen is handsome, everyone jokes he got the best genes from his parents put together into one not pretty, but actual handsome boy).
  • “YOU ARE NOT PUTTING THOSE ON OUR PRIN– STEVEN!”, there was this one time Hyde buy himself a new pair of sunglasses and found the same model but for kids, so of course he buy them for his older daughter, who’s his little princess no matter how much time passes. Worst part is, the girl loves those glasses because it make her look like da, so she won’t put them away, and Jackie can’t argue against that. Hyde enjoys the little victories of life, that’s for sure.

In 1987, Hyde and Jackie’s son gets lost in the park as he was distracted while his father buy him ice cream.

Hyde panics the second he realizes his son isn’t anywhere to be seen, and he leaves everything to run around, looking for him. Finally, he sees the little 6 years old at the distance, he is walking hand by hand with a lady to a police officer standing at the other side to control the traffic.

Relieved, he runs to reach them and when they turn around after Hyde calls out his boy’s name, he sees a nightmare come true: his mother touching his son.

They stare at the other for what feels like forever, 

(he can’t believe she is back and he can’t believe this is happening, that from all people, she would be the one finding his son. And she is in shock too, because Steven managed to cross his path with hers again, because he is so well dressed, so healthy, and good looking -he doesn’t look like Bud, obviously, but he doesn’t look like her either-. Steven is even married -to who? who would marry him?- and he is a father -she is a  goddamn grandmother-, this kid she is holding the hand of is the son of the kid she abandoned so many years ago)

but his kid is now safe at his side, no idea of who the woman he was walking with is. “This is Edna, da, she found me!”, he explains and Hyde only nodds at him, then at her. And that’s it.

None say a crap, the kid waves at her goodbye endlessy and he goes back to his wife, pale and still shocked. Later, when he tells Jackie what happened, after a little panicking, she adds that at least nothing bad happened and assures him they are fine (they are).

At some point, Edna contacts Hyde because she needs money (of course she does). He says he won’t help her, but ends up doing it anyway (of course he does). 

When Hyde asks Jackie why she isn’t mad at him or giving him crap for it, she looks at him and smiles warm: “You are the greatest man I know, and that’s why I love you”, she says, “I may hate her, but she’s your mother. She gave me you”.

Later their kids will ask about their grandmother, they had heard horror stories about her and have seen their dad’s little scars, and their mom had told them the only mother their dad has is Kitty Forman, but they are curious at the end of the day. Once Hyde tells them a little bit more and shows them a picture or two, his older boy remembers that time at the park and his father’s scared face.

There’s no way he isn’t asking his father about it.