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favourite sultana meme: 6 relationships ♦ nurbanu and selim ii

If Selim had more than one sexual partner as prince, measures must have been taken to ensure that only Nurbanu would bear children. The fact that she gave birth in rapid succession to four children– three daughters (Sah, Gevherhan and Ismihan), followed by Murad in 1546–and then produced no other sons, suggests that Selim’s goal was to produce his heir by this particular concubine. – Leslie P. Peirce - The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire

Lord Asriel: Stay here and you lose my interest at once. Don’t flatter yourself that I’d give you a second’s thought.


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only thing that’s keeping me on fire by togetherwecouldbealright (explicit, 5k)

There’s a boy right in the middle of the crowd and he’s dancing, head thrown back with laughter. When he finally straightens back up, his fringe falls right into his eyes and his slender body is pressed up against others in the crowd. When he moves, it’s more graceful than anything Harry has ever witnessed in his entire life.

Around him are nearly a dozen other guys and they all look like they want to ravage him. Harry doesn’t really blame them.

When the boy turns slightly, his dark blue eyes meet Harry’s and his mouth pulls up in the corner, twisting into an inviting smirk.

Harry is just an average twenty year old frat boy and he meets eighteen year old Louis at a party. It ends with Louis fucking him while wearing his snapback and that’s something that Harry can definitely get behind.

nothing could be better by togetherwecouldbealright (general, 4k)

Harry blinks at him a few times and opens his mouth before closing it abruptly. Finally, “You think I’m cute?”

Louis lifts his hand and makes a so-so gesture before laughing at the appalled expression on Harry’s face. “Yes, I do. Not as cute as the kitten I brought in, but definitely halfway there.”

“I don’t know whether to feel insulted or flattered,” Harry eventually says making Louis grin and he’s pretty sure that his cheekbones should be aching from how wide his smile is.

“Feel flattered Harold, always feel flattered,” Louis advises before bringing his knees down and crossing his legs instead.

Louis finds a three legged kitten on the street and takes it to the animal shelter. He doesn’t expect to find a Harry Styles as well but he goes along with it anyways.

chain me to your heart’s desire by togetherwecouldbealright (general, 11k)

“I can handle the pain,” Louis reassures before he grins. “What about you, Harry? Do you like pain?”

For a moment, Harry is too flustered to reply because Louis is awfully gorgeous and somehow even more so when he’s smiling. “Love it,” he replies without thinking and then turns ten shades darker, ducking his head as Louis laughs delightedly.

“Oh, I like you,” Louis declares before gesturing towards his arm again. “Patch me up, doc.”

Harry is somewhat familiar with hearts. Louis is somewhat familiar with stealing. The only thing Louis ever steals from Harry is his heart.