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kara ‘I have supersenses but I’m so in love with cat grant that I blocked everything but her out’ danvers, everyone

Leo Fitz thinks Jemma Simmons left because he loves her.

Jemma Simmons left Leo Fitz because she loves him.


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Melinda May Appreciation Week
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I’m really late again this time, I’m sorry, I’ve just been buried in work and didn’t have any time for Tumblr :( So here’s my Sterek Fic Rec List #11! The fics with * are my favourites, btw!

If you want to see more of my recommendations, visit my fic rec page or my bookmarks!

* Play Crack the Sky by Derbobbs | 122797 words | M

Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014 “Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” SPIN.com – Feb. 2015 “Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.“

* if you’re not here to turn the lights off by losingmyangelgrace | 7234 words | E

“Honey! I’m home!” Stiles shouted into the empty apartment as he moved quickly through to the kitchen, dumping his backpack onto bench before crossing to the fridge and crossing off another day on the calendar. A month and a half. That was how long was left until Derek came home, until he was safe. Everyday felt like a lifetime to Stiles.

Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar | 18472 words | E

It’s a popular joke among Alphas: fuck an Omega, get heartbreak on your hands. Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.

Stiles and Derek have been fuckbuddies for a while when Derek loses his memories of the past three years - and them - in an accident.

* with metal on our tongues (we’ll be dressed in rags) by Rena | 18848 words | E

Double-oh agents are a piece of work; Stiles knew that before he became MI6’s new quartermaster. It’s cool, he survived Lydia in college, he can deal with stubborn, reckless, trigger-happy operatives. Derek Hale, though, is definitely trying to live up to his predecessor’s legacy and make Stiles’ life more difficult.

Wheatgrass and Froot Loops by WhoNatural | 6885 words | T

"You’re falling for him,” she says, and it’s not a question. Stiles looks up, blinks, and shakes his head.
“No,” he lies. “We work out, have really intense sex, and then eat cereal marketed for children. We have a system, okay? Why upset the arrangement?”

all we are by trilliastra | 1422 words | G

Stiles makes fun of them all the time, says it feels weird knowing that his dad and his boyfriend share secrets about him, but Derek can see right through his lie.

“Yeah.” Derek says distractedly, playing with the bottle in his hand. “I want to marry him.” He blurts out.

John freezes, eyes widening in surprise as he places his bottle on the table carefully.

whatever you want (but you’re gonna have to ask me) by HalfFizzbin | 3143 words | E

Stiles has a fantastic boyfriend and absolutely no sex life. He is not okay with this. (Or, the implementation of Stiles’ Secret Seduction Plan™)

Out of Stock by alisaj | 16032 words | T

In which Stiles and Derek pine for each other across the dairy aisle.

* Time Is Numbered By Days by secondstar | 7646 words | E

It’s been fifty four days.

I’ve read soooooo many more cool fics in November and the start of December, so there’ll be two fic rec lists before the end of the year - one on Christmas Eve and one on the 31st! I’m not sure if I’ll continue making rec lists next year, but I’ll figure it out once the year’s over! Bye, lovelies <3 

A  V E R Y SIRIUS FANMIX; an intensely thought-out mix for my favorite glittery punk rebel drama queen & his emotional journey during hogwarts & the first war.

I. we’re pretty and sick; we’re young and we’re bored / II. it’s a full moon tonight so we getting rowdy / III. i don’t need love looking like diamonds/ IV. that’s the time when the animal comes alive / V. i fell for you; boy you’re so screwed / VI. every single night we fight to get a little high on life / VII. like it’s the last night of our lives

I. think it’s time for a revolution / II. this is our last chance / III.you’re sleeping with the enemy / IV. no one’s getting out alive / V. you’ve got a set of loose lips  / VI. i’m losing it with every move i die / VII. young love murdered that is what this must be / VIII. it’s time to lose your mind and let the crazy out.

Featuring the most fabulous of cover art by Shea. xoxo

(much sirius. very ke$ha. wow.)

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