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Hey so I would love a texting convo where Keith and Lance are being super gay (and they think that no one knows about their relationship) so they are like complimenting each other like "you did good today bro" and everyone is like OH MY GOD GUYS STOP WE KNOW YOU ARE GAY OH MY LORD

keith @ pidge: …u aren’t wrong

Say My Name, Say My Name

Fandom: The 100
Pairings: Bellarke
Characters: Bellamy, Clarke, Miller, Octavia, Raven, Monty, Jasper.
Words: 2,154
Summary: Bellamy shouldn’t tell Miller anything because he’s a disloyal dickbag who doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Or: Bellamy tells Miller that he called out Clarke’s name during sex with someone else and Miller tells the rest of their friends. And Clarke.
Notes: prompt: “bellamy calling clarke’s name during sex with someone else then he is telling someone and she hears” This turned into Bellamy calls Clarke’s name during sex, his friends tease him relentlessly about it, and then Clarke accidentally finds out. So, mostly to the prompt, just a slightly different emphasis. Also, I’m posting au drabbles every day (aside from Wednesdays) until hiatus is over, so feel free to leave me a prompt.
Ao3 link.

He doesn’t mean to do it. It just slips out. She’s blonde, he’s looking at her from behind, and he’s fairly drunk. Which isn’t an excuse, just. He probably should have thought about his choices more. Like, he shouldn’t have taken home a blonde, or he should have drank less, or he should have focused more on who he was actually doing and not let his mind wander to who he wanted it to be.

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Reaper for the ask thing

Why I like them
So many reasons but I think cause he’s the good guy gone bad because he was wronged and I just love the potential political aspect that blizzard could show us with Blackwatch

Why I don’t
There are no reasons lol

Favorite episode (scene if movie)
All the one shots with him in it

Favorite line
“haven’t I killed you somewhere before?”

Favorite outfit
The Blackwatch Skin

Him and Mercy (please no hate)

Him and McCree and Genji

Gabe (and Blackwatch) we’re the original plan organization but the UN needed someone to take the spotlight while the others could do all the dirty work

Unpopular opinion
Uhhh, none? 

A wish
He lives a full happy life

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
That stupid idea that blizzard tried to feed us about him blowing up Switzerland because he was jealous

5 words to best describe them
Loyal, protective, adventurous, courageous, caring 

My nickname for them
Sad edgy man

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you're planning on watching ace of diamond ??

yes and im #scaredshitless bc im afraid im gonna love it too much and ,, i cant,, handle,, more,, ok??? *dramatic sobbing* a certain someone ?? lowkey reminds me of my fave guy??? and?? a certain ship ??lowkeyy???reminds me off??the grand otp???and??? IM SCAREEEEEEEEEEEED I DONT WANT ANOTHER OTPPPPPP AND I DONT WANT ANOTHER #FAVEGUY WRONGED BY ANOTHER SHITASS FANDOOOOOM

i heard a lot of things about that fandom and literally all were bad lmfao, from 3 different shipper sides, not to mention. it seems it’s bad all over and hq is bad enough already i mean,,

…do i wanna do that to myself??? >___>

(lol probably would have already but i dont have enough time… i wanna watch logh first and since it’s on-going, it’s a big deterrent for me)

You know…when people say “Han and Leia deserved a better son” I kind of…side eye it a little. We know for sure that Han left before Kylo Ren went to Luke. We know Kylo Ren went to Luke when he was between 6 and 9 years old. So after that Han and Leia didn’t have a ton of interaction with him. And Han left BEFORE this…when Kylo Ren was still a kid. And again: it was super implied that it was because of Kylo Ren.

Here’s the thing tho: usually when parents start asking “what did I do to deserve this child” or “where did I go wrong” it’s said in regards to teenagers and older. Adults/young adults who made conscious decisions to do bad things despite parental guidance. When Leia was asking herself “what did I miss” with kylo ren he was 20+, where did she go wrong? How did he make these mistakes and why didn’t she guide him better?

But see how I said “usually”? There’s another time when parents ask themselves “what did I do to deserve this child”. Preteen and young children. Which was when Han asked the question and when people who hate Kylo Ren ask this question “What did Han/Leia do to deserve this child?” Unlike the aforementioned rationale, asking this question about children is always a response to a mentally ill child. Always.

Semi-headcanon about Nathanael

Imagine Marinette deciding to confess her feelings to Adrien, and he turns her down, saying he likes someone else. This is before they know each other’s secret identities, of course. Marinette manages to keep herself together, despite being crushed, and walks away after some words were exchanged. (You know, the usual “act like you are okay on the outside when you really aren’t” kind of thing.)

Shortly later, Alya finds Marinette by herself, crying. Being the awesome best friend that she is, she asks Marinette what’s wrong. That is when Marinette starts to break down and tells Alya she confessed to him and that he turned her down for someone else. “It must be Chloe.” “Of course he wouldn’t like someone like me.” and all of her other insecurities and inner thoughts spill out.

Enter Nathanael.

He was nearby drawing whenever Alya was talking to Marinette and had overheard part of the conversation. After finding out what he thought went down, he gets mad. (“How could he do that to Marinette? She is such an amazing girl!”) He still has feelings for her, so the fact that she is crying her eyes out for being rejected, he believes that Adrien had to have said something cruel to her.

Adrien closes his locker door, turns around and is surprised to see Nathanael there. He (Adrien) asks him what’s wrong, and that is when Nathanael basically tell him that he is a jerk. [Maybe beforehand have an optional push/shove or a punch to the face, although I dunno if Nathanael would actually do such a thing.]

“Marinette is a sweet girl, how could you turn her down like that?! I thought you were a nice guy Adrien, but I guess I was wrong.”

Down By The Bay

Summary: Takes place during Jinora’s ceremony of receiving her tattoos. Kinda after party thing. Korra tries to leave in more ways than one.

Rated: T

A/N: I strongly caution if you have a suicide trigger, you avoid this fic. Yes I know what it’s like to attempt suicide. Yes I have done it, but obviously failed. I was still very lucky to have people reach and help me, and to let myself be open to their help. The way Korra’s acting right now…that was my ten year old self. I know that face. I know that attitude. I know what she’s feeling right now. Please if you are having these kind of thoughts, message me. Or one of us on here. We’re here for you. You’re never alone. Thank you.

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Are you sure you won't join me?

( It’s just a skin exposed NSFW guys—not a deadly one so no worries, no porn here u v u Was requested by swornsolari and hey—let’s face it, I wanted to draw this too xDD but dang, I need to do better on the shading cos the anatomy looks wrong lol ;; actually no, am just bad with anatomy lmfao!

Also don’t care if people dislikes this shipping—I’m still gonna post things of my OTP and you can just unfollow me if you don’t support it at all u v u This was brought on because of the recent Anon Hate //sigh Ruining the reputation of all SunxMoon shippers )

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Steve and Bucky are in a modern nightclub with the other Avengers. Steve is Horrified by the Goings On. Bucky is trying to subtly manouvre them so he can try that grinding thing on Steve. The Avengers are totally aware of what's going on and think it's hilarious.

The flashing lights and thudding bass were new, yet the feeling that was swelling within Steve’s chest as he looked around the room was not. It was the same feeling that had bloomed in skinny little Steve Roger’s chest in the 1930s when Bucky Barnes had dragged him out to the dance halls. The taste of fear was bitter and chalky on his tongue as he shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot where he was tucked into a corner near the bar, trying to will himself small and unremarkable again. He felt like an animal, trapped and desperate to escape. 

“Isn’t this great?” Bucky’s voice was loud in his ear, brimming with cheerfulness and excitement, just like it had been then. Steve didn’t bother turning his head to glare at his friend, instead staring out over the heads of the rolling crowd. It wouldn’t do any good anyways, post-recovery Bucky was just as immune to Steve’s angry looks as he had been when they’d been living in a run down tenement. Someone nudged against his other side, and he looked down to see a head of bright red hair and a blinding grin. Natasha looked up at him, obviously amused by his discomfort as she wound an arm through his. 

“Not dancing Rogers?” She asked, and Steve rolled his eyes at her. 

“It’s so different,” Bucky was either ignoring Natasha or couldn’t hear her over the din, staring at the crowd with a look of wonder that caused a fond smile to stretch across Steve’s face against his will. “You remember how it used to be Steve? Everyone doin’ the same dances, your partner always knowing how to move. Course,” he continued, looking up at Steve with a shit-eating grin, “you were never very good at that, were you?” Steve rolled his eyes. 

“Really?” Natasha popped her head around Steve’s torso to see Bucky, “Steve can’t dance? But he’s so graceful when he’s fighting…” Bucky was already shaking his head. 

“No, no Steve here was a goddamn terrible dancer. Didn’t matter how much we practiced, how many times I showed him the moves, by the time we were twenty every dame in Brooklyn knew better than to agree to a dance with little Stevie Rogers, not ‘less they wanted their toes stepped on.” Natasha looked delighted at this new knowledge, looking between Steve and Bucky. Steve groaned, putting his head in his hands. 

“You can’t remember your own mother’s name,” his words came out muffled against his palms, “why do you haveta remember that I’m a bad dancer.” Bucky reached up to pat Steve’s shoulder, a solemn expression on his face. 

“Pal, ain’t nobody who’s seen you dancing that ever forgot it. Sight like that stays with a  man until death. Past death,” he amended with a grin that Steve couldn’t help but return. 

“I wish I could have seen that,” Natasha said, a smirk pulling at the sides of her lips. Steve narrowed his eyes at her. He knew that look. That look never boded well for anyone, least of all him and his dignity. Sure enough Bucky’s eyes lit up. 

“Well hell, Steve, you can show her right now!” Steve was shaking his head before Bucky even finished the sentence. Natasha pouted. 

“C’mon Steve, you wouldn’t deny your friend something she wants, would you?” Natasha put extra stress on the word ‘friend’ and Steve knew when he was being manipulated but that didn’t stop him from sighing, allowing a delighted Bucky to pull him out onto the floor. He let Bucky lead him through the steps for the lindy hop, memories of doing this before, in the cleared out main room of a dusty Brooklyn flophouse. He was staring down at his feet, concentrating, when he suddenly realized that Bucky’s attention had wandered again, staring out at the crowd that swarmed around them.

“Buck?” Steve asked, knowing that Bucky still had trouble with crowds sometimes. The loud music and flashing lights couldn’t be helping either, and he started figuring out which exit would be the easiest to get to with Bucky in tow. Before he could implement his plan (which might have involved climbing the rails to the second floor and hopping over the bar), Bucky’s eyes snapped back to his, and he was relieved to see that his gaze was clear and focused. 

“It’s so different,” he said again, and Steve leaned in slightly to hear him better. Bucky looked back over the crowd. “It’s not… there’s less skill, less coordination but it’s more raw. More pure.” He grinned, sharp and wide, turning back to Steve. “Savage,” he said, and Steve swallowed hard. Suddenly Bucky was stepping up into his space. Steve tried to back away, but only encountered a wall of bodies that pushed him back against his friend. 

“Buck…” he started, but was stopped when Bucky’s metal arm snaked around his back, pulling him tightly against the other man as Bucky ground his hips in a slow circle. Steve’s mouth fell open in a shocked gasp, and Bucky grinned, and then did it again. Steve’s hands fluttered around, uncertain, before finally settling on Bucky’s hips. His hips were now grinding into Steve’s in time with the beat, and Steve thought distantly that this could get embarrassing fast. That thought also occurred to Bucky, judging by the heat that filled his gaze as he reached up, pulling Steve down into a filthy kiss that quite decisively ended any thoughts he’d been having to the fact that they were dancing like this in a crowd of people. Bucky pulled back from the kiss with a final nip to his lower lip, then turned, grinding his ass into Steve’s crotch and Steve gasped, fingers flexing on Bucky’s hips as he resigned himself to just settling in for the ride. 


“You owe me twenty bucks,” Natasha said, settling back into her seat at the table on the upper floor. Sam glanced down over the railing at the two super soldiers grinding against each other in the middle of the dance floor. 

“Huh,” he said, opening up his wallet and handing Natasha the money, “I really thought Steve would see through that.” 

“Steve’s got blinders on when it comes to Bucky,” Clint said from where he was sitting next to Natasha, craning his neck to get a better view of his teammates dancing. “That’s really hot,” he commented absently, and Natasha smacked his thigh, but smiled. Sam gave them a bemused look. They were so weird

“My eyes,” Tony complained to Bruce and Rhodey at the table behind them, “my eyes, guys, this is so wrong, I’m watching a national icon be defiled here. Think of the children!”

Everyone ignored him, too busy looking down at Steve and Bucky dancing. 

It really was a beautiful sight. 

Lucas and maya are secretly dating and they make mutual decision to go to this party separately and when Lucas arrived he sees this asshole flirting with her. He is in the corner as he grips his drink not trying not to make it obvious he was jealous but it’s really difficult especially when maya is giggling but as she sees lucas, she waves as he waves for her to come over. She comes over and he pulls her outside. “Lucas what’s wrong” she asked as he rolls his eyes “that guy is all over you”. “It was simply nothing” she said as he is dry annoyed. “It took all my might not beat the shit out of him” he hissed as maya laughs.


Imagine; when you met someone from your past across the streets, then that person call out your name & you adknowledge them in a convincing way that you really don’t know them. this will actually leave them so clueless with the situation because clearly you guys ever talk like everyday, meet and suddenly just stop.

Imagine; when someone from your past text you up asking how’s everything & then you replied them in a way that they’re texting the wrong person at the wrong number. they will be sorry for texting the wrong person because you guys ever text each other up in the middle of the night and suddenly just stop.

Imagine; when someone from the past call you asking to hangout & then you answer the call, change your tone of voice and convince them that they called the wrong number.they will hung up on you thinking you’ve change number because you guys talk to each other otp on & off and suddenly your phone stop ringing.

so you pretend you don’t know them. It hurts sometimes that people think it’s okay to treat you like an option. When all you’ve done was genuinely care about them. Sometimes pretending not to know them is better. Well, sorry not sorry!

A reminder

I’m just going to post a reminder here for you guys, I do have a F.A.Q page but I don’t think people always check it before sending me questions.

Some of you might have followed me for long enough to remember that during a short period of time almost exactly a year ago Soul and I kept getting messages where people thought that we should kiss for a gif. We tried to creatively come up with silly gifs to avoid kissing each other but that only made people ask us to kiss even more. Whenever we logged in our inbox would have 10 new messages, 8 of these would usually be messages where people kept trying to make us kiss. David ( as the Soul cosplayer goes by out of cosplay ) and I ( Maka cosplayer, I usually go by Erin ) do ship Soul and Maka, but just because we do ship them that doesn’t automatically mean that we’d kiss each other on cam just because we happen to cosplay them. While you see Maka and Soul on the gifs, David and I still see each other but with different hairstyles and colors and different eyecolors. After some time we told you guys that we will not answer the kiss question anymore and getting it makes us very uncomfortable. 

The kissing question was just the start of what people would begin to wonder next. Suddenly we got a lot of questions where people wanted to know if we were dating IRL, we kept saying no, but people kept asking. I don’t know how many times I had to answer this question in just one day, I had to delete tons of them too because we kept getting those questions for several days despite answering no over and over again. 

Eventually when people started to understand that we were not dating, we started to get the most uncomfortable messages we’d ever gotten. People messaged us and insisted that David and I should date. This was based on our askblogs, two blogs where we’re not even being ourselves most of the time. It felt more like people wanted us to date to make their OTP real, to make soma happen “ for real “. It might not have been that way, but the fact that people who don’t personally know us or know our stories told us that we should date based on what they see on blogs where we reveal very little about how we actually are just felt very wrong. We did tell you guys to stop, it took weeks for this to stop, but after some time it did.

Now people are starting to ask us if we’re dating again, mostly David though since tons of people fangirl and fanboy over him because of his Instagram account. I’m not as popular, or eyecandy material either for that matter ( David you dark and flowy squintyfuck ), so I don’t get these messages as often. David is a lot more disturbed by this than I am since he doesn’t do the whole dating thing. I haven’t figured myself out yet and at the moment I’m not very interested in romantic relationships at all so I just shrug it off. Please do remember that David and I are friends, best friends even, our friendship is based on teasing in every way possible. This might sometimes come off as flirting, but if we’re dating or not is still not really of anyone’s business. If we date or not will not affect the content of our blogs, they’ll be just like they are now. Because of how intense the period was with all the kissing questions and when people just kept asking if we’re dating non stop for several days, we actually have quite a hard time when we try to make something SoulxMaka-ish. This summer at the con we though about it, we tried, but we really couldn’t. We thought about maybe doing some kiss pictures for people to enjoy, this time because we came up with it ourselves and we didn’t feel pushed to do it, but we’re still so scared that we’ll get this intense period of dating questions all over again if we would post anything like that so we just didn’t do it. 

Since David is getting this question much more than I am I just wanted to write this down to clearify how that question made us feel back then, inform people who recently started to follow us and hopefully we we won’t have to go through something similar when I go to David’s place next week. 

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Would Princess Bubblegum and Asami been a great couple if they were able (and wanted) to date each other?

Hmmm… I was talking it over with @plastic-pipes​ and decided that they’d probably be more like bros.  

(Pipette drew this from this ask. :D If you have time, you should stop by and say thanks. :] )

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