otp: you are a man after all

*Prompto and Noctis watching Gladio hit on a girl in the distance*

Prom: Do you ever wonder why Gladio’s always hitting on girls?

Noct: Probably something to do with his manly pride or bringing honor to the Amicitia name.

Prom: Man, I wish I could have THAT many girls heart throb over me…

Noct: Dude, we’re literally on a date.

Prom: Well, duh, but wouldn’t it be nice to have girls always wanting your attention?

Noct: …

Prom: Oh, right. You’re the Prince of Lucis. You know, after all these years of getting to know you, I forget that a lot.

Noct: Um…anyway, back to what we were talking about…

Prom: Yeah, yeah! So, I just don’t think Gladio’s straight.

Noct: …Prompto-

Prom: No, listen! He hits on girls to make us think he’s straight. It’s a mind game, Noct!

Noct: Alright, no more candy for you. *takes a sip of coffee*

Ignis: *walks by* Well, he certainly was not straight last night.

Noct: *spits coffee*


Part 2: https://thechocobrogal.tumblr.com/post/165844474551/noctis-you-should-tell-him-we-know-prompto-me

Taylor : That’s always the coolest thing about hearing what Hayley writes is that she’s being honest. There’s so many love songs that say ‘hey man, everything’s perfect and beautiful and everything about you is awesome and this is all great’ but Hayley always writes for the people who can’t relate to that. I love this person but I am dark, this feels dark. I always love that because that’s real…


get to know me: [5/∞] favorite pairings → dolores abernathy & william the man in black (westworld)

“My path always led me back to you, again and again. I grew tired of you after a while, of course. Looked for new adventures. But I guess your path led you back here, again and again. One more loop, looking for something you could never find. Chasing your ghosts. You were lost in your memories even then. I guess I should’ve known that’s what I would become for you: just another memory.”

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so i went a looked at a compilation of like all the klance moments in s3 and the music from the bedroom scene?? present in all of them. hey man? present. shoulder touch? yep. the moment in the lions? you betcha. so what does this tell us?? thats the Gay Klance Music. Klanon. man the music even stops when lance is all indignant over being called a goofball and then pitches up when it restarts when keith panics after saying shiro wanted him to be the leader.

HOLY FUCK??? they have a theme song…

Newt with a praise kink, anyone?

Newt’s family doesn’t have to be the worst for Newt to be self-conscious about himself. His brother is much more talented wizard than Newt and he is also a war hero; that puts some pressure on Newt regardless if his parents or Theseus says anything about Newt not being like his brother. Newt got kicked out from the school, people find his work weird, he doesn’t hear any compliments too often.

And imagine Newt’s reaction when Percival Graves, the wizard everyone respects, one day smiles at Newt, squeezes his shoulder and says “Good job”.



Newt’s insides melt like butter and he blushes despite his best efforts not to, which only makes him blush even harder. And Percival, that evil, cruel man, notices that - they’ve been dancing around each other for weeks after all. Percival’s lips quirk up, his casual smile changes into a predatory one and he stands closer to Newt, his voice a low murmur when he purrs “Good boy”.

Newt is almost sure he hasn’t moaned aloud. Almost. Like, 45% sure. Damn that man.

Jackie actually does likes gross ass burgers with lots of fries, and she is serious about it like– She knows the places where you can get the best burgers in town and has it as her personal job to find the best burgers on every place she visits.

She doesn’t let anyone know this, until Hyde finds out. Or more like, he notices.

Her first reaction is to panic and deny it, but he assures her he doesn’t care. He’s glad she likes to eat, because boy if he hates it when girls think they aren’t, like, allowed to eat or something.

After that, she starts happily eating in front of him without shame. Asking for what she really wants at restaurants and whatnot.

But Hyde, man. He’s just glad to see her eat. Not only because she does it with such joy, you want to eat as much as her, but because after her mother left, she got a little bony and damn, if he lives worried she isn’t eating enough and not telling him.

And the way she eats her burgers? So not her at all, almost messy and gross? He fucking loves it.

Bless Prompto and his photography skills. 😂😍👏👏

On a side note unrelated to this picture, I went into the Galadin Quay resort sometime after this picture and Prompto was all ‘This place is so romantic’ and Gladio responded with 'And you get to come here with all of us’ to which Noctis continued with 'All THREE of us’ and Ignis finished with 'You… are a lucky man.’
I died. It’s so good. 💕💕👏😂

The Half Life Trilogy

So since I’m going Half Wild (excuse the pun) waiting for the release of the final book, here is a list of reasons why you should get into the Half Life fandom now. Yes, right now.

1. The main character, Nathan, is bisexual. His best friend, and his soulmate according to basically the whole fandom, is gay. And isn’t questioned for it. In fact, sexuality isn’t even a discussed topic, it just is. And nobody cares.

2. Modern day witches. Enough said.

3. The modern day witches have guns, incredibly advanced technology, and magical weapons, and are led by a dominate female society, as females have much stronger “Gifts” than males.

4. Covers the topic of racism and prejudice to such a degree that I wonder how it’s a teenage book, tbh.

5. Follows a young boy into his becoming of a man, and even after he knows who he is, he still doesn’t. He’s so relatable it’s scary.

6. He’s also a completely witty and sarcastic asshole.

7. Especially when he’s with his boy (who is a friend). They are my OTP, no questions asked. But seriously. Read these books because of Gabriel. That’s all. You’ll love him.

8. The writing style of Sally Green is rapid and vague, yet extremely slow and detailed at the same time. It’s intriguing, and makes you want to hang onto every word.

9. Some of the side characters are hilarious and wonderful, like Val, Rose, Ellen, and most of all, Nesbitt.

10. The fandom has a solid 10 people in it, and that includes the cats of 3 of the fans, so we need more!

11. Overall, these books aren’t Half Bad (sorry, my puns are awful). Please check it out!!


The number of asks and messages I get on daily basis with the most wonderful words praising my work is overwhelming. I make gifs because I love this show and this magical couple that is WESTALLEN. ♥ The fact that people take notice and appeaciate my work and find the gifs great and unique warms my heart so much. ♥ You have no idea what this love I get from you means to me. It means what I do, matters. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Wish We Had More Time

@jonxsansaremix​ Day 2: Wonder Woman

Remixed Couple: Diana of Themyscira and Steve Trevor

Would you say you are a typical example of your sex? I am…above average


“Be careful in the world of men Sansa, they do not deserve you.”


Tywin is dead. They can stop fighting now. Why are they still fighting? Because maybe it’s them! Maybe people aren’t always good. Tywin or no Tywin.  

They were killing people they couldn’t even see. Children! No. It has to be him, It cannot be them. Sansa…people…

She was right. My mother was right. She said ‘the world of men don’t deserve you.’ They don’t deserve our help, Jon. 

It’s not about deserve! They don’t deserve our help. 

Maybe we don’t! But it’s not about that. It’s about what you believe. You don’t think I get it after everything I’ve seen out there? You don’t think I wish I could tell you there is one bad guy to blame? It’s not! We are all to blame. I’m not. But maybe I am!


Humans are everything you said. But they are so much more. It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.


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Twas the night before Christmas-

Actually it was Christmas what the fuck am I talking about.

Evan was sitting on his couch, the fireplace next to him warming him up as he strummed his guitar. It was his first Christmas with the guys and he was waiting for those mother fuckers to arrive.
After like a fucking eternity one couple showed up. Nogla and Lui they were holding hands and shit. “Welcome to my humble abode” Evan said as he welcomed the two in “what’s up man, merry Christmas” Nogla said as he hugged Evan in a bro way because no homo and gave him a present he had “the rest are in my car, for when everyone else gets in” Nogla said as he pointed to his car and a big ass gift could be seen. “He has favorites” Lui said as he rolled his eyes and sat next to Nogla as they started to wait for the other Mother Fuckers. Mini and Tyler arrived shortly after, accompanied by Brock and Brian. They all hugged in a No Homo way. They all kind of agreed that delirious wasn’t coming so they started playing video games and eating all of Evan’s food. In the middle of a cards against humanity there was a knock at the door. “What the fuck- oh it must be the pizza guy” said hoodini as he made his way to the door and opened it to a Jason mask, he would’ve screamed if the person wearing it wasn’t shorter than him. And if it wasn’t Delirious “holy shit he actually came” Tyler could be heard behind the now red faced Evan. Delirious hugged Evan in a Homo way because fuck man. All the homo. Nogla almost died because that’s his otp. After inviting Delirious in and playing for a while everyone was falling asleep. Brock fell asleep on Brian, Mini on the fucking pig, and Lui on Nogla. Delirious was dozing off, so Evan grabbed him and layed him down on his lap “what are you doing?” Delirious asked looking up at that hot Canadian man. “Making you comfortable” Evan replied, running his fingers through Delirious’s hair. “Thanks Evan, love you” delirious said as he drifted off to sleep.
“Love you too” said the hot Canadian piece of ass.
Then the next day they went on a date and lived happily ever after the end.

(Please don’t hate me, I made it this horrible on purpose because I was a lazy shit)


Little Lies to Get Me By - [x]

“If you walk behind me, I’ll slow down to let you catch up. 

If you walk in front of me, I will always follow.” 

i am so sorry not sorry


Now Percy slams into Jason’s cabin door, then breaks the door down.





Piper pops her head in.









The door flies open and slams on the wall after Annabeth puts it back on.







“well jeez when all of you say it like that it makes me sound annoying”




Everyone screams.



Absolute Beginners – Chapter IV: A Halloween Party

[Modern AU - Magic AU. HJ, ED, KB] Ever since Jackie and Donna moved to the apartment in front of Hyde and Eric’s, life has been… hard for Hyde. Things would be way easier if they weren’t that nice, that fun, and that pretty. Man, witches shouldn’t be pretty.

Chapter IV: The Girl’s party is here and so are Eric and Hyde, who may need a little talk after all. Hyde owes Jackie a date in the sky. Final chapter!

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[Chapter I] [Chapter II] [Chapter III] [Chapter IV]

Robron AU Master List (of sorts)

I don’t know how the fandom is going to feel about this right now. I don’t know if the fic writers are feeling particularly inspired right now. But I am feeling inspired, so I’m putting this out there, and hoping to work on each of these myself. 

Note - I have a specific narrative in mind for each of these stories. I’m going to base my descriptions on that, but feel free to change details, switch roles. Whatever gets your creative juices flowing. They can be multi-chapters or one-shots.

Enemies with benefits AU - Robert and Aaron hate each other. But they love sex. They are good at sex. Scratch that, they are great at sex! So if they happen to insult the piss out of one another, proceed to rip each other’s clothes off, and shag like there’s no tomorrow? It’s nobody’s business but their own.

Step-siblings AU - Aaron Dingle is the most popular lad in school. He’s the star of the football team. He’s got a great(ish) boyfriend. He loves his mum and sister more than anything in the world. Basically his life is perfect. Until his mother decides to start dating again, and her man of choice is Jack Sugden. It’s not that Aaron hates the man. The man he can tolerate. He seems decent, and his mother usually has a knack for picking up right psychos. No, the man he can tolerate. He even really likes his daughter Victoria. It’s the son he can’t stand. The arrogant, snarky, smug, clearly closeted, troubled, but oh so sexy, and definitely interested Robert Sugden. There are so many reasons why he shouldn’t go there. If anything, because his mum is dating Robert’s dad. But will Aaron be able to resist temptation for long?

The Vow AU - Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden are madly in love with each other. The kind of love they’ve been waiting their whole lives to feel. But when a tragic accident takes away Aaron’s memories, it’s up to Robert to convince the love of his life that they belong together. (Paige/Leo inspired).

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Alien: covenant REVIEW

**warning there are loads of spoilers for both Prometheus and alien: covenant aka Neomorph**

-first off I paid six dollars to see this
-second holy shit the movie was 97 million dollars and made 124.6 million at the box office. Good job.
-this is ten years after Prometheus for anyone wondering.
-it’s rated r folks for a reason, like sex, cussing, human experimentation, religion, blood, vomiting blood you might wanna get checked out of that happens, intense moments yo.
-also two guys kiss, a brief chaste kiss.
-fuck was used 35 times and used very intensely thanks IMDb
-James Franco you were there for a minute then dead the next. R.I.P
-I liked the computer being called mother, “ mother would you turn the lights out.”
-why on earth would you go to a fucking planet you have no clue about, like you totally deserve the award for stupidest captain of the year.
-Listen to Daniels, she should have said told you so over your dead body. Gasp I totally called your death too.
-more aliens would have been nice….
-David has gone feral and insane
-Neomorph is such a big, mouthful word, why not Neo for short?
-the babies were so fucking adorable, I’m weird okay? Don’t kill them! #savetheNeomorph is a trend as of now.
-David you slick, lying, crazy man I adore you but really dislike you because you may have killed Walter, and I’m sad.
-I totally ship Walter and Daniels like OTP
-cabin by the lake nuff said.
-Walter NOO
-Michael Fassbender you look hot kissing yourself, like wow, that was a big turn for the movie.
-why only two eggs David, you had room to put more.
-how did David get reassembled together, after the engineer rip him apart in Prometheus?
-why did David kill all the engineers when he released the virus? Btw that was for earth to begin with. Like WTF why would you send that fast killing virus in the first place?!
-what’s going to happen to all of David’s proto-xenomorphs that was left on the planet? There are no more alive hosts to keep the Neomorph population booming.
-except there was one left alive….
-what really happened with Elizabeth and David?
-Did she figure out his plan?
-did they fall in love?
-did they have a falling out?
-did he kill her?
-did she agree with making more alien babies? I need to know, btw I ship her and David
-I want to know more about the technology used in the franchise
-why was the engineers going to destroy earth, and with a virus no less
-what the truth about religious in this franchise, that we’re going to die by aliens? Not to believe in God? Idk man.
-was the planet that David was on hiding on a cloaking device?
-what was the original message that brought them to the planet.
-Elizabeth was singing to herself like she sometimes did, but she( if you noticed) seemed like it was a message that seemed urgent.
-also if you noticed why was it sent so narrowly, hard-to-receive, badly damaged song from John Denver ?
-why does David save the crew in the end along with two thousand settlers? Breeding? Eating purposes for his Neomorph?
-what happened to Walter? #wherewalter #waltersnotdead #irefuse David said he had to make a choice, Walter was winning, David had a knife and that was the end of the clip.
-But what the fuck happened? It’s killing me not knowing.
-In the rule of horror movies, if there’s no body to be found it doesn’t mean the character(s) are dead, so here’s the conclusions I’ve came up with;
-did Walter agree to David’s plan and stay on the planet to continue David’s work?
- Did David just cut off his hand and run to the ship before Walter could get up?
-does this mean Walter will be seen in future alien movies in the franchise?
-does this mean Walter can get his own movie “the revenge of Walter vs David”
-overall it was an enjoyable popcorn horror movie not the best nor the worst but okay. I would watch it again.