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Rules: Tell us your one favourite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people.

Ok here it goes (not in specific order):

1. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
aka my husband lol Since the beginning of tg I fell in love with his personality and he was the first character I could actually relate to. He can be the sweetest thing ever and ruthless at the same time.

2. Shirota Mahiru (Servamp)
How can you not adore him? He’s too pure for this world, he cares a lot a about his friends and always wears a smile no matter what.
Oh, when I heard his catchphrase (“I love simple things. I hate troublesome things.”) I immediately fell in love with him.

3. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)
Best girl <3 The girl in my icon. She did awful things but you can actually understand her thinking. *sobs* She went through so much shit. 

4. Hades (Saint Seiya)
One of my fav villains of all times!!! The first time I saw him I was like HOLY JESUS THIS IS HADES AAAHHH (no joking). I mean he’s one of the most powerful deities in the whole series plus his Kamui (armor/God Cloth) looks AMAZING.

(oh in this gif you can see Alone from Saint Seiya Lost Canvas, Hades’ chosen body for his incarnation in the previous Holy War).

5. Yuuri Katsuki (Yuuri!!! on Ice)
God, this guy is so relatable lol I mean he has anxiety and low self-esteem… He’s also an amazing figure skater, kind hearted and loves Victor so much. This show has touched me on so many levels~~ 

6. Minako Aino/Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
My favourite colour used to be orange because of her lol Everything about her is great. She’s adorable, loves playing videogames and she is the first of the Inner Senshi to awaken.  

7. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
Well, I always thought he was OP. He is pragmatic and confident but when somebody compliments him (especially Gon) he becomes embarrassed lol I love this kid <3
Note: I’m obsessed with characters who have the ability to manipulate electricity.

Kurapika and Gon come right after him <333

8. Ginoza Nobuchika (Psycho Pass)
I remember everyone thought he was an asshole at the beginning of the anime. If you wanna see some good character development watch PP.
P.S. you’ll love him.

9. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
One of the best characters I’ve ever seen imo. There is nothing I don’t love about him. Every battle, arc is a lesson. Quick summary? This man spent ten years traveling in search of redemption with the vow to never kill again
This manga is beautiful and I learnt a lot from it, even the Live Action is awesome! 

10. Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)
aka Priestess of Thunder and Light aka The Ultimate Sadist (??) (Like I said before, I’m obsessed with this type of characters).
I love her <3 She seems very gentle, seductive and enjoys teasing her friend Rias but she’s still pretty innocent? Idk lol I also love how Akeno’s relationship with her father develops.

Sorry for any mistakes I made this at 5 am :’)

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ajanaomiking  asked:

maya please write about insecure and codependent sciles since it's our favorite

Stiles never realized the term codependency had significance to him until junior year when his teacher talked about it in psychology class.

Things had always been a certain way with Scott. He understood Stiles, even when he did things that didn’t make sense like the way could only sleep with his mother’s pillow or that panic attacks were a normalcy and all he wanted when they happened was for someone to hold his hand and tell him it would be over soon.

Scott was always there, a constant, a rock, an anchor when they coined the term and Stiles knew it only went one way but he didn’t care. Because Scott was there, he loved Stiles, and that was really all that was necessary.

But what he hadn’t realized was that he never really thought about life without Scott. Never thought of what it would be like when Scott stopped coming around, stopped listening to him cry and told him he was too old to act like a child the way he did, because it would happen one day. Scott was too good for him and Stiles always knew, but he was too selfish to tell him that he deserved better.

Stiles thought it would come after the bite, when Scott finally got popularity and success and started working to better himself while Stiles stayed in the slum of what he always was: worthless. Scott was becoming something while Stiles stayed behind and he knew it was only a matter of time before he realized that he belonged with people like Allison, people who could make him happy. And Stiles couldn’t do that.

But when Scott stayed, when Scott kept showing up at Stiles’ door after school just to talk or hang out, Stiles was more than surprised, but he didn’t mention it. He just wanted to appreciate Scott while he was still there because Stiles knew he would lose him.

Then Scott became an alpha, by his sheer force of will, the reality of his person proven through the color of his eyes, and Stiles thought, he knows now. He understands, he must realize how great he really is and he’ll leave me. He’ll pursue something better, a pack, and he’ll save the world because he knows it’s his duty, he knows how much it means.

But instead, Stiles felt a pull, their bond deepening. He was a part of Scott’s pack, Scott was his alpha and Stiles couldn’t conceptualize being any closer to him until it happened. He was a part of Scott, now, and breaking away from him would be near impossible.

Stiles thought that the nightmares would be the final straw. Seeing his best friend even closer to insanity than he had been before had to be hard for Scott, because regardless, he did love Stiles with every beat of his heart.

And it would have been so easy to chose that moment to sever what he had with Stiles and let him flow into the darkness because Scott didn’t need Stiles and he never had. It would have been so much simpler to just let Stiles go, and Scott probably should have.

Instead, he’d climb into Stiles’ window when he was at his worst, like he knew that Stiles was thrashing alone in his bedroom, crying out for someone to just help him. And he’d hold him still, stay calm and almost expressionless aside from the deep worry in his brow while Stiles acted like a maniac and he honestly couldn’t believe Scott was there. Helping him, guiding him. It was more than Stiles could’ve asked for, more than he deserved, and yet there Scott was.

And though there were a million times that Scott could have left, a million reasons, he never did. He’d show up at Stiles door ready to talk or listen or just wipe his face when he cried until his stomach hurt and Stiles could not fathom how someone that perfect stumbled into his life.

He couldn’t imagine the emptiness that would exist when Scott finally packed up and left him behind. He knew he wouldn’t be able to function, the darkness surrounding his broken, useless heart would spread to every inch of his body until he couldn’t bare to get up in the morning.

Because Scott was Stiles’ all, he was his everything, and without Scott, Stiles didn’t even have a purpose, much less a reason to keep living.

And Stiles never needed anything else, he never wanted anything else. He just wanted Scott and everything he had to offer. Scott was his all and he didn’t want it any other way.

And he knew it was selfish and stupid to rely so much on one human being and hold him up to such in impossible standard, but the amazing thing was that Scott did it. He did everything Stiles had learned to expect of him and more. He never let Stiles down, not once, through everything he’d endured. And it still managed to take Stiles aback.

Scott carried the weight of the world on his shoulders at the age of seventeen and he still had the strength to hold Stiles in his arms through it all.

It hurt, knowing that no matter what Stiles did, he could never make it up to Scott. He could never be as good, be as perfect and awe inspiring as his best friend.

But what hurt the most is knowing that Scott never expected that. He loved Stiles, he did, and he loved him as the shattered, dependent, worthless person that he was. He didn’t seem to care about the mistakes or the problems or the fact that Stiles literally could never live without him.

But Stiles wasn’t sure that it mattered much because Scott was there. Scott was there and Stiles was content with that and Scott seemed to be too. And, well, Stiles figured that codependency is only an issue if you have to be alone. And so far, Stiles hadn’t needed to.

He always had Scott.

And Scott had him too.