otp: yay us

In political fuckery today:

1. They are trying to rewrite the bill and force a vote before anyone reads it and before the public sees it
2. Dems are considering confirming SC nominee even though they have the votes to block. Because the Dems are excellent at being political wusses. Just watch what will happen IF they do confirm. They won’t win in 2018.
3. Basically the House is a mess over this vote.
4. Intelligence agencies are a mess. And people are calling for a bipartisan investigation. Because all signs point to Russia Russia Russia.

Tldr the GOP is trying to kill us and Russia made us their bitch.

LF: Jul 30 2017 G1s

Hey everyone! I, ah, got engaged while away on vacation and I actually had an egg I was saving to hatch because I’m a dork but I wasn’t actually near a computer so…it didn’t happen.

I’d love to buy your G1s born July 30th, 2017! Looking primarily for Arcane dragons, but I’ll give anything a shot. Gender doesn’t matter, and neither do colors, although a bonus if they match the eyes in some way (I have a pretty wide interpretation of “matching,” so don’t worry, haha). In terms of payment, I’d prefer to trade the Arcane Egg I’d saved, but I have treasure/gems too.