otp: wow

I knew putting myself out there and laying something close to me bear yesterday was going to be rough. Most people were really supportive and I was thankful for that. But this morning one of the people responsible for a “blue” side word tried to tell me how to feel about my own expression. I’ve been fighting with those words they told me for over a year, and today I was like you know what…you don’t have power here anymore, m’dude. I’ve got support and love and good friends and a lot of heart, and nothing’s going to stop me drawing every day like I’ve done for the past almost three years. 

Faeb doesn’t have a lot of confidence as a character right now, and I wanted to show her leveling up, if you will, in herself–so I drew that! Because I think we both kind of leveled up today and overcame some stuff holding us back. And because how my day goes almost directly translates into what I draw…I’m an open book, guys XD 

It’s not just the barrels themselves that matter for the tricos.  The chosen ones aren’t transformed into barrels or anything, but into something much more important - and as a byproduct, the stuff that’s in the barrels is produced.  It is probably related to the mist that comes from the pots, and the energy that powers the Yoroi.  But at first I was thinking about the sarcophagus in the mirror room, and that energy being used to revive or bring to life whatever is in it.
—  Ueda on what’s inside the barrels, An Extraordinary Story, page 83

parallel universe in which randl develop kissing each other’s necks as a platonic comfort thing not knowing it was more than that as they grew until they separate when they’re older and Realize Things and come back and kiss for real and become boyfriends and from then on kissing the neck is what really drives them wild :)