otp: worth doing right


First of all I love Davina Claire. So if you’ve come to bash her… BYE BYE NOW.

Moving on…

This episode was everything I wanted and more.

Everyone is complaining that Davina is way too young. Wasn’t Elena in high school when she slept with Stefan? Wasn’t Caroline in high school when she first slept with Damon in season one of TVD? Yes. That’s what I thought. And just like Stelena’s first time, Davina was in control. SHE took of Kol’s shirt. SHE took off her dress. SHE kissed him first. He never pushed her. Not once. He would’ve been content enough just to dance and stare into her beautiful eyes. But she’s very much in love. It was a beautiful moment. And it shows how in love he is with her (even though he hasn’t said it yet), just the way he looks at her, defends her, wants so badly to do right by her, and caresses her and watches over her when she sleeps. He’s a protector.

When it comes down to it, Davina saved him in more ways than one. Both physically and mentally. Enough that he flat out tells her he used to be a “psychotic maniac,” but isn’t anymore because of her. Because falling in love with her is worth way more than slaughtering humans. He’s trying so hard.

Yes, he lost control. Is it in his nature to mess up? Of course. He’s over 1,000 years old. He has the Ripper in him just like Stefan does. And just like Stefan, they have to work harder than the rest to control that. Habits from 1,000 years won’t change over night. Will this create conflict between Kolvina? Of course, absolutely. But will they become stronger because of it? 100%. It wouldn’t be a Julie Plec show if it was all rainbows and butterflies. But the two moments that were critical were that when Kol was caressing Davina’s back while she was sleeping, you could tell the moment he listened to his body and knew he needed some blood. He identified the hunger and was about to very well control it. He kissed her neck. Didn’t eye it and lick his lips. He puts all his control in not hurting her. So yes, when the blood bag was empty he has a look of complete FEAR. This is Kol Mikaelson; he doesn’t show fear. This man takes what he wants and does what he wants… Until now. He wants so badly to not let her down… That he tries to hide it. He’s so scared of losing her. He’s vulnerable for the first time in 1,000 years. He loves her so much he’s scared of her. So he slipped. But did you see his face when he was done drinking that girl? He was so disappointed and upset with himself. Finn showing up and being judge mental as always sure didn’t help.

He’s going to try to move past this and try and try and try. The problem is he needs to be honest with her and say,“I want to do right by you, but I’m having a really hard time controlling this. I don’t want to be Klaus or the vampire I was. I need help, Davina.” By admitting that weakness will show her he’s truly willing to change for the better. Do I think he’ll say this? No. That would be too easy. He’ll probably wait right before to the point of her walking away forever before he says something like this. His fear of losing her might be his biggest downfall. He needs to let go of his pride and ask for help.

I think it’ll get worse between them before getting better. But we saw last episode just how in love they both are with each other. I honestly think Kol loves Davina more than she even loves him. But that love scares him. That’s why he hasn’t said I love you back, even though he has shown it in so many ways. She comes first to him. Just realize in his entire existence, he’s acted out because he has always felt as though others don’t love him. He felt like the trio never loved him, parents, or anyone else. He has never been in love either. The closest thing Kol was ever in love with, was magic. And his mother and father took that away from him. So yes, he acted out. It was completely a cry of attention. And instead of being a strong family unit, like the siblings were for one another, they weren’t for him. No, they staked him over and over again just to put the “dog in his kennel.”

Fast forward to Davina. She was the only one that believed in him. She helped him fall in love with magic again. And they fell in love with each other because of it… More so on her side; he fell in love with her because of her willingness to believe in him. Show forgiveness of his family and who he was. He has never ever had that. She also saved him when no one else would. Yes, Rebekah tried… But Davina succeeded and pushed her own safety on the line. She knows how important Kol is and didn’t care the outcome. She knew he deserved more in his life. So I don’t give a shit if Klaus is upset or being hunted. Like Kol implied… He deserves it. You can’t go around doing whatever you please and avoid consequences for those actions. Everyone is so quick to judge Davina, yet she sees people for who they are. How has Klaus changed for the better? Yes, shows glimpses but he’s still selfish has hell. Maybe only towards Cami, Hope and Caroline does he show another side. He has tormented his siblings for centuries. Of course it would catch up with him. Yet they support him. But who supports Kol? Truly only Davina when it comes down to it.

So yes, he’s terrified to lose the only good thing he’s ever had in his life. And she’s scared of losing him to the darkness. Wouldn’t you? If I knew my love used to be a sadistic murderer… Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be okay with it. But she’s trying to show forgiveness which is more than any of the Originals deserves. So when she realizes he’s out drinking from other people again, the man she fell in love with, yes the man who she could share magic with in a positive way, will be moving further and further from her sight. But slowly I think she’ll realize that Kol is Kol. And she’ll love him for what he is… Or she’ll have to let him go because she can’t be a part of who he is.

I hope he’ll ask for guidance and I hope in my heart she won’t give up on him like so many others in his life have… Because honestly their love story is unique and beautiful (I do see similarities in it both with Stelena and Delena though). But they are Kolvina and Julie Plec and the writers brought Kol back for a reason. He’s already been the sadistic maniac vampire. He’s now been witch Kol. Different face Kol. So it’s time he battles with his inner demons and changes for the better for the love of his life and himself.



Just remember:

OTP: “I didn’t have you.”
OTP: “You’re worth being good for.”
OTP: “I’ll have to do right by her.”
OTP: “You are the best part of being alive.”

Kol loves her. And always will.

That’s worth fighting your most inner demons for.


If you guys were wondering how/why I started writing schweinski fanfiction. This is it. Actually, there’s more, but I just can’t devote even more time to this, you guys. I just cant. It’s a real problem.