otp: work wives

It’s just nice. It makes working creatively very comfortable, because I just don’t have to worry about what’s going on with that whole side of it. We could be in two places at once and pretty much have the same artist temperament and the same ideas and the same creative input. It makes working with anyone else now a really scary prospect.
—  Swampy Marsh on working with Dan Povenmire

A gay man really is nothing with his fag hag(s). My version of this at work is my work wives…. Yes I am a platonic polygamist at work, I love many of the women I work with for various reasons, each providing me with a different opinion and a different kind of relationship, but a handful are my actual work wives. There is probably a hierarchy, but I let my work wives figure that out, and each provides me with a different relationship. The next guy I meet will have to appreciate the “work wive” scene, and probably need to pass some inspections from a few to survive.