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another actual friendly reminder

Rowan loves Aelin so much he ate the horrible (he had to throw up afterwards) chocolate cake Aelin baked for him to the very last bite because she was nervous about whether he’d like it or not

Look, Idc what people ship. Idc if you ship Mariah and Eliza, I don’t care if you ship Laurens and Alex, or whatever.

Like. Jamilton is my OTP, don’t get me wrong. But please remember that Alexander and Eliza were in love.

They loved one another, they were married and had lots of gremlins running around.

Don’t say that Eliza got in the way of Lams or that Alexander got in the way of Marliza, etc.

Hamliza is very important and very cute and ahh. Just respect one another’s pairings and the characters, it’s not hard.

(Also, I see a lot of posts that “introduce” new fans to the Hamilfam, “unless” they ship this or that. Let people ship whatever they want?? Don’t tell them to leave the family over their ships or that they “can’t”.

Let people ship Pheacker, let people ship Washette or Leggy or whatever people want. It’s not bad to have a ship.

Thank u.)

Shiro likes sharing happy moments he’s had with Lance and Keith is really supportive of that; he always encourages him and engages with the conversation as Shiro’s stammering and red in the face. It’s embarrassing for him, but Lance makes him so happy he wants to share it with Keith. Let him know he’s happy.

Shiro: Hey Keith why don’t you tell me about Hunk for a change?

Keith: No. You’ll fall in love with him.

Shiro: …. I think I won-

Keith: YOU WILL. NO.

Anyway Keith and Shiro hanging out together, joking about their boyfriends.

wow i can’t wait until p*mento does some dumb shit that rosa takes the fall for and ends up in jail and gina is so pissed she corners him and uses her intimidating whisper voice and tells him that it should have been him and that “thanks to you, there’s not two scary bitches in this precinct, its one. which means i can do whatever i want. and i’m gonna make your life a living hell.” and then she goes to punch him and jake has to hold her back and her anger quickly turns to sadness as we see the first time gina linetti ever has tears in her eyes and jake quickly pulls her in to a hug and she wraps her arms around him tight and says “i’m gonna train a raven to bite his dick off.” and jake just laughs a bit and reassures her that he’s never lied to her in all the years they’ve known each other, so it’s 100% a promise he will get rosa out of this

and then when rosa comes back after i guess would be like a few days of intimidating every woman in the penitentiary and amy tells her everything she witnessed, between gina getting in pimentos face and jake hugging her while she was crying and rosa is like wow. she threatened him. this is the love of my life. AND THEN SHE REALIZES THAT SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER THIS ENTIRE TIME

#8 Newlyweds Game

“Look, I don’t care what we do, but we’re NOT playing charades!” Angelina yelled over her friends.

“You’re never going to let that go are you?” George asked in disbelief.

“My hair George! My hair was on fire!” She shouted back.

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“Why can’t we just play twister like we planned?” Harry asked the group, coming back from the kitchen after fetching himself and Ginny a couple of drinks.

“Ron bailed, and he’s the one who was supposed to bring the game. Apparently Luna asked him out to dinner.” Hermione informed him.

“Apparently she’s more important then not letting his friends slip into the anarchy of having to choose what to play for game night.” Fred said in a jokingly bitter tone.

“How about the newlywed game?” Ginny offered. “We have an even number now.”

A long moment passed.

“Gin that game’s for couples.” Harry said, feeling the tension in the air.

“Well Hermione and Fred can pair up!” Ginny insisted to the still silent room. “C'mon they’re close enough friends to stand half a chance against us.”

“Whatever, if it’ll get everyone to stop arguing I’m in.” Fred declared.
“You ready to get fake married and put these guys in the ground ‘Mione?”

“Born ready.” Hermione giggled.

* *

The game was set up. On one couch sat Hermione, Ginny, and Angelina. On the other say Fred, Harry, and George. The twins leaned against Harry, squishing him between them as Ginny shuffled the cards.

“Okay, whiteboards ready boys?” Ginny asked. The boys picked up their boards and markers out of the games box and nodded, “Here we go, girls, name your partners favourite ice cream flavour.”

The boys quickly scribbled their answers on their whiteboards and set down their markers keeping the backs of their boards facing the girls.

“Angelina, you first.” Ginny told her.

“Well…” Angelina thought for a moment, “I guess I’ll say classic chocolate. Oh! With caramel sauce on top!”

Fred stopped on the floor marking a drumroll noise and flipped his board over with a flourish. Scrawled across it in messy writing was 'chocolate + caramel’. “And the lady gets it right!” He announced to his friends as Ginny gave them a tally on the points card.

“Yeah yeah, we haven’t even finished the first round Georgie calm down. Harry and I are taking you down.” Ginny told him confidently. “Harry’s favourite ice cream is crème brûlée.”

Harry flipped is whiteboard around showing that she was indeed correct.

“Crème brûlée? Manly.” George muttered, rolling his eyes dramatically.

“Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.” Harry defend himself.

Adding a point to hers and Harry’s column, Ginny gestured to the next pair. “Your turn Hermione.”

“Peanut butter cup.” She said causally, as if it was an obvious answer.

Fred whirled his white board around to show the group his answer, written in all capitals. “Obviously peanut butter cup! It’s the best flavour of everything!” He shouted and shimmied his shoulders in a small victory dance.

“Well I guess despite not being a couple, Fred and Hermione are in the races.” Ginny announced. “It’s a three way tie after round number one.”

* *

Round four was underway. So far the group had answered what their partners favourite ice cream was, what their parents names were, and what their childhood dream job was. Ginny had given each team a nickname on the new banner sized tally sheet. George and Angelina or 'Georgelina’ had 3 points, Fred and Hermione or 'Fremione’ had 3 points, and Harry and Ginny or 'Hinny’ had 2, despite Ginny’s insisting that the last question wasn’t fair given that she didn’t know what muggles called people who flew planes.

“What is your partners go to accessory?” Ginny asked, and set the card down to pick up her white board and marker. “Georgelina, whenever you’re ready.”

“Purses! Final answer.” George exclaimed with confidence.

An awkward silence filled the room as Angelina turned her board around to face her boyfriend, 'Earrings’ scrawled across the front. “Purses babe? Really?” She questioned George in a sharp voice.

“Ooo and Georgelina falls out of their tie for first.” Ginny said in her best announcer voice. Angelina narrowed her eyes and gave George a playful but pointed look, as if to say “And who’s fault is that?”

“Okay, well,” Harry began slowly, “you don’t really wear much jewelry, oh, those little leather bracelets?” He guessed.

“Dammit I forgot about those!” Ginny cursed, placing her whiteboard face up on the table. “I said sneakers. Ugh, it’s your turn now whatever.” She grumbled gesturing lamely to Fred.

“Easy. Scarves.” He said matter-of-factly and leaned back in his chair.

Hermione’s mouth fell open in an overly dramatic display of shock as she laughed. She turned her answer around to prove he was correct “Good job Fred. You’re turning out to be a very good fake husband.” She joked.

“Excuse you? I am far more then that!” Fred exclaimed, “I am a wonderful, brilliant, fantastic fake husband.”

“Of course dear, how could I forget?” Hermione chuckled.

* *

The game was over and the group was back spread out in the living room. The loosing teams sulked in silence as the winners chatted loudly about their victory.

“I honestly had no idea!” Hermione insisted, laughing.

“So you just guessed that I the last thing I ate was a long lasting peppermint?” Fred asked astonished.

“Well I just thought about it logically. You did just come from work, and you and George mentioned being in the test stage for those a few days ago.” She explained quickly.

“Brilliant Hermione!” Fred exclaimed.

Ginny eyed the two suspiciously as they joked together. She looked at Harry sitting beside her and tilted her head towards them rolling her eyes. Harry smiled at her and placed his hand on her knee. A simple but affectionate action.

Ginny looked back at Fred and Hermione, they were both laughing hard at something one of them had said. Fred beamed at Hermione as she tried to pull herself together unsuccessfully. Her shoulders shook with laughter and her head was tiled back with a large open smile plastered across her face. Fred’s hand rested on Hermione’s knee.

Suddenly, Ginny’s eyes widened in surprise. Quickly, she masked her expression but her mind was whirling. She now had realized three very exciting new things. One, Hermione liked Fred. Two, Fred liked Hermione. And three, Ginny smiled to herself, these two would need some help admitting to it.

She had work to do.

* *

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Boueibu Shipping Week (Idea, proposal...)

Boueibu Shipping Week

So, this is an idea that I had to bring up more activity and more fics, arts, whatever you can do, to the Boueibu fandom.

The idea is that instead of a week dedicated to a single character or a single ship, we can have a multishipping week, meaning that any kind of ship collaboration will be valid.

So, for example, let’s say that during the first day the prompt is something like “First Time,” so you can take a ship like Kinmoto to write a fic about “First Time” (first time they meet, they talk, they kiss, they hold hands, anything), but then you want to draw a fanart based on IbuKin, but you want also to recommend a fanfic you read about EnKin’s first time on something, because at the end you are a Kinshiro multhispper, that case would be totally valid. However, let’s say that you cannot multiship and you’re the kind of person that really has only one OTP, let’s name it, AkoIo, then you can write, draw, recommend and all kind of contribution you can think about AkoIo with the prompt of “First Time.”

Also, some of us may not have time to work on so many things for just one day and we may have to choose ships for specific purposes. So for example, we have day 1 as “First Time” let’s say in my case I choose Akorima to write about their first kiss, but on day 2 that has “Love Letter” as the prompt I chose to have IbuYu, and so on, or well as it was previously said you can take only one ship and write, draw, etc, about only that ship during the whole week.

The point at the end is to come up with new content for the fandom, so anything that follows the week’s prompt will be valid.

Would you like to have this kind of activity for the fandom?

If yes, well I’d need some help… I want to do this, but my job is a little bit (extremely) demanding about my time so, really I’d need some extra help. Also, if some of you may contribute saying which month do you think would be perfect to develop the week it would be awesome, I’d say July, but I don’t know what you think, so let me know.

List of five OTP from five different fandoms

A long time ago I was tagged by @irumie ♥ (Thank you)

1. Okikagu: I don’t have to say how much I love to see them together. x)

Originally posted by vieeeeeeeeee

2. Zervis: I shipped them from the first time they had an interaction. xD I saw it grow from a crack ship to being canon. Even if they are ennemies, I still ship them and will always ship them whatever new revelations we get. BYE

Originally posted by lumenfairytail

3. Yatori: Yeees I’m not really present in the fandom but…!!!fjqksjdflqkj I love them so muuuuch these two I swear. They are cute and lovely and with their son they are just…so damn cute!! ♥♥ 

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4. Ichihime: It was my origin OTP. The first otp in which I gave my heart and soul. AND IT’S CANON. And I have so many feels about this otp. They have a cute son ♥ I’m not posting much more about it because Bleach became less and less interesting until the end and so my interest on the ship died with my interest in the manga. u_u But never forget that Bleach will remain in my fave childhood anime. ♥

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5. NTouko / NHilda: Yes I know. I don’t know how I got to ship Pokemon characters but however I DID. My kokoro made boom and betrayed me the moment I played Pokemon Black/White. 

Nooo there is no gif for it. u_u This fandom is so dead. I’m crying.

I will draw instead. Adieu. 

If you just feel like doing this tag please do. ^^


“Please be careful,” she said. Draco looked almost amused. “It’s nice that you’re concerned.”
Ginny’s next words came out of her mouth without any foreknowledge on her part that she was about to speak them. “I am concerned,” she said. “I love you.”
His head jerked up and he stared at her, an expression of absolute astonishment on his face. She stared back. She would have thought she would be fighting to keep her expression neutral, but really she only felt very calm. She had said it. Let him do with it whatever he wanted. Although really, he must have known. How could he not? When he replied, it was with only one word, and not the one she was expecting. “Why?”

How i met your mother

I was reading au prompts and it just occured to me that my parents had a rather adorable story and I just wanna tell all of you guys how weird my parents are lol

My dad told me he met my mom after graduating from college on a discussion event or talk show thingy, whatever that means. He was one of the guests and my mother was a reporter for a newspaper column. She then interviewed him and they become acquainted. Both of them was in a relationship with other people back then.

After my mom graduated, she became an activist in the same group as my dad and they kinda became friends for about seven years. My dad said that she was one of the most intelligent person ever and he always got roasted whenever he tried to argue her opinons lol. One day my mom broke up with her boyfriend and my dad kinda went like “is this my chance or what” and tried (and failed almost comically) to pursue her. You see, my dad was not good with words but my mom was practically a debater so you see how that went. It took months for my mom to agree to date him. She said that his attempts (until this day, they never tell me what his attempts are, “too traumatizing,” he said) to date her were too funny and maybe she kinda liked him too after all.

About two weeks after they started dating, my mom said she was bored with the dating phase and said “if you really like me just go to my parents and ask for their blessings and let’s get married.” My dad was so chill and like “Ok let’s go do i have to bring gifts” and two days later, they were calmly sipping tea on the earliest train to my mom’s hometown. Needless to say my grandpa was not amused but gave up anyway because once again, my mom had way with words. Dad said everything went so fast and he was happy because he didn’t have to make elaborate plans to propose because my mom asked first and he was not creative anyway.

Two months after that, they got married and they’ll celebrate their 20 years anniversary this september. My mom still has way with words, and my dad is still as clumsy and get roasted daily, but they are still going strong. They are my absolute otp ever.

outside-the-government  asked:

For the ship thing - Chloe and Oliver? :D

Omg omg I’m so excited to do this, thank you for asking themmmm <3

can’t stick to the grocery list
-Ollie.  He’s a rich boy.  He’s not used to even doing the shopping himself, he had servants for that kind of menial crap growing up.  He has several personal shoppers as the head of Queen Industries, as well.  When Chloe makes him go grocery shopping with her, he just chucks whatever he wants into the cart without even considering prices - lobster, steak, the most ridiculously priced cookware that he doesn’t even use (because he’s never the one cooking, and Chloe is totally okay using cookware that doesn’t cost as much as an entertainment system), and insists that they shop at the high end grocery near his company’s building, the one where a bottle of designer water costs ten dollars and has snooty cashiers, just because he prefers their seafood.  Chloe follows him around, shaking her head, refraining from commenting as she wonders why she even suggests he come along when the shopping needs to be done.

would be addicted to Netflix (and chill, if applicable)
-Definitely Ollie.  Especially in his days before he and Chloe were together, when he was feeling down and drinking too much, he’d waste away hours in front of his movie theatre sized TV, drowning his sorrows and watching comedy shows.

manages the joint account
-Chloe.  Once she saw how Ollie just let his accounting staff handle everything and he had no clue how much money he actually had or was spending on anything, she took over and taught him how to actually keep track of his money, so he’d know if anything was wrong if anyone ever tried to steal from him (happens when you’re rich).

is the better city driver and why
-Chloe.  Ollie alternated between being chauffeured everywhere to joy riding on his motorbikes and in his flashy cars.  Meanwhile Chloe has been driving a normal car since she was 16, both in Smallville and Metropolis, so she’s far more used to the actual rules of the road and is a good driver overall.

walks around the house in their underwear
-Ollie.  He has multitudes of boxers with funny pictures and patterns on them, including Superman ones, which Chloe finds both hilarious and a little disturbing.  She’s threatened to tell Clark more than once, but Ollie was convinced that Clark would be proud and she decided not to tell him for Clark’s own sake.  He also has ones with teddy bears, ninja turtles and ones with an elephant face over the front, so he can use his own appendage to make it’s trunk.  The last ones are his favourite pair and Chloe has not yet figured out where he hides them when not wearing them, because she would very much like to burn them.

which one prefers to watch Game of Thrones and which one prefers the books
-Ollie loves the show and has never read the books.  Chloe doesn’t really care for the show, but thinks the books are a decent read.

has the higher alcohol tolerance
-Ollie.  Many, many years of partying have raised his alcohol tolerance considerably.  Chloe is a bit of a lightweight, but she doesn’t really care to drink too much anyway; she prefers the slightly buzzed, tipsy feeling to being drunk, unless she’s really upset about something (then she might be tempted to drink away her problems).

instigates sex most often
-Both, but Ollie a little more often.  Everything Chloe does turns him on, even just tucking her hair behind her ear, or watching her hands as she fiddles with some kind of tech.  Among the other things that turn him on: the mischievous sparkle glinting in her eyes, that adorable yet sexy grin of triumph when she outsmarts him or beats him at something, the way she bites her lip when she’s thinking or nervous, the way she runs a hand through her hair when she’s frustrated or tired… the list is endless.

likes having candles around the house
-Chloe, but mostly just in the bathroom.  She’s always loved having a bath surrounded by candles - she finds it incredibly soothing and relaxing, especially in their huge jacuzzi tub.

always misses the clothes hamper
-Ollie.  Again, he’s always had someone cleaning up after him, so he doesn’t really pay attention to where he tosses his dirty clothes, much to Chloe’s irritation.   She regularly reminds him that she is not his cleaning lady and can he please put his clothes in the damn hamper, not around it or on top of it, but he rarely remembers.

gets the first gray hair
-Chloe, but it’s really hard to see in her light blonde hair.  Ollie’s hair is a dark enough blonde that his is more pronounced.  He has mixed feelings about it, but Chloe enjoys teasing him about being married to an old man until he finally notices hers and starts teasing her back.

is more protective
-Ollie is extremely protective, and can be too protective at times.  It often rubs Chloe the wrong way because she is a strong, capable woman and sometimes Ollie will step on her toes in an attempt to protect her, when she is perfectly capable of handling a given situation on her own.  After all, she has done some pretty badass stuff in her life too, and it bugs her when he implies that she can’t handle herself.  This is probably the thing they fight about the most when they do argue, which thankfully isn’t too often.  

prefers a quiet night in
-Chloe.  Ollie always wants to be active and out on the town, but Chloe prefers to snuggle up with her superhero on the couch and watch a movie or two, preferably interspersed with some kissing and sometimes ending up in a steamy round of their favourite indoor game. ;)

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two hands digging in each other’s wounds

bellamy/clarke; rated m; 3,335 words

set in an incredibly optimistic future, 3 years post 2x16

read: ao3 or below 

The first time isn’t great.

It’s not like it’s bad but Clarke never really considered that sex with Bellamy would be anything less than great, even when she barely knew him

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anonymous asked:

What makes Gajevy really appealing to you?

I’ve been wondering about it for awhile myself. I mean, considering how much I adore friends-to-lovers, Nalu should really be my number one FT OTP (though number two isn’t terrible so whatevs)…

I think it’s just that I’m such a whore for character development? And I can’t get over how much Gajeel had to grow as a person in order for Levy to fall for him the way he has her? In order to fall for her at all?? In order to join Fairy Tail??? In order to love his comrades enough to sacrifice himself for any of them????

There’s just something about all that that’s…


Post Stall by @bal-lantineSeveral years after the pirates’ defeat at Nassau, Max has a business proposition for Silver. The problem? It requires Flint and the Walrus.

“You might have told me yourself,” she says. “Now I understand why you were so reluctant to come in the first place. I take it whatever occurred between you and Captain Flint ended badly?”

Ended badly implies there was a point it had ever gone well.” John shakes his head and brandishes the bottle at her. “Look at me. Twelve hours back in Saint Lucia and already back at it.”

10 questions tag

tagged by @saranghaekoreandramas (ayy thank uu <3)

Okay so my questions (that I supposed have to be kdrama related??) are

  1. What’s the most annoying drama trope in your opinion?
  2. Also what trope would you love to see more of?
  3. Fuck marry kill between your three fave characters
  4. If you had to live in one of those huge lofts/houses we see in dramas, which one would you pick?
  5. One drama you wish you had never seen? and why??
  6. What’s the best product placement you had seen?
  7. Okay so choose your biggest otp, now.. If you only could save one of them from whatever scenario you can imagine, which one would you save?
  8. Your favorite underrated dramas?? (so I can have more recs lol)
  9. If you could only watch dramas starring the same actor/tress, which one would you pick?
  10. your guilty pleasure drama?

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jaynefray  asked:

4 and Qrowin and 1 and Summer/Raven whatever their ship name is and 3 and parental figure!Qrow and Blakey

Ay o> your wish is my command

4: “Show me all the parts of you that you do not love so I know where to begin.” + Qrowin. Slight nsfwness? Character set 1/3.

He had more scars than he remembered or even bothered to keep counting.

Qrow distinctly recalls three. One on the back of his right knee, which still bothered him and made his right leg a bit limp sometimes; one on his left shoulder blade, that almost compromised his scythe-wielding, and one on his chest, right across his heart. Those were the three he could recall its appearance without any aid, because they were tricky ones to heal. They almost took something from him; his walking, his wielding, his life.

He hated those. He hated every scar he had. Some might think it was aesthethic; he just had the urges to tear his skin apart, with nails if needed, as long as it made it clean again.

“Qrow…” The hunter almost jumped out of his skin upon hearing his girlfriend’s voice.

“Fuck!” His back immediately went to the wall as he looked for Winter, partially hidden behind the door. “Winter, what the fuck?”

She sighed and walked in, dressed only with a robe. And then, with nothing. She entered the shower and the first place she touched was his chest.

“You hate your scars, don’t you?” All Qrow could do is nod. Very slowly, Winter bent forward and pressed a kiss on his skin, on the scar, water hitting her hair and running down her body. Her whisper was hoarse, “I love them. I’d rather have you scarred and alive than…” Shivers.

She shakes her head and kneels. It’s clear where Winter’s going with it, but before, her hand reaches to the scars on his thigh and lower as she kisses them.

“If you hate these parts of you, I’ll love them. Show me everything you hate on yourself so I know where to begin.”

Qrow told her everything he hated and she loved every inch of him with religious adoration.