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# gotta love how Flint lowers his gaze and looks away :) # as if his chest just got a little too tight suddenly :) # because he realizes that’s not what he wanted to hear :) 

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Lorelai & Luke, sex tape. LOL

Luke and Lorelai clung to each other, unable to let go because of the unspeakable horror they had just witnessed.

They had tossed the DVD sitting on top of the coffee table in the player thinking it was a rental movie - and it instead, it was … it was …

“Hey, I think I may have accidentally left my sex tape with Lulu here, have you guys seen it?” Kirk asked as he invited himself into the Crap Shack.

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3, 34, and 50 in the style of Luke and Lorelai! ;)


The fight was utterly stupid: one of those little arguments you got into with your partner that escalated because of the silliest thing.

Now they were fuming at each other, gesturing and shouting at the top of their lungs because she was stubborn and he was stubborn, and both of them were determined to be the immovable object instead of the unstoppable force.

Lorelai finally threw up her hands. “Just come with me into the other room,” she ordered, then didn’t bother to wait for his reply.

But Luke was just done. “We’re not going to talk about this now,“ he argued, following her to make his point, then drew to a halt at the birthday cake and presents waiting on the kitchen table. Shocked, he just stared at her.

She gave him a tired smile. "Happy birthday, babe.”



“… Lorelai?”


“How’d you get this number?”

“Oh, wrote it down, figure it might come in handy one day. Which, today is your lucky day, because it has!”

“Lorelai, I’m hanging up now.”

“No, wait, Luke! I just need to place a delivery order!”

“I don’t do delivery. Try Al’s.”

“But Al’s isn’t you!”

“And I thank God every day for that.”

“C'mon, please, please, please? I need a cheeseburger, so does Rory, and we’re starving!”

“You have two feet, just walk over here.”

“I can’t exactly do that.”


“You see, I broke my leg doing yoga.”

“You broke what?!?”

“Don’t worry, I’m OK!”

“I’ll be right there.”

“I thought you don’t do delivery!”

He just hung up the phone and ran to throw two burgers together.


They sat together with their grandchild, taking turns soothing the baby to sleep while allowing Rory to get some much-needed rest. Eventually, the baby wore itself out and they stood next to the crib, arms around each other’s waist as they watched the child they loved so much sleep.

“We kind of just let the whole baby discussion drop for us, didn’t we,” Lorelai mused.

“I figured if you wanted to pursue it, you’d say something,” Luke pointed out.

She chuckled. “Pot. Kettle. Black.” They shared a grin born from experience and the ability to poke fun at themselves.

“Well, I had another thought about it. I wanted to ask but thought if I asked, you’d say no.”

She saw the hurt in his eyes. “You don’t know that.”

“I know, I know.” She hugged him harder and worried her lip. Then she plunged right in. “What do you think of fostering?”

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95 + JavaJunkies “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

This gave me an opportunity to write some ridiculous Lorelai dialogue, so thanks lovely! xx

“Luke, I think we have a ghost in the house.” He finished towel-drying a dish, then set it on the counter. “And not one of those cute, friendly, can I keep you ghosts named Casper who makes friends with the introverted neighborhood kids but the shadowy, slamming-doors-and-levitating-cereal-boxes-while-we-sleep kind who leaves a trail of crumbs and a mountain of empty boxes, then laughs wickedly in our faces in a choir of Jekyll, Hyde, Ursula, and Voldermort!”

“Huh. Dream about running out of Poptarts again?”


As Lorelai sagged into a chair and curled her arms around her head on the kitchen table, groaning at the early hour, Luke poured her a mug of freshly brewed coffee.

“Mmm, I smell sugar!” she half-yawned, half-sang.

“No, you smell added sugar,” Luke clarified, clunking down a plate. “I bought five boxes of this garbage at Doose’s yesterday.”

Her head springing up, Lorelai smiled and grabbed three. Making a strawberry-cinnamon Poptart sandwich, she bit into it, patted his hand and said, “You’re so cute when you’re worried about my eating habits, babe.”