otp: will x alicia


So my brother(27) and uncle(30) are these two misogynist dudes and a little homophobic with two EXTREMELY hot girlfriends. My brothers girlfriend is bisexual. One time all five of us went to eat and somehow the conversation came out that would they rather their girlfriends cheat on them with a girl or a boy. My brothers and uncle easily said girls cause they wouldn’t mind and it’d be kinda hot. Anyways a few months go by and I find out they are no longer dating the girls. I asked what happened and they said nothing but both look pissed! I was kinda glad cause the girls were so nice and my uncle and bro are assholes who sometimes cheat(They are the worst!). So the other day I went back to Mexico(This is were my brother and uncle live) to visit my family and I saw the girls. When I went to say hi they were a little awkward but after I told them I was a little glad they left the guys they were more friendlier. Basically they told me that they fell for each other and have been dating since they broke up with my bro and uncle. One even said she was a lesbian but was too scared to come until she met the other(bi) girl. They met through my uncle and brother.


delena forever appreciation week

day seven: favorite romantic moment ♡ 6.07 Do You Remember the First Time?

It was going to be something beautiful and epic, so the rain was a way of us [honoring] this group of fans who spent five years begging for this one thing. … I think it’s because of The Notebook … oh, and Spider-Man. Basically, there’s something about people coming together in the rain that’s the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences. 

—Julie Plec

gallya modern + uni au  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

they’re both majoring in mechanical engineering, he’s the quite, secretly temperamental type in the class, she’s the friendly, feisty one.

both very smart, sometimes VERY competitive

i guess they always admire each other from afar but fall in love while working together on a school project??? idk


lionswolf‘s challenge

 [5/7] favourite scenes » the good wife » closing arguments

Will: We've always had bad timing, haven't we?
Alicia: We have.
Will: What if we were to suddenly have good timing, just for an hour? What would that look like?
Alicia: I think that would look like an exceptional moment.

gran hotel moments [1/?]: when #hearteyes julio makes a joke and alicia has none of it

A: Bring candles, matches, whatever tools we might need. Make sure you get the night shift. – What’s the matter?

J: All you need is a moustache to be a marshall on campaign.

A: Is that all you have to contribute?

Note: I must really hate myself. And absolutely love Willicia.

She has been staring forward for a while now.

He watches her with a hint of disbelief, even though she probably should be the one going skeptic by now.

‘Kiss her’ his mind says before it says anything else, it has been awhile since he had seen her and he swallows down the long, along with the urge to cry.

Alicia feels herself being watched and she turns slowly until her eyes meet his.

She looks the same, the woman he knew and the girl he met, she smiles and he wants to kiss her so bad.

He wants to run to her.

She is in his arms before he notices her moving.

Will holds her in his arms, caressing her back as he did before, not as many times as he would have wanted to. Truth be told, it would never be enough for him.

She kisses his neck gently and buries her face on the curve of it.

The man watches the road, the sight of the car crash makes his heart ache. He wonders if she is really dead or if she can be saved. He wants to be with her, but he also wants her to live, she still has a lot to do.

He swallows and makes her look at him.

“I miss you,” one of them say, but they don’t know which one, it doesn’t matter. They smile.

Alicia closes her eyes and surrenders herself to the feeling of his lips against hers once again.

Perhaps it was romantic because it didn’t happen, it left his memory frozen and perfect for her, an eternal “what could have been”.

She’ll love him forever, as she promised. And he’ll be okay with that, as he promised.

When the kiss is broken he holds her against him, he makes the moment last as people run around them, not seeing them. They run on the road, separating cars, moving bodies, trying to save lives.

He hopes she lives, but as Alicia remains in his arms and in the arms of Death he takes what he cans, he kisses as he can. They always seem to be running out of time, somehow. And it’s okay, they’ll always have forever.