otp: wildflower mural

luviosa  asked:

!!! where did you get a full version of the wildflower mural? I've been looking for that forever!!!

Hey! I actually screen shotted it about a year ago from the parks and rec official tumblr. It’s crazy how there’s not more about the wildflower mural though - like it’s the most important one! I photo shopped the flowers to fill up the blank bits from the screenshot - and neither are the proper mural, but it’s as close as i could get! :D 

Leslie: Yellow haired female… likes waffles and news.
Ann: Sexy, well-read blonde… loves the sweeter things in life.
Leslie: Much better.
Ann: Hobbies?
Leslie: Organizing my agenda. Wait, that doesn’t sound fun…jammin’ on my planner!
Ann: Favorite place?
Leslie: Upstairs there’s this mural of wildflowers, and I like to sit on a bench in front of it.
Ann: Really? It could be anywhere in the world: Paris, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon…
Leslie: Nope. Just the bench in front of the mural.
Ann: What about an actual meadow, where wildflowers are?
Leslie: Eww, Ann, I’m scared of bees, mural!
Ann: Okay, what do you think of dogs?
Leslie: Love!
Ann: Cats?
Leslie: Love!
Ann: Fish?
Leslie: Love!
Ann: Turtles?
Leslie: No opinion. They’re condescending.
Ann: Describe your ideal man.
Leslie: He’s dark and mysterious, and he can sing. And he plays the organ.
Ann: I think you just described the Phantom of the Opera.