otp: why would i want to leave serenity


Top 5 ships I’ll go down with no matter what

Tagged by @whifferdills, thanks! It’s been a while because I was accidentally traumatized (again) by the Janto quote, however, here we are. Whouffaldi is my one and only otp, and the other 4 mentioned below are not in any particular order.

Twelve and Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (Sherlock) 
Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra (Firefly)
Randall Brown and Lix Storm (The Hour)
Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones (Torchwood)

I just find out that they share some similar features, like, repressed emotions, communication issues, fears of losing, and memories. I think I’ve got a type…

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