otp: why i didn't see it there before


I recently discovered Carmilla the series and OMG!!!… Hollstein is the shit!!! Those two girls are killing me every time they kiss, seriously.

But what I enjoy the most, even more than the ship, or almost, is Carmilla wearing those leather pants and her voice, oh God, she’s so, so hot 😉💦. I just love her!! 😍😍

If you are gay as fuck and love shipping lesbian couples, you need to watch them. Sanvers, Calzona, Vauseman, Clexa, Cophine have never shared kisses like those, not even close. 

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Gift for my friend @mika-yuu-ons, one of my very first friends from the fandom, whose birthday was yesterday, 5.2! 

I really hope you like it and that you enjoyed your birthday to the fullest <3