otp: why do you care

“its kind of sad when you feel like you can talk to a stranger you met on the internet more about your problems than your actually family”

well yeah cause if i tell my parents anything they either make fun of me or give me a 758772 hour long lecture about what i could have done differently


DON’T GIVE ME UP | a bellamy/clarke mix {listen}
love is w e a k n e s s”


*laughter on the verge of hysteria* 

this episode use to be a gift, now it’s slap in the face. 

you two are anything but resolved. you haven’t even begun. 


for ungranger

‘Cause I can’t b r e a t h e, without you n e a r 

You keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me h o n e s t

You keep me alive, on the edge of tonight, chasing t o m o r r o w

With fire in my eyes, you’re like a siren in the dark

You’re the beat playing in my heart

You keep me a l i v e


Sterek - Why do you care?