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Cassie Clare Hurting Us With Immortality: Clary and Simon

We all talk about how depressing the immortality thing is for Sizzy and Malec because they’re going to have to face eternity without the people they’re in love with but we never talk about Clary and Simon.

They’ve known each other since they were six. They’re best friends who have gone through everything together. They tell each other everything and no matter what, the most comfort they can experience is in each other’s arms.

They’d go through hell and back for each other, no matter what. Both of them are headstrong and brave, and will always fight for what they want. And what they want will always include each other. Nothing and no one will ever have the power to change that. 

When Jace went missing Clary couldn’t sleep until she was in Simon’s arms. The one place Simon always wanted to get to - and fought to get to - was wherever Clary was. Being together is a need for them. 

They have spent over a decade together. They’ve been with each other for majority of their lives. They are each other’s home, no matter where life took them. They slept in each other’s beds, they walked each other to school, they fangirled over anime, they respected, loved and protected each other at all costs.

They’re each other’s family. "They had been through too much for it to be any other way.“They are the one constant thing in each other’s lives. But slowly, that will be taken away from them. 

They’ve depended on each other all their lives, and that can continue that way. But they pictured growing old together, having normal lives together, going through the same things. It might be easy for the first few decades, but what happens when, in 40 years Clary, is living a comfortable and peaceful life - as peaceful as it can be for a Shadowhunter at least - and Simon is still on his toes, trying to live his immortal life as a 16-year-old? What happens when Clary is days from passing away when Simon is still trying to pass off as a college student?  What happens when Clary - the most important person in Simon’s life, the only constant thing  in his immortal existence that he adores and loves - dies and Simon has to face the fact that for the first time, no amount of bravery or fighting will get him to where Clary is?

They never worked well as a couple, and they aren’t in love the way Magnus loves Alec, or trying to make things work like how Simon is figuring things out with Izzy. But this immortality thing will hurt just as much - if not more. They may not be in love, but they do love each other. They’re each other’s world. The scopes of their lives are overflowed with each other and they wouldn’t want it any other way. From worrying about whether a manga is sold out in Midtown Comics or getting in trouble for staying out too late at gigs to worrying about evil Shadowhunters and dangerous Downworlders, they stood by each other. No matter what. 

Clary and Simon are different because they showed that you don’t need to be in love or have some Parabatai rune on your skin to be soulmates. And that’s exactly what they are: soulmates. But they’re soulmates destined to be separated (Will and Jem flashbacks, anyone?)

In Lost Souls, Clary said, I’m always better when you’re there.

And Simon said, I’m always there with you.

And he’s going to keep that promise. He always will be with Clary. The thing is, Clary won’t always be with him. 


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