otp: wherever you go i'm coming with you

❤  oh my talking bird / though your feathers are tattered and furled / i’ll love you all your days / till the breath leaves your delicate frame ❤   

a mix
for the knight and the princess
for the boy and the bird
who changed their fates                                                                                                         who fell in love

dancing in the dark - ben howard ft. yael naim// pirouette - made in heights // fairytale  - alexander rybak // high hopes -  the vespers // then she appeared - the xtc // by your side - alice jemima // the writer  - ellie goulding // io (this time around) - helen stellar // every little thing she does is magic  - sleeping at last  // comes and goes in waves (2013 remix) - greg laswell // talking bird - death cab for cutie // wherever you will go - charlene soraia // we might be dead by tomorrow - soko // can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes // fever dream - iron and wine //

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Ragnar showing mercy to Floki, with no hesitation, because Athelstan asked him to is the ultimate proof that Ragnar’s baptism was not simply for show. Because that baptism was never about Christ or choosing one faith over another for Ragnar. It was always about choosing Athelstan. Ragnar’s love for Athelstan is tantamount to faith, it is a religion in and of itself, and when your God walks into your home in the middle of the night and washes your feet, as his disciple, the one who swore to follow him whenever he goes, you have no choice but to do as he commands.

You may reach out to touch him, and like that he will be gone, but his words will still echo in your mind for years to come. Mercy. You will show mercy because he asked you to. You will show mercy because your love for him is the purest thing in you have ever known. His presence in life was always a blessing, it only seems right he should continue to bless you from beyond the grave.

Okay so after Ragnar became earl in season 1 he started wearing a new arm ring right

which should look familiar because 

But this isn’t a case of Ragnar having a matching or similar arm ring made for Athelstan, as I had always kind of assumed had been the case because ngl I didn’t pay attention to how often Ragnar’s had changed, but in early season 2 he is already wearing a different one…

Anyways if you pay attention you’ll notice most of the characters all wear slightly different ones, so it would have made more sense for Ragnar to have a completely unique one created for Athelstan if he’d had one made especially for him buttttt I don’t think that’s what happened and it is now my officially accepted head canon that the arm ring Ragnar gave to Athelstan in 2x02 is in fact his old one and I just???? Am I super late to the party here or???? Because this just adds so many more layers to the significance of it and I can’t deal…

And now I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful symmetry of Athelstan walking around wearing a piece of Ragnar’s old jewelry for the longest time, and then years later Ragnar finding himself in mourning and wearing a piece of Athelstan’s jewelry as a result… and I’m gonna go weep now bye.