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I don’t know WHY THE FUCK no one in the damn fandom gushed over or even MENTIONED this moment from the Legacy game! I didn’t even know of the existence of any Spitfire in the game aside from him comforting her after Tula’s death! But then I found out from Bio that THIS fucking scene exists!

And like, WALLY FUCKING WINKS AT HER LOOK AT HIS STUPID FACE OH MY GOD. This is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and no one ever even talked about it!! Shame on you Spitfire fandom for leaving me in the dark over these two precious babies!


“Hey, beautiful, wake up.”

The words sounded far away, reaching her ears from a distance, yet they stirred memories in her foggy mind. Her eyes shifted restlessly beneath heavy lids as consciousness tugged persistently at her in the form of recognition.

She’d heard that voice before. Not in years… not in person, anyway. But the very real pain that throbbed dully in the back of her skull reassured her that this wasn’t a dream. 

“Come on, babe, open those gorgeous eyes.”

The words were a bit clearer now, closer and more distinguishable. There could be no doubt now of who they belonged to; Artemis would never forget the sound of his voice. But this couldn’t be right.

He was gone.

Deciding she no longer wanted to have to hear his heart wrenching voice echoing against the inside of her obviously concussed skull, Artemis stirred and groaned, one of her palms coming up to press against her forehead as she stirred. At least whenever she heard and saw him in her dreams, she was vaguely aware that it was all just pretend; she didn’t like hearing him so clearly, as if she could open her eyes and he’d be hovering over her with a sparkling smile and bright green eyes.

It made the hair on the back of her neck prickle in unpleasantness. 

Artemis slowly pried her heavy lids open, bit by bit, blinking back the too-bright light until it became more manageable. The discomfort in her head didn’t feel too serious, which did little to explain the voice she’d heard so crystal clear only moments before, but that would have to take a back seat for now.

She had to assess her situation first.

As the archer groaned and closed her eyes to bring herself slowly into an upright position, she became aware of a parched mouth, and hot skin, and sand sifting beneath her clenching fingers as she shifted into position.

Altogether a way too familiar setting. She braced for the worst scenario as she finally opened her eyes.

What she didn’t see was the horribly unwelcome back drop of a vast desert stretching beyond her vision, heat waves rippling with searing clarity above the gentle slope of dunes.

Her vision was only a sea of green.

Her heart stopped. Her eyes widened and her dry, cracked lips parted in shock.

Wally smiled at her. A smile that morphed into the biggest, toothiest grin she had ever seen grace his features. It pushed his cheeks up and crinkled his eyes, which looked in danger of spilling over with tears. 

Artemis tried to choke out his name in disbelief, but her throat was too parched to form words and all she managed was a strangled croak. She would have been embarrassed by her lack of coherent words if her addled brain hadn’t been too busy rapidly trying to understand exactly who or what she was looking at. It certainly looked like her long lost (not dead, never dead) boyfriend was crouched just inches from her face. He looked exactly the way she remembered him, the way he looked in the pictures Megan had pasted into the impossibly huge scrapbook she’d made for her. Yet he looked a bit different too; three years older, his strong jaw a bit stronger, his shoulders wider. Stubble dotted his jawline. 

This couldn’t possibly be real.

Tremors ran through her body, and her fingers clenched into fists at her sides as she closed herself off to what she was seeing. It was a mirage, it had to be. 

She wouldn’t fall for this.

Wally was gone.

“Deja vu, huh, Artemis?” Wally managed to get out, his voice cracking but clear. He let out a strangled laugh and his hand came up to cup her face. Artemis remained still, and his palm hesitated for only a moment before closing the distance and resting along the swell of her cheek. She couldn’t stop the sharp intake of breath at the skin on skin contact of his bare hand on her face; it was an all too familiar touch, one that she remembered well even after all these years. Electricity seemed to arc out from the place where they touched, and she knew by the solid, warm press of his fingertips against her jaw that there was no way this could be a mirage. Mirages didn’t feel like that; mirages didn’t feel like anything.

But Wally West felt like something. He felt like warmth and love and home, something solid. And she could feel all those things in the hand on her face.

“…Wally?” Artemis managed at last, her voice just as parched as her throat felt, and perhaps for more than the fact that she was sitting in the middle of a searing desert.

The speedster just smiled and nodded, his eyes wet, and he stroked his thumb along her cheek.

“You know, I knew my memories weren’t doing you justice, babe.”

(please full view this for the non-blurry version, ty)

Because I’m 95% sure that one of the major plots for Artemis in season 3 will be that she became pregnant with her and Wally’s kid sometime between the events of Summit and Endgame. Calling it, I think some of us have BEEN calling it, and I’m telling you my feels are not ready for such a plot and never will be. 

Also, you can blame Biodinerdity for this piece! We’ve been tossing around all kinds of fluffy, cute, and angsty (and sexy!) Spitfire pregnancy headcanons, which made me want to draw Artemis pregnant, so I told her to help me find a reference pic for a pregnant lady. She then pasted in a black and white photo of a pregnant lady with a dog that looks very much like a pit bull, and said it reminded her of Artemis and Brucely. And like, my brain could ONLY see that in a sad way so… here’s depressed pregnant Artemis and Brucely who is definitely sitting on a bed or something.


(Warning: this is roughly the size of a small fucking novel, sorry.)

(Also I skipped Agendas for now because I REALLY wanted to get this episode done. This has been in my drafts for like a month or two)

I fucking love this episode. Have I ever mentioned that before? Because if Failsafe is all aboard the feels train, this episode is all aboard the roller coaster of emotions. Like, wow is this one of my all time favorites.

IT’S SPIDER-MAN– oh wait, never mind it’s his evil twin, it was hard to tell in this lighting.

Cissie! Who I know nothing about except that she’s in the Arrow fam eventually and that everyone was dying for Artemis to be her mentor in s2 of Young Justice. I kind of miss some of the fandom ideas for what s2 would be like. :(

“I’m sorry, you know how it is. I’m on dead line. And so are you.” OH HO HO SPIDER-MAN, YOU SO PUNNY.

Aw yeah, archer babes to the rescue!

Look at them, looking all badass with the moon behind them! Could there BE a better time for your name to be Artemis and your talent to be archery? Definitely not.

Small detail that’s nice: you can tell whose arrows are whose because Ollie’s are tipped with a lighter shade of green than hers.

Awww, I love that part! I love how the camera kind of specifically pans more toward Artemis to convey that Cissie is awestruck by her in particular. Like, she’s seeing this badass female archer with blonde hair just like her kicking bad guy ass and saving her dad. And you can tell she’s just thinking “I want to be like that some day!” Artemis is literally being a badass inspiration right here and she doesn’t even know it, and it’s just so fucking cute! My baby is an amazing role model!

Fuck you, Sportsmaster, go away! (I will say that I like Sportsmaster’s voice though, and whether intentional or not I almost feel like a huskiness to the voice is just another trait that Artemis shares from his end of the gene pool.) Speaking of Artemis sharing in Sportsmaster’s end of the gene pool, have I ever mentioned that I honestly adore the decision to have Jade (the villain daughter) share more with Paula (the nice parent) in looks, while having Artemis (the hero daughter) sharing more traits with Lawrence (the awful/villain parent). I just thought it was an interesting thing, I don’t know whether they did that on purpose or not, but it’s just a thing I picked up on and thought was kind of neat.

Ollie stop trying to sound cool.

Damn, Artemis must be pretty fucking strong to still be standing after a possibly grown ass man just did a literal backflip off of her shoulders! 

“Good girl! Uh… take the lead on this one!” Oh, Ollie. XD He’s just letting her take the reigns while he tries to recover his wounded pride. Also, I just got feels thinking about how different it must be for Artemis to work under GA’s tutelage instead of her father’s. Like, can you imagine the contrast? All that praise and affection Ollie no doubt showers her with, compared to the harsh commands and emotional/mental abuse from Lawrence growing up? She probably hardly even knows what to do with Ollie’s praise half the time. 

Out of the penalty box. Sportsmaster, please.

“Bonus points for poetic justice.”

“Did you see the look on his face!? O-okay, he was wearing a mask, but– did you see the look on his mask!?” Oh my god, she’s so precious and giddy! I really wish we had gotten to see more of her interactions with Ollie, like this moment is seriously the most giddy we ever see Artemis in the series. You can tell she absolutely loves kicking ass with Ollie, and once again, tying in with the contrast between Lawrence and Ollie as mentors to her, it must be so exhilarating to literally be given the reigns on a mission, and then praised and encouraged for doing so! I don’t think Artemis would ever admit it, but I could honestly see her craving that interaction with Ollie every week, that kind of fatherly guidance. This is why I so love the idea of her seeing Ollie as a father figure, etc. 

And Ollie’s just so amused by her giddiness!

Shut up, Roy, go away. 

It must be really awkward at parties when your belt starts talking to you.

Can someone explain to me why Sportsmaster is having to sneak inmates out of Belle Reve when it’s under control by Strange? (I guess most of the guards still think it’s a legit detention facility or something? That would make sense, actually)

“Set a good example, join the Team first.” OKAY, IN WHAT UNIVERSE IS ROY EVER A GOOD EXAMPLE, OLLIE. (god I’d like to smack that scowl off of Roy’s face!)

“You should have seen the look on that little girl’s face, she was so grateful that her dad was safe.” (awwww, Artemis, babbu, this is why you were made for the hero life

“This life suits you, Artemis.” Yes, yes it does mama Crock! “Most mother’s would be horrified, but for me, it’s a relief. You don’t know how nervous I was when Arrow and Batman first confronted me about your… activities.”  STOP. “Confronted us. They figured out I saved my soulmate Kid Flash and confronted us.” “Not… initially. I’m your mother. They talked to me first.”


Look at that fucking smug ass face! XD She’s like I fucking pushed you out, they talked to me first because I’m the badass that made the tinier badass they were after. 

“What-what did they say!? What did you say?” Artemis is like OH GOD MOM HOW DID YOU EMBARRASS ME THIS TIME.

“I was afraid you were in trouble. While I was in jail for my crimes as Huntress, I lost one daughter, I couldn’t bear to lose another so I begged them to help keep you on the straight and narrow–” “You begged!? So I was some sort of pity case!?” 

Ooooh, man, Artemis is fucking PISSED. All the confidence that she’s built up since joining the Team shatters almost instantly as soon as she hears the word begged. Paula, of course, didn’t mean it that way; she didn’t beg them to let her on the Team because she was afraid she would still turn out to be a bad seed. She begged them to keep her on the right path: a path that Artemis had clearly already chosen on her own. Artemis had already been saving lives all on her own, and I think that Paula was relieved and proud when she found out, and I think the “begging” that she did was nothing more than a mother desperately wanting what was best for her daughter. Artemis had already CHOSEN the “straight and narrow” on her own, and I think Paula wanted to make absolutely sure that she had the tools and connections she needed to keep going in that direction, and to stay out of Sportsmaster’s influence. Artemis, of course, doesn’t see it that way, and instead takes it as an insult to her skill; this whole time, she’d thought that she’d impressed them enough on her own for them to come calling, but now she’s thoroughly convinced that they only wanted her on the Team as a favor to Paula, who begged them. Which, of course, is not actually the case.

“This isn’t T.O. Morrow!” “Klarion, this is Professor Ivo.” Oh my fucking GOD, the way Sportsmaster says that is actually kind of HILARIOUS, because his tone suggests that he’s trying to appease a bratty kid… which he pretty much IS. XD 

“Okay… so maybe I wasn’t brought in because I impressed them.” Oh, my poor baby! :( Just sitting on her fire escape with her knees pulled up, stewing in fucking insecurity. 

“I just spent the last four months doing nothing but. I’ve got nothing to prove, I’m one of a kind.” Yes you are, bby! (You can tell she doesn’t believe her own words though, because even though her hands on hips body language at that moment might LOOK confident, the unsure flick of her eyes over toward the alley wall conveys that she’s doubting herself.)

“Artemis! Just in time, look who’s agreed to join the Team.” “Finally!”

Oh, wow. I feel so sorry for poor Artemis in this particular episode. I’ve joked around that this episode could have been her super villain origin story, because man oh man is it just one thing after another piling on top of her insecurities at the beginning of this episode (it’s called Insecurity for a very good reason). So not only has her confidence just taken a very heavy blow because of her mother’s revelation that GA and Bats talked to her alone first, but then she Zetas to the Cave and what the fuck is the first thing that greets her upon materializing there? Roy. And GA smiling and saying “Artemis! Just in time, look who’s agreed to join the Team.” and Wally happily throwing his arms out and saying “Finally!” I can honestly only imagine the horrible sinking, burning feeling in her gut in that moment; seeing her father figure mentor and her crush standing there, smiling happily at another archer that she had, only a few months earlier, been accused of taking the place of by Wally. She had literally just been trying to convince herself that even if she was a pity case, she’s done nothing but prove herself over the last four months… only to Zeta to the Cave and see Roy Harper ready to join. (”We have no quota on archers.” “Yeah, and if we did, you know who we’d pick.”) Another insecurity dropped onto her already overburdened shoulders; Roy is here, and she feels like she’s not going to be wanted or needed anymore. And really, that insecurity has been lingering in the background since Infiltrator.

“Sure. Team’s needed a real archer.” The derisive sarcasm in Artemis’s tone is fucking palpable. Roy is a threat to her at that moment; what other reason would they finally have him on the Team other than to push her out, to replace her with someone “better”? She already thinks that she was not actually chosen out of skill, but out of pity, whereas Roy has always been the desired archer for the Team. She feels like her place on the Team is being compromised, and that she’s not good enough. And that terrifies her.

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“So… you’re telling me that you’re a werewolf?”

“Yeah. Yes, I am.”

“Like… an actual living, breathing werewolf?” One delicate brown eyebrow arched high above a stormy iris, mouth pulled down in skepticism after delivering her deadpan question. Artemis waited for the punch line, the laughter, for his troll friend– Dick, she thought had been his name– to jump out behind him wearing a cheap plastic wolf mask.

But Wally West simply stared at her, no hint of amusement present on his lightly freckled face. His green eyes stayed on her face, darting between both of her eyes, and she spotted something more intense than anything in the pinch of his brow.

“How many times can I say yes?” he asked with a slight hitch in his voice; the question lacked any sort of bite. He sounded almost scared, which was completely and utterly ridiculous, because there was no way on Earth that he was actually a– “I’m a werewolf, okay? I wasn’t going to tell you but… we sort of figured that if you’re going to being hanging out with us, you should be in the know. It’s only fair. And it… it, you know, gives you the opportunity to leave, if you want.” He paused, tilted his head aside and gave her an askance look. “You don’t want to leave, do you?”

Artemis blinked at him, her heart pounding, and for once it wasn’t because of the way he looked so goddamn adorable when his messy bangs brushed against his forehead as he looked at her. Now, instead, it was with a sense of dread curdling in the pit of her stomach.

Oh, god, why are the hot ones always insane?

“Artemis,” Wally pressed, his brows tenting in worry. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that the only reason I might want to leave is because you’re obviously completely insane,” she choked out, taking a half step back from him. She would have been dying laughing at the situation, if he hadn’t been looking at her so imploringly, like this was some kind of life or death scenario; she didn’t think she had ever seen such a dark and serious expression upon his usually happy and expressive visage.

All laughter had died in her throat.

“You don’t believe me,” Wally stated, his posture relaxing and his mouth forming into what she could only consider a shallow pout. He looked upset.

Now Artemis laughed, but it sounded strained even to her own ears.

“Of course I don’t! Wally, that’s fucking insane! It’s not October, can’t you at least wait until Halloween month to start busting out the spooky jokes or… whatever the hell this is?” 

“It’s not a joke!” the redhead exclaimed. “It’s true! I swear to you!” He let out a frustrated sigh and ran one hand along the length of his face. Then he ran that same hand through his hair, and Artemis felt her traitorous heart stutter in glee at the sight of his messy red locks becoming even messier. “I figured you, of all people, Artemis…” He shook his head slowly. “You always seemed so open-minded… you sure as hell aren’t afraid to speak your mind, at any rate.”

Artemis felt her hackles raise a bit. 

“Are you suggesting I’m close-minded just because I find it a little bit hard to believe that you’re a fucking furry mythical creature?”

What had happened to this day? So much for all the flirtatious banter she had planned on starting, now she was just wondering if maybe she was barking up the wrong tree… a werewolf tree, apparently. Jesus christ, now she was starting to feel a bit unhinged.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying!” Wally said, taking a step closer to her. A gentle summer breeze ruffled his thin button-up and brought with it the scent of his subtle cologne and fabric softener. “Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me?”

She opened her mouth, but then closed it. His words gave her pause; it was true, after all. She’d only known him and the rest of their friends for about three months, but even in that short time she’d come to trust and rely on them as if they were her extended family. And truthfully, they were. 

Not that she wanted to go getting all deep and sentimental about it right now. The point was… Wally had a point.

“Well… no, not really, but–”

“No buts!” Wally interrupted, a tentative smile stretching his lips, and fuck it all, even with his sanity being in question, her brain still delighted in the idea of her snatching his full bottom lip between her teeth and giving it a nibble. She bit her own lip at the thought and had to tear her eyes away from his mouth before she did something incredibly stupid.

He had a habit of making her feel a little more reckless than usual.

“Well,” she said after clearing her throat, letting her head tilt back to gaze at him. “If you are actually a… you know, werewolf… then prove it.”

His eyes widened. “What!?”

Artemis pursed her lips, raised an eyebrow, and crossed her arms, challengingly. 

“Yeah. Show me. If you really are one, then I think it’s only fair I get to see it. You said it yourself, I have no reason not to trust you… and I do trust you, but I still need to see it for myself.”

A smile graced his features again, and her knees knocked a little. 

“Okay. Okay! Yeah.” He ran his fingers through his hair, damn him. “But not here, obviously. It has to be somewhere private, where no one can see us.”

Just her and Wally? She could get behind that.

“Okay, let’s go,” Artemis said, and turned on her heel to march across the grass of the park, but she was stopped by a yelp and a large hand closing over her skinny wrist. She rounded on him. “What?”

“Not now, Artemis!” He looked down at their hands and quickly released her, biting into his lower lip as heat flared across both their faces. “I’d rather it be at night, and maybe tomorrow at that. I’ve got some stuff to do this evening with my uncle.”

“Okay. Name the time and place, then.”

“Okay… um, you know where the dog pound is, right? A few blocks down from the Happy Harbor Highschool?” Wally asked.

“Yeah, I know the one,” the blonde mused, mentally marking it’s location.

“There’s a decent sized forest that hasn’t been developed over not far from there. I go there a lot to… shift. How about we meet at the school tomorrow at 7, and then we can walk there, and I’ll show you?”

“Okay,” Artemis smirked, then leveled him with a threatening stare. “But if you don’t show up–”

Wally laughed. “Believe me, I’ll be there! And uh… don’t eat before then, okay? I’m totally going to bring a picnic basket full of sandwiches. Shifting makes me hungry as shit.”

The blonde laughed huskily, still unable to wrap her mind around what he had told her… then her mind screeched to a halt as his words caught up to her.

“Wait a minute…did you just basically ask me out on a date to watch you turn into a werewolf?”

Sometimes I just look at screens/gifs of this part

And I just get a so fangirly about my otp and how CLOSE they are. Like, think about being in a position like that with someone in real life, with them behind you and their arms pretty much around you, and you trust them and like them and you’re just completely encompassed by them and their warmth. Like, just think about how AWARE that both Wally and Artemis must’ve been at their proximity, like holy shit that is fucking CLOSE, this is like carrying-Artemis-bridal-style-through-the-desert-when-we-were-suffering-from-amnesia close; this is “holy shit I can feel his breath on my neck” close.

And this is like, such a big move for Wally too, to just get right up behind her like that and put his hands on either side of the bow. Like, he didn’t even think about it, he just did it, he’s soooo more than ready to take a chance with her at this point, I believe with all my heart that he and Artemis were so beyond ready for each other by the time this episode even rolls around, they’re done dancing around this shit, the air is clear of the things that were holding them back and now they’re ready to take a chance.


I just… ugh, this is such a really good moment? I never really have gotten over this moment (like I’m over ANY of their moments, really, lmao.


Seaosn 1 Spitfire for Beginners

At first they were all like

but then this happened

and some old guy and his weird magic cane shipped them, idk?

and then there was a desert and they forgot they were stubborn little shits that wouldn’t admit they were crushing on each other and it was so mutual and natural and cute that it physically hurt me to watch

and then they got their memories back and they were like “oh fuck no what is this I am not going to be the first one to give into this fluttery shit in my chest PERSONAL SPACE”

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anonymous asked:

I love how Artemis is so tough yet she's clearly into romantic little things. Like when it's Valentine's Day and she looks happy that Wally remembered, and then she shows him his gift and looks so smug until he gets up to hug her, in that moment her face changes and she looks at him with this gentleness and sweetness and I'll go to the underworld with this ship

God I know right? And like, I don’t think it’s that Artemis or Wally are super hung up on Valentine’s Day either, I think they’re both probably just kind of eh about that holiday but they still get happy when each other remembers. Because like, Artemis says “I remembered too.” as if she forgets a lot too, and honestly I just have this really great headcanon that they both constantly forget Valentine’s Day and just wind up making up for it on their own time. <3

I think Wally and Artemis are both super romantic dorks, tbh. 

(you can’t tell me that expression above isn’t totally “Oh yeah bitch who’s getting some tonight for this? I AM.” Artemis knows what she’s doing ;D )


Artemis couldn’t move. Her breath had caught in her throat several minutes ago and she was sure she hadn’t exhaled since. Her limbs felt heavy, her boots glued to the asphalt as if the pavement had grown so hot in the fading summer heat that they had fused with it.

Her fingers curled in something like a death grip on her sword.

Time had stopped.

She could see his eyes, as clear as a spring day, radiant and green and alive against the backdrop of ominous slate clouds that no longer rumbled, that no longer shot lightning from the heavens. The strange storm had stopped as abruptly as Wally West had appeared before her gaze.

Artemis felt her lips move, only to part slightly, as no words would work themselves from her dry throat.

Wally’s wide chest rose and fell as if he had just skidded to a halt at the end of a marathon, the kind of rapid breathing she had seen on him all too often when he’d pushed himself to the limit, when he’d forgone food for too long and his gauge was running on empty. His muscles quivered, from his biceps down to his toned calves, and his vibrant ginger hair stood on end, a few pieces notably singed. If Artemis hadn’t lost her ability to think she might have likened his appearance to the aftermath of jamming his finger into an electrical socket.

He was bare to the world, exposed and yet uncaring; he was just as rooted as she was, had not moved an inch since righting himself and locking astonished and confused emerald eyes on her face. She was sure he had mouthed “Artemis…” then on the barest of breaths, but she couldn’t be sure.

This was all too surreal.

There was a veritable chasm between the two of them, a distance they seemed unable to cross, a stretch of pavement that went on forever. The air was still charged, dancing with electricity, making the fine blonde hairs on Artemis’s forearms stand straight up. She swallowed, blinked.

A few people had gathered on the sidewalks, drawn in by the bizarre stand-off taking place in the middle of the empty street. It was the kind of crazy thing they were all so used to, that though normally the sight of a nude man might have caused laughter, indignation, a ruckus… it caused only silence now, as if even they could feel the thick tension that surrounded the two heroes.

They could never know.

Wally moved first, as he was apt to; he plucked one bare foot from the heavy asphalt, his eyes still locked on Artemis, his mouth parted just as hers was. Her heart thudded into her throat, her grip reflexively tightening on her weapon as he approached, slow and deliberate, as if in a dream. She was sure that’s what this must be: a dream. Wally West had never walked with such careful steps in all his life, not that she had seen.

He seemed afraid that one misstep might shatter the illusion, and the archer stiffened, suddenly scared that if she dared to try and unstick her own boots that this…whatever it was, could all go up in a puff of smoke.

Like so many times before.

It was agonizing, and her chest hurt from the anticipation of disappointment, for that moment when he’d reach out and touch her and she’d wake up alone and gasping in her bed.

Except Wally was there now, just in front of her, his form towering over her a few inches higher than she remembered, but he’d been gone less than a year, that wasn’t possible.

His eyes were wide, and she could see hundreds of freckles smeared across his flushed cheeks.


His voice was hoarse from disuse, barely legible, but somehow she caught her name anyway, and something inside of her broke, like a damn giving way after far too many months trying to hold back the swell of water building wildly behind it.

Wally?” she croaked out, a ragged breath, and her vision clouded with unshed tears, turning Wally’s form into a shapeless blob that she could no longer focus on. She gasped in the charged air, feeling it crackle in her lungs, burning, and Wally reached out for her, grabbed her by the arms to steady her.

The shock of his touch thrilled through her limbs like a bolt of lightning, and she collapsed into his arms.

It was no dream.



(the dismal part at the beginning is from THIS soul-wrenching scene:


STUPID DUMB EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING MUSIC. *throws computer out the window while crying*