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I don’t know WHY THE FUCK no one in the damn fandom gushed over or even MENTIONED this moment from the Legacy game! I didn’t even know of the existence of any Spitfire in the game aside from him comforting her after Tula’s death! But then I found out from Bio that THIS fucking scene exists!

And like, WALLY FUCKING WINKS AT HER LOOK AT HIS STUPID FACE OH MY GOD. This is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and no one ever even talked about it!! Shame on you Spitfire fandom for leaving me in the dark over these two precious babies!


(please full view this for the non-blurry version, ty)

Because I’m 95% sure that one of the major plots for Artemis in season 3 will be that she became pregnant with her and Wally’s kid sometime between the events of Summit and Endgame. Calling it, I think some of us have BEEN calling it, and I’m telling you my feels are not ready for such a plot and never will be. 

Also, you can blame Biodinerdity for this piece! We’ve been tossing around all kinds of fluffy, cute, and angsty (and sexy!) Spitfire pregnancy headcanons, which made me want to draw Artemis pregnant, so I told her to help me find a reference pic for a pregnant lady. She then pasted in a black and white photo of a pregnant lady with a dog that looks very much like a pit bull, and said it reminded her of Artemis and Brucely. And like, my brain could ONLY see that in a sad way so… here’s depressed pregnant Artemis and Brucely who is definitely sitting on a bed or something.

Sometimes I just look at screens/gifs of this part

And I just get a so fangirly about my otp and how CLOSE they are. Like, think about being in a position like that with someone in real life, with them behind you and their arms pretty much around you, and you trust them and like them and you’re just completely encompassed by them and their warmth. Like, just think about how AWARE that both Wally and Artemis must’ve been at their proximity, like holy shit that is fucking CLOSE, this is like carrying-Artemis-bridal-style-through-the-desert-when-we-were-suffering-from-amnesia close; this is “holy shit I can feel his breath on my neck” close.

And this is like, such a big move for Wally too, to just get right up behind her like that and put his hands on either side of the bow. Like, he didn’t even think about it, he just did it, he’s soooo more than ready to take a chance with her at this point, I believe with all my heart that he and Artemis were so beyond ready for each other by the time this episode even rolls around, they’re done dancing around this shit, the air is clear of the things that were holding them back and now they’re ready to take a chance.


I just… ugh, this is such a really good moment? I never really have gotten over this moment (like I’m over ANY of their moments, really, lmao.


Seaosn 1 Spitfire for Beginners

At first they were all like

but then this happened

and some old guy and his weird magic cane shipped them, idk?

and then there was a desert and they forgot they were stubborn little shits that wouldn’t admit they were crushing on each other and it was so mutual and natural and cute that it physically hurt me to watch

and then they got their memories back and they were like “oh fuck no what is this I am not going to be the first one to give into this fluttery shit in my chest PERSONAL SPACE”

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I love how Artemis is so tough yet she's clearly into romantic little things. Like when it's Valentine's Day and she looks happy that Wally remembered, and then she shows him his gift and looks so smug until he gets up to hug her, in that moment her face changes and she looks at him with this gentleness and sweetness and I'll go to the underworld with this ship

God I know right? And like, I don’t think it’s that Artemis or Wally are super hung up on Valentine’s Day either, I think they’re both probably just kind of eh about that holiday but they still get happy when each other remembers. Because like, Artemis says “I remembered too.” as if she forgets a lot too, and honestly I just have this really great headcanon that they both constantly forget Valentine’s Day and just wind up making up for it on their own time. <3

I think Wally and Artemis are both super romantic dorks, tbh. 

(you can’t tell me that expression above isn’t totally “Oh yeah bitch who’s getting some tonight for this? I AM.” Artemis knows what she’s doing ;D )



(the dismal part at the beginning is from THIS soul-wrenching scene:


STUPID DUMB EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING MUSIC. *throws computer out the window while crying*


Artemis couldn’t move. Her breath had caught in her throat several minutes ago and she was sure she hadn’t exhaled since. Her limbs felt heavy, her boots glued to the asphalt as if the pavement had grown so hot in the fading summer heat that they had fused with it.

Her fingers curled in something like a death grip on her sword.

Time had stopped.

She could see his eyes, as clear as a spring day, radiant and green and alive against the backdrop of ominous slate clouds that no longer rumbled, that no longer shot lightning from the heavens. The strange storm had stopped as abruptly as Wally West had appeared before her gaze.

Artemis felt her lips move, only to part slightly, as no words would work themselves from her dry throat.

Wally’s wide chest rose and fell as if he had just skidded to a halt at the end of a marathon, the kind of rapid breathing she had seen on him all too often when he’d pushed himself to the limit, when he’d forgone food for too long and his gauge was running on empty. His muscles quivered, from his biceps down to his toned calves, and his vibrant ginger hair stood on end, a few pieces notably singed. If Artemis hadn’t lost her ability to think she might have likened his appearance to the aftermath of jamming his finger into an electrical socket.

He was bare to the world, exposed and yet uncaring; he was just as rooted as she was, had not moved an inch since righting himself and locking astonished and confused emerald eyes on her face. She was sure he had mouthed “Artemis…” then on the barest of breaths, but she couldn’t be sure.

This was all too surreal.

There was a veritable chasm between the two of them, a distance they seemed unable to cross, a stretch of pavement that went on forever. The air was still charged, dancing with electricity, making the fine blonde hairs on Artemis’s forearms stand straight up. She swallowed, blinked.

A few people had gathered on the sidewalks, drawn in by the bizarre stand-off taking place in the middle of the empty street. It was the kind of crazy thing they were all so used to, that though normally the sight of a nude man might have caused laughter, indignation, a ruckus… it caused only silence now, as if even they could feel the thick tension that surrounded the two heroes.

They could never know.

Wally moved first, as he was apt to; he plucked one bare foot from the heavy asphalt, his eyes still locked on Artemis, his mouth parted just as hers was. Her heart thudded into her throat, her grip reflexively tightening on her weapon as he approached, slow and deliberate, as if in a dream. She was sure that’s what this must be: a dream. Wally West had never walked with such careful steps in all his life, not that she had seen.

He seemed afraid that one misstep might shatter the illusion, and the archer stiffened, suddenly scared that if she dared to try and unstick her own boots that this…whatever it was, could all go up in a puff of smoke.

Like so many times before.

It was agonizing, and her chest hurt from the anticipation of disappointment, for that moment when he’d reach out and touch her and she’d wake up alone and gasping in her bed.

Except Wally was there now, just in front of her, his form towering over her a few inches higher than she remembered, but he’d been gone less than a year, that wasn’t possible.

His eyes were wide, and she could see hundreds of freckles smeared across his flushed cheeks.


His voice was hoarse from disuse, barely legible, but somehow she caught her name anyway, and something inside of her broke, like a damn giving way after far too many months trying to hold back the swell of water building wildly behind it.

Wally?” she croaked out, a ragged breath, and her vision clouded with unshed tears, turning Wally’s form into a shapeless blob that she could no longer focus on. She gasped in the charged air, feeling it crackle in her lungs, burning, and Wally reached out for her, grabbed her by the arms to steady her.

The shock of his touch thrilled through her limbs like a bolt of lightning, and she collapsed into his arms.

It was no dream.

“It’s a baby sized lab coat, Artemis!

We gotta get her into science EARLY! Studies show that girls are more likely to become disinterested in science and math as they get older, and no daughter of ours is going to slack in SCIENCE!”

I’m sorry, I’m experimenting with getting the colors closer to how they are in the actual show… Me and Veg had quite a time trying to help me straighten things up. 

Anyway, preggers chibi Arty, anyone? :3