otp: when the sun has set no candle can replace it


This scene honestly broke my heart. 

I just don’t know whether Loras stormed off because HBO wanted to show that he found the act disrespectful of Renly’s honor, or because Joffrey was indirectly mocking him by making a midget Renly “ride Loras.”

I’d like to believe it were the former and not the latter.

*cue in lyric gifset*

holyja replied to your post: “‘We had…we had prayed together that night.’”



ugh what i can’t get over about that bit is that it’s literally canon confirmation that the last time loras saw renly alive was after sex??? everything was afterglow and stolen goodbye kisses and the assurance that tomorrow would bring victory over stannis, and so loras left renly with brienne, never thinking he’d be anything less than completely safe

and then

GoT (HBO series) Alternate Script

Loras breaks off his engagement with Cersei, joins the Kingsguard, and actually says “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it” on the show.

Because it’s only on Game of Thrones where canon is the new AU.