otp: what we feel happens once in a lifetime

my otp: calls each other brother and sister to other people
my otp: has sexual tension at the breakfast table
my otp: lowkey hates each other
my otp: has a pact to tell each other about their love lives
my otp: thinks that pact consequents ‘moving on’
my otp: writes piano compositions about each other
my otp: star crossed lovers
my otp: actually romeo and juliet
my otp: excuse me miss would you like to see my bonsai tree?
my otp: a nice kitchen table over a tv?
my otp: outlaws
my otp: we don’t always get to have our one true love
my otp: falling in love with someone you can never be with
my otp: makes pinky promises on Christmas morning
my otp: for us to be together you have to give up everything
my otp: I gave up so much to be adopted
my otp: my hero
my otp: your eyes light up when you talk about him
my otp: what we feel happens once in a lifetime
my otp: I already know everything I need to know about you
my otp: you have the chance to be so much more. to be happy. to go out and shine in the world.
my otp: I just don’t want you to give up
my otp: I wish we could stay here forever and ever and ever
my otp: we never let each other give up on our dreams
my otp: of course YOU would throw gasoline on a fire