otp: what makes you think i care about you


Perry Cox and Bob Kelso: Synchronized Grumps

Being an X-Men, and dating Peter Maximoff would include…


  • Having the power to slow down time for short bursts of time, which is both helpful and ironic
  • So whenever you need to find Peter while he’s doing that thing where he never stop running, all you have to do is slow down time in the room he’s in, walk over to him, and whack him over the head
  • “Ow, ow, that’s no fair!”
    “Peter, we’ve gone through this before. You can’t use your powers while we’re playing tag. It’s already bad enough that Kurt got lost trying to teleport to you. Poor guy’s probably stuck in the fridge again.”
  • Being assigned as his caretaker, since after he broke his leg during the battle with Apocalypse, the only person he’s wanted to take care of him was you
  • “Can I have some of that soup you always make?”
  • But naurally, the only thing he wants to do is cuddle in bed
  • He’s somewhat more affectionate with a broken leg, strangely
  • “Peter, I’ve got to go train with the team, or I’m going to be late. Again.”
  • The team not knowing what to think about your relationship- Sure, the two of you dominate the mansion as the power OTP, but you sure have a strange way of showing it
  • Because sometimes you’ll be at full-fledged war over who ate the last brownie from the fridge
  • “You know I wanted the last one!”
    “Yeah, well, you should’ve thought of that before I ate it.”
  • And then two minutes later, you’ll be making out on the kitchen counter (Much to the dismay of everybody else)
  • “Guys, ew, please. We eat on that table.”
  • In fact, every argument the two of you have always ends with you making out on the nearest possible surface
  • “Please, for the love of god and Kurt’s innocence; get a room!”
  • Him using his speed to piss you off
  • Sometimes he’ll steal your chips while you’re watching Netflix
  • “Damn it, Peter!”
  • Other times he’ll take selfies on your phone whenever you’re hanging out with Jean
  • “Are you kidding me?”
  • He even steals kisses from you every now and then
  • Being unbelievably jealous of his silver hair- like, come on. No matter how many boxes of dye you used, you coud never achieve the perfect silver colour that is his hair
  • ‘Forget about super speed, Pete. I want your hair colour. Is it natural? Do you secretly dye it every week?”
    “Y/n, are you only dating me because of my hair colour?”
    “No, of course not. Your metallic jacket is pretty cool too.”
  • Actually, while we’re on the topic of his jacket, the kids in the X-Mansion will see you all snuggled up in it
  • Of course, Peter usually doesn’t have a clue that you’ve stolen his signature jacket, and’ll have to spend the entire afternoon running around the place, looking for his jacket
  • Having adorable couple nicknames for each other like ‘Satan’, ‘Speedy Little Shit’, and ‘Dumbass’
  • “Hey, Peter Piper, pass the remote.”`
message to vld shippers

honestly, I don’t care if you are a shaladin, klance or shieth shipper but please DO NOT HARASS someone for what they ship there is a difference between having an opinion and bullying. in my personal opinion klance will always be MY otp but I think shieth can make sense too, if lance wasn’t a character (GOD FORBID) I probably would ship sheith myself, but it just gets into my head that all these accounts have such bad opinions about sheith and that those who do ship it have to deal with all the anti’s bullshit and that if you are an anti don’t bully them this problem has gotten way out of hand and I want it to stop.


I don’t care about canon. I don’t care why or how it came about. I don’t care if you think it makes sense.

I don’t care if you hate Sasunarusasu

I don’t care if you hate Naruto

My otp saved one another and knew one another like no one else

They are best friends

That’s what I care about

Keep trying to validate yourself, keep loving canon, keep shipping your ship and by all means, keep being anti sns

It doesn’t change that Sasuke only ever cried and laughed with Naruto

Doesn’t change that Sasuke said with Naruto gone he could finally achieve true darkness and be alone

It doesn’t change that they know each other deeper and more intimately than any other characters on the show and in the manga

They have gone into each other’s minds, seen each other’s hearts

Naruto was the only one willing to burden Sasuke’s hatred and die with him

Canon means nothing to me, your anti SNS rhetoric doesn’t matter. You loving sasusaku and naruhina is irrelevant.

Naruto and Sasuke grew as a pair

And I’m here for them and their love

You can defend and make all the claims you want of your canon shipping.

It means nothing. Because I value something of substance, I value two lonely boys finding a bond with one another

Platonic or not

That’s what I love of Naruto.

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I often see OTP prompt blogs but I'm always scared to use them because my OTP is tumblr's most hated type of "problematic." So I always worry that there will be a problem if I reblog and the blog is run by an anti... so I'm so happy to find your hate-free blog that I can use without worrying! :D Thank you for making this!

I’m glad that you feel safe here! You see, OTP prompts should be available to everyone! That’s why it’s “Imagine /Your/ Otp” and not “Imagine (Insert Mun’s OTP)” My prompts are free for everyone to use; even to the people who ship my NOTPs (even though I don’t really have NOTPs, just ships I don’t really care for). If I wanted the prompts to only be used by people who share the same OTPs as me, then I would run a blog all about those ships.

Bottom line: If you see one of my prompts that you love, reblog it with your ship. I don’t care what ship it is. Do it. Don’t worry about what I’ll think. Most of the time, I’m too caught up in the fact that someone actually enjoys my post to care what ship they tag it with. (Yes I do read all the tags on the reposts because the way you react to my posts really makes my day)

This blog will always be hate-free :)

BillDip Week 2017, Day 4: Fluff

I have been previously naming this AU as Supernatural School but because I am finally planning to do a story and I already have a plot, this will be changed to Magic World, when I talk about this story will make sense, so far I leave with this.

Notes and Warnings: I was a bit curious about how it might turn out from a “demon’s point of view”… Not yet convinced. I’m not good at writing Fluffy.


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LOL! When you officially find out that Vegeta and Bulma have a better marriage than Goku and Chichi… Seriously you all are retarded for shipping a brain damaged retard and a bitch.

Awe, finally i get some hate, i was staring to feel left behind!

<< When you officially find out that Vegeta and Bulma have a better marriage than Gokú and Chichi >>

you really think, that with a message like this you change something? or make me desist about GoChi as my OTP?

haha, how stupid you can be child?

BUT, i do feel honored since i closed anons ask, you have the guts to at least open a blog yourself, cute.

Now, now that you ‘’officially’’ discover this super interesting fact, what do you want? a fucking medal?

Please child, send this asks to people who can be bothered by them, i couldn’t care less if you live or die, what makes you think i care about your thinking?

aaand well i wasnt about to post it right now but just because you seems to love gochi as much as us here:

a wedding photo of the brain damaged retard and the bitch, aren’t they cute?  haha.

I saw this post floating around assigning Hogwarts houses to different Greek Gods and I have to say, Aphrodite wouldn’t be in any other house but Slytherin. Here’s why:

Let’s start with one of my favorite things about her, she started a war without lifting a finger all because she refused to be second best in the beauty pageant; her weapons were her words and her cunning mind, knowing exactly what to say to get what she wanted. Ever hear of something called the Trojan War? The one about the wooden horse and Helen of Troy, not the virus or the condom, just to clarify. Anyway, you see, when this hero who did this one thing (because this post is about Aphrodite) Peleus married Thetis, a sea-nymph, all the gods were invited, except the goddess Eris (I’ve seen her as Slytherin but honestly I see her more as a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw but that’s another topic).

So Eris goes back to Mount Olympus and writes about it in her diary and puts a piece of her soul inside of it and Harry, wait, wrong story. No, Eris didn’t go cry about not being invited. She sends a gift to the newlyweds out of the kindness of her heart, a golden apple with the inscription, “For the fairest,” placed upon the banquet table for all to see. Immediately every single goddess argues that it’s their beauty that made them the rightful owner of the apple.

So eventually they all thought, “Hey, I have a brill idea. Instead of asking a mirror, let’s go ask 11th Century’s Hottest Man Alive, Trojan’s very own hunk, Orlando Bloom, I mean, Paris.”

You know, the guy who basically kidnapped Helen, Helen of Troy, who just so happened to be married to the King of Sparta. But being a total babe, and probably a lot to do with being a shepherd without a lot to offer anyone but his good looks and sword fighting skills *wink, wink* might have had a little to do with his bad judgment.

But this about Aphrodite, so anyway, the owner of the golden apple was narrowed down to Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. And the goddess Dione who didn’t make the cut, even though in some myths she is the mother of Aphrodite and was probably all, “I, like, invented her, you know what I mean?”

So instead of asking the women why they thought they deserved the apple, or even judging them by their looks, Paris is like, “Well, I’ll choose who is the fairest of them all, if you can tell me how I’ll benefit from choosing the winner.” He probably flashed a charming smile and then asked, “Contestant number oooooone, what can you give me so I’ll pick you as Queen Bee?”

Hera totally cleared her throat and said, “because I am a Queen, bitch. Also, if you choose me, everything the light touches will be yours. I can make you ruler of this flat world. You’ll live like a king. You will be a king!”

“That’s not good enough! Contestant number two, do you think you can top giving me the world?”

And, Athena was like, “Dude, really, I’m the goddess of being a badass. Why just hand you the world, when I can make you victorious in every battle and you can seize the world yourself? They’ll write stories about your heroics and bravery during battle forever. Women will flock to you and statutes will be built in your honor. I mean, Brad Pitt is going to outshine you in your own story, but I just can’t help that, he’s Brad Pitt. He’d have the whole package if it wasn’t for those weak ankles.”

And Paris was like, “If Brad Pitt is going to be shirtless then I’m screwed and I do like the idea of being more than looked at as a hero instead of just a hot piece of ass. Contestant number three, what can beat having the world in my hands and flocks of women at my side?”

So, Aphrodite being the goddess of love, beauty, and sex (procreation and pleasure, but come on, let’s just call it what it is) happens to be around men a lot in her profession. Aphrodite knew how they worked, she knew what they prayed for, and what they lusted over. She knew of something far stronger than any power that ruling over the world or having the satisfaction of a thousand admirers and she knew Paris wouldn’t hesitate to take what she had to offer him.

So, she looked Paris up and down and said, “From hottie to hottie, look at you, Paris. Doesn’t it make sense that you get together with the world’s hottest woman alive? Plus, you guys are kind of my otp. Think about it, why have the empty love of women who don’t even care to know you, when you can have the love of the most beautiful woman on earth who looks at you as the king of her world?”

And Paris was like, “Yeah! Why have the world when I can be the world to the hottest chick alive even though I’ve never even really talked to her…but oh my god, look at that face.”

Without even thinking about the consequences of screwing with Sparta, Paris said to the three contests, “Hera, Athena, I’m sorry you have to hear me say this to Aphrodite, but, Aphrodite….you are Greece’s Next Top Model!”

Naming Aphrodite fairest of them all, she kept her word and gave Helen to Paris. And they lived happily ever.

Haha, no.


They didn’t.

So, moral of the story, Aphrodite is totally a Slytherin using her resourcefulness to win what she already knew. She also had so much confidence that she would be named a top contender that she knew her empty promises of happily ever after would get her what she wanted. Her cunning ambition for winning said apple was to basically just say, “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.”

Not to mention her self-preservation to remind others who they’re messing with. You don’t scorn the queen bee.

Aphrodite is romanticized because of her title as goddess of love, but she is smart, and clever, and manipulative, and vindictive, and kind, and loving, and determined, and powerful, and a motherfucking Slytherin.

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What’s your biggest ship that isn’t ginHiji

I was going to be a smartass and say HijiGin, but it’s not even funny because everyone knows. Your pets know, your parents know, your second cousins twice removed know – everyone knows that Aero’s favorite pairing is GinHijiGin LOLOL 

As for other pairings, I’m more or less impartial. I like and appreciate a ton of different pairings, but none of them make me feel like Gintoki/Hijikata do. I’m one of those people that when I say I have a single OTP, I legit just have a single OTP I care the most about over any other pairing. So, it’s hard for me to say what my next biggest favorite pairing is because it changes all the time. It depends on the art I see or the panels I read in the manga or scenes I watch in the anime. 

If you send me a pairing, I can tell you specifically what I think and how I feel! 

You guys continue to reaffirm my beliefs when I first joined the wonderful Maleval fandom: I’m lucky enough to be a part of one of the coolest, most supportive, dedicated and respectful communities ever. 

I can’t even wrap my head around how this fandom has such a high concentration of truly sweet, good-hearted people—just WOW. 

So that said, I wanted to thank you. I hope we continue to grow in not only appreciation of the characters of Maleficent and each other’s creativity, but in friendship and camaraderie. And I have no doubt that that is exactly what will happen. I love you guys with all of my heart, I really do. God Bless you all!

Movie Night
  • Simon: Raphael, please, you have to watch at least one movie with me.
  • Raphael: Look, if I cared even the slightest about two humans falling in love 50 different times with the same generic looking people, I would go visit the Shadowhunters.
  • Simon: It isn't a love movie!! It's an action movie. Come on, I'm positive you'll like 'Civil War'.
  • Raphael: No.
  • Simon: We could...cuddle?
  • Raphael: What makes you think I want to cuddle?
  • Simon: Because you'll be cuddling with me.
  • Raphael: Fu-Fine.

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I think you ereri fan are so hypocritical. You guys act like a bigger person when eruri get a moment and saying who care, "it's all about the story." And when you get a ereri a moment, you guys make back a big deal of it, drawing art and stuff. Each fandom can do want they want, stop tell them what to do with the chapter context.

But I’ve never come to someone’s (non-Ereri shipper) ask box and said, “Hey look, Levi gave Eren his handkerchief, he cares about Eren so much omg my OTP is canon.” I stay in my lane.

“You love her. And for what it’s worth, she feels the same.”
“Supergirl loves you” 
“I would be jealous of anyone you loved. James I am…” 
“For what we’re trying to do here together. For us.” 
“What’s so bad about falling?”
“He’s the most caring, committed, passionate man I’ve ever known.” 
“I think he’s the truest hero I’ve ever known.”
“How about you go find a certain ex-photojournalist with a penchant for tight shirts who makes you smile more than anyone else I’ve ever seen do?”
“You make a better hero” 
“I care about you a lot, James Olsen”
“I don’t wanna let go”


MTVS Epic Rewatch #127

VM 2x17 Plan B

Stray thoughts

1) I had forgotten just how good this episode actually is. The writing in this episode is VM at its best: funny, witty, swoony, shocking and heartbreaking. It’s a key episode for almost all the character arcs - Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Mac, Cassidy, Jackie, Wallace! And it’s the closure for the Felix/Weevil/Thumper arc (and what a closure!) There are little scenes that catch your attention but you’re still not sure how they will play out in the future (I’m thinking Cassidy, Jackie, Woody) - and of course it will all make sense in the finale. It’s comedy and UST and romance and kaboom all in one beautiful episode. And there’s Sway oh sweet Jebus there’s Sway. *swoons* 

2) In case you didn’t catch the reference…

Originally posted by ohokayamaliawalker

BTW, Rushmore is a great movie. 

And Logan isn’t even holding the magazine properly. He set it all up so that he could do this Max Fischer bit. He knew he was going to win the essay contest.

3) Veronica immediately knows something is up, and I don’t think she’s questioning Logan’s intelligence - she just knows he wouldn’t invest time and effort into doing extra work for school. And she’s right. And of course, she needs to reference how well she knows him and their past time together…

VERONICA: I’m quoting Easy Rider, which you may remember making me watch last summer.
LOGAN: That’s funny, it sounds a lot like my essay.

It’s the “you made me watch it” bit that gets me. Because she’s obviously turning a fond memory of their time together (I can totally see Logan raving about the movie and telling Veronica that she must see it and then striking some kind of deal with her “you watch this for me, I’ll watch that for you.” and them making a big night out of the whole thing and having fun even as Veronica mocks one of his favorite movies - because isn’t that exactly the scenario referenced in Welcome Wagon “I really shouldn’t have pushed for the Clint Eastwood marathon. Now I’ve ruined you.”?) into a forced chore, something that she reluctantly did because he made her. You’re only lying to yourself, Veronica.

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  • otp: you're remarkable
  • otp: thank you for remarking on it
  • otp: i still feel like i can trust you
  • otp: you can trust me
  • otp: i'm not going to hurt you
  • otp: we can protect her
  • otp: it's not your fault
  • otp: hold on to me tight
  • otp: it feels really good having you inside me
  • otp: that's when we met
  • otp: i need information about what i don't know
  • otp: if you're not leaving i'm not leaving
  • otp: kind of makes him a hero
  • otp: i am happy to see you
  • otp: maybe there's another way
  • otp: do you have any happy stories
  • otp: i love spending the night with you
  • otp: i need a girl wednesday
  • otp: she must really believe in you
  • otp: someone i could really care about
  • otp: i think you deserve better
  • otp: there was no choice to make
  • otp: like a hero
  • otp: promise me
  • otp: i need you here
  • otp: you're my partner
  • otp: come home
  • otp: it's a gift
  • otp: love is the most powerful emotion
  • otp: i see the way you look at him
  • otp: just the thought someone that important to me
  • otp: you're not gonna lose me
  • otp: you'll always be my girl
  • otp: someone who can harness the light that's still inside of you
  • otp: whoever you love the most
  • otp: there has to be another way
  • otp: you are not alone
  • otp: i believe in you
  • otp: i need you to be safe
  • otp: i want to be with you
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: do you understand
  • otp: unthinkable
  • otp: you and me
  • otp: maybe you might have meant it
  • otp: you really sold it
  • otp: we both did
  • otp: let's go home
  • otp: she's his happy story

okay but imagine: team voltron comes across some asshole alien (maybe they have to help him? idk.), who for whatever reason just really does not like keith. so at one point said alien starts to insult keith in a very rude way and keith tries to hide it but he is very uncomfortable and kind of upset. lance notices and just flips out and starts flinging insults back at the alien. and a couple of lance’s insults are actually pretty good and not his usual set of lame ones. and keith is kind of surprised at lance’s anger, so when the alien leaves keith is just like ‘uhmm, lance, what was that about?’ and lance just sputters, ‘he–he… he insulted you! A member of our team!’ which just makes keith roll his eyes because, ‘you insult me all the time, lance.’ ‘well, that’s different keith!’ ‘how?’ and lance just blurts, ‘because I think you’re an idiot, but you’re my idiot! I do it, but at the end of the day… i still care about you… and I don’t want some stranger being really rude to you like that.’

Fandoms and Freedom

Something that I always think people forget with fandoms is that when a fandom becomes exhausting to you and you’re expending more energy into it than you feel like you want to or you’re just burnt out, you don’t need to keep providing or staying around. 

Take a break and take care of yourself. Do what interests you. If this OTP isnt your OTP anymore and you want to make different content or if you’re more excited about another fandom or show or game etc. Go explore that. 

A fandom shouldn’t have you in chains and neither should the people there around you. So if you see someone who’s struggling or maybe is starting to like something else a little more, be supportive. You might miss what they used to do and miss the part of the fandom they were, but they deserve to be happy and enjoy other things.

It kind of loops back to the “if you love something let it go” saying. I think as a whole fandoms need to be more mindful of the fact that a person isn’t permanent and the door is always open. They might leave, they might come back. You’ll make new friends from the people that will show up in the future.

A fandom is a hotel, let them check in and stay in for as long as they like. Hopefully they’ll stop in again sometime and if not, enjoy what the things they left behind. 

  otp: there’s a whole world out there waiting for you

  otp: all you have to do is ask

  otp: happy birthday Caroline

  otp: save a dance for me

  otp: you’re beautiful ,strong, full of life

  otp: I fancy you

 otp: a princess, almost as beautiful as you

 otp:  I’ll take you, wherever you want

 otp: Rome, Paris, Tokyo

otp: thank you for your honesty

otp: a little blond distraction

otp: isn’t she stunning ?

otp: talk to me

otp: get to know me

otp: I dare you

otp: I want to talk about you

otp: your hopes, your deams, everything you want in life

otp: that’s why I like you

otp: Klaus has a thing for you ?

otp:  because he is obsessed with you

otp: Caroline will be there

otp: come on, one dance

otp: perhaps oen day , in a year or a century

otp: let me show what the world has to offer

otp:  Caroline is in there, don’t you have a thing for her ?

otp: it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s me, it’s okay. You’re safe

otp: you’re a glorious kisser

otp: he would never have hurt you. I wouldn’t have let him

otp: I was promised a date

otp: you’re perfect

otp: is that our thing ?

otp:  I think you’re worried that Caroline’s never going to forgive you

otp: I know that you’re in love with me

otp: anybody capable of love is capable of being save

otp: I would never hurt you

otp: we are the same

otp: because of you Caroline. It was all for you

otp: for some reason cares only about you ?

otp: you took my mind off it. You brought me back Caroline

otp: friends, then ?

otp:  was it worth it to see her smile,  to make her dream night come true ?

otp:  all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you, maybe one day you’ll let me

otp: I intend to be your last. However long it takes

otp: would you give me the same choice

otp: I won’t. For you

otp: I want you to be honest with me

otp: I will be honest with you about what I want

otp: good

otp: it felt really good to kiss him

otp: I saw the good in Klaus

otp: Klaus was my choice

otp: you have a thing for accent