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ok so last night i was talking about this trope and @oyasumirosie​ was like ‘i’d read that’ so here we are! i wrote most of this at like 3 am so… yeah not my best work

pfffff how do adults date?? how does romance work?? how does writing work??

let’s pretend they could realistically go ten years without talking or seeing each other despite their best friends being together. do it for the trope

Of all the couples to survive college and university, Marinette isn’t surprised that Rose and Juleka are the first to tie the knot. She’s actually surprised it took them this long. They’ve been solid since they first started dating, a relationship goal that the rest of them not so jokingly held. And because this is Rose and Juleka, that means an impromptu class reunion.

Marinette isn’t sure how they’ve kept contact with everyone over the years. With everyone having gone in different directions, it seems nearly impossible. Even with the internet. Sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to talk.

Alya’s actually the one to remind Marinette to RSVP. Alya is barely more put together than Marinette is sometimes, so despite Alya’s insistence that she just remembered, Marinette is pretty convinced that Nino was the one to bring it up.

Marinette is looking forward to it. She’s excited to see Rose and Juleka again, along with all their other classmates. It’s been, what, fourteen years since they graduated? She’s excited for the chance to catch up with everyone.

Alya drops his name not so subtly when they’re ‘dress shopping’ for fabric. Marinette almost drops the fabric she’s holding up to the light on her face.

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I don’t know why I just thought of this now, but I have a certain thing that I do when I’m writing or working on something and I need to go back and find a specific detail on something. 

I leave a two letter combination in the text that I can ctrl+f and find really easy without breaking things up too much. I use ‘tk’ because that’s a very rare letter combo to see normally. Here’s a list of better ones that have very few to no hits in the english dictionary: 

bx, cj, cv, cx, dx, fq, fx, gq, gx, hx, jc, jf, jg, jq, js, jv, jw, jx, jz, kq, kx, mx, px, pz, qb, qc, qd, qf, qg, qh, qj, qk, ql, qm, qn, qp, qs, qt, qv, qw, qx, qy, qz, sx, vb, vf, vh, vj, vm, vp, vq, vt, vw, vx, wx, xj, xx, zj, zq, zx.

So that’s my dumbass fine detail tip, I guess. Make a note of it, keep going unless its something you literally cannot skip over. It’ll be easy to go back to and you’ll save keystrokes that you’d be using otherwise. 

the drama is seven layers thick and I feel nothing

at least the part with hikari and nyaromon was super cute


And the reboot didn’t even affect her because she’s a ~*super special snowflake*~