otp: what could go wrong

Some people freak out about the age difference. They say “what’s this thirteen-year-old boy doing with a man five times his age?” They can call me cradle snatcher. Who cares?
—  Sebastian Michaelis

Thank you Rachel Dratch for calling out this ridiculous idea. Guns in bars? #WhatCouldGoWrong? http://every.tw/20rAEcH

OR/AS is right around the corner so pokemon-photography and I are going to celebrate by showing some love for The Forgotten Pokemon of Hoenn on the 19th of November.

Move over Groudon and Kyogre, we’re going to be reblogging all the loser under-appreciated Pokemon from Gen III, tagged #forgottenTell us who you think has been forgotten.

Get ready to see all of Hoenn’s least favourite… Wurmple, Castform, Relicanth… AND MORE!!!