otp: what could go wrong

*Lestat after being set on fire by Louis* I’m terribly injured and vulnerable, I need the help of a powerful vampire. Let’s think, there are 3 people I could seek for help:

  1. Marius: Who I can call just using my thoughts and specifically told me to call him if I ever need help and actually already came to rescue me once and would happily do it again.
  2. Gabrielle: Who loves me unconditionally and would help me no matter what I’ve done or what is happenning.
  3. Armand: Who hates me and blames me for destroying his life and is sort of a psycho who chopped off the hands of my ex and also tried to kill me several times.

Well, this is easy, I will go to see Armand. I’m so good at making decisions *high fives himself*

A New Normal, Chapter 1: She Loved You

This fic is based off of a prompt from @akirelya.
FF.net and AO3

Zelda, Day 1.

Warm. Cold. Wet. Dry. Pain, no pain. Nothing at all, just darkness and a glowing triangle flickering dimly in the distance. Blood seeping into the dirt. Raindrops. The faraway voice of someone she loved. Nightmares a hundred years long. Wait - was what that last one?


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└ Sakumoto in the house in a fortnight~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 13.05.2017 Preview

And it’s obvious this bonus has to be included cos… Bussan bullying Bambi…

comisuras replied to your post “comisuras replied to your post “zeloswaffles: The year is 2030,…”

DRAWN ON WITH A SHARPIE LMAO Someone should tweet him that so he gets offended and either finally shows us a proper pic or discards any thought he ever had of showing it off forever.

you know maybe he was just sitting with an ink pen in his back pocket and it broke and all the ink formed that shape on his lower back i mean we can never truly know, can we?

Some people freak out about the age difference. They say โ€œwhatโ€™s this thirteen-year-old boy doing with a man five times his age?โ€ They can call me cradle snatcher. Who cares?
—  Sebastian Michaelis

Saw a little girl and her dad whizzing past on identical scooters, and she was yelling “I can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie! It’s going to be awesome!”

Truly heart-warming to see such youthful enthusiasm. But all I could think was “Obi-Wan once thought as you do. You don’t know the power of the Star Wars franchise, to take idealistic expectations and grind them to dust.”