otp: what are you doing


This is probably sometime after 2002 after HP and the Chamber of Secrets video game was out. God I loved those first games so much when I was a kid! tbh I’d still play them if they worked on my laptop (and I actually did, the PoA game worked and I finished the whole thing in two days and it was the time of my life pls don’t judge me).

Inspired by my lovely @wisepizzaphantom suggestion which I interpreted in my own special way :D

that's what he thought
  • Draco: Hey, Potter! what are you doing?
  • Harry: Nothing.
  • Draco: Omg what are you doing though?
  • Harry: I'm not doing *anything*
  • Draco: Potter.
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: What are you doing?
  • Harry: ...Well now I'm thinking about how much I loathe you with every fiber of my being and would like nothing more than to punch your face in.
  • Draco: *smug*
  • Draco: That's what I THOUGHT.